Combined injection wheel

FIELD: mechanic.

SUBSTANCE: combined injection wheel consisting of airbrush fixed on a tube, into which the working fluid may be fed through a pipe. The airbrushes have lids with output ports for fluid spraying and a dabber airbrush with a spherical inlet and a screw-type channel at the outlet. The combined injection wheel contains stream separator, which is connected with a distributor of the stream separators. The distributors are constricted by a wire nail and a presser and form a general pressure distribution chamber, which is isolated by weatherstrips. The stream separator is screwed to a tubular nipple fixed on a rack-and-pinion gear. The airbrushes are fixed on the sides opposite to the separator and may be rotated about the transversal axes of the holes of fluid passing from the upper part of the separator to the lower part of the airbrushes for increasing the spray cone. The dabber airbrush is installed inside of the outlet port of the lid.

EFFECT: providing stable operation of injection wheel.

2 dwg


The invention relates to a device for processing fruit trees, berry bushes, vegetables for chemical protection against pests and diseases, as well as foliar feeding, economical watering with a wide dispersion in the conditions of farms and garden plots.

Known used in private gardens and even farmers portable sprayers, consisting of a reservoir for the working fluid from the filler neck filter, hand pump and outlet tube hose (see SU # 246207, IPC AM 7/00).

Known portable sprayers, which are filled with fluid and pumped up in her air-operated actuator (smatest Ukraine UA No. 23404, CL AM 7/00, the Federal Republic of Germany patent DE No. 19511885, CL AM 7/00). The spray liquid flows in these sprayers are driven by compressed air from the foot or hand pumps.

The disadvantage of these hand and foot sprayers: low pressure spray, weakening as emptying the tank, hard work during the swing of the air, a short tubular arm, a single spray head. As a result, they are not suitable for spraying tall fruit trees and have low productivity. Combined spray heads for hand-held sprayers impractical because of the loss of pressure during emptying of the tank. Pressure fluid barely hatena one spray head at the beginning of evacuation.

Known machines for chemical protection of plants - machinery sprayers pumps. Working bodies of these sprayers consist of tanks, pumps, filters, pressure regulators, nozzles, spraying systems, and fuel devices (See. Tutorial Wemhoener, Ipharmacy "Agricultural machinery", str...223. Moscow, "Colossus", 2004 (1)).

In the engine sprayers establish a powerful piston, centrifugal, gear, diaphragm, roller and rotary pumps. The main characteristics of the pump flow (l/min) and fluid pressure (MPa).

From pumps, machinery sprayers working fluid enters the distribution system, which serve to move the sprayed fluid flow and applying it to the object of treatment through spray heads installed on hose spray systems.

Key performance indicators of the spray tips - quality spray angle spray α (see (1), .VI.3, str) and the flow rate per unit time. The quality of the spray is determined by the diameter of the droplets, which are determined depending on droplet size (degree of dispersion). There are globular (more than 300 μm), atomized (150...300 µm), fine (50...150 μm) and aerosol (less than 50 microns) raspily.

Diameter to the drops decreases with increasing pressure and decreasing the hole diameter of the nozzle. For fine spray apply the spray with a small hole, and the operating pressure is increased. Globular get spray for large holes and small pressure in the pressure line.

Circular saw trimming tips (nozzles) form a stream of liquid into a solid or hollow cone, fan, solid film. Sprayers - the most important part of the sprayer, from the correct selection of which depends on the uniformity of application of chemical plants. They are placed on the pipe collector distribution systems machinery sprayers, in which the pump pumps the working fluid. In reservoirs with holes through which the liquid flows into the cavity of the spray head (see (1), .VI.3, a, b, C, str)attached to the pipe manifold. The head cap is attached liners nozzles with openings for the fluid spray. The spray head is provided with a shut-off valve. At normal pressure in the pressure line fluid lifts the valve, passes through the filter, liner dispenser and dispergirovannom as applied to the processing object.

At the time of turning off the flow of fluid in the pressure line (on the edge of the field or stops) the pressure in the reservoir decreases, the valve under the action of the spring closes the passage of liquid to the atomizer and predotvraschaya the spontaneous leakage of fluid and environmental pollution.

