Transfer station electrical drive

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to excavator electrical drives and allows increasing the service life of traction motors. The transfer station electrical drive is designed to provide for transfer of excavators and drilling machines in open pits with the power supply cable disconnected from the supply circuit. The proposed device is a separate electrical drive per every traction motor configured as a "generator-motor" assembly controlled by the PPD-1.5V-type power magnetic amplifier.

EFFECT: longer life of the motor.

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The invention relates to the field of excavator drive.

Analogue of the invention is a Converter transistor transfer stations PTPS described in the Technical description and operating instructions UPS Company "United energy", intended for control of a direct current motor stroke excavator type ECG 5.

This source of information is the closest analogue (prototype).

Currently, due to the scale and intensity of work in the career, it increases the need for rapid movement of excavators, drilling rigs within the career, in terms disconnect the power cable from the mains power supply, the great length of roads with gradients not exceeding the allowable technical passport of the excavator and having a width sufficient to maneuver. The application of modern career excavators and drilling rigs DC motor drive stroke type, IPE-90-UM, with a capacity of 90 kW and TE W, 100 kW power complicates this task.

The essence of the invention.

The drive transfer station consists of a stationary diesel generator (item 2 of the drawing) type JAMZ 8401.10-02, with a capacity of 550 PS, on the shaft of which there are two DC generator (item 1 che is the same type PAM-2000, with a capacity of 220 kW and three-phase AC generator (3 in the drawing) (own needs) voltage 380V type ECC-5-91, 50 kW, driven in rotation via a belt drive, and is an individual drive for each motor of the progress made by the generator-motor". The excitation electric constant progress. The control system of electric drive transfer stations is performed by summing the reference signal and signals all the feedbacks on the same amplifier. As the amplifier power is applied to the magnetic amplifier type SDA 1.5 V, located in the control Cabinet (item 5 of the drawing). To provide reverse drive stroke is used, the block consisting of two Polubotok generator and ballast resistors. Control actuator stroke is carried out with the help of the controller. The regulation of the rotation speed of the engine turn - by changing the voltage of the generator from 0 to 500 C. Reversal of stroke engine - change the current direction of the anchor chain. The drive transfer stations installed on the chassis of the car brand "Bela-527".

The features that characterize the invention are:

1. Reliably performs driving of any technological equipment in terms of career, particularly in times of peak load on dizelagregata when performing lifts and turns of this equipment, what causes drawdown of the frequency.

2. Increases the service life of the motors turn.

In the appended drawing presents:

- The DC generator type PAM-2000 - position 1.

- Stationary diesel unit type JAMZ 8401.10-02 - item 2.

- Three-phase AC generator type ECC-5-91 - item 3.

- Body transfer stations - item 4.

- Control Cabinet - item 5.

The invention is implemented on the Lebedinsky mining and processing integrated works.

Device drive transfer stations, intended for driving excavators and drilling rigs in the career, in terms disconnect the power cable from the mains supply, characterized in that it is an individual drive for each motor of the progress made on the system Generator-motor, controlled by means of a power magnetic amplifier type SDA-1,5 Century


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FIELD: power engineering; internal combustion engines.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to diesel power-generating stations including two and more diesel generators. Proposed method to decrease consumption of fuel in diesel power-generating station servicing self-contained power systems and employing diesel generators of different power ratings, comes to the following: ac signals, by means of three-phase active power converter connected to bus of diesel power-generating station are converted into dc signals proportional to load of diesel power-generating stations which are fed to analog input of microcontroller from output of which converted signals pass to one of control units of diesel generators providing their starting and stopping. Signals from control unit pass to diesel generator from output of which signals pass to input of microcontroller, and signals from output of microcontroller pass to switch connecting diesel generator with bus of electric station. Stopping or starting of specific diesel generator is done depending on current value of consumed power basing on conditions of minimization of fuel consumption/ If load does not exceed values of power at which specific consumption of fuel of diesel generators are equal, diesel generator of lower power rating is connected, and if load power exceeds value of power at which specific fuel consumptions of diesel generator are equal, diesel generator of higher power rating is connected and diesel generator of lower power rating is disconnected. If load power exceeds value at which consumption of fuel of diesel power station is equal operation of one diesel generator of higher power rating or two diesel generators, diesel generator of lower power rating is connected together with diesel generator of higher power rating and load is distributed between them.

EFFECT: increased economy of diesel power-generating stations by decreasing summary fuel consumption.

FIELD: mechanical engineering; internal combustion engines.

