Multi-channel loading system

FIELD: experimental equipment, possible use in stands for testing mechanical properties of structures.

SUBSTANCE: multi-channel loading system contains a controlling computer, hydro-power source and tracking loading channels with check force connection. Loading channel includes digital controller, hydro-cylinder and dynamometer with inbuilt normalizing amplifier, servo-valve, mounted on it. Loading channel additionally contains generator of load-setting signals, while generator and regulator are mounted on hydro-cylinder and connected to controlling computer by field bus interface.

EFFECT: increased reliability and increased manufacturability of a multichannel system.

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The invention relates to means experiment and is intended to automate the process of loading of the structures during strength testing.

Known digital control system test facility containing a digital computing device, digital-analog converters, vibrators, mechanically connected to a test object, the feedback sensors and analog-to-digital converters.

A disadvantage of the known systems is the difficulty with a large number of control channels (see Hetmans A.G. and other Automatic control of vibration tests. M: Energy, 1978, p.78).

Closest to the invention is a multi-channel system loading, containing measuring and computing complex (CPI), the channel loading and the source hydrophonia (see Manual of specialized measuring and computing complex "Arrow", registered in the State. The registry 24192-02 from 15.01.2003, certificate RVC 34.082.A No. 13948/1 and A.S. CCCP No. 920638, CL G05B 19/18, 1982).

In the system each channel loading is a servo hydraulic actuator with force feedback and contains a hydraulic cylinder, a servo valve, the dynamometer with normalizing amplifier. Channel control loading is carried out using the CPI containing control computer and computer lower the level, communicating between a device input / output. In the lower level computer programmed General on the group of channels of the signal generator of job stress and digital regulators all channels. The output of each regulator is set to analog Converter (DAC), an analog signal which goes to the servo valve of the corresponding channel loading. To the regulator each channel loading with dynamometer this channel for use as feedback comes in the analog signal. This signal is amplified normalizing amplifier through an analog-to-digital Converter (ADC) is fed to the controller.

The disadvantages of the known system load is above the analog connection, significantly complicating the installation and maintenance of the system and reduces its reliability.

The objective of the invention is to improve the reliability and manufacturability of the multichannel system loading by improving its structure and application of modern devices transmit information.

The solution of the problem and the technical result is achieved by the fact that in a multi-channel system loading that contains the control computer, the source hydrophane and witness channels loading with force feedback, each of which includes a signal generator of job stress, regulator, cylinder, and the mouth is fixed on it dynamometer with built-normalizing amplifier, and the servo valve, each channel loading contains a digital signal generator of job stress and the controller is microprocessor-based, installed on the cylinder, and connected to the control computer of the field bus interface.

Figure 1 shows the block diagram of the multichannel system loading.

Figure 2 - the specific location of the digital controller, servo valve and the digital signal generator of job stress on the cylinder.

Channel loading N1includes cylinder 1, reproducing the load on the structure, the dynamometer 2 with built-normalizing amplifier 3, the digital controller 4, the servo valve 5, the digital sine wave signal generator of the job stress 6. Field bus interface 7, the computer 8 and the source hydrophane 9 are common to the channels in the loading of the N1...Nn. The cylinder is loaded with design connected through the dynamometer. The servo valve 5 is installed on the cylinder 1 and the hose connected to the cavities, as well as source hydrophane 9. The electrical input of the servo valve 5 is connected to the digital controller 4, which is electrically connected to the normalizing amplifier 3 dynamometer 2 and the digital signal generator of job stress 6. The digital signal generator of job stress 6 and the controller 4 via the field bus interface 7 with the IDE with the computer 8.

The digital signal generator of job stress and the control channel loading is installed on the cylinder. Digital controller 4, the servo valve 5, the hydraulic cylinder 1 and the dynamometer 2 form a closed loop servo channel loading within the dimensions of the cylinder.

Multi-channel system loading works as follows. From the computer 8 on all digital signal generators of job stress 6 in advance on the field bus interface 7 consistently do the job (the value of the next load level and time of access). On the Start signal all digital signal generators of job stress at the same time begin to play a sinusoidal reference signals received at the inputs of digital controllers 4. For each digital controller also receives a feedback signal from the dynamometer 2 through normalizing amplifier 3, which is algebraically summed with the reference signal. The difference of these signals (the error signal) is supplied to the control servo valve 5, performing throttle control cylinder 1, load the design. Hydrophilinae all servo-valves 5 comes from a source of hydrophane 9. On command from the computer 8, the digital signal generator of job stress 6 can stabilize the reference signal at any level and continue to build the W on the new command from the computer. Setting the digital controllers is performed by commands from the computer 8.

Information about the work of the channels loading N1...Nnenters the computer 8 field bus interface 7.

By installing a signal generator of job stress on the cylinder substantially decreases the flow of information from the control computer to the TV loading that allows you to connect their field bus interface that simplifies cable installation multichannel system loading, and subsequent maintenance.

Thus, thanks to the digital signal generator of job stress in conjunction with a digital regulator on the cylinder is simplified connection of a computer to channels loading, fixed long (up to hundreds of meters) analog communications controller - servo valve and the dynamometer controller, characteristic of the known multi-channel systems of loading, which increases the noise immunity and accordingly, the reliability of the multi-channel system loading.

Multi-channel system loading for structural testing of structures containing computer source hydrophane, tracking channels loading with force feedback, each of which includes a signal generator of job stress, regulator, cylinder and installed it dynamometer with built-normalizing amplifier, and is also the servo valve, when the servo valve is connected by a hose with the cavities of the cylinder and a source of hydrophane, and the electrical input of the servo valve connected to the controller, which is electrically connected to the normalizing amplifier dynamometer, characterized in that each channel loading digital signal generator of job stress and the controller is microprocessor-based, installed on the cylinder, and with control Board digital signal generator of job stress and a controller connected to the field bus interface.


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