Single spray head (see (1), VI.3, and str) has one atomizer, and combined (see (1), .VI.3, b, str)) - two, three, or four. Turn the clip on the housing, one atomizer is installed in the lower (working) position to align its channel with the outlet of the housing. The use of such heads reduces the time for reconfiguration of the sprayer in the new mode of operation.

Design of liners and the principle distinguish the spray field, centrifugal, fricatives, deflector, ejection, a centrifugal disk and disk with electrotheraphy drops.

Closest to the claimed spray head of the field sprayer machine sprayers.

Field sprayer (see (1), .VI.3,, str) made of plastic cap from the outlet and core with a spiral groove. The diameter of the hole cap of 1.5 and 2 mm Helical grooves formed by the liquid flow.

Known dispensers machine sprayers, high-performance, but it is inconvenient and uneconomical in private gardens.

Machine sprayers work under great pressure pressure on many dispensers and in them there is no need to save jet and be safe in the work of the pump when the clogging of one or two sprays. In a combined spray head textile the sprayer in the work always one atomizer, while others set up one for the other mode.

The technical result, which directed the present invention is the creation of nozzles on the basis of cheap, lightweight sprayers, economical and fairly high vibration electromagnetic pumps.

The goal of the project is the fact that, in a combined spray head in the sprayer for forming a jet of liquid in a solid cone, consisting of nozzles mounted on the pipe with a possibility of it pump the working fluid, the nozzles contain the cap from the outlet to the fluid spray and core spray with a spherical input part and a screw groove on the output, in accordance with the invention, a combined spray head contains the jet divider, which is connected with distribution of the dividers of the jet, while the distributors pulled the pin and clip and form a common pressure distribution chamber, which is isolated by seals, and the divider jet is screwed on the fitting-nipple, mounted on a rack and pinion mechanism, with the nozzles fixed to the side with the opposite sides of the divider with the possibility of rotation around the transverse axis of the holes of the passage of fluid from the upper part of the divider in the lower part of the spray the residents to increase the spray, and core-dispenser is installed inside the outlet cap.

1 shows a combined spray head comprising two nozzles.

Figure 2 - the same, lateral view.

Combined spray head consists of a divider streams of liquid 1 and the two nozzles 2 and 3, attached to it, and screwed it on the nipple-nipple 4, attached to the rack-and-pinion mechanism 5. The divider 1 is connected to the valves 6 and 7 of the nozzles 2 and 3. The valves 6 and 7 is pulled by the pin 8 and the clamp 9 and form a common pressure distribution chamber 10. Camera 10 is isolated by seals 11 and delivers the pressurized fluid to the core-dispenser 12 through the opening 13 in the valves 6 and 7. On the threaded portion of the valves 6 and 7 is screwed on the cap 14 with the outlet daboutfor spraying a liquid solution with the angle of the torch α. Core-dispenser 12 is made with a spherical input part 15 and the screw groove 16 with an angle of turbulence γ and placed on its screw part 16 within the cap 14, sealed the joint with a gasket 17. On input the tapered surface 18 of the fitting-nipple 4 and boarding cylindrical recess 19 wearing hose 20 from PVC, which is a supply pipe for spraying liquid, a fixed clamp or wire (not shown). The hose 20 from PVC with an inner diameter d1 R is smashin inside the metal tubular slats 21 rack-and-pinion mechanism 5, on the upper and lower part which screws 22 fixed brackets 23, which in turn has a fitting-nipple 4, attached is screwed on top of the combined spray head.

The nozzles 2 and 3 is fixed to the side with the opposite sides of the divider can be rotated on the angle β>90° around the transverse axis of the holes of the passage of fluid from the top of the divider to the bottom of the nozzles to increase the total spray liquid.