SUBSTANCE: proposed engine has fixed stator, rotor with cylinders whose axes are parallel to axis of rotation of rotor, pistons with rolling members and mechanism. According to invention, mechanism is made ball-like with resilient member between freely rotating balls fitted in thrust plugs. Piston rolling members in contact with balls roll over for reciprocating, and engine is furnished with electric starting and moving generating device arranged directly on rotor and stator of engine.

EFFECT: improved efficiency of engine in operation.

2 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: mobile self-contained electric and thermal energy sources.

SUBSTANCE: proposed energy source includes internal combustion engine with fuel supply main and liquid cooling loop with heat exchanger, exhaust branch pipe with gas-and-liquid heat exchanger, electric energy generator and frame. Gas-and-liquid heat exchanger is made in form of heat-and-steam generator with combustion chamber and gas ejector; liquid loops of gas-and-liquid heat exchanger are connected to user or to intermediate heat exchanger. Fuel supply mains of internal combustion engine and heat-and-steam generator may be equipped with adjusting shut-off valves; they may work on common fuel. Cavity formed before nozzle of gas ejector is used as receiver; nozzle performs function of igniter. Liquid cooling loop of internal combustion engine may be connected through intermediate heat exchanger to liquid loop of gas-and-liquid heat exchanger of heat-and-steam generator.

EFFECT: extended functional capabilities at high degree of unification; enhanced efficiency due to complete utilization of exhaust gas and water vapor heat.

6 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: engine engineering.

SUBSTANCE: engine comprises two opposite step cylinder groups with movable cylinders. The faces of the working cylinder are provided with a collar which is an air-operated piston and separates the housing into the blowing and compression chambers of the piston compressor. The collar and cylindrical surface of the housing are provided with grooves for receiving a reversible linear generator. The anchors of the generators and ends of the rods of the magnetic outlet valves are provided with the permanent magnets made on the basis of Nd-Fe-B. The engine is provided with two catalytic chambers made of steel cylinders with a nozzle made of nickel grains. The inlet branch pipes of the chambers are connected with the collectors of the outlet ports in the working chambers, and outlet fuel branch pipes of the catalytic chambers are connected with the combustion chambers through the inlet valves. Each of the catalytic chambers is provided with the gas duct for supplying methane and pipeline for exhaust gases.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency and decreases toxicity.

2 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: power engineering; diesel-generator plants.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method of operating of power-generating plant which converters supplied energy of primer engine into electric energy and supplies electric energy to consumers includes also accumulation of electric energy in capacitor bank under normal power consumption, delivery of electric energy from capacitor bank and storage battery to input of frequency and voltage converter, conversion of electric energy in frequency and voltage converter and delivery of electric energy from frequency and voltage converter to consumers at short-time considerable overloads and at shutdown primer engine. Device for implementing the method consists of primer engine, generator, storage battery, power consumers, frequency and voltage converter, conductors connecting generator and frequency and voltage converter, and capacitor banks and connecting capacitor banks and storage battery with frequency and voltage converter.

EFFECT: provision of operation of power-generating plant at short time considerable overloads and supply of low power consumers at shutdown primer engine, improved efficiency of diesel-generator plant.

3 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: engine manufacturing.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to method of operation of self-contained power station powered by diesel-generator set. According to proposed method of operation of self-contained power station powered by diesel generator set equipped with additional flywheel and disconnect clutch with automatic control members, additional flywheel is mounted on separate shaft which is connected with diesel-generator set by means of disconnect clutch. Preparatory operation is carried out to set power station into operation with subsequent overcoming of short-time starting resistances from consumer. Additional flywheel is connected to shut down diesel generator set by means of disconnect clutch. Power station is started under no load, and its coming to rated speed is detected by readings of generator shaft speed pickups. Load is connected and intensity of generator shaft speed drop is checked. Information is automatically transmitted to controller wherefrom, at termination of generator speed drop, signal is transmitted to disconnect clutch, and rotating additional flywheel is disconnected from diesel generator set, thus changing the set for accelerated mode of restoration of initial rated speed.

EFFECT: provision of power saving operation at stable conditions for overcoming designed resistance torque and short-time overloads exceeding capabilities of chosen supply source.

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The invention relates to mechanical engineering and can be used as a Converter of movement of the primary internal combustion engine

The invention relates to energy

The invention relates to mechanical engineering, in particular to engine, namely the designs of actuators attached units of internal combustion engines, mainly charging generators

FIELD: mine winding plants, particularly to lift skips and cages from deep mines and pits.

SUBSTANCE: tractive tool is made as flexible flat band having trapezoid shape and constant thickness. Flexible flat band width varies in accordance with predetermined algorithm. The band has minimal width in area of band connection with lifting tank.

EFFECT: possibility to increase winding plant capacity for reduced tractive tool weight value.

2 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: mining, particularly to perform stripping and mining in pits with 6-8 crushing index.

