Electric energy generating plant on base of low-potential power source

FIELD: electrical engineering, possibly electric energy generating plants on base of liquid low-potential power source.

SUBSTANCE: electric energy generating plant includes converter of neat energy of low-potential water to kinetic energy applied to electric energy generator. Plant is mounted on draining pipeline and it has linear-structure electric energy generator. Said converter is made material with shape memory effect having transition point between temperature of low-potential water and environment and it is kinematically coupled with armature of linear- structure generator. Converter is jointly mounted with possibility of moving from low-potential water to environment and from environment to low-potential water. Environment may be in the form of water pool to which low-potential water is discharged.

EFFECT: possibility of using heat of low-potential waters with temperature 30 - 50°C discharged every day from cooling systems of waters of nuclear and heat electric power stations.

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The invention relates to the field of electrical engineering, and more particularly, to electric generating units operating on liquid low-grade energy source.

Known electricity generating plant (geothermal power plant), using the power of hot steam and water sources from the bowels of the Earth, including the separator, in which the steam is separated from water, the turbine rotates the generator [1].

A disadvantage of the known power generation facilities is the inability to use low-grade waste waters.

The aim of the invention is the provision of opportunities for use in power generation installation of low-grade water.

This goal is achieved by the fact that the electricity generating plant, consisting of a Converter of thermal energy of low-grade waste water into kinetic energy input to the generator, is installed on the pipeline, which supplies the low-grade water, and has a linear generator and the Converter is made of a material with shape memory effect and kinematically connected with the armature of the linear electric generator, and fastened pivotally with the ability to move from the drawdown of water in the environment and Vice versa.

In addition, as the environment is water reservoir, which will occupait waste water.

The invention is illustrated by drawings, in which figure 1 shows electricity generation installation with a Converter in cold form, figure 2 - same - Converter in hot form.

The proposed power generation plant includes a casing pipe 1 to be fixed to the pipe 2, which supplies the waste water, for example, spent cooling the condenser water at the plant. Its temperature ranges from +30 to +50°C.

Water is discharged into the reservoir 3, in which the water temperature during the year does not exceed +18°C. On the casing pipe 1 from above made 4 hole closed spring-loaded hinged cover 5. Inside the pipe under the hole 4 hinged Converter 6, is made completely or partially (in the middle part) of a material with shape memory effect with a transition point 20°C. In cold form Converter 6 complex (figure 1), hot - straightened (figure 2). With the end of the Converter 6, hinged to the connecting rod 7, which on the other hand pivotally connected to a rod 8. The rod 8 is placed in the guide sleeve 9.

Out of the water reservoir 3 is placed an electric generator, the winding 10 of the stator forms a channel 11 which is placed to move the anchor 12, consisting of ferromagnetic elements and fixed to the rod 8. The winding 10 is connected with the output terminals is via the rectifier (shown on drawings).

The device operates as follows. The Converter 6 in cold form (figure 1) affects the heat discharged water flowing from the pipe 2. The Converter 6, taking a hot form, straightens up, opens the cover folds 5, out of the body-tube 1 through the opening 4 and by means of a rod 7 and the rod 8 moves the anchor 12 up. The magnetic lines of anchor elements 12 intersect the coils of the winding 10 and the winding 10 is induced EMF.

The Converter 6, having appeared in more cold water reservoir 3, is cooled and enters the cold form is folded as in figure 1 and through the connecting rod 7 and the piston rod 8 moves the anchor 12 to the bottom of the channel 11. In the winding 10 is induced EMF opposite direction. These steps are repeated many times.

Generated by setting the electric current through the rectifier is supplied to the consumer.

The source of information

1. Geothermal power plant. - New Polytechnic dictionary. M: BDT, 2003. S.

1. Electricity generating system that runs on liquid low-potential source of energy, including thermal energy Converter low-grade water into kinetic energy input to the generator, characterized in that it is installed on the drain pipe and has a generator linear design, and the transducer is made from a material effect is Amati shape transition point, lying between the low-grade temperature of water and the environment, and kinematically connected with the armature of the linear generator and the transducer is fastened pivotally with the ability to move from low-grade water into the environment and back.

2. Installation according to claim 1, wherein the environment is a reservoir, in which low-grade water.


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