Screening device

FIELD: agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises rotating cylinders provided with polymeric cell sides, front and back distributors, transmitting mechanisms, and frame. The cylinders receives chutes provided with screws. The front and back distributors are provided with means for supplying and discharging the grain material and admixtures.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency.

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The present invention relates to machines for sorting grain mixtures along the length of the grains and can be used in agricultural production, milling and grain Elevator and feed mill industry.

To separate short and long admixtures used are blocks, for example, HEAD-A [1], comprising a rotating cylinder with a mesh inner surface, inside which are the gutter with screws, front and rear valves, mechanisms of transmission and the frame. The disadvantage of this indent block is the same frequency of rotation of the cylinder (the same kinematic regime K=ω2·R/g) to allocate short of impurities (puppet) and long impurities (Oswego), which reduces the effectiveness of screening, since the time of deposition of the cells of short particles and full grains significantly different.

Known indent block-TO-A (Germany) [2], whose puppet and sugny cylinders have different (optimal) kinematic mode. Puppet cylinder has ToTo=0,58, sugny - KAbout=0,65.

The disadvantage of this indent block is the rapid wear of steel wire mesh surface.

It is also known technical solution [3], which allows to increase 1.5-2 times the service life indent block-A through the use of cellular surface of p the polymer material.

The disadvantage of this technical solution is low screening efficiency of grain mixtures for selection of short and long of impurities due to lower values of the coefficient of friction of the grains of polymer surface compared to steel.

The problem to be solved is to improve the efficiency of screening of the grain material along the length of the grains due to the optimum kinematic regime puppet and Oswego indent cylinder, made of a polymeric material.

The problem is solved by using the indent block containing rotating puppet and sugny cylinders with polymer mesh surface, inside which are the gutter with screws, front and rear valves, mechanisms of transmission and the frame, in this kinematic regime puppet cylinder ToTo=0,6...0,7 and Oswego - KAbout=0,8...0,9.

Improving the efficiency of screening is achieved by raising short of particles in a puppet cylinder and full grains in osogna the cylinder to a height that provides a sharper drop them from the cells into the appropriate chute.

Figure 1 schematically depicts the indent block, as in figure 2 and 3 - the influence of kinematic mode To on screening efficiency.

Indent the block contains a rotating doll 1, sugny 2 cylinders with polymer clay is Noah mesh surface, inside which are the troughs 3, 4 with screws 5, 6, the front 7 and rear 8 distributors. The rotation of the cylinders is driven by the engine and transmission mechanisms 9, 10. All this is mounted on the frame 11. The front 7 and rear 8 distributors have a loading mouth 12, zeroprofit 13 season 14, 15, 16 to print short, long, impurities and clean grain.

Workflow cylinder Trier is as follows.

Grain material is loaded into the loading orifice 12 are block and is supplied to the cellular surface of the rotating puppet cylinder 1. Short impurities are placed in the cell rises to a certain height, thrown in the gutter 3 and displayed by a screw 5 in estrus 14 short of impurities. Grain material with long impurities, not put in a cell, it displays the gathering of the cylinder 1 and zernoparovogo 13 is supplied to the rotating sugny cylinder 2. Grains are the main crops are placed in the cell, go up the cylinder, thrown in the gutter 4 and displayed by a screw 6 in estrus 16 clean grain. Long impurity, not included in the cell, the vanishing removed from the cylinder 2 into the chute 15.

Experimental studies indent block-A, equipped with a cellular polymer surface mounted (figure 2 and 3)that the optimal kinematic regime puppet cylinder is ToTo=0,6 0,75...and Oswego - is About=0,8...0,9. Due to the large values of the kinematic regime than in the prototype, is achieved most clear separation of short and long impurities and the main grain and is tasked with improving the efficiency of the screening of the grain material. The cleaning efficiency of the grain material from short impurities increases from 65 to 67...69%, and from long impurities from 55 to 68...69%.


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Indent the block containing the rotating puppet and sugny cylinders with polymer mesh surface, inside which are the gutter with screws, front and rear valves, mechanisms of transmission and the frame, characterized in that the kinematic regime puppet cylinder ToTo=0.6 to 0.75, and Oswego - KAbout=0,8-0,9.


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EFFECT: increased efficiency by providing complete treatment of seed material and separation into fractions of cleaned seeds and waste.

1 dwg

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SUBSTANCE: air-operated system comprises air-separating passage for primary cleaning having closed air circulation, air-separating passage of the secondary cleaning connected with the atmosphere, two settling chambers, diametrical fan, devices for supplying of the grain mixture and discharging its fractions, mechanisms for control of air velocity in the air-separating passages, and dust trap with transverse air supplying passage that has constant cross-section and is provided with inlet slot of variable width and outlet branch pipe. The transverse air discharging passage of constant cross-section of the dust trap is provided with two same outlet branch pipes. One of the branch pipes is covered with a lid. The inlet slot of variable width receives the detachable deflector.

EFFECT: expanded functional capabilities.

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EFFECT: lowered energy consumption for grain cleaning process.