SUBSTANCE: method involves filling previously created trench with rock loosened with milling machine, wherein loosened rock is poured in the trench from which said rock had been excavated. In the case of conveyer deactivation device usage rock is left in open trench just after rock cutting with milling means. After that rock is scooped with scrapers following pit machine without pit machine stopping.

EFFECT: increased open-pit work efficiency due to decreased milling machine downtime during rock mining.

2 cl, 1 ex, 4 dwg

FIELD: opencast mining; quarry transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to systems of quarry transport, namely, to device for lifting and lowering of dump trucks into quarries at opencast mining. In proposed device line for lowering dump trucks into quarry is arranged in parallel to dump lifting line, and drive sprockets in head and middle parts of both lines are provided which are mechanically intercoupled. Each dump truck gripping and handling device is made in form of twin levers with rolls on free ends hinge-attached to two plate-and-roll chains. Twin levers are interconnected by platform for front wheels of dump truck. Each platform of lifting line is provided with two hollow guides of rectangular cross section rigidly attached symmetrically and normally to surface of run. With possibility of free arrangement and displacement of rectangular cross section rods for engagement of lower ends of rods with surface of run at normal operation of device and with wall of cavity in case of tear off of pull chains.

EFFECT: provision of holding of loaded dump trucks on lifting line at breakage of pull chain.

5 dwg

FIELD: quarry transport.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to complexes for lifting and lowering dump trucks into quarry at opencast mining. Proposed complex consists of inclined section and adjoining horizontal sections in upper and lower parts of complex. Line for lowering dump trucks into quarry is arranged in parallel to dump truck lifting line. Both lines are mechanically coupled by drive sprockets in head and middle parts of both lines, gear ratio being 1. Each device for gripping and transporting dump truck upwards and downwards is made in form of twin levers hinge connected to two leaf and roll chains, levers being arranged between chains. Said twin levers are connected by platform for fitting rear wheels of dump truck on lifting line and front wheels, on lowering lines. Said platform are arranged with clearances over tracks. Each platform is provided with curvilinear stop for wheels. Devices for catching torn off pull chains are arranged on inclined section at equal pitch. Each said chain catching device is made in form of U-shaped shoe secured by brackets in upper part of guide for running rolls of pull chain and arranged over pull chain with its height increasing in direction of pull chain movement. Bus is installed under pull chain within minimum clearance of guide for twin lever rolls, and wedge is freely fitted inside shoe on pull chain for thrusting against front wall of shoe at normal operation of complex and for wedging between shoe and pull chain at change of direction of movement of broken pull chain. Additional sprockets are installed on lifting and lowering lines for engagement with upper runs of pull chains. Axles of said sprockets are mechanically intercoupled by gear pair, gear ratio 1.

EFFECT: provision of continuous transportation, brought to minimum metal usage and consumption of power when lifting and lowering dump trucks.

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FIELD: mining industry, namely, high capacity (with load capacity over 40 tons) loading and transporting machines for underground and open mining operations.

SUBSTANCE: loading and transporting machine includes loading tool, consisting of bucket with impact teeth, boom and controlling hydro-cylinders, driving mechanism and force plant. Frontal wall of bucket is made with part extending beyond its side walls shaped as isosceles triangle or shape close to that for distance not less than 1/3 of its total length. Working edge of frontal wall of bucket is formed by even sides of triangle. Impact teeth are mounted along the axis of front wall, near side walls and with step of 3÷5 of width of impact tooth. Back wall of bucket is made inclined relatively to front wall at an angle more than 90°.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of machine operation due to lowered resistance of insertion of bucket into stack of rock.

6 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: mining, particularly to excavate, transport and stack of barren rock and mineral at placer, marine (off-shore) and bedded deposits.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises scraper, movable trestle arranged between guy ropes with movable blocks. Device also has scraper winch with head and end ropes arranged on the movable trestle. The scraper winch includes two drums with head and end ropes arranged on the drums. The ropes pass over pulleys fastened to movable trestle top. Installed on movable trestle is tension winch provided with tension cable passing over pulley. The second end of tension cable is fastened to the movable trestle. The end rope of the scraper and the tension cable are correspondingly connected with guy ropes by means of blocks associated with movable blocks of guy ropes through collars.

EFFECT: decreased costs of device production, increased output and decreased rock mining costs.

