Index data stream structure with encoded multi-component key

FIELD: technology for providing audio and visual services.

SUBSTANCE: in accordance to invention, signal has structure for transferring index with encoded multi-component key for determining position of component key of meta-data index of digital content, transported on basis of independent data unit, containing key index list section (index list), including multi-component key data, used in search for component key of index, while the data of multi-component key is encoded by single code value.

EFFECT: possible transfer of data stream structure with encoded multi-component key, useable for determining position of component keys of meta-data index of digital content.

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The technical field to which the invention relates.

The invention in General relates to the structure of the data stream index encoded multipart key for positioning a composite key index metadata of digital content (meaningful information content) and, in particular, to the structure of the data stream index, containing a fragment of indexes multicomponent key, encoded metadata in extensible markup language (XML) for the digital content determined by standard organization "TV-Anytime Forum" (hereinafter "metadata TVA"), in order to better determine the location of the composite index keys for metadata when the metadata TVA transported in an independent unit of data in the so-called fragment.

Prior art

Specialists in the art it is well known that TV-Anytime Forum is a civilian organization for standardization, which was established in September 1999 to develop standards for the provision of audio and visual services in a user's environment, as PDR (personal digital recorder), having a large amount of memory for personal purposes. More specifically, the TV-Anytime Forum is intended to provide all users with the opportunity to listen and watch a television program in a variety of species (e.g., there is their broadcasting services and online interactive services etc) in any required manner and at any desired time on the basis of the personal storage device.

TV-Anytime Forum is implementing the project of standardization in several working groups for commercial models, systems, transport interfaces and access the content, metadata, rights management and protection, etc. In relation to metadata contained in this invention, the standard SP003v1.3, Part b Version 1.3 published until August 02, 2002, discussed in the present document "WD647-Draft SP003v13 Part In the structure of stream data index encoded multipart key for indexing the fragments of the metadata.

This structure contains:

1. Section list index (index_list)

Section list index (index_list) provides a list of all transported multicomponent keys. Each list index (index_list) there are fields in the number num_fields, providing indexing with multi-component key according to the Table 1.

Table 1
SyntaxThe number of bitsMnemonic scheme
for (j=0; j<num_indexes, j++){...
inex_descriptor_length 8uimsbf
if(fragment_type=0xffff) {
for(k=0; k<num_fields; k++) {...
if(field_identifier=0xffff) {

2. Section index

Table 2
SyntaxThe number of bitsMnemonic scheme
Index() {
overlapping_subindexs 1bslbf
for(j=0; j<sub_index_count, j++) {...
for(k=0; k<num_fields; k++) {...
if(overlapping_subindices='1') {

3. Section comprise multiple fields (multi_field_sub_index)

Table 3
SyntaxThe number of bitsID
Multi_field_sub_index() {
multi_field_header {
eaf_field 1bslbf
multi_field_index_entries {
for (j=0; j<num_entries; j++) {...
if (single_layer_sub_index='0') {
} else {

In a normal flow pattern of the index data with the multi key, since the fragment or the key are, respectively, the encoded value, Xpath, or the way they encode must be assigned to each index key, and any field that is not related to an indexable fragment, it is impossible to assign the key. In addition, indexing by synthesized key field that does not exist as an actual field in the XML document TVA, impossible.

The invention

Accordingly, the present invention was developed with consideration of the above problems of the prior art; and the invention consists in the provision of structure of the data stream index encoded multipart key, suitable for positioning a composite key index metadata of the digital content.

To solve this problem the present invention provides the structure of the data stream index coded multi-component key that specifies the mandatory list of indexes required for TV-Anytime; and the index key that belongs to the mandatory list of indexes is assigned to the encoded value, without using XPath. Therefore, in accordance with the design of the present invention, is assigned only encoded value - even if the index key consists of multiple fields.

Best mode for carrying out the invention

Hereinafter the invention is described in more detail with reference to the table below.

For purposes of explanation will be observed from the mandatory list of indexes required for TV-Anytime.

Encodes a value is assigned to each index in accordance with index key in which this encodes the value can contain information about your selection. Multicomponent key is rassmatrivaetsya as a composite index key, but given multicomponent key is assigned to the encoder is the same as in the case of a single key. H can be assigned to the unspecified field to index arbitrary fragment.


