Test stand for amphibious vehicles

FIELD: transportation.

SUBSTANCE: test stand for amphibious vehicles has basin with entrance and exit ramp, side walls, road, ramp and basin borders. From both sides of exit ramp pits are made in which ends of tubular shaft are embedded. Parallel arms-brackets of sheet metal are attached to the shaft equally spaced from axis. Between attached arms-brackets, spacer pipe is preliminary embedded on shaft which pipe has rectangular pawl with holes on both sides. By means of these holes the pipe is attached to captivating sheet located on symmetry axis of exit ramp. At the end of arms-brackets with lugs, cylinder is attached on axis. This cylinder is made along generator of curve corresponding to curve of vehicle front bumper. Tube rings with pawls are put on shaft ends. The pawls are fixed on pit floors. Spheroidal flanges are fixed on shaft ends to which flanges arms are attached, with brought-out from pits ends having lugs, and pneumatic cylinders are attached to arms from two sides.

EFFECT: reduction of scope of work during test stand construction and provides getting true data about capability of vehicle to move over water surface on tired wheels.

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The invention relates to the construction and automotive industry.

Famous test track amphibious passenger cars by application No. 2005104645 priority from 21.02.2005.

Big volume of construction works, where the track should be quite long, and in winter time a prisoner in a warm building.

The aim of the invention is to reduce the amount of construction work and earning a data capacity of movement on sinokorean on the water surface.

This goal is achieved by the fact that the built-shaped test pool, shallow pool with a two-way ramps inbound and outbound. In the pool in the automatic mode and poured on one level is supported by the water. The pool is mainly made of reinforced concrete. Along the symmetry axis of the basin the support cushion of elastic material, mimicking the curve of the front of Bambara car. Rotating roller mounted on prosinec the ends of the two thrust parallel levers attached the other ends of the drive shaft, gripped between the levers pipe with a rectangular flange that bolted for the mortgage loan the sheet at the exit ramp. On derived for all pool tubular shafts dressed pipes with rectangular flanges and shaft ends in a sump attached to the ordinary round LAF is s, and attached to them the leverage to bring them all up to the eyelets are attached to the pneumatic cylinders.

New is a cushion of elastic material made by forming the curve of the front of Bambara car, so that the rotary roller is retained on the axle by two parallel levers, fixed opposite ends to the tubular shaft, pre-dressed on the shaft another pipe between the levers, which are attached to a rectangular sheet having two rows of holes, through which the shaft is attached to the fixed sheet, laid on the axis of symmetry of the pool, his exit ramp. At the ends of the tubular shaft is installed pipe rings with attached feet with holes that are attached to the mortgage loans, the leaves on the bottom of a pit. At the ends of the tubular shaft attached disk - round flanges on which are attached the arms with the output ends of the pits, to the eyelets are attached fingers pneumatic cylinder.

Figure 1 shows the pool in the section a-a with views of the subject vehicle on the water, stubborn elastic roller;

figure 2 - the wading pool in the plan with the car and simply supported elastic roller and by means of its drive.

The test bench amphibious vehicles contains a shallow pool with 1 entry 2, field 3 ramps, vertical flanges 4, with the sides with the exit sides of the ramp 3 pits 5 and curbs 6 with two sides of the pool, including and adjacent roads with colorfully marked with the axis of symmetry of roads, ramps and the bottom of the pool. On the border with the horizontal bottom of the pool and exit ramps, car 7, down the axis of symmetry in the water, rested bambera about elastic roller 8 and under intensive rotation of all wheels of the car will rise, hanging over the bottom of the pool, creating at the same time the horizontal clamp the platen, but in the event of rising car cushion will slide down and at this time, as soon as possible to put the roller with pneumatic cylinders on the horizontal bottom of the pool. After yet accelerated the car goes forward on the ramp the front wheels, where possible breakthrough in which there is a need to slow down the rotation of the wheels.

The roller 8 is held in two parallel levers 9, which other parties attached to the tubular shaft 10. Previously between the levers on the shaft is inserted covering the pipe 11 with a rectangular foot with holes on two sides, which tube on the axis of symmetry is attached to laying the sheet on the exit ramp /not shown/. Missed in the pits the ends of the shaft 10 wear ring with the tabs and the ends of its attached round flanges, attached to the levers 12, with deduced ends of the pit, attached to the pneumatic cylinder 13.

Technical e the economic benefits of the proposed technical solutions are as follows:

- reduced the footprint of the building;

- reduced volume of construction works;

a much simplified method of testing vehicle;

- if on the test bench when all four drive wheels will raise the car on the wheels on the water, it is not necessary at least in the turning step;

and hence all the other benefits listed in other applications sambodromo the car.

