Method for simultaneous withdrawal of lead and cadmium out of the body of broiler chickens

FIELD: animal science.

SUBSTANCE: poultry diet should be supplemented with a probiotic - lactic acid fodder additive - at the quantity of 0.5 ml/chicken daily. The innovation decreases the content of lead and cadmium in muscles and bony tissue.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

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The present invention relates to animal husbandry, ecology, and toxicology, and is intended for detoxification in chronic contamination of the organism broiler chickens heavy metals.

The bird, like all other living organisms, is faced with the problem of output obtained from food, water and air excess amounts of chemical elements. In this case, the effective system of elimination. In particular may block the process of their absorption in the gastrointestinal tract and the subsequent allocation of faeces. The urgency of this problem is obvious, the more natural ways of self-purification of the body from heavy metals does not exist.

In the prevention of toxic effects of lead and cadmium leading role for drugs that can bind metals and remove them from the body. With this purpose they use organic compounds in various combinations. It is known that humic preparations (humic acids 20-22%, 25-100 mg/kg) in combination with peony root (1% of diet) reduced the lead content in the body (Bokova TI the Impact of various detoxicants on the residual lead content in organs and tissues of broiler chickens. The abstract of SOIC. exercises. the degree of Cand. Biol. Sciences. - Tomsk: 2000, - 21 C.), but violate mineral balance, linking other trace elements (e.g., same Prov., ect). But often humic preparations contaminated with heavy metals (Khmelnitsky GA Veterinary toxicology. - M.: Agropromizdat, 1987. - S-154).

For removing heavy metals from a living organism using mineral substances. Zeolites (4-6% of the diet) reduced the lead content in the muscle tissue of 23.9 percent, cadmium by 40.7% (Gamco L.N., Talyzina T.A. Natural zeolite as adsorbent of heavy metals in the body of pigs // Zootechnics. - 1997. No. 2. - P.14-16).

The disadvantage of this method is the adverse effect of the zeolite - absorption of oxygen from the blood and lymph, which upsets the mineral balance in the body. In the case of chronic poisoning of the animal organism zeolites are not valid.

In addition, the lack of analogues of the above is:

heavy metal pollution of mineral raw materials (zeolites and other), used as detoxicants.

Recently, the search for new ways to detoxify the body with excessive levels of heavy metals. The proposed method solves the problem is a decrease in the content of lead and cadmium in the body of broiler chickens under the excessive intake of toxic elements in food, water and air under anthropogenic pollution.

This task is solved by determining the distribution of heavy metals in various muscle and bone tissue the broiler chickens in the background of lead and cadmium intoxication and application of the antidote.

The claimed method differs in that as a detoxifier use of probiotic lactic acid feed additive in the amount of 0.5 ml per 1 head per day. Part of probiotics are bacteria that are present in natural form in the body of the bird.

Simultaneous reduction of lead and cadmium in the body of broiler chickens in the claimed method provides a significant detoxification as muscle and bone tissue, without affecting the natural balance of calcium, phosphorus, zinc and copper in the body. In addition, the use of lactic acid feed Supplement has no side effects, as not only economically, but also environmentally beneficial.

Studies have been conducted on chickens-broilers cross "Iza". In days age on the principle of steam-analogues were formed the control and the experimental group (n=30). Table 1 presents the scheme held experience.

Table 1
GroupThe number of goalsFeed rations and dose make TM and MCD
control3030 mg Pb/kg feed +3.0 mg Cd/kg diet
experienced30PR +30 mg Pb/kg feed +3.0 mg Cd/kg diet +0.5 ml of MCD on 1 head per day
Note: 1 experimental group received MCD for the first 3 days after planting, with subsequent one-time inclusion in the feed after each vaccination and weighing.

All of the experimental group was subjected to a seed acetate of lead and cadmium. Premixes were prepared at the rate of 1% of the diet for each group. After 40 days of age were sampled muscle and bone tissues and determined the content of lead and cadmium. Methods of sampling and preparing them for the test corresponded to the normative-technical documentation (GOST 26929-94) and conducted according to the methods passed state certification (GOST 7269-79). The analysis of the objects of study on the content of heavy metals was performed by methods, certified metrological service of Gosstandart of the Russian Federation. The toxicants was determined by the techniques developed in the firm "Technogenetic LTD and Tzimis, passed the state certification. Studies of organs and tissues of birds on the content of heavy metals was carried out by Stripping voltammetry method on the instrument TA-2 (GOST R 51301 99).

The results obtained are presented in table 2.

Table 2
White muscle Red musclesBone













Analyzing the data of table 2, it should be noted that a continuous supply of lead and cadmium in the body of the bird has led to high levels of toxins in the tissues.

According to table 2 cadmium content in white muscle of broiler chickens of the control group significantly exceeds 5 MRL (maximum permissible level) the group treated with lactic acid feed additive intoxication with heavy metals. In red muscle, the residual quantity of cadmium in the group receiving the probiotic with a high concentration of toxic elements, significantly reduced 5.5 MDU compared with the group treated with high concentrations of carcinogens in to the RME. As can be seen from table 2, the content of cadmium in the bone tissue in the group receiving the probiotic with a high content in the diet of heavy metals, significantly inferior to the control group 19 times.

On the basis of data obtained in white muscle of broiler chickens in the group treated with lactic acid feed additive intoxication with heavy metals, there was a significant increase of lead in 3.8 times compared with the control group. Experimental group receiving the probiotic with a high content of toxic elements in the diet, significantly reduces 5.4 times the concentration of lead in red muscle compared with the control group. Experimental group significantly reduces the lead content in the bone tissue of broiler chickens 19 times compared with the group receiving the diet with high content of heavy metals.

The data on the content of lead and cadmium in muscle and bone tissues of broiler chickens are the rationale for the potential use of probiotic lactic acid feed additive to reduce the accumulation of toxic metals in the body of the bird. Effective at high concentration of intoxication by heavy metals is 0.5 ml of the probiotic on 1 head per day.

1. The method of simultaneous removal of lead and cadmium from the body broiler, comprising an introduction to rational the special additives, characterized in that the bird is additionally introduced into the diet of feeding probiotic lactic acid feed additive in the amount of 0.5 ml per 1 head per day.

2. The method according to claim 1, characterized in that the drug is administered during the entire period of the life of birds.


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EFFECT: higher efficiency.

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