Combined spray head with an angle of rotation of the sprayers β≤45° preserves the direction of flow of the working fluid from the PVC tubes and practically does not lose pressure force her when spraying tall fruit trees in the presence of high Reiki spray device. Pressure power output torch fluid reaches more than 2 m and the height of the slats more than 5 m and human growth allows you to spray the trees with 8...10 m

Dual spray head does not cause water hammer in the weak hoses and vibration in the pump of the sprayer when the blockage of one of the nozzles. When the clogging of the nozzles of the pump vibration instantly shut off, Unscrew the ring cap 14, remove the core-dispenser 12 and washed hole d, then install and screw the cap with serdechnika the spray in its place.

Combined spray head in the sprayer for forming a jet of liquid in a solid cone, consisting of nozzles mounted on the pipe, with a possibility of it pump the working fluid, the nozzles contain the cap from the outlet to the fluid spray and core spray with a spherical input part and a screw groove on the output, characterized in that the combined spray head contains the jet divider, which is connected with distribution of the dividers of the jet, while the distributors pulled the pin and clip and form a common pressure distribution chamber, which is isolated by seals, and the divider of the jet is screwed on the fitting-nipple, mounted on a rack and pinion mechanism, with the nozzles fixed to the side with the opposite sides of the divider with the possibility of rotation around the transverse axis of the holes of the passage of fluid from the top of the divider to the bottom of the nozzles to increase the spray, and the core-dispenser is installed inside the outlet cap.


Same patents:

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises hose connection designed to supply working fluid under pressure, pipe line with a handle and control system regulating working fluid supply into a sprinkler head. The hose connection, the pipe line with a handle and the control system regulating working fluid supply into a sprinkler head are made split. The pipeline handle consists of a measurement rod made of wood or a metal pipe, a hose with inlet and outlet branches is secured onto the rod, the branches have connections to supply a fluid to the sprinkler head; the head is screwed on the outlet branch. The control system consists of device to switch on and off an electric pump; this device is secured on the rod and comprises discontinuous sealed switch turning the electrical pump on and off and sealed plug connecting the electrical system for switching the electrical pump on and off through a sealed socket to power supply.

EFFECT: to simplify the design.

5 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: engines and pumps.

SUBSTANCE: pressure regulator is set to a specified fluid pressure so that if a fluid pressure exceeds the specified, the fluid pours out into a tank. The pressure regulator comprises case with a lower input vertical threaded aperture to hold an input sleeve; the said sleeve is screwed into an output branch of a force pipe of the electrical pump. Inside the case the input aperture is connected to a crosscut reach-through horizontal hole which relative to the input aperture is divided into an inlet hole on one side, and to a shut- off hole on another side; a regulated discharge valve is installed in the horizontal hole; at sprinkler clogging pressure exceeds the specified and the fluid is discharged into a tank; the fluid flows into the output lower aperture, located behind the discharge valve where a support with a gasket and a thrust screw are installed; a shock absorber is assembled between them; the shock absorber is adjusted to the electric pump fluid pressure. The inlet aperture is designed to feed fluid into a hose connection; the latter is secured to the pressure regulator case by means of the captive nut with gaskets.

EFFECT: simplification of a mechanized electrical pump design with a simplified pump regulator.

4 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: agriculture, in particular, farm crop spraying process.

SUBSTANCE: method involves measuring consumption of working fluid per minute by one sprayer, standardized consumption of working fluid per one hectare, and speed of spraying unit; taking into account distance between adjacent sprayers on boom of field crop sprayer and consumption of working fluid per minute by one sprayer and determining from formula: q=QVa/600, where q is consumption of working fluid per minute by one sprayer (l/min); Q is standardized consumption of working fluid per hectare (l/hectare); V is speed of spraying unit (km/hour); a is distance between adjacent sprayers (m); determining type of spraying unit and its transmission on the basis of standardized consumption of working fluid per hectare, consumption of liquid fluid per minute by one sprayer, and speed of spraying unit; selecting color, type of sprayer and pressure by international standard and also in accordance with standardized consumption of working fluid per one hectare, consumption of working fluid per one minute by one sprayer, and calibrating measuring reservoir by providing separate sectors, each corresponding to specified standardized consumption of working fluid per one hectare, color and type of sprayer with respective pressure and having horizontal lines at various levels and indications as to sprayer unit types and their respective transmissions.

