Valve sampler device

FIELD: mining; physics.

SUBSTANCE: device includes seat and ferromagnetic valve, the seat being equipped with a permanent magnet system, while the valve has ferromagnetic inserts with Curie magnetic transition point equal to oil temperature at the sampling site.

EFFECT: improved device efficiency due to actuating valve device at given oil sampling site and creating additional press force.

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The invention relates to the oil industry and can be used, for example, in the samplers for sampling oil from the well.

The closest technical solution to the present invention is a valve mechanism of the sampler system VNII-1 [a Study of reservoir oil / Aijunero. - M.: Nedra, 1987. - P.54-55], which contains the saddle valve of a ferromagnetic material and the node control valve. The control valve is carried out by using hydraulic power relay, actuated by the pressure of oil in the well and intended to open access oil in the sampler and closing it after filling.

The disadvantage of the prototype is its lack of effectiveness associated with the dependence of the designated operation (opening and closing valve device) from many uncontrollable factors (temperature difference at the top and the bottom hole, the speed of descent of the device, emergency stops sampler), poor seals on the valve device due to the fact that the force of the oil pressure holding the valve to the seat, is not large enough.

Solved the problem and the expected technical result consists in increasing the efficiency of the device by actuation of the valve device in the predetermined sampling oil and create extra is niceley clamping force, allowing to increase the tightness due to a more tight fit of the valve to the seat.

The problem is solved in that the valve device of the sampler, consisting of a seat and the valve is made of ferromagnetic material, characterized in that the saddle is equipped with a system of permanent magnets, and the valve has an insertion of a ferromagnetic material with a Curie point equal to the temperature of oil in the place of sample collection.

Point called Curie temperature, above which disappears spontaneous magnetization of a ferromagnet, and he goes into the paramagnetic state [New Polytechnical dictionary / edited Awesonme. - M.: Great Russian encyclopedia, 2000. - P. 256]. For example, the Curie point of iron electrolytic is 768°C.[Handbook of elementary physics / Niegocin, Mgexercise. - M.: Nauka. - 1988. - P. 166 (table 110 Curie Temperature metals)], and the Curie point of some alloys of the system Fe-Nd-EN is in the range from 36°s up to 202° [Wiesner and other Study of the magnetic properties of alloys of the system Fe-Nd-EN. - Vestnik Mosk. Univ. Ser. Chemistry. 2005. V.46. No. 6. S].

The drawing shows the proposed device, where

1 - Saddle

2 - Valve of a ferromagnetic material

3 - Insertion of a ferromagnetic material with a Curie point equal to the temperature of oil in the place of sampling.

4 - System of permanent magnets.

The device comprises a seat 1, is equipped with a system of permanent magnets 4, and the valve 2 is made of ferromagnetic material with inserts 3 of ferromagnetic material with a Curie point equal to the temperature of oil in the place of sampling. To the device it is recommended to make a set of replacement valves 2, with insert 3 made of ferromagnetic materials with different Curie points.

In the drawing, for example, shows the inventive device with option conical valve 2 of a ferromagnetic material. The valve 2 has an insert 3 made of ferromagnetic material with a Curie point equal to the temperature of oil in the place of sample collection.

System of permanent magnets 4, equipping the saddle 1 is preferably the maximum depth of the saddle for most deep-seated in his valve and watertight; for example, directly from the outside of the valve device. The resulting magnetic field causes a force which presses the valve 2 of a ferromagnetic material to the seat 1.

The proposed valve device operates as follows.

Before taking samples in the valve device is installed valve 2, with insert 3 made of ferromagnetic material with a Curie point equal to the temperature of the oil at the proposed location of sampling. In the initial state, the valve 2 is drawn to the system of magnets 4 and pressed against the edlu 1. Clamping force sufficient to hold the valve device in the closed state. It is known that the temperature of the oil reservoirs depends on the depth. Upon reaching the desired depth, which corresponds to a certain temperature of the oil, the valve 2 in the heat transfer oil is heated to this temperature, equal to the Curie point of the ferromagnetic material of the insert 3. Insert 3 lose their magnetic properties, downforce is reduced under the action of pressure oil valve device is opened. Resulting in a sample of oil enters the sampler. Upon receipt of oil inside the sampler external and internal pressure are aligned. The valve 2 is pressed to the seat 1 with a force sufficient to prevent leakage of oil from the sampler in the early stages of his recovery. When lifting the sampler valve 2 is cooled below the Curie point, the magnetic properties of the inserts 3 are restored and the valve 2 is pressed to the seat 1, securely sealing a sample of oil.

