Satellite communications system

FIELD: radio engineering.

SUBSTANCE: satellite communications system consists of N-workstations, satellite relay station and base station containing series combination of antennae, low-noise amplifier, radio receiving unit and signal processing channel for multi-station access with frequency multiplexing of channels and access to telephone network, personal computer. Personal computer output is connected to transmitter through main data processing unit and transmitter output is connected to antennae. Web service is available in satellite relay station. Web service is provided with chat-teleoperator capabilities. Each PC workstation is provided with chat teleoperator capabilities. Base station of PC is ensured with web-service management and control capabilities.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of information exchange among users.

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The invention relates to electronics and digital technology and can be used for telecommunications satellite organization using low-energy satellites.

Known satellite information system, which uses the transmission of data messages by the television channel through space relay station (see USSR author's certificate No. 1801249 A3, CL NW 7/185, 1991), consisting of a transmitting antenna, a transmitter, a local center formation information, the receiving antenna, the transmitting antenna, receiver, transmitter, data center, transmitting antenna, repeater, single time, receiving antenna, a receiver, a local cable television network, block allocation information signal, the television receiver.

A disadvantage of the known system is relatively low friendliness of the interface, resulting in lower efficiency of information exchange between subscribers due to the lack of a web service with chat robot [Menasce D., Almeida C. the Performance of web services. Analysis, evaluation and planning: TRANS. from English. - SPb.: Diasoftyup, 2003. - 480 S.] on the repeater, and also due to the lack of base station control device and control the web service.

Known cellular communication system having Nate the data, and space nodes, which are designed to service large areas (see EN 2100904, CL NW 7/185, NV 7/26. Mobile communication system - 1997.12.27). However, the disadvantage of this system is relatively low friendliness of the interface, resulting in lower efficiency of information exchange between subscribers.

Known technical solution (see patent No. 2005020282 B1, US, IPC 7 NW 7/185, 2005.21.01),including a system of navigation satellites, having in its composition a web service.

The disadvantage of this system is high enough friendliness of the interface, resulting in lower efficiency of information exchange between subscribers.

Closest to the presented application is a satellite communication system (prototype) (see EN 2121760, CL NW 7/185, 1998.11.10), consisting of an antenna, a low noise amplifier, a receiving device signal processing mdcr, PC, device processing basic information mdcr, device registration, driver signals FDMA equipment and transmitter.

The disadvantage of this satellite system is not high enough friendliness of the interface, resulting in lower efficiency of information exchange between subscribers.

Indeed, the subscriber system is forced to use text, graphics, or video materials, not the two who engaged in interactive and is not capable of adaptive responding subscriber. As a result, the perception of information less efficiently than it would be when interacting with an interactive automated adaptive interface, such as a chat robot, and others) is actually a man accustomed to communicate (exchange information) live (informational) dialogue, asking questions and getting answers. This increase in usability of web services increases the efficiency of information exchange between subscribers. And Vice versa - read text, graphics and other subscriber (especially those working in extreme conditions) heavier than a dialogue. Currently there is rapid development of web services [see Menasce D., Almeida C. the Performance of web services. Analysis, evaluation and planning: TRANS. from English. - SPb.: Diasoftyup, 2003. - 480 S.].

The technical result of the invention is to increase the efficiency of information exchange between people (users) by creating the interface of the web service.

This technical result is achieved by the fact that the satellite communication system according to the invention on the satellite repeater is a web service with chat robot on each workstation PC completed with chat robot and the base station PC is configured to the UE is Alenia web service and its control.

Web service with chat robot can coordinate system users and to bring them into line with the current needs of the system as a whole and the base station. For example, a web service can be put information about what information is needed at the moment, and which have become irrelevant. A known number of chat-bots (, and others), which is actually an interactive automated adaptive interface.

Chat robot is a software robot that is able to conduct a dialogue with subscribers of satellite communication systems on a given topic. The operations of the robot is the scenario, following which, the robot maintains a dialogue. In conditions of emergency activities of the subscriber he needs in a very short period of time to process a large amount of information, to adopt and implement the right solution, in addition, such conditions increase the accuracy requirements of the actions of subscribers, the speed of decision making against the background of emerging sensory, emotional and intellectual overload.

Chat-the robot starts when the user turned on the link posted on the web service. Each question of the subscriber and the answer is a chat robot is recorded in the minutes, but the conversation ends, will be available to the operator ground control station for reading.

