Peloid applicator

FIELD: medicine, in particular biologically active mud preparation useful in therapy as applications.

SUBSTANCE: claimed peloid applicator contains mud paste from peat peloids with deterioration ratio of 50 % or more and mineral sodium hydrocarbonate water in ratio of 3:1 and additionally it contains dihydroquercetine in amount of 39-41 g per 1 kg of paste.

EFFECT: applicator with sufficient skin penetration and high antioxidant properties.

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The invention relates to medicine, namely to create biologically activated mud drugs, and can be used in physiotherapy as applications.

The prior art mud preparations from native mud in which to increase the biological activity impose additional biologically active substances. For example, the famous mud preparation of sulfide mud with addition of whey in the amount of 155 ml per 1 kg of air-dry dirt and 395 ml of tap water (EN p, AC 35/10).

The technology of manufacturing of this drug allows you to use it only at home.

There is a method to increase the biological activity of aqueous fraction of mud, according to which the aqueous fraction is divided into two equal parts, the first portion is irradiated with UV rays from a distance of 25-30 mm for 10-12 minutes, and the second add ascorbic acid in a concentration of 50-60 mg per 1 l of aqueous extract, after which the two portions are mixed (EN p, A61K 35/02).

This method allows to increase the output of ascorbic acid in 3-4 times, and total protein by 25%. The liquid state of this drug would narrow its application. So, for the treatment of relevant diseases it can be used during electrophoresis, acceptance bathrooms procedures, excluding the application. In addition, t is hnology preparation of this drug complex.

The closest technical solution to the claimed is peloid applicator peat mud paste "Chinska from peat peloids with the degree of decomposition of 50% or more and mineral sodium bicarbonate water "Khabarovsk 1 in the ratio 3:1 obtained according to the method according to p, A61K 7/48, A61K 35/10.

Balanced natural complexes of biologically active and nutrients peat peloids and mineral water "Khabarovsk 1" define a sufficiently high biological value pasta. However, the production of pasta by mixing peat peloids and alkaline mineral water still does not allow to obtain a sufficiently high concentrations of amino acids, although their composition in the mixing increases to 19 items. This non-essential amino acids: arginine, cysteine, tyrosine, alanine, serine, Proline, glycine, asparagine, aspartic acid, glutamine, glutamic acid, essential acids: histidine, valine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, threonine, phenylalanine.

The use of this drug with such a concentration of basic amino acids as self-healing agent does not bring the desired effect because of its lack of permeability through the skin. In addition, the drug and the above-mentioned analogues have insignificant the mi antioxidant properties.

The technical result of this technical solution is the creation of peloid applicator with sufficient permeability of the skin and elevated natural antioxidant properties.

The technical result is achieved by the fact that peloid applicator containing peat mud paste "Chinska from peat peloids with the degree of decomposition of 50% or more and mineral sodium bicarbonate water "Khabarovsk 1 in the ratio 3:1, while further comprises dihydroquercetin with concentration 39-41 lhs for 1 kg of paste.

Included in the applicator dihydroquercetin in the claimed amount in the process of mixing components in connection with mineral alkaline water enhances cationic exchange its homogeneous mass, which provides sufficient permeability of the skin to Deposit in the body of nutrients and biologically active substances, even in small concentrations, and enhanced therapeutic effects on the human body a wide range of natural vitamins: B1In2In3In5In6In9B12. In addition, dihydroquercetin, as a synergist with vitamin C, stimulates the immune system of the human body, acting as immunocorrector, i.e. usalive is its natural antioxidant properties.

The applicator is prepared as follows.

Previously, mineral water "Khabarovsk 1" enter dihydroquercetin based 39-41 lhs 1 kg pasta "Chinska and stirred until complete dissolution. Preparation of peat and further preparation of the applicator conduct similar to cooking pasta "Chinska" according to p. No. 2256438.

Because of dihydroquercetin is a preservative, in the manufacture of the drug there is no need for preservatives as DMDM (a derivative of formaldehyde), affecting the skin of the person. Ready applicator Packed in sealed plastic bags suitable for packing food products with a capacity of 0.5 to 5 kg, which is placed in a transport package weight 20, 30 and 50 kg and is sent to the finished goods warehouse, where it is left for 30 days. 7 days before sending to the consumer, generate random samples for sanitary-microbiological control for compliance with the quality indicators new project pharmacopoeial articles.

Peloid applicator "Thelma" is a homogeneous plastic mass and has a high aromaticity, characterizing the degree of permeability.

Granular composition of carbon in liquid concentrated phase of peloid applicator "Thelma".
DesignationThe content of the structural fragments of qx,% Rel.The range of chemical shifts (CS), ppm, assignment signals
With=O4,4220-186Carbon atoms karbonilnyh groups
COhin9,8186-180Carbon atoms quinoid groups
(O)HE, C(O)OR15,2185-168The carbon atoms, carboxyl, hard-ester groups
Cap-O17,9164-140Aromatic carbon atoms connected with oxygen atoms
WitharC,H38,4140-103C - and N - substituted aromatic carbon atoms
Clcarbohydrates5,1103-96Anomeric atoms plastoglobuli
3,693-80The carbon atoms in α-O-4 and β-O-4-linkages "lignin" components
Cho, CH2O5,580-58The carbon atoms-CH-O CH-N-fragments
CH3About058-54Carbon atoms metaxylene groups
WithAla0,154-20The carbon atoms of alkyl fragments
The degree of aromaticity (ƒa)57164-103ƒa=Iap/I total

Declare peloid applicator "Thelma", providing optimum permeability of the skin, and also has an antioxidant effect, will find, in the author's opinion, wide application.

Peloid applicator containing peat mud paste "Chinska from peat peloids with the degree of decomposition of 50% or more and mineral sodium bicarbonate water "Khabarovsk 1 in the ratio 3:1, characterized in that it further comprises dihydroquercetin with concentration 39-41 lhs for 1 kg of paste.


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EFFECT: agent with wide spectrum of therapeutic action.

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EFFECT: peaty moor dough with increased biological value, high penetrability, improved nutrient and healing effects.

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FIELD: method for production of bioproducts from native divot peloid with high biological activity.

SUBSTANCE: claimed method includes extraction of fine dispersed divot peloid having plant residual decomposition ratio of 50 % or more with sodium hydrocarbonate-containing water at elevated temperature under intensive agitation to produce homogeneous suspension followed by separation under certain conditions.

EFFECT: ecologically pure concentrated peloid extract with high biological activity.

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FIELD: medicine, phthisiology.

SUBSTANCE: in early period the preparation "Yantar-antitoks" is used in the dose 0.5 g, 3 times per a day for one month in addition to the conventional antituberculosis therapy. Invention promotes to elimination of symptoms associated with the total intoxication, resorption of focus-infiltration changes, elimination of destructions and ceasing secretion of microorganisms for shorter periods. Invention can be used in treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis.

EFFECT: improved method for treatment.

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The invention relates to the field of pharmaceutics and can be used in the treatment of prostatitis

The invention relates to veterinary medicine and can be used to treat skin injuries and wounds in animals

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