EFFECT: increased precision in adjustment of sprayer, wider operational capabilities, and reduced labor intensity.

1 dwg, 1 ex

FIELD: agricultural engineering, preferably, sprayers for treating of field crops and perennial plants with small doses of working fluid.

SUBSTANCE: sprayer has frame, reservoir, leveling reservoir, pipelines, air duct, and air pipe. Sprayer sprinkler has pneumatic reservoir with upper and lower plate-like disks and layers therebetween defining slit-type nozzles, and replaceable feeding pipe-circular collector positioned above slit-type nozzle with apertures in its lower part. Feeding pipes have various numbers of apertures of maximum diameter united in various groups. Yokes with various number and diameter of openings are disposed on feeding pipe in axial alignment with said apertures. Layers delimiting slit-type nozzle are made replaceable, and variously configured and sized to define their width and thickness.

EFFECT: increased efficiency, increased width of generated spray, wider range of flow rates of working fluid doses.

3 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: agricultural engineering.

SUBSTANCE: sprayer has frame, reservoir, leveling reservoir, pipelines, air duct, and sprinkler including air pipe, upper plate, and base which are separated from each other by layer defining slit-type nozzle. Feeding pipe is positioned in front of slit-type nozzle. Air pipe is axially aligned with slit-type nozzle. Layer consists of two parts having shape of radial curved line at their outlet ends. Feeding pipe is disposed in horizontal plane, is formed arc-shaped and is provided with openings in its lower part.

EFFECT: increased efficiency, reduced consumption of working fluid, and increased width of spray.

2 dwg

FIELD: equipment for suppressing of stumps during gathering of cut forest-and-shrub vegetation along canals, roads, power supply lines, may be used in forestry and amelioration in clearing of lands from shrub vegetation and small forest.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus has frame with eyelets for connection to base machine. In lower part of frame there is provided hollow pin resting along edges upon two carrier wheels within which wheels two hydraulic pumps are mounted for delivery of arboricide mixture from tank into hollow pin through bypass pipes. Pumps spring-loaded relative to hydraulic cylinder casings are disposed on bypass pipes. Poles with pivotally fixed levers spring-loaded relative to hollow pin are rigidly secured to lower part of hollow pin. Stump surface loosener is rigidly fixed to each of said levers. Hollow pin is communicating with tank cavity through bypass valve. Mixture feeding mechanism has two systems for simultaneous feeding of mixture onto stumps. One of said systems has mixture feeding valves mounted on hollow pin and sprayers. Valves are actuated by means of pusher positioned in lower part of each spring-loaded lever. In other of said systems, valves positioned on hollow pin are connected to pipelines fixed to spring-loaded levers. Said pipelines are connected to distribution channels provided within looseners.

EFFECT: enhanced biological action upon stumps and reduced consumption of arboricide mixture.

6 dwg

Spray boom // 2314686

FIELD: equipment for machines designed for protecting of plants from pests, diseases, as well as for weed controlling by means of sprayers.

SUBSTANCE: spray boom has carriage made in the form of isosceles trapezium with two four-link mechanisms attached to sides of trapezium. Two four-link mechanisms of parallelogram type are mounted in vertical plane. Carriage is positioned in sprayer frame guides. Upper base of carriage is connected by means of cable hanger to movement mechanism fixed to frame and designed for moving carriage in vertical plane. Each of said mechanisms consists of pivotally interconnected links of different length, said links having axes extending in horizontal plane. First link is made immovable and integral with carriage side. Opposite second link is made integral with cantilevered boom part disposed between pivot joint for connecting it to third link which is joined with its other end to upper pivot joint of first link, and pivot joint for connecting cantilevered part with forth link positioned at point of intersection of line making continuation of third link in its working position with plane of working position of forth link. Other end of forth link is connected to lower pivot joint of first link. Forth link is made in the form of flat triangular frame with apex at point of connection thereof with cantilevered part of boom. Other links of boom are made of single-beam type from bar having triangular, box-like or round circular section.

EFFECT: simplified construction and manufacture process, increased strength, enhanced reliability in operation, reduced weight, material consumption and costs.

