Tunnel miner

FIELD: mining; transportation.

SUBSTANCE: tunnel miner includes crawler-tracked carriages, drilling effector, berm cutters, cut-out drums, warding four-section shield with boards and buckets attached to the said sections, chute-like conveyor with walls, control panel of hydraulic system, miner's electric equipment control station, and operator's seat. The miner incorporates two dust-screening flaps mounted pivotally, by means of curtains, on the chute-like conveyor walls at an angle to the vertical. The dust-screening flaps at the operator's seat side feature locking device with arms capable of shifting towards only one direction to reach the stops installed in one flap, and thus to free the adjoining flap.

EFFECT: reduced dust level of the operator's workplace during miner operation.

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The invention relates to mining equipment and can be used for carrying out excavations in underground mining.

Known continuous miner, which includes drilling an Executive body, bemovie cutters, cutting drums, which separates the shield from four sections with attached flanges and cuffs, which are the conveyor, hydraulic system with oil station and control panel and the seat of the driver [1].

The disadvantage of this harvester is that when carrying out excavations in the destruction of the mountain massif of the Executive bodies produce large quantities of dust, which penetrates through the opening above the conveyor between the shield to the workplace of the driver, worsening the conditions of his work, threatening the acquisition of occupational diseases.

The objective of the invention is to reduce the dustiness of the workplace of the operator during operation of the harvester.

The technical result is achieved by the fact that the harvester shaft sinking, including tracked undercarriage, drilling Executive body, bemovie cutters, cutting drums, which separates the shield from four sections with attached flanges and cuffs, the conveyor sides in the shape of a tray, remote control hydraulic system, control station, elektrooborudovanie the m harvester and the seat of the driver, further comprises two paleoparadoxia valve mounted pivotally through the veils on having a grooved shape the sides of the conveyor at an angle to the vertical, while paleoparadoxia flap is made from the driver's seat with locking mechanism that holds the levers arranged to move in one direction only to the stops installed on one of the flaps, freeing the adjacent flap.

1 shows a harvester shaft sinking, figure 2 - between the shield combine with paleographie dampers, figure 3 - their side view.

Harvester mine tunnel includes crawler undercarriage 1, the drill Executive body 2, bemovie cutter 3, the cutting reel 4, which separates the shield 5, the conveyor 6 with the sides having the shape of a trench 7, 8 remote control of the hydraulic system of the harvester, station 9 management of its equipment, the seat of the driver 10.

Between the shield 5 is located on the harvester in such a way that provides a barrier all the bottomhole space with dust-raising cutting bodies 2, 3, 4 from the rest of the exhaust space. It consists of four sections 11, 12, 13, 14 with attached flanges 15, 16, 17, 18 with sleeves 19 of the conveyor belt. To the sides 7 of the conveyor 6 having a grooved shape, pivotally attached to the curtain 20 two pylori the surrounding flaps 21 and 22 at an angle to the vertical. Paleoparadoxia flaps 21 and 22 from the driver's seat 10 is equipped with a locking mechanism. He performed on each flap 21 and 22 in the form of a rigidly attached sleeves 23. The sleeve 23 of the valve 21 are aligned (in the horizontal plane) of the hubs 23 of the valve 22, forming a pair. Into the holes of the pairs of bushings 23 dampers 21 and 22 inserted levers 24 with pull-out from the sleeves 23. On one of the flaps opposite the bushing 23, but at some distance from them, are the stops 25. One end of each of the levers 24 is bent so that the lever can be nominated only in one direction until it stops 25, releasing the sleeve 23 adjacent flaps. After the flaps 21 and 22 are able to rotate on the bolts 20. Flaps on the outer contour have attached the cuff 26 of the conveyor belt.

Harvester shaft sinking works as follows.