Test rig for amphibious vehicles, containing a swimming pool with entry and exit ramps, side walls, road, ramp and basin borders, characterized in that the two sides of the exit ramp made the pits, put the ends of the tubular shaft, on the shaft equidistant from the axis of symmetry of the basin is attached parallel levers-brackets from sheet material and attached between the lever-mounting brackets pre-inserted on the shaft spacer tube with a rectangular foot with holes on two sides, which she attached to laying the sheet located on the symmetry axis of the exit ramp, and at the end of the lever brackets with eyes fastened on the axis of the roller, made by forming a curve corresponding to the curve of the front bumper of the car, on the ends of the shaft worn pipe ring with the tabs, which are fixed on the floors of the pits, the and the ends of the shaft fixed round flange, attached levers with llife ends of the pits, having lugs, and by the levers with two sides attached to the pneumatic cylinders.


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FIELD: transport engineering; testing facilities.

SUBSTANCE: proposed stand contains carrier connecting slewing gear with frame on which drive of wheeled propulsion device is mounted, and driving axle with wheel to be tested. Stand is provided with additional frame with second wheel and loading device to create and control variable load in value and frequency. Stand is furnished with two hydraulic cylinders to remove vertical load from wheels under testing and is made with possibility of changing angle of setting of wheeled propulsion device in plan by means of screw tie-rods and with possibility of changing radius of turning of wheel propulsion device by means of bushings installed in carrier.

EFFECT: improved efficiency and accuracy of testing of wheeled propulsion device.

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FIELD: transport engineering.

SUBSTANCE: according to proposed method, wheel section is being scanned by means of light beam radiated by light source 6, and reflected light beam is detected by receiver 7 sensitive to change of position. Distance from section under scanning to initial point is measured account of directions of radiated and reflected beams. Receiver 7 sensitive to change of position is turned synchronously with light source 6 by means of turning device around common axle 4 to provide successive measurements.

EFFECT: facilitated recording of complex characteristics of wheel rim contour.

15 cl, 4 dwg

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SUBSTANCE: device has testing bench and control device which comprises storing device, unit for generating signals of recording dependence of angular deviation on time, unit for decoding discrete signal and its interpolating, correlation unit, and unit for calculating power spectrum.

EFFECT: expanded functional capabilities.

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The invention relates to techniques for measuring forces and moments acting on the wheel in bench trials, as well as to determine the motion parameters wheels

FIELD: hydrodynamics.

SUBSTANCE: invention refers to experimental hydrodynamics, hydrodynamics and aerodynamics of airscrew and can be used in shipbuilding and aircraft building. Method includes force field created by airscrew rotation and carrier moving, use of visualising facilities and field structure registration by optical equipment. Thus airscrew rotary speed is established assuming production and stream maintenance of visualising facilities. Field is registered by scanning in two transversely-spaced planes, i.e. horizontal and vertical, in front of, and behind, the airscrew. Thus boundary layer, turbulence areas, increased and decreased pressure areas, airscrew expansion angles, and whole flow structure are showed.

EFFECT: high-accuracy picture of airscrew propeller environment flow.

5 cl, 16 dwg

FIELD: the invention refers to experimental hydrodynamics and may be used for definition of the resistance of small objects to a running flow at tests.

SUBSTANCE: the arrangement is fulfilled in the shape of a grate with the width Bt. and the height ht, deepened at the height T formed by rods with a step ▵ fixed in the supporting contour and is located at a certain distance in front of the tested object. At that it is installed with possibility of independent displacement relatively to the tested object and is fastened on the object and/or the body or probably on the bodies moving together with the tested object relatively to the test gondola. It is also may be formed by a system of private turbulators fulfilled in the shape of grates with a different size of cells, with possibility of their independent displacement relatively to each other including the fastening on different bodies and located primary in-series. The private turbulators may be fulfilled in the shape of grates particularly with different main direction of the rods of the grate. The mode is in locating the turbulator in front of the tested object with possibility of independent displacement relatively to the tested object and fastening on the object and/or on the body probably on the bodies moving together with the tested object particularly to test gondola. At that the position of the turbulator relatively to the tested object particularly the distance and displacement relatively to the tested object and also deepening and probably dimensions are chosen on the basis of comparison of results of the trial run of tarring of objects of different scales.

EFFECT: possibility of investigating of small models and revelation of the influence of resistance of the surface of the model.