2 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: agriculture mechanical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: batcher-mixer comprises housing, that receives the pressure-mixing chamber and pesticide chamber. The housing is detachable in the plane of the normal section with respect to the axial line of the piston and outlet port for discharging water. The head of the piston is provided with the face and ring collars. The face of the piston of the pesticide chamber is provided with the adjusting screw that is mounted from the side of the spring.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability, simplified design, and prolonged service life.

2 dwg

Sprayer boom // 2302110

FIELD: agricultural engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for treatment of field crop with fertilizer and pesticide solutions. Proposed sprayer boom consists of mounting device and carrying metal sections: central one made in form of flat truss, two middle ones and two extreme ones, hinge connected to each other. Sections of boom are connected with set by hinge mounting of central section of boom on rear of mounting device by means of two connecting clevises forming swinging suspension of boom. Middle and extreme section of sprayer boom are made in form of carrying beams reinforced in vertical plane by tie-rods braces whose rigidity is adjusted by turnbuckles. Tie-rod braces arranged on middle section are installed at angle of 5-6 degrees to horizontal ends of section to center. Tie-rod braces arranged on extreme section are installed at angle of 4 to 5 degrees to horizon from end mated with middle section to center, and at angle of 2 degrees, from center to end. Sections are hinge-connected around vertical axles and are provided with brackets for fastening hydraulic cylinders designed for setting the sections in operating and traveling positions, and brackets fixing sections in operating position.

EFFECT: reduced specific metal usage, action of torsional and bending moments on boom when sprayer in operating position moves in the field, improved quality of treatment of field crop, no adverse effect on environment.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: chemical treatment process, in particular, process used in vegetable growing.

SUBSTANCE: method involves simultaneously treating plants with preparations in coverings isolated from one another, above plant rows and in row-spacings; creating turbulent-vortex motion in order to embrace the entire surface of stems and leaves at their both sides during spraying of preparations onto zones under coverings, above plant rows. Apparatus has unit with preparation containing reservoirs fixed to unit, compressors, pipelines for feeding of liquid preparations into internal cavity of tunnel coverings, above plant rows and covering above row-spacings. Tunnel coverings are formed within single block of all-metal carcass and are positioned so as to change distance therebetween. Tunnel coverings are connected with one another at their end sides by means of movable partitions and from the top by means of detachable closure so as to define coverings isolated from plant rows above row-spacings. Nozzles for spraying of plant rows with preparations are arranged centrally of and within internal cavity of tunnel coverings, in their upper parts and are equipped at their lower parts with rotating blade-type sprayers loosely fixed for rotation on pins and driven into rotation by flows of liquid preparations oriented on said sprayers.

EFFECT: decreased consumption of preparations and reduced extent of environment contamination thereby.

4 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: agricultural engineering.

SUBSTANCE: fan-type sprayer has axial fan provided with mechanical drive and mounted in casing, liquid supplying system, and nozzles with slot sprayers. Each of slot sprayers is positioned in spaced relation inside nozzle case. Outlet end of slot sprayer is embraced with conical part of nozzle case. Air duct branch pipe is mounted in lower portion of nozzle case. Said space is defined by conical part of nozzle case and sprayer baffle plate. Slot sprayer is divided into individual chambers by means of distribution plates arranged symmetrically relative to nozzle case longitudinal axis, with inclination angle of distribution plates uniformly increasing from nozzle case center to both sides of periphery. Two hydraulic pipes of slot sprayer are extending in parallel with one another and interconnected by connecting member for defining closed contour. Hydraulic pipe is provided with openings uniformly distributed along its length and oriented into inside of slot sprayer in symmetry with openings of opposite hydraulic pipe.

EFFECT: increased efficiency in applying of high-concentrated suspended fertilizers and aqueous emulsions at optimal extent of dispersion and uniform distribution of used preparation on plants.

3 cl, 4 dwg

FIELD: agricultural technique.