Valve device sampler, consisting of a seat and the valve of a ferromagnetic material, characterized in that the saddle is equipped with a system of permanent magnets, and the valve has an insertion of a ferromagnetic material with a Curie point equal to the temperature of oil in the place of sample collection.


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EFFECT: decreased amount of sample and test reagents.

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FIELD: oil and gas production, particularly equipment for oil and gas property investigation under reservoir conditions.

SUBSTANCE: plant comprises piston container with plug and transfer unit, which moves sample from piston container into measuring press including two piston pumps having equal capacities. One piston pump delivers sample from piston container, another one lowers floating piston in measuring press. Measuring press is provided with floating piston having hollow shaft, ultrasonic linear displacement sensor for oil volume determination and electronic linear displacement sensor for gas volume determination. Circulation piston pump provides unidirectional oil circulation at controllable rate. Viscosimeter has bypass with shutoff valve. Single thermostating shell encloses all components of the plant.

EFFECT: increased accuracy of oil and gas volume and viscosity determination, decreased sample characteristic measurement time under reservoir conditions and, as a result, increased operational efficiency.

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EFFECT: increased sample taking quality.

1 dwg

Sample taker // 2299983

FIELD: oil and gas industry, in particular, engineering of devices for integration sample taking of paraffin containing water-oil emulsions from pipelines.

SUBSTANCE: sample taker includes body mounted on pipeline, in the socket of which spindle is mounted with possible progressive movement along thread, valve positioned on spindle head, interacting with saddle, sample-taking pipe, mounted in threaded socket of body below saddle. Round rod, connected to valve, is coaxially positioned inside sample-taking pipe. Metallic plates for removing paraffin sedimentations are mounted on the rod. Sample-taking pipe is made with longitudinal slit recess facing the liquid stream.

EFFECT: increased efficiency.

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FIELD: oil production, particularly devices to perform reservoir tests in wells, including that having opened bores.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises upper connection unit for device fixation on pipe string, upper and lower packers with sealing members, upper and lower movable rods provided with axial channels arranged inside packers and hollow filter installed between upper and lower packers. Axial channel of lower movable rod is provided with solid partition. Upper and lower movable rods are fixedly connected with each other in air-tight manner and provided with upper connection unit. Upper and lower rods may be displaced only in downward direction with respect to upper and lower packers. Sealing members of upper and lower packers are located between stops. Upper stop of lower packer is fixedly connected with lower stop of upper packer provided with balloon-type centrators through hollow filter. The balloon-type centrators are arranged from top thereof. One stop of each packer is made as hydraulic cylinder fixedly connected with packer and as annular piston cooperating with sealing member. Inner cavities of each hydraulic cylinder may cooperate with axial channels of movable rods over solid partition and may provide air-tight isolation thereof during movable rod displacement in downward direction with respect to packers. Upper movable rod is provided with radial channel sealed with packer and adapted to cooperate with ambient space through hollow filter during movable rods displacement in downward direction with respect to packers.

EFFECT: simplified structure, decreased costs of device production and increased operational reliability.

1 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas extractive industry.

SUBSTANCE: method includes picking a sample of bed fluid under pressure by means of pump. Sample of fluid is then compressed by moveable piston, actuated by hydrostatic pressure in well through valve. Compressed sample of bed fluid is contained under high pressure inside the chamber with fixed volume for delivery to well surface. Moveable piston is in form of inner and outer bushings, moveable relatively to each other. At the same time several tanks for picking samples from several areas may be lowered into well with minimal time delays. Tanks may be emptied on well surface by evacuation pressure, to constantly provide for keeping of pressure of fluid sample above previously selected pressure.