1 dwg

FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, equipment used for fractional separation of grain heap in order to produce biologically valuable grain.

SUBSTANCE: apparatus has casing and housing of thresher with threshing drum and deck. Dividing shields arranged in pairs are pivotally mounted on front and rear tilt walls of thresher housing so as to define grain heap separation sections. Conveyor is positioned under thresher deck and is equipped with vertical dividing rib extending along its axis of symmetry. Seed receiver consisting of pair of interconnected funnels is positioned below conveyor, at its end, in the course of advancement of apparatus. Seed receiver is designed for advancement in direction perpendicular to axis of symmetry of conveyor belt.

EFFECT: increased efficiency owing to maneuverability of dividing shields within separation sections to provide the ability to change fractional composition of produced grain heap.

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EFFECT: reduced content of contaminants in harvested mass after separation thereof in axial separating rotor.

19 cl, 6 dwg

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SUBSTANCE: cleaner has tossing board with screen extension piece, air-permeable tilt sheet, upper and lower screens, and fan with working wheels. Fan casing is made in the form of shell and walls joined thereto for defining of main and additional branch pipes. Upper strip of additional branch pipe is disposed under end of toss board. Radial partition is located within fan casing, with upper end of partition being arranged in zone of leading portion of tilt sheet and lower end - above shell in spaced apart relation thereto. Lower wall of fan casing is positioned in spaced apart relation with respect to air-permeable tilt sheet so that opening is defined therebetween, and leading end of lower screen is offset toward air-permeable tilt sheet relative to leading end of upper screen.

EFFECT: improved separation quality and reduced grain losses due to improved air distribution in working zone of cleaner.

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FIELD: agriculture, in particular, post-harvest treatment of grain and seed.

SUBSTANCE: method involves charging grain into cylindrical sorting screen and urging screen to move at rotational velocity of up to 180-190 rev/min during 30-40 min; slowing down rotational velocity of screen by 40-50% of reached value; newly increasing rotational velocity of screen to 180 rev/min, followed by reducing said rotational velocity from this value by 40-50%, and newly increasing said velocity to 180 rev/min; alternating the cycle of reducing and increasing rotational velocity of cylindrical sorting-out screen during the entire period of sorting process.

EFFECT: increased working time for sorting-out process by eliminating screen reversing rotation process.

FIELD: agricultural engineering.

SUBSTANCE: grain combine has longitudinally arranged housing incorporating separating rotor. Rotor casing has harvested mass charging zone positioned above shaft of separating rotor, separation zone equipped with sieving means, and discharge zone positioned at discharge end of rotor casing. Separating rotor has screw blades located in charging zone. Rotating member with transverse axis of rotation is positioned above separating rotor for feeding of harvested mass into rotor casing through feeding opening, which is surrounded with metal sheet extending through width of feeder casing. Metal sheet at least partly conforms in its shape to circumferential configuration of rotating member. Feeding opening is made wider in its lower part than in its upper part.

EFFECT: increased efficiency in harvesting of various cereal crops owing to feeding of harvested mass from feeder casing into rotor casing from position above shaft of separating rotor.

22 cl, 3 dwg

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FIELD: grain cleaning.

SUBSTANCE: grain cleaner comprises two air-operated separating systems with settling chambers, air-separating and air supplying passages, charging devices mounted in the walls of the air-separating passages, diametrical fan mounted between the air-separating systems and provided with sucking port connected with the output port of the settling chamber of the second air-separating system, pressure branch pipe connected with the air-separating passage through the additional passage of the first air-separating system and additionally connected with the air-operated transporting passage, and appliance for the discharge of grain and admixtures. The spiral housing of the fan is connected with the bottom wall of the air-separating passage. The outlet port of the settling chamber of the second air-separating system receives the control gate.

EFFECT: enhanced quality of cleaning.

1 dwg

FIELD: agricultural engineering, in particular, post-harvest grain processing equipment.

SUBSTANCE: grain cleaning machine has at least one tier with two sieve shoes which are positioned in succession at different levels and inclined in the course of transportation of material under separation procedure in order to provide transfer of grain from one sieve shoe to another sieve shoe. Each subsequent sieve shoe is positioned higher than previous sieve shoe. Pin of eccentric shaft positioned between sieve shoes, connecting rod and hangers attachment places are aligned with respect to one another along line extending through centers of mass of sieve shoes vibrating in opposite directions.

EFFECT: increased efficiency and enhanced reliability in operation of grain cleaning machine due to dynamic balancing of sieve shoes.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: agricultural engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention is designed for adjusting size of screen cells in grain harvesters. Proposed adjuster is installed in harvester tailer unit and it executes vibratory motions together with screen. Sizes of screen cells are adjusted by electromechanical drive power action of electromechanical drive is directed at angle to direction of vibratory motions of screen. In process of adjusting, size of cell is changed in one direction and control signal is generated to set required size of cell. Actual size of cell is determined automatically by measured value of adjustment.

EFFECT: high accuracy of result at repeated measurements.

9 cl, 5 dwg