SUBSTANCE: blower type sprinkler includes power unit supporting vessel with working liquid, pump, filters, drive, blower. Intermediate frame is secured to lodgments of power unit. Main frame is mounted on intermediate frame and it includes front, rear, angular and paired angular lateral lodgments. Vessel with working liquid is mounted on lodgments with use of rubber gaskets; said vessel is fixed by means of yokes engaged with paired angular lateral lodgments. Struts are mounted in main frame in end zones of vessel. Front and rear vertical frameworks mutually joined through tie rods are mounted on said struts. Ends of vessel with working liquid are secured to said frameworks. Oil tank with filters is mounted on rear vertical framework. Said tank engages with hydraulic pump provided with valve device that may realize smooth start at lowered starting moment of hydraulic motor. The last motor is provided in addition with three-way valve for driving blower mounted in separate strut. There are technological platforms on main frame. Staircase and control distributor of working liquid is mounted on one platform. In rear portion of main frame reduction gear of drive from power unit to hydraulic pump is mounted. Sprinkler has nozzles. Oval cross section egg-shaped vessel of sprinkler is mounted in such a way that its more pointed end is turned upwards. Base of vessel has supporting surfaces in the form of protruded blocks arranged in its ends, angles and lateral sides. Ends of vessel are provided with vertical housings having eyes with fastening openings.

EFFECT: reliable fixation of vessel filled with working liquid on frame of automobile, safety continuous operation of the whole aggregate.

2 cl, 2 dwg

Sprayer // 2248698

FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, chemical protection of plants.

SUBSTANCE: sprayer has toxic chemical tank, suction filter, pump, pressure filter, regulator-distributor, main pipelines, hydraulic mixer, vertical and horizontal bar sections with working pipes, and slot-type distributors. Sprayers are arranged on vertical bar sections so that axes of spraying openings are oriented at an angle to spraying unit advancement direction line, said sprayers being arranged in alternation. Flat flame in one group of sprayers is oriented at an angle of 45 deg in direction of advancement and in other group of sprayers at an angle of 45 deg in opposite direction.

EFFECT: simplified construction and increased quality of treatment of green plantation.

FIELD: forestry.

SUBSTANCE: proposed device contains frame with mounted reservoir, tank connected with liquid sprayers made in form of cups, one nested in the other. Outer cups are provided with holes through which flexible elastic pipelines to feed liquid compounds are installed. Inner cups are installed for displacement in vertical plane by means of springs secured on ends of inner cups and are connected by corrugated hoses with tank communicating with reservoir through corrugated pipeline. Cover is fastened on lower part of each sprayer, and inner cup is furnished with measuring scale.

EFFECT: improved quality of treatment of forest seedlings, reduced harmful action onto surrounding medium.

2 cl, 3 dwg

Sprayer // 2253229

FIELD: agricultural engineering.

SUBSTANCE: sprayer has tank for storage of toxic chemicals, suction filter, pump, pressure filter, regulator-distributor, and pressure lines for supplying of working fluid to spraying devices. Pressure lines are provided with gauging inserts. Additional gauging inserts are positioned in front of each working device. Sections of gauging inserts are determined from formula: fn=Kn·fl cm2, where fn is section of n-line; Kn is coefficient determined by calculation depending on length of line and local resistances, K=(0.6-0.9); fl is section of line.

EFFECT: increased efficiency by leveling pressure of working fluid in all pressure lines.

1 dwg

Sprayer // 2253230

FIELD: horticulture, in particular, spraying equipment used for protection of plants, trees and brush from pests and diseases.

SUBSTANCE: sprayer has tank for working fluid, cleaning filter with filtering grid at inlet end, pressure line with pump, valve and bar. Sprayer chamber bottom is equipped with protrusion configured as truncated cone with helical grooves along its axis. Outlet orifice of diaphragm is made conical along protrusion axis. Valve is made in the form of double-armed lever positioned above pressure line and pivotally fixed on shaft. Flexible member is mounted at one end of lever and roller is fixed in spacing between flexible member and lever attachment shaft.

EFFECT: simplified construction, increased quality of spraying by providing high dispersity, and reduced consumption of working fluid.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: agricultural equipment.