Prompt the awn information exchange between subscribers increased by what is a chat robot will provide a web service interactivity, and, consequently, increase the friendliness of the interface. Often (especially in extreme circumstances) the subscriber is much easier and more convenient to have an interactive dialogue with the information system (chat robot)than to search the text, especially among a large number of text documents. This is especially important in conditions of high time pressure and high responsibility tasks. Thus, the chat robot will allow customers to quickly find on the web service information.

Chat robot can be used in the technical support services, as it will be able to answer frequently asked questions. In addition, if necessary, (or according to certain rules) im robot will forward the dialogue on the person at the Central station. Thus, significantly increases the efficiency of information exchange between subscribers of the satellite communications system.

Control device and control the web service is connecting element and is necessary for specific web services on the satellite repeater, and provides oversight and technical support for web services.

The implementation of the claimed invention is explained using the drawing.

The drawing shows a structural diagram of a satellite communication system.

Not only is fair scheme consists of workstations PC1-PCn, which contain consistently connected the antenna 1, a low noise amplifier (LNA) 2, a receiving unit (RPU) 3, the output of which is connected to two tracts processing: processing of service information as part of the device signal processing mdcr 4 (filtering, correlation processing, FM demodulation, digital signal processing), PC 5 and processing of basic information mdcr 6, the registration device 7, the driver signals FDMA equipment 8, the transmitter 9, the output of which is connected to the antenna 1, the output of the PC 5 is connected to the processing devices basic information 6 and the signal with FDMA equipment 8; satellite-repeater 10 and the base station BS.

On Board of the satellite repeater 10 additionally introduced web service with chat robot, in which is placed the actual information about what information is needed at the moment, and which have become irrelevant. In turn, subscribers workstations browse the web service using the chat robot, and get actual information about how they can adjust their work in accordance with the changing requirements of the base station 2. The base station 2 includes serially connected to the antenna 1, LNA 2, n-channel RPU 3, the device signal processing with FDMA equipment 4, PC 5, and additionally introduced control device and control the web service 5/1, n-Kahn, the local signal Converter FDMA equipment in mdcr 6, the transmitter mdcr 7, the output of which is connected to the emitter antenna 1. Device control and web control service 5/1 periodically checks the status of the web service and chat robot performs the operation control of the entire system and eliminates all kinds of problems in it.

The satellite communication system consisting of N workstations, satellite repeater and base station containing serially connected antenna, low noise amplifier, radio receiver and the path signal processing multiple access frequency division channels, with access to the telephone network, personal computers, the output of which is through the processing of basic information connected to the transmitter, the output of which is connected to antenna, n-workstations, each of which has connected in series shaper signal multiple access frequency division channels, transmitter, and antenna, connected in series low noise amplifier, whose input is connected to the antenna and a receiving device, the output of which is connected to the path processing service information, coupled with personal computers, and the path of processing of basic information, the output of the PC connected to the path of processing the shaper signal multiple access frequency division Cana is s, characterized in that the satellite repeater is a web service with chat robot on each workstation PC completed with chat robot and the base station PC is configured to manage and control the web service.


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FIELD: space-system engineering.

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EFFECT: provision of personal mobile communications to users, increased level of interference protection in communication channels, protection from unsanctioned access to channels for management and control of transportation and loads, simplified system for orientation and stabilization of spacecraft position, reduced flow of working substance of propulsion system of spacecraft, reduced economical costs of deployment and operation of system.

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FIELD: radio communication networks, in particular, methods and devices for controlling transmission power.

SUBSTANCE: in accordance to the method, power of transmission through direct communication line to a client terminal in composition of a radio communication system, which contains a set of rays, is controlled by means of determining baseline power level, Pbaseline, on basis of accepted effective signal to noise ratio (SNR) in control channel; marginal value of power, Pmargin, is determined on basis of detected sensitivity to interferences; and correction of power level, Pcorrection, is determined on basis of determined packet error coefficient (PER); and Ptransmit is set on basis of Pbaseline, Pmargin and Pcorrection. For example, Ptransmit may be set to power level which is essentially equal to a total of Pbaseline, Pmargin and Pcorrection. Each component, Pbaseline, Pmargin and Pcorrection, may be determined by means of independently acting check connection circuits or processes.

EFFECT: weakening of interferences with simultaneously economized transmission power, in particular in composition of systems with limited energy potentials.

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FIELD: radio-navigation, possible use in signal receivers of satellite radio-navigation systems used to determine client location and current time from signals of GLONASS, GPS, and similar radio-navigation systems.