6 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: experimental hydromechanics; designing of equipment for conducting hydrodynamic and ice searches of marine engineering facility models in model testing basins.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device includes towing trolley with frame rigidly secured on it; this frame is provided with bar which is connected with model through dynamometers and bearing plate. Dynamometers form three-support force-measuring system; they are provided in each support in form of two interconnected elastic members; one elastic member is made in form of five-rod member provided with longitudinal and lateral force sensors; it is located between two flanges. Second elastic member of dynamometer is made in form of membrane-type elastic member whose membrane is located between rigid rim and rigid central part of this member provided with threaded rod with elastic hinge mounted over vertical axis perpendicularly relative to membrane. Membrane, rim and rigid central part with threaded rod and elastic hinge are made integral. Rim of membrane elastic members is rigidly connected with one of flanges of five-rod elastic member in such way that threaded rod is located along vertical axis of support and is rigidly connected via elastic hinge with bearing plate secured on model. Membrane is provided with resistance strain gages forming vertical force measuring bridge. Second flange of each five-rod member is connected with additional bearing plate secured on bar.

EFFECT: enhanced accuracy of measuring forces and moments.

3 dwg

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: method comprises modeling the process of interaction of water flow with a rough surface by changing the working member of the sloping chute for a precision member with the smooth surface, measuring the height of the water flow in the entrance and exit sections of the chute by means of micrometer with measuring needle, determining the flow rate, and measuring the width of the chute. The smooth member is changed for the working member provided with a rough surface, and the height of the water in the exit section of the chute is measured.

EFFECT: simplified method.

4 dwg

FIELD: measuring techniques.

SUBSTANCE: method and device can be used for measurement of hydraulic-dynamic resistance of different surfaces moving in fluid. Time of load descending, which load is kinetically connected with disc rotating in water, is compared when surface of load is coated with different matters.

EFFECT: simplicity at use; reduced cost.

2 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: experimental hydrodynamics.

SUBSTANCE: method comprises making a model dynamically similar to the marine engineering structure in mass, sizes, location of the center of gravity, and inertia moment and mounting the model in the experimental tank by means of anchor-type links provided with dynamometers. The device comprises experimental tank and model provided with anchor-type links for connecting with the frame. The anchor-type links are provided with dynamometers and devices for control of initial tension. The frame has flat horizontal base, vertical pillars , and blocks. The base is provided with the members for securing the vertical pillars at specified points of the base. The vertical pillars are provided with blocks and members that are mounted for permitting movement along the pillars and their locking at a given position. The model is provided with the pickups of angular and linear movements. The outputs of the dynamometers and pickups of angular and linear displacements of the model are connected with the input of the computer.

EFFECT: expanded functional capabilities.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: aviation industry.

SUBSTANCE: device helps to get real pattern of liquid pressure distribution which flows about "blown-about" object in water tunnel. Device has driven frequency pulse oscillator, frequency divider, control pulse counter, longitudinal contact multiplexer which connect capacitors with shelves, lateral contact multiplexer which connect the other output of capacitors, matching unit, analog-to-digital converter, indication unit, water tunnel, blown-about object, grid with capacitive detector.

EFFECT: improved precision of measurement.

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FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: in through portion of pipe with choking of through portion cavitation flow lock mode is set, and in zone of low density value of critical pressure of cavitation and liquid flow are determined, which flow is used to determined liquid speed in pipe neck. Received critical pressure value of cavitation is aligned with pressure of saturated steam of pumped liquid, after that to specially built calculation graph dependencies of relative value of critical pressure of critical speed of flow in channel neck are applied in the moment of setting of lock mode with different concentration of cores target concentration of cores of cavitation of pumped liquid is determined.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

4 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering; testing facilities.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for stand tests of pumps of any application. According to proposed method full pressure at pump input is maintained constant by means of reservoir with free surface of liquid exposed to constant (atmospheric) pressure installed in intake pipeline. Working liquid saturated vapor pressure at pump input is changed by heating. Periodical measurement of required parameters in process of liquid heating makes it possible to calculate sought for cavitation margin Δh. Method is implemented by test stand containing pump to be tested, output throttle, flow meter, heat exchanger, service tank, pipe fittings, all arranged in closed hydraulic circuit, and reservoir with free surface of working liquid in combination with capsule made of heat conducting material connected to circuit at pump input. Space of capsule is divided into two parts, one of which is partly filled with working liquid and sealed, and other communicates with circuit.

EFFECT: improved accuracy of measurements and simplified determination of pump cavitation characteristics.

3 cl, 1 dwg

The invention relates to a device for measuring linear displacements of the object, in particular to devices for measuring sediment and trim models floating tools

FIELD: transportation, military equipment.