Drilling the Executive body 2 in the mountain bounces ore, forming a niche cylindrical section. Feed is working movement of the harvester on the bottom crawler undercarriage bogies 1. Bemovie cutters 3 beat ore near the soil, changing the cylindrical section of the arch. The remaining jumpers are removed cutting reel 4. These operations are managed by the operator from the remote control 8 control hydraulic system of the harvester and station 9 management of its equipment, with the Dublin core on the seat for the driver 10.

When all cutting processes in air produce large quantities of dust, worsening working conditions and threatening the health of the operator of the harvester.

For enclosing the space where the seat of the driver 10, the dust on the harvester is mounted between the shield 5. Shield 5 consists of four fixed sections 11,12, 13, 14 with attached flanges 15, 16, 17, 18 with sleeves 19 of the conveyor belt. To the sides 7 of the conveyor 6 having the shape of a trench, pivotally attached to the curtain 20 two paleoparadoxia flaps 21 and 22 at an angle to the vertical so that they are positioned above the conveyor 6, leaving only space for the posting of broken ore transported.

Before cutting processes of the mountain massif of the flaps 21 and 22 are closed. To do this, turn both valves to align the holes of the sleeves 23 on clearance and push them in the levers 24 to lock their bent ends to the edges of the sleeves 23 of the valve 21. Cuff 19 and 26 of the conveyor belt that are attached on the contour enclosing shield 5 and both valves 21 and 22, comparative tightness of the bottom space and greatly reduce the penetration of dust out in the area of the workplace to the operator of the harvester.

For collection of the harvester from the goaf, you need access to the Executive body. To do this, push the levers 24 of the bushing 23 of the valve 21 and 2 to 25 stops on the valve 21, completely freeing the sleeve 23 of the valve 22, and open them yourself.

When re-cutting processes pre-closing valves 21 and 22 and push the levers 24 in the holes of the bushings 23 dampers. As there are lugs 25, limiting the extension of the levers 24 of both of the sleeves 23, the latter serve as guides for these levers 24 and, since the sleeve 23 in pairs coaxially, the levers 24 are easily pushed. Flaps 21 and 22 are closed. The blasting array of arched cross-section can be produced. Because all of the bead 15, 16, 17, 18 sections 11, 12, 13, 14 and the flaps 21 and 22 on the contour have attached the cuff 26 of the conveyor belt, is provided comparative tightness of the fence dusty areas.

With this design combine to significantly improve the working conditions of the operator of the harvester shaft sinking and access to cutting bodies harvester is not disturbed.

Sources of information

1. The operation of the digging machine PC-8M / Kaahani, Vthread, Whiteline and others; ed. 2nd, revised and enlarged extra - M.: Nedra, 1978. - P.57-58.

Harvester shaft sinking, including tracked undercarriage, drilling Executive body, bemovie cutters, cutting drums, which separates the shield from four sections with attached flanges and cuffs, the conveyor sides in the shape of a tray, remote control hydraulic system,control station electrical equipment of the combine and the seat of the driver, characterized in that it contains two paleoparadoxia valve mounted pivotally through the veils on having a grooved shape the sides of the conveyor at an angle to the vertical, while paleoparadoxia flap is made from the driver's seat with locking mechanism that holds the levers arranged to move in one direction only to the stops installed on one of the flaps, freeing the adjacent flap.


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FIELD: mining industry; face and drift conveyors.

SUBSTANCE: proposed section contains lower run 2 and upper run 3 for driving chain scrapers, welded frame structure 1 with interconnected sides, transport bottom 8 and connecting appliances 60. according to invention, sides consists of mirror turned-over solid rolled sections 10 of asymmetric form constant along length of section. Sections 10 are turned outwards and they include lower and upper shelves and raised intermediate shelf connecting lower and upper shelves and provided with bend on which at least one step is made from inner side to support and weld-to at least one intermediate sheet 40A reinforcing rolled sections 10. Transport bottom 8 is welded to two rolled side sections 5 to form replaceable tray 4.

EFFECT: simplified design owing to reduction of number of components, and facilitated manufacture owing to automatic mounting and welding operations.