SUBSTANCE: in the method satellite signals included in search list are found, until number of detected signals, which is sufficient for navigation measurements, is produced. In first positions of the search list three satellites are included in arbitrary order which ensure maximal coverage of Earth surface. Further satellites are included into search list in order which is determined by maximal sum of average distances between each one of them and all satellites positioned in the list closer to the beginning. The search for signals of each checked satellite is performed simultaneously using all free channels of receiver with distribution of search range between the channels. Satellite signal search is performed serially based on aforementioned list, starting from first one in the list, until first detection of signal. The search for signals of further satellites remaining in aforementioned list is performed in order determined by maximal difference between the sum of average distances between the satellite selected for check and all earlier checked satellites with undetected signals and the sum of average distances between that satellite and all earlier checked satellites with detected signals.

EFFECT: creation of method for blind finding of signals in multi-channel receiver of satellite radio-navigation signals, ensuring reduction of average search time required to solve navigational problem of the number of satellite radio-navigation system signals.

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FIELD: satellite systems.

SUBSTANCE: system and method are claimed for detecting errors of temporal displacement in a satellite system, on basis of Doppler displacement and speed of Doppler displacement alteration. In accordance to the invention, user terminal determines first and second time displacements, respectively related to first and second satellite beams from respectively first and second satellites. Further, user terminal determines Doppler displacement and speed of Doppler displacement alteration, related to first and second satellite beams. Temporal displacement is estimated on basis of measured Doppler displacement and speed of Doppler displacement alteration and then compared to time displacement, determined by the user terminal. If the result of comparison does not match a specific threshold, beam identification error is stated.

EFFECT: ensured identification of satellite beams.

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FIELD: system for two-sided wireless communications, in particular, system for two-sided wireless communications, which provides capability for direct communication between terminals and mediated communication between terminals through the other terminal.

SUBSTANCE: wireless communication system contains portable communication devices, capable of setting up direct communication between terminals and mediated communication between terminals through another terminal, without using a stationary base station. Portable communication device, used as a terminal, has capability for functioning as a router for other communication devices in system when maintaining a separate direct connection to another portable communication device. After registration, registered device begins communication process by finding other devices.

EFFECT: increased efficiency.

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FIELD: wireless communications, possible use for realizing communications with systems of both satellite and ground communications.

SUBSTANCE: multi-mode receiver-transmitter for wireless communication device contains first transmission channel for generation of first radio frequency transmission signal, compatible with first communication system, first receiving channel for receiving first radio frequency receipt signal from first communication system, second receipt channel for receiving second radio frequency receipt signal from satellite positioning system and used for determining position of wireless communication device, where aforementioned first and second receipt channels jointly use common receiving route.

EFFECT: combined capacity for ground and/or satellite communication in mobile receiver-transmitter with possible position detection and minimized power consumption.

5 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: space engineering; operation of spacecraft flying in orbit of artificial earth satellite, but for geostationary orbit, which are stabilized by rotation along vertical axis, as well as ground reception points.

SUBSTANCE: system used for realization of this method includes emergency object transmitter, onboard equipment of spacecraft and ground equipment of reception point. Onboard equipment of spacecraft includes horizon sensor, receiving antenna, comparison unit, receiver, Doppler frequency meter, blocking oscillator, two AND gates, two rectifiers, pulse generator, pulse counter, switching circuit, magnetic memory, transmitter, transmitting antenna, modulating code shaper, RF generator and power amplifier. Ground equipment of reception point includes receiving antenna, RF amplifier, two mixers, standard frequency unit, phase doubler, three narrow-band filters, phase scale-of-two circuit, phase detector, Doppler frequency meter, computer and recording unit. Proposed method consists in search of such space position of space object by receiving antenna when Doppler frequency of received signal is equal to zero. Measurement at this moment of angle between mechanical axle of receiving antenna and horizon axis is carried out referring to onboard receiving unit.

EFFECT: extended functional capabilities; enhanced accuracy of determination of spacecraft orbit elements; reduction of time required for search of emergency object.

5 dwg

FIELD: communications engineering.

SUBSTANCE: proposed system has user terminal, gateway, and plurality of beam sources radiating plurality of beams, communication line between user terminal and gateway being set for one or more beams. Proposed method is based on protocol of message exchange between gateway and user. Depending on messages sent from user to gateway, preferably on pre-chosen periodic basis, gateway determines most suited beam or beams to be transferred to user. Messages sent from user to gateway incorporate values which are, essentially, beam intensities measured at user's. Gateway uses beam intensities measured at user's to choose those of them suited to given user. Beams to be used are those capable of reducing rate of call failure and ensuring desired separation level of beam sources.

EFFECT: reduced rate of call failure in multibeam communication system.