SUBSTANCE: driving method for floating vehicle includes installation of casings on the outside of the vehicle, connected to its hull. Possibility of creation of opened hollows and delivery of exhaust gases to those hollows through exhaust valves and pipelines is provided. Exhaust gases charge from power train to hollows of casings and their release can be regulated with controlled intake and exhaust valves respectively. Initial positive pressures are set in hollows of casings which provide stable vehicle position on calm water. In case of vehicle straight movement and absence of rocking, exhaust gases charging into casings hollows is performed in a smooth manner. In case of straight movement and rocking, tilting motion range is measured and proportionally to it's value exhaust gases supply to hollows from tilt side and opposite side respectively is increased or reduced. In case of turning the exhaust gases supply to hollows from turning side is ceased and from opposite side is increased proportionally to vehicle velocity squared and inversely proportional to the radius of turning.

EFFECT: increase of vehicle stability.

FIELD: transport vehicles.

SUBSTANCE: vehicle capable of overcoming water obstacles in both surface and completely submerged positions incorporates a tight hull, water-jet propellers, an inner vehicle space venting system, ballast tanks, a compressor, a hydraulic locator, navigation and video observation systems. The vehicle is equipped with an independent power supply system built around high-capacity storage batteries to operate in completely submerged position without access to atmospheric air. The submersion depth and angular stabilisation senders allow keeping up a preset depth with the reserve buoyancy approximating to zero thanks to variable propulsion factor engines.

EFFECT: provision of maximum protection, covered movement, independence of the water obstacle depth and the bottom properties.

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FIELD: automotive industry.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method of manufacture of automobile with wheels having inner volume of air sufficient for maintaining afloat at least 80% of equipment mass of said automobile comes to manufacture of metal frame for mounting said wheels provided with longitudinal bars and cross-members and connection of said to rigidly interconnected unchanged or partially changed metal external panels, sidimembers, sills, stiffeners and other body members of smaller-size mass production cars. Said unchanged or partially changed external panels, sidemembers, sills, stiffeners and other body members are connected to said frame by welding.

EFFECT: increased carrying capacity of car structure, reducer mass and increased volume of body interior without increasing overall dimensions of automobile.

3 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: amphibian transport facilities; manufacture of rotor-screw propellers.

SUBSTANCE: proposed screw propeller is provided with cylindrical rotor with helical ridge on its external surface. Propeller has one pair of parallel cylindrical rotors at opposite winding of helical ridges which has constant helix angle of spiral forming taper surface by vertices of ridges. Part of helical ridges of one cylindrical rotor is mounted in recesses between ridges of other cylindrical rotor. Cylindrical rotors having helical ridges may be made from aluminum alloy; diameter of cylindrical rotor is equal to 50 mm and diameter of ridges ranges from 80 to 190 mm. Proposed motor snowboard includes snowboard proper, drive including engine and control system and screw propeller. Used as engine is high-speed two-stroke carburetor engine at displacement of up to 100 cm3.

EFFECT: reduced overall dimensions of propeller and snowboard; high speed of motion; low labor input for manufacture; enhanced operational reliability.

5 cl, 2 dwg

Transmission // 2304052

FIELD: transport engineering; amphibian vehicle transmissions.

SUBSTANCE: proposed transmission contains in-line engine and gearbox unit, providing gear changing. Engine is shifted to rear part of vehicle, and output of gearbox is pointed to front part of vehicle. Transmission contains also power take-off to drive shipboard propulsive device arranged after engine and transfer case arranged in line after gearbox and designed to set into rotation first drive shaft transmitting motion to rear differential to set into motion rear wheels of vehicle. Engine can be arranged at least partially, before rear wheels. Shipboard propulsive device is set into motion by means of transfer case.

EFFECT: improved steerability of vehicle, increased room for passengers.

13 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: transport engineering: cross-country vehicles.

SUBSTANCE: proposed vehicle has engine, body with bottom and wheel suspension at least two of wheels are made for fitting of detachable devices, each provided with propulsor for reduced density medium and interconnected by closed flexible member. Each propulsor of detachable device is made in form of blade at one side of which flat rib is secured provided with cutout for fixing flexible member, and at other side, foot is hinge-mounted for fastening in disk of wheel whose suspension permits tilting of wheel under body. Bottom of body is made water tight for sliding in medium of reduced density.

EFFECT: increases speed of movement in reduced density medium (snow, water), increased reparability of detachable device.

10 cl, 14 dwg

FIELD: transport engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to development of hydrodynamic device of amphibian vehicle to improved weather worthiness. Proposed wash plate of amphibian vehicle is designed to reduced hydrodynamic resistance and wettability of hull bow. To improve handling during motion afloat and increase efficiency, wash plate is made for turning relative to in coming flow to form additional side force providing movement at smaller radii of turning circle to increase total turning moment and with distance to hull changing under action of hydraulic cylinders to find optimum position under different operating conditions.

EFFECT: improved performance of amphibian vehicle by improving its handling.

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