26 cl, 7 dwg

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SUBSTANCE: proposed member includes slats with connecting elements secured on running rollers and round-link chain. Connecting elements are made in form of two guide slats, fastening, fastening pin and yoke enclosing horizontal links of chain, and ends of vertical links are located between guide slats.

EFFECT: reduced metal usage for manufacture of connecting elements, reduced time taken for mounting and demounting, simplified design of traction-and-carrying member of slatband conveyor.

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SUBSTANCE: invention relates to conveyors with multichain traction member. Proposed scraper conveyor contains endless traction member consisting of parallel traction chains, two outer chains and one inner chain, closed in vertical plane on end sprockets and resting on guides of panline flight. It is provided with scrapers secured in turn by ends on outer chains, alternating with scrapers freely fitted with clearances between outer chains and attached by ends on inner chain. Scrappers secured on outer chains are provided with cavities for accommodating inner chain. Traction member is furnished with additional inner chain, both inner chains being arranged in middle part of panline flight symmetrically to each other relative to longitudinal axis of conveyor, and scrapers being secured by ends on both inner chains. Distance between outer and inner chains is set less than distance between inner chains.

EFFECT: increased length of flight owing to increased summary breaking force of traction member chains.

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FIELD: mining industry; mine plants.

SUBSTANCE: invention is designed for selective transportation of mineral resources. Proposed conveyor contains rigidly mounted on buntons chute-like section guide conductors with curvilinear sections, articulated members with two load-carrying units freely suspended from axles and arranged symmetrically on each member and provided with gear wheels for selective transportation of load, and guide rolling supports on axles of members for engagement with said guide conductors. Rolling elements of rolling supports are made in form of balls. Conveyor is furnished also with distributed linear hydraulic drive. Guide rolling supports are provided with metal journals with rectangular seats on free places of which detachable inserts are installed accommodating said rolling elements in form of balls. Detachable inserts are installed for corrective displacement by means of pressure spring to adjust distance between guide rolling supports and inner surfaces of chute-like section guide conductors.

EFFECT: provision of reliable operation of conveyor.

7 dwg

FIELD: mining industry; transport facilities.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for transportation of rock under ground, particularly, for reloading of rock from one conveyor to the other arranged at one level. For this purpose loose material reloading device is used which contains inclined and horizontal sections with drive arranged on support between two conveyors. Device is installed in housing with windows from side of conveyors, and is made in form of chain with scrapers passed over rollers and installed for moving in pair of trapezoidal guides. Housing is installed on support by means of hydraulic jacks. Angle of tilting α of side of trapezium is within 35° and 45°.

EFFECT: simple design, provision of effective and safe reloading of rock from one conveyor to the other arranged at one level.

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Vibrating feeder // 2247068

FIELD: mining industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to vibrating facilities and it can be used for letting out ore or other materials and their separation. Proposed vibrating feeder has resilient supports, working member consisting of charging and discharge parts and vibrating drive consisting of two shafts with unbalance weight and motors, one per each unbalance weight. Place of arrangement of vibrating drive is determined basing on the fact that line of connection of axles of unbalance weights is located in area limited by two straight lines square to direction of vibration, one of which passed through center of mass, and the other is located at a distance from center of mass of 1/10L to side of charging part of working member. Axle of unbalance weights are located at different sides from line of direction of vibration passing through center of mass at distance equal to not less than 1/8 where L is distance between resilient supports in horizontal direction.

EFFECT: improved stability of operation of vibrating feeder at unstable supply and impact loads on working member at discharging.

1 dwg

FIELD: mining industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention can be used for transportation of rock in underground mines for reloading of rock from one conveyor to the other installed at one level. For this purpose device is used containing pair of flight conveyors, forced-draught and suction fans, air chamber with air inlet hole provided with cyclone installed over flight conveyor to be loaded. Air chamber is arranged between conveyors and is furnished with air collector made in form of screen with cells, housing and brushes from side of conveyors. Additional hole is made in bottom of air chamber to deliver air jet at angle to direction of material movement.