SUBSTANCE: method involves providing field soil strip cultivation; feeding working fluid to working tools; controlling feeding of working fluid to working tools; spraying working liquid by means of disk-type working tools, and providing splitting of droplets to 60 micron size; controlling alignment of strips under cultivation process. With herbicides used in conjunction with working fluid, droplet sizes are selected within the range of 60-160 micron, with insecticides used - droplet sizes are selected within the range of 160-250 micron and with fungicides used - droplet sizes are selected within the range of 250-350 micron. Working fluid flow rates are selected to be 3.5 l/hectare, 5-10 l/hectare and 10-20 l/hectare for herbicides, insecticides and fungicides, respectively. Boom sprayer has working fluid reservoir and working fluid distribution and application system, said reservoir and said system being hung onto power supply means. Working fluid distribution and application system has pipelines, generator and boom with spraying devices fixed thereon and provided with electric engines. Independent hydraulic system for mixing of working fluid has hydraulic pump connected to reservoir and cooperating with pressure regulator and hydraulic mixer located within reservoir. Hydraulic pump is actuated by power supplying means drive cooperating with generator of working fluid distribution and application system for applying working liquid by means of boom sprayers. Said system is equipped with dosing pump adapted for supplying of working liquid to each of working tools. Functioning of dosing pump is regulated by control unit providing correlation of working fluid flow rate and advancement velocity of power supply means. Disk-type working tools are adapted for regulation of droplet separation and speed of rotation thereof.

EFFECT: increased efficiency, enhanced reliability in treatment of field crops with small amounts of preparation, and reduced consumption of working fluid.

3 cl, 1 dwg

Electric sprayer // 2257056

FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, liquid sprayers used for controlling of horticultural and vegetable crop pests and diseases.

SUBSTANCE: electric sprayer has electric pump with independent power source. Electric pump and power source are located within working fluid vessel equipped with sections for accommodating said pump and power source. Electric sprayer has telescopic holder provided with switch button. Holder has hand-held or automatic hose winding device. One end of hose is connected to electric pump. Sprayer is positioned at other end of hose.

EFFECT: convenient operation, improved safety, mobile and compact construction.

3 cl, 5 dwg

Spraying boom // 2259716

FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, spraying booms for surface application of liquid chemicals.

SUBSTANCE: spraying boom has nozzle units mounted on movable brackets. Working liquid is supplied via pipeline through combs which are connected to nozzle units through hoses.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of spraying boom by differentiated application of liquid chemicals through the entire width thereof.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: railway operation, in particular, equipment for controlling of grass weedage and elimination of brush from road-bed and permanent way.

SUBSTANCE: base platform is mounted by means of vehicle on permanent way portion intended for treatment with herbicides. Before treatment operation, hose sections are moved to working position, i.e., in parallel with surface to be treated. Movable members of housing are set in horizontal position. Water feeding is provided through pipeline from reservoir and preparation is fed through pipeline from tank into mixer. Simultaneously, pump is switched on and flow velocity regulator is moved to position for returning of working fluid through return pipeline into mixer. Converging tube is positioned with its flare portion oriented in direction of treatment. After switching-on pump, spraying apparatus advances along permanent way portion to be treated. Air flow velocity sensor generates signal delivered to flow velocity regulator drive to provide change-over of feeding of working fluid from return pipeline into pressure pipeline, through which working fluid is delivered to sprayers for applying working fluid onto road-way of permanent railway. Increase in the velocity of sprayer results in increase of flow velocity and, correspondingly, increase in an amount of working fluid fed to sprayers. Simultaneously, signal from sensor is delivered to movable member drives providing rotation thereof in vertical plane and defining housing restricting entrainment of drops with vortex air flows. Air is delivered through air duct to openings, from which it is discharged to the outside to thereby facilitate deposition of small droplets created during spraying of working fluid from sprayers. On increase of velocity of spraying apparatus, intensity of deposition of droplets is increased.

EFFECT: uniform application of herbicides onto area of road-bed of permanent way regardless of velocity of spraying apparatus and provision for preventing offset of preparation flow beyond area to be treated.

3 dwg