20 cl, 27 dwg

FIELD: communications engineering; satellite communication systems.

SUBSTANCE: list identifying plurality of shared data channels transmitting shareable information is generated in satellite communication system incorporating gateway and plurality of satellites moving in orbit so that they are not stationary relative to point on the Earth surface. This list may include information for each of plurality of shared data channels that identifies predetermined satellite, beam, frequency, and channel. List changes with time due to orbital movement of satellites. Proposed method also includes steps of shareable information transfer to geographical region through gateway over plurality of shared data channels and reception of shareable information over at least one of plurality of shared data channels by user terminal.

EFFECT: provision for transferring shareable information to group of users located within relatively small geographical area.

41 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: signal power evaluation.

SUBSTANCE: signal is compared with plurality of bands and separated into plurality of bands. Each band is assigned definite output value. Output values approximate square of output signal value proceeding from known characteristics of input signal. Low-pass filter is used for averaging plurality of output values.

EFFECT: eliminated satellite overloading and violation of flow density limits.

21 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: game systems with robots.

SUBSTANCE: proposed system has game section installed in space equipment, game robots disposed within game section, control signal, device for transmitting control signal received from the Earth to game robots, video shooting camera for shooting game section whose photo is used as section image; game signal transmitter transferring game image to the Earth as game signal; control signal transmitter disposed on the Earth and used to transmit control signal applied by game robot operators to control signal transmitter; game signal receiver disposed on the Earth and used to receive game signal from game signal transmitter; broadcast equipment for broadcasting game signal received by game signal receiver.

EFFECT: investigations of environment properties.

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Airborne repeater // 2251214

FIELD: communications engineering.

SUBSTANCE: proposed repeater that can be used in satellite communication systems operating in ultrahigh-frequency band has antenna-feeder assembly, receive and transmit filter unit, up and down frequency converters, power amplifiers, transmission channel multiplex switch, reference generator, signal regeneration device, simulation protective unit, control device, and cross-connection circuit.

EFFECT: enlarged functional capabilities of airborne repeater.

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FIELD: radio communications.

SUBSTANCE: method includes registering spectrum grams Fi of radio signals in i-numbered points of flight trajectory in frequencies band, including frequency signals with several transmitters in each one, with onboard computer and position measuring means. Spectrum gram of total power of transmitter signal of each j-numbered frequency channel is separated from Fi and powers Mij of these total signals are determined.

EFFECT: higher safety.

3 cl, 3 dwg, 1 tbl

FIELD: communications.

SUBSTANCE: system has satellites, set on circular stationary orbit with antennae mounted on them as well as relay stations, and their ground-based stations. Including central communications control system, satellites control station and subscriber stations, relay station is made in form of serially connected low-noise amplifiers, connected to each receiving narrow-direction antenna, remotely controlled downward converters, amount of which matches number of frequencies bands, and which are separated exclusively for frequencies band zones, intermediate frequency accelerators and remotely controlled upward converters.

EFFECT: not only stationary communications subscribers can access broadband channels, but also mobile subscribers.

2 cl, 10 dwg

FIELD: aircraft engineering.

SUBSTANCE: system consists of systems for controlling functional systems with sensors, onboard and speech registers, video cameras and mating blocks. Functional systems structure includes terminal of common use active mobile phone network. On one side aforementioned terminal is connected to functional systems sensors, recording inputs of onboard and speech registers and video cameras. On other side terminal through antenna is connected to a group of satellites and mating stations of common use regional phone network. Mating stations are made with possible transfer through automatic phone station of information from functional systems sensors, onboard and speech registers and video cameras to working terminals for secondary processing at ground control station.

EFFECT: higher personnel and equipment safety, lower costs, higher efficiency.

2 dwg

FIELD: satellite communication systems.

SUBSTANCE: satellite for forming antenna direction diagram on basis of position in communication system having multiple client stations and multiple communication satellites, has main onboard antenna, antenna subsystem, transmitter/receiver for ground communication lines, transmitter/receiver of crossing communication lines and control device.

EFFECT: increased system capacity, higher power efficiency and effectiveness of repeated use of channels.

2 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: radio communication systems, possible use for determining informative parameters and characteristics of radio-signals of transmitters of ground-based stationary radio-electronic devices.

SUBSTANCE: onboard the laboratory plane functionally connected are automated control system, device for determining current position, device for registering in input-numbered points of flight trajectory of spectrum graphs Fi of radio signals in frequency band, including frequency channels, onboard computer with database, memorizing device and three processors.

EFFECT: possible determining of parameters under conditions of unintentional interference.

3 dwg, 1 tbl