EFFECT: device of simple design providing effective and safe reloading of rock from one conveyor to the other installed at one level.

1 dwg

FIELD: mining industry.

SUBSTANCE: method for extraction and underground use of coal includes cleaning extraction and dumping of coal, fixing and controlling ceiling and transporting coal along face to drift. On the drift, in moveable generator, coal is pulverized for intensive burning with use of jets in water boiler firebox, where high temperature of steam is achieved (about 1400 C), enough for decomposition of water on oxygen and hydrogen. These are separated, then oxygen is fed back to jets, and hydrogen is outputted along pipes and hoses in drifts and shaft. Variants of underground generator for realization of this method are provided. Also provided is method for extraction of disturbed coal beds by short faces. It includes extraction and dumping of coal on face conveyor, fixing of ceiling behind combine, moving conveyor line and support sections in direction of cleaning face displacement, control of ceiling with destruction and partial filling. Extraction of coal is performed in short curvilinear faces by long stripes along bed, in straight drive without forwarding drifts, with preservation and reuse of ventilation and conveyor drifts, equipped with mounting manipulator robots, with fixing behind combine by automatically operating support deflectors without unloading and displacing sections in area of coal extraction. Extraction and transporting of coal is performed by fast one-drum combine and curvilinear reloading conveyor, supplying coal to drift conveyor or immediately to underground gas or energy generator placed immediately on drift. Also proposed is face scraper conveyor for realization of said method, wherein pans are made with step along front face profile, greater, than along back one, while forming common line curved towards face with constant curvature. Also proposed is a method for controlling complex for unmanned coal extraction.

EFFECT: higher efficiency, effectiveness, broader functional capabilities.

8 cl, 5 dwg

The invention relates to vehicles and can be used to move the rock mass in underground conditions, in particular when reloading ore from conveyor to conveyor, located at the same level

Transport system // 2233379
The invention relates to the field of underground mine vehicles and can be used on the surface complex of mines, quarries and mines

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention concerns mining, particularly the methods of developing bedded mineral deposits sloping at 40-50 degrees to the horizon. The method of medium and low depth steep coal-bed development involves preparation of extraction pillar by drifting belt entry and airway along the bed course, installation chamber with creation of face line slanted against the bed course line at an angle approximately equal to, but not less than the seam dip angle, and mounting of powered support sections in the installation chamber tilted against the face line and bed course, i.e. along the line of dip, coal extraction by a cutter-loader suspended at trolley and safety ropes, maintaining of working face roof by mobile powered support sections shifted following the working face line to the face and to the belt entry direction, and rock pressure control over complete roof collapse. After a powered support section reaching the belt entry it is lifted to the surface and undergoes technical inspection and maintenance works, then it is assembled again in the working face, this time at the junction with airway.

EFFECT: improved efficiency and reliability of development of bedded mineral deposits sloping.

1 dwg

Heading machine // 2328598

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: heading machine contains a frame supporting the running gear, an actuator reduction gear. A rotary actuator is fitted on the output shafts of the said reduction gear and consists of a cross-piece with four beams provided with loading scoops, the supplied loading ladles, a borer and starting borer, an electric equipment and hydraulic system. A space with volume not less than that of the bucket is arranged inside every rotary actuator cross-piece beam. All the said spaces communicate, via inlets and outlets, by means of a system of pipes, the inlets and outlets incorporating shut-off valves. The spaces of two adjacent cross-piece beams are filled with high-density a liquid. Note also, that an independent pump with a position pickup is built in the space of every beam, the said pickup being coupled with the cross-piece beam inlet and outlet shut-off valves.

EFFECT: automatic balancing of the rotary actuator cross-piece and ruling out its deviation from rectilinear movement.