EFFECT: higher reliability.

6 cl, 14 dwg

FIELD: oil industry.

SUBSTANCE: device has hollow body which is a fragment of force pipeline at vertically placed portion of mouth armature. Tool for controlling flow of multi-component gas-liquid substance is made in form of valve, connected to rotary support. Sample chamber is a ring-shaped hollow in hollow body, placed at same level with valve and connected at inlet to flow of multi-component gas-liquid substance through extracting channels, made on hollow body. Extracting channels are made in form of side slits, positioned symmetrically relatively to valve rotation axis. Ring-shaped hollow on hollow body is connected at outlet to locking tool, mounted at extension of valve shaft and made in form of sample-taking valve. Valve shaft and sample-taking valve are interconnected through hollow intermediate shaft. Sample-taking valve is placed in the body of locking tool with possible reciprocal movement. Valve shaft and hollow intermediate shaft are interconnected with possible mutual rotation for a quarter of one turn.

EFFECT: simplified construction and maintenance, higher quality.

4 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: device has body in form of calibrated cylinder. From both sides lids are connected to body. Inside the body separating piston and ball for mixing sample are placed. Also provided is hydraulic resistance for slow inlet of sample. Slide valve is used for safe inletting, pressurization and depressurization of taken fluid, is connected to lid and consists of rod with channels and bushing with clamp. Clamp is held between nuts interconnected by threads, one of which is connected to rod by thread. Needle valve consists of locking pin and axle-bearing and is used to drain pressure from closed space above slide valve prior to disconnection of sample-taking container from bed-testing equipment.

EFFECT: simplified construction, higher reliability.

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FIELD: oil industry.

SUBSTANCE: device has hollow body mounted in force pipeline, inside of which body tool for controlling flow of multi-component gas-liquid substance is placed, probing chamber with extracting channels, locking tool with handle and guiding pipe, driving valve for picking sample, mounted with possible interaction with spring-loaded rod, placed inside the shaft of flow control tool. Hollow body is a fragment of force pipeline at vertical portion of mouth armature, control tool is made in form of valve of lesser diameter, then inner diameter of hollow body, and probing chamber is a ring-shaped hollow in hollow body, positioned at same level with valve and connected at input to flow of multi-component gas-liquid substance through extraction channels, made symmetrically to rotation axis of valve, and at output - to locking tool, while rod is provided with shelves for multi-start thread of appropriate cross-section, made at shaft on length of no less than quarter of axial step of this thread.

EFFECT: simplified construction, higher efficiency.

3 dwg

FIELD: oil industry.

SUBSTANCE: device has hollow cylindrical body, branch pipes for extraction and output of sample and locking element. Body is made thick-walled. End portions of body are made in form of truncated cone and interconnected, on the side of lesser bases by means of channel. Branch pipe for extraction of sample is made elongated, with length equal to body diameter, and is let through in transverse direction of body through the center of said channel. Within limits of branch pipe cross-section its hollow is separated by slanted solid wall on two portions, each of which is connected thereto. One portion of branch pipe hollow is meant for taking sample, other one - for feeding reagent into well product. To receive trustworthy information about sample, by setting flow to homogenous state, inner surface of cone, on the side of larger base, is provided with rigidly fixed blades for turbulization of flow flowing into body, while diameter of channel connecting cones is selected equal to diameters of their lesser bases.

EFFECT: simplified construction, broader functional capabilities, higher quality of sample.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: oil industry.

SUBSTANCE: hollow body of device is actually a fragment of force pipeline at mostly vertical portion of mouth armature. Organ for controlling flow of multi-component gas-liquid substance is made in form of valve mounted on shaft having lesser size, than inner diameter of hollow body. Sample chamber is in form of ring-shaped hollow on hollow body, positioned at same level with valve. Ring-shaped hollow is connected at input to flow of multi-component gas-liquid substance through intake channels, positioned symmetrically to valve rotation axis, and at output - with locking organ. Driving screw mounted on body of locking organ is connected to sample-taking valve with possible mutual rotation and combined axial displacement. Sample-taking valve and shaft with valve are mated with possible synchronous rotation around common axis and relative axial displacement. Working organs of device are positioned immediately near main flow of substance taken as sample to provide for lesser dimensions of device and prevented freezing in winter season.