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Quarry excavator // 2296860

FIELD: mining industry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to device for excavating and transporting rock mass and it can be used for selective open-cast mining without preliminary ripping from complex structural deposits of horizontal and gentle dip. Proposed excavator includes running mechanism, boom with receiving conveyor, transfer and waste conveyors, working member, control hydraulic cylinders, namely, crows, turning and boom lifting ones, bracket-slider connected with crowd and turning hydraulic cylinders for displacement along guides on housing of crowd hydraulic cylinders, frame connecting housing of crowd hydraulic cylinders hinge-fastened on head of boom, and telescopic receiving conveyor arranged between head part of boom and working member. The latter is hinge-connected to bracket-slider and is made in form of shovel without rear wall and with working edge provided with shock and static teeth.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of opencast mining owing to use of explosionfree technology and provision of selective excavation of ore reducing losses and impoverishment.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: excavation.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to dragline bucket suspension and control system. Proposed dragline has rated load capacity by suspended weight exceeding 100 tons. It has support installed for turning on base, boom assembly projecting outwards from support and installed for turning together with support, bucket, rigging and control system. Bucket is suspended from extreme end of boom by means of adjustable hoist cables and is controlled by at least one adjustable drag cable stretching from support to bucket. Rigging has first and second sheaves of boom head arranged on extreme end or near extreme end of boom assembly at fixed distance from each other, one after the other, so that first sheave is located closer to support then second sheave. First and second hoist cables pass over first and second sheaves of boom head, one cable passing over each sheave. First hoist cable passes downwards over sheave and is connected in operating position with front part of bucket. Second hoist cable passes downwards over second sheave and is connected in operating position with rear part of bucket. Control system uses computer to control relative travel of first and second hoist cables through load-lifting device. It is installed to change angle of tilting of bucket in vertical plane by differential displacement of one hoist cable relative to the other.

EFFECT: improved efficiency of dragline operation, provision of accurate adjustment of bucket displacement angle.

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FIELD: mining industry; quarry lifts for dump trucks.

SUBSTANCE: proposed lift contains line with closed leaf-and-roll chain. Devices for gripping and transporting of dump trucks are arranged on chain at definite pitch. According to invention, each gripping and transporting device for dump trucks is made in form of twin levers with rolls on free ends hinge-connected to two leaf-and-roll chains and arranged between said chains. Twin levers are installed for turning in vertical plane and moving rolls along guides arranged under guides for running rolls of traction chains. Twin levers are interconnected by platform installed with clearance over way for moving rear wheels of dump trucks and with possibility of arranged on front wheels of dump truck on said platform. Each platform is provided with curvilinear stop side of tension sprocket for engagement with front wheels of dump truck. In quarry and on its flank in zones of entering of dump trucks moving rearwards lips are installed, and in middle part of lift, traction chains are provided with additional drive sprockets. Catchers of broken traction chains are installed at equal step on inclined section of lift. Each catcher is made form of U-shaped shoe arranged over traction chain secured on upper part of guide traction chain for running rolls by means of brackets. Height of shoe increases in direction of movement of traction chain. Bus is secured on guide for twin lever rolls under traction chain. Wedge is freely fitted on traction chain inside shoe for thrusting against front wall of shoe at normal operation of lift and for jumping between shoe and traction chain at change of direction of movement of traction chain after its break.

EFFECT: provision of lifting of loaded dump trucks to flank of opencast and possibility of catching broken off traction chains.

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FIELD: mining industry, particularly open cast mining.

SUBSTANCE: method involves loading tanks at lower horizon during tank unloading at upper horizon and lowering empty tanks from upper horizon during loaded tank lifting from lower horizon; providing additional sites for tank loading at lower horizon and corresponding additional sites for tank unloading at upper horizon; laying cable in zigzag manner so that the cable passes along loading and unloading sites and creates pulling branches; connecting tank with aerostat to each pulling branch. Tanks located at upper and lower horizons are fastened to next nearest branch so that distances between loading and unloading sited along the branches are equal one to another. Device for above method realization is also disclosed.

EFFECT: increased capacity.

2 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: open-cast mining.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to continuous-operation self-propelled device designed for checking possibility of mining mineral materials and taking out interlayers whose properties, from point of view of their breaking and further transportation, are of vital importance at open cast mining. Proposed device has running gear, frame with drive unit and control panel and cutting drum arranged before running gear and equipped with cutting tools. Said drum is installed in supports of carrying frame for rotation around horizontal axis and is made for adjusting position in height by means of cylinder installed between frames and carrying frame. Crawler-type running gear is used. Cutting drum passes over entire width of device, and it is furnished with guide partitions and guard shield, is functionally connected with chute-like housing and is made for stepless change of speed of rotation, speed of feed and adjusting transverse tilting from one of two sides relative to working platform owing to vertical adjustment of position of one of hinge joints connection device frame and carrying frame which is made in form of forked rotary cantilever.

EFFECT: improved operating capabilities of device.

5 cl, 5 dwg