5 dwg

FIELD: mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to the mining and can be used in mining machines for coal cutting and breaking the soft ores, e.g. kimberlite. The movable operating element of the mining machines contains the screw conveyer with the inclined spiral cutting strip consisting of the separate sections projecting above the screw conveyer's blade. The section of the spiral cutting strip are placed alternately to each other at the distance L equal to 0.3D of the angle diameter D of the loosened fragment, have the width B equal to D - the angle diameter D of the loosened fragment. The angle of inclination to the contour line of the upper side of the breaking segment is taken as 7°, and the angle of inclination to the contour line of the inner side of the breaking segment is taken as 47°.

EFFECT: area of application of machines for coal cutting and soft ore breaking is broadened.

2 dwg

Full-face machine // 2324052

FIELD: mining; apparatus for making arched tunnels in underground mining of minerals.

SUBSTANCE: machine includes frame whereon an undercarriage and working element drive gearbox are mounted together with a rotary working head being attached to output shafts of said gearbox. The working head consists of borer, pitching borer, cross element, each end of its arms having a loading bucket with a bottom and sidewalls, and conveyer. The front face bottoms of two loading buckets positioned on opposite arms of said cross element are slopped forward with respect to the machine displacement vector, and those of the other buckets - slopped backward with respect to the same vector.

EFFECT: cleaning-up with the full engagement of the bucket cross-section area; reduction of impact loads for the cross element; reduction of heating and increased wear of the bearings in the working head drive gearbox of the machine.

7 dwg

Full-face machine // 2324051

FIELD: mining; apparatus for making tunnels in underground mining of minerals.

SUBSTANCE: machine includes undercarriage representing a frame whereon caterpillar trucks are attached and trunnion axes of a working head gearbox together with a rotary working head, loading buckets, berm mills, cutting drums, gathering blades, conveyer and protection cowl mounted on supports of said frame. Hydraulic lift cylinders of the working head gearbox are attached to this frame, rods of said cylinders are attached to the working head housing and all rotating parts of said rods are set into bearings equipped with a force lubrication system. The lubrication system includes pump, pressure pipeline, manifolds and system of distribution tubes leading to gear shaft bearings of the gearbox. The undercarriage frame has two tightly closed cavities, wherein a pressure line between the pump and manifolds is positioned being made in the form of coils. Both cavities of the frame are filled with cooling fluid.

EFFECT: cooling of lubricating fluid within the lubrication system; increasing the life of gear shaft bearings of the machine gearbox; decreasing the ambient air temperature; enhancement of working conditions for the operating staff.

4 dwg

FIELD: mechanical engineering, particularly in mineral resource industry.

SUBSTANCE: heading-and-winning machine comprises chassis, bench unit, upper cutting device, conveyer, planetary-and-disc executive tool, displaceable rotation reducer, two executive tool reducers and two distribution reducers. The distribution reducers include body with central starting borers and two arms provided with intermediate and output shafts. Main cutting discs are installed on output shafts. Additional cutting discs are mounted on intermediate shafts so that cutting planes thereof are shifter with respect to main cutting disc planes and discs are partially overlapped one with another. Main and additional cutting disc axes are in single plane transversal to face. Main cutting discs are as close as possible to bench unit.

EFFECT: extended functional capabilities and improved service performance.

3 dwg

FIELD: cutting-loading machines for explosion-free cutting of deposits having complex structures.

SUBSTANCE: mining machine comprises frame with movement mechanism, boom with cutting crown and loading device. Crown has rock-cutting tools. Loading device is made as inclined rotary hoisting table with gathering arms and central drag conveyor. Frame may rotate with loading device installed thereon and with unloading conveyer. Cutting crown may rotate about axis of rotation with respect to longitudinal boom axis through φ angle defined in dependence of rock hardness. Rock-cutting members are made as disc cutters reinforced by hard-alloyed pins and freely rotating in staggered order around replaceable pins.

EFFECT: increased operational efficiency due to extended field of practical usage thereof and increased service life of rock-cutting members.

5 dwg

Cutter-loader // 2313669

FIELD: mining, particularly mining machinery manufacturing.