EFFECT: simplified construction, simplified maintenance.

7 dwg

FIELD: oil production industry, particularly methods or devices for cementing, for plugging holes, crevices, or the like.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises inflatable packers to be lowered into well along with flow string. One flow string end is closed to provide simultaneous well bore packing, another end is connected to production equipment. Flow string is provided with centralizers located near inflatable packers. Formed in flow string are additional holes located opposite to packers. Well pump is installed inside flow string. High-pressure water conduit having low diameter is connected to above holes. Flow string has perforated orifices created between inflatable packers.

EFFECT: extended operational capabilities.

1 dwg

Sampler // 2257471

FIELD: oil-field equipment, particularly for obtaining fluid samples or testing fluids in boreholes or wells and may be used for integrated obtaining sample of multicomponent liquid-gas systems transported through pipelines.

SUBSTANCE: sampler comprises hollow body installed in high-pressure pipeline of wellhead fittings and extraction chamber with discharge channels. Rotary tool adapted for multicomponent liquid-gas medium flow regulation is installed inside the body. Sampler also has shutoff member with actuated sample extracting valve, handle and guiding tube. Sampler comprises hollow body made as a part of high-pressure pipeline and tool adapted for multicomponent liquid-gas medium flow regulation arranged in hollow body. The tool consists of flap installed on a shaft and having diameter corresponding to inner hollow body diameter, extraction chamber used to extract and mix multicomponent liquid-gas medium flow formed as annular cavity around hollow body. The cavity is divided into inlet and outlet parts by partition arranged at flap level. Inlet and outlet parts communicate with common multicomponent liquid-gas medium flow correspondingly through inlet and outlet channels on hollow body and through opening formed in the partition at sample extracting valve inlet. Drive screw installed in shutoff member body is connected with sample extracting valve so that drive screw and sample extracting valve may perform mutual rotation and move in axial direction. Sample extracting valve and shaft with flap mate each other so that they may perform synchronous limited rotation about common axis and mutual axial movement.

EFFECT: increased simplicity, provision of high-quality mixing of sample product and increased sample reliability.

3 dwg

Sampling device // 2258807

FIELD: oil field equipment, particularly for take samples from wellhead, namely for integrated sampling multi-component gas-liquid medium transported through pipelines.

SUBSTANCE: device has hollow body built in pressure pipeline and formed as a part of the pipeline located on vertical part of wellhead fittings. Multi-component gas-liquid medium flow control unit is made as a gate connected to rotary support shaft. Sampling chamber is created as annular cavity arranged on hollow body at gate level. Sampling chamber inlet is communicated with multi-component gas-liquid medium flow through intake manifolds formed on hollow body. Intake manifolds are side slots arranged symmetrically about gate axis of rotation. Sampling chamber outlet is communicated with shutoff member installed on rotary gate support shaft extension. Shutoff member includes seat, hold-down screw and ball contacting with the seat and embedded in pressure screw end.

EFFECT: simplified structure and increased sampling quality.

2 dwg

FIELD: mining industry, particularly to take subsurface oil samples in running and exploratory wells working in flow mode.

SUBSTANCE: sampling device has tubular body with lock mechanism arranged inside the body and connected to controlling valve assembly from the first side and controllable valve assembly from the second side thereof. Joint relay is screwed on the controlling valve assembly. The controlling assembly is retained in its opened position by joint relay including body with orifices for pin receiving, pusher acting upon the controlling valve assembly and bush with fluid circulation orifices. Valve assemblies include all-rubber valves having 30° cone angles. The relay has barbs to engage with production string connector. When sampling device moves downwards the barbs are brought into folded state.

EFFECT: increased operational reliability and prevention of oil sample degassing due to improved air-tightness of sampling device interior.

2 cl, 1 dwg