(@the segment ID)
Table 4
Type fragmentThe index keyValue
Unspecified type of codeAny field type TVAIDType appropriate to the type of the schema (Schema)0×0000
Program Information (program Information)©programId (program ID)0×0001
BasicDescription/Title (Meta Description/Name)0×0002

(Meta Description/Keyword)

(Meta description/Genre)
PersonName ->(Go, GivenName)

(Name of individual ->(Name))
Information about the groupGroupType

(Group type)

(group ID)

(Positioning programs on demand)
BroadcastEvent (Event broadcast)@servicelDRef (@ID Reference services)0×0008
(@serviceldRef, PublishedTime, EndTime) (@ID Reference services, announced time, end time)0×0009
Schedule(©serviceldRef, start, end) (@ID Reference service, start-to-finish)0×A
Information about services©serviceld (@ID services)0×000W

(Genre services)

(Name of individual)
@personNameld (@ID name of the individual)0×000D
(surname, name)0×E
OrganisationName (Name of Organization)@organisationNameld (@ID Organization Name)0×000F

(Program reviews)
Program/@crid (program/@crid)0×0010
CSAlias@alias (another name)0×0011

(Classification scheme)
Term (term)0×0012
Information about SegmentProgramRef/@crid ()0×0013
Description/Title (Description)0×0015
Description/Keyword (Description keyword)0×0016
Information about a group of segmentsProgramRef/@crid (link to the program/@crid)0×0017
GroupType (Group Type)0×0018
@groupld (@ID, Group)0×0019
Description/Title (Description)0×A
Description/Keyword (Description/Keyword)0×001
Reserved for TVAN/A (No data)0×00E-0×00EF
Private user informationN/A (No data)0×00F0-0×FE00
The W3C XPath expressionN/A (No data)0×FFFF

Based on the table above, you can enter two types of special keys of the index.

(1) the index Key is not contained in the fragment

Indexing by using a key field is not contained in the fragment, it is necessary to simplify the processing of the request PDR. In the table above fragment "ProgramInformation" is indexed with the name of an individual, with whom I'm in a movie "PersonName", which refers to CreditsInformation (credit) (it should be noted that "ProgramInformation" can be correlated with the fragment "PersonName", which refers to CreditsInformation through BasicDescription/CreditsList/PersonNameIDRef. In this case, "ProgramInformation" is indexed by (Surname, Name) in the movie "PersonName".

(2) the Synthesized index key

You can use the synthesized index key that is not present in this fragment. Synthesized key consists of a combination of the key fields are available in this fragment. For example, you need to provide an index for multicomponent key

<ServiceId, PublishedTime, EndTime>for a fragment "BroadcastEvent", in which the end of the "EndTime" key field no. In this case, "EndTime" can be synthesized by combining the announced time "PublishedTime" and the declared length "PublishedDuration".

To ensure the above-mentioned mandatory list indices must have the following structure. In the above XPath indexes key field or coding key field is required.

1. section list index (index_list)

Table 5
SyntaxThe number of bitsMnemonic scheme
Index_list() {
for (j=0; j<num_indexes; j++) {...
if(fragment_type=0xffff) {
if(key_identifier=0xffff) {...
for (k=0; k<num_fields; k++) {...

The fields of the struct index_list, mentioned above, is explained below.

index_descriptor_length: the length of each descriptor index

fragment_type: encodes value of type fragment

fragment_XPath_ptr: pointer XPath nakedyoung fragment

key_identifer: the coding index key

num_fields: the number of the key fields of unencrypted keys index

field_xpath_ptr: pointer XPath of each key field of unencrypted keys index

field_encoding: the encoding type of each field in the key of unencrypted keys index

index_container: the ID of the container that contains the index structure

index_identifier: the ID of the considered index structure

Described above partition the key index (key_index) and section sub-index with multiple fields (multi_filed_sub_index) can be the same as the normal section, or part of them can be changed according to the above list and the section of the list of indexes.

Industrial applicability

As indicated above, the structure of the data stream index multicomponent key according to the present invention provides a coded value that does not need to separately specify the XPath and the encoding method for each index key, which reduces the overhead signals at the receiving side. In addition, because the field is not related to an indexable fragment, can be set with the key, it is possible to create a field, user-centered

Although the alternative embodiment of the invention disclosed for illustrative purposes, specialists in the art will be understood various modifications, additions and substitutions init, performed within the scope and essence of the invention disclosed in the attached claims.

1. Signal, having a structure for transferring index encoded multipart key for positioning the composite index key metadata of the digital content to be transported on the basis of independent data unit that contains the partition of a list of key indexes (in-dex_list), which includes data of multicomponent key used to search the composite index key, and the data of multicomponent key encoded single code value.

2. Signal according to claim 1, in which an independent unit of data is a fragment.


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