SUBSTANCE: cutter-loader comprises conveyer, loading crane with lugs, hitch to connect loading crane with conveyer. The hitch is arranged over loading crane and includes two rings having inner diameters exceeding conveyer width. The rings are coaxial one to another and connected with each other so that the rings may perform mutual rotation. One ring is fixed to conveyer. Another ring has webs provided with vertical slots and enclosing loading crane. The webs are connected to loading crane by means of horizontal axis passing under loading crane through vertical web slots and loading crane lugs.

EFFECT: increased loading crane stability in transversal direction and improved reliability of loading crane connection with cutter-loader conveyer.

6 dwg

FIELD: mining, particularly coal plows to be moved by means of hauling chains.

SUBSTANCE: guiding device section comprises two overlapped guiding channels for chain receiving, upper guiding strip and lower guiding beam, as well as lower sliding guide used for plow orientation. The channels are separated one from another with molded spacing slide. Upper guiding channel is closed with front wall including guiding strip and passing into guiding beam. Formed between guiding beam and sliding guider is slot orifice for plow guider hook or plow blade receiving. Created in front wall are receiving cuts to arrange drag-bars for adjacent plow guiding device sections connection. Front wall with guiding strip, guiding beam, as well as receiving cuts and rear wall including sliding guider, are made of integral mold extending along guiding device section.

EFFECT: decreased assemblage costs, reduced number of molds to be manufactured.

10 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: mining, particularly production plants with console control of production machine cutting horizon, particularly for coal deposit mining plough.

SUBSTANCE: connection console comprises hinge bearing connection for hinged head of console cylinder arrangement. The console also has fork-like console connection shifted with respect to hinge bearing connection and adapted to secure head part of console bar by means of hinge pin. Fork-like console connection has two parallel elbows having orifices for hinge pin receiving. Inner sides of elbows are spaced apart and are opposite one to another. The elbows are connected to each other at base. Inner sides of each elbow pass into elbow edge through chamfer.

EFFECT: decreased wear.

9 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: mining industry.

SUBSTANCE: combine has main body, drive, feeding mechanism and executive tool, which is made in form of drum with horizontal rotation axis. It is placed at non-straight angle to longitudinal conveyor axis and is turned in horizontal plane in direction providing for displacement of trajectory of coal output towards conveyor. Drum has cylinder, on outer surface of which in certain order cams with cutters are fixed. Inside the cylinder three or five electric engines are placed. These are inserted in parallel in recesses of fixed body with inner teeth of sun ring of planetary gear, which interact with three satellites. Output shafts of three or five electric engines interact with one common cog-wheel. It is placed coaxially with planetary gear and engaged with it by torsion shaft having two cog tail pieces. One of tail pieces interacts with inner slits of wheel hub, and another interacts with teeth of three satellites of planetary gear. Mechanism for hoisting drum mechanism along bed massive has handle raising jack and handle with horizontal rotation axis placed in horizontal plane at non-straight angle to conveyor axis and turned to direct displacement of executive tool towards pit-face. Shoes of stability mechanism for combine are provided with reverse clamps for shelves on front pit-face and back dump sides of conveyor. Back support of conveyor on soil is placed on dump end of inter-section beams. Combine feeding mechanism has drive for chainless feeding system and leading sprocket. Sprocket interacts with fingers of conveyor rack. Drive is placed beyond handle of executive tool and is made in form of separate electric engine with reducer of self-braking worm type. Engagement of sprocket with fingers is guaranteed by reverse clamp of reducer engaging back planes of conveyor rack carrying these fingers. In method for loading coal on conveyor, drum rotation axis in plane around vertical axis is turned in certain direction to turn trajectory of coal towards conveyor. Movement of mining drum along conveyor is performed first along ceiling, and then along soil along coal output direction while providing for cleaning of soil in direction of frontal movement of conveyor to pit-face.

EFFECT: lesser dimensions, lesser mass, higher quality of operation.

7 dwg