Pumped-storage plant

FIELD: hydroenergetics, particularly water-power plants, namely pumped-storage plants, which generate power in on-peak period.

SUBSTANCE: pumped-storage station comprises upper and lower accumulation pools connected with each other by means of pressure waterway, hydroelectric generators and supplementary equipment. Upper accumulation pool is arranged in completed breakage heading of upper horizon adjoining shaft or in waste dump formed on ground surface during deposit development. Lower accumulation pool is located in completed breakage heading of lower horizon adjoining the shaft. Each accumulation pool located in completed breakage heading is made as breakage headings communicated with each other through cross headings passing through barrier pillars in upper and lower parts thereof. The breakage headings are separated from active mines with water-tight partitions and connected with atmosphere through inclined cross-headings extending from the shaft. Hydroelectric generators are installed in headings made at shaft bottom in lower horizon. Pressure waterway is arranged in shaft.

EFFECT: decreased costs for pumped-storage plant erection.

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The invention relates to the field of hydropower, namely the peak pumped storage power plants, which produce electricity during the hours increased its demand.

Pumped storage power station in the hours of surplus electricity in the power system consumes her, pumping water from the bottom basin to the top, and in the hours of high consumption of electricity is produced at the expense of the accumulated potential energy of the water.

Known hydroelectric power plant (the Use of water and energy. Textbook for high schools. Edited Dschemila. L.: Energy, 1976. - 656 C. Il.), containing the lower pool and upper pool above the terrain, penstock connecting the pools, and the pump-turbine operating in duplex mode.

The disadvantage pumped storage plant is that it can be arranged only in mountainous terrain, where there are significant elevation changes for the arrangement of the lower and upper basins.

Famous underground pumped storage power plant (patent RF №2080432, IPC E 02 In 9/00, publ. 27.05.1997, containing the engine room, made in the rock mass in the form of upper and lower chambers interconnected shafts. The generating units and auxiliary equipment is placed at the bottom is the size of the turbine hall, crane equipment is placed in the upper chamber of the turbine hall.

The disadvantage pumped storage plant is the need to create a special underground chambers and shafts in rock, which requires considerable material and labor costs for the extraction of rock from the array at a great depth, it is in mine workings and on the surface to a storage site.

The present invention is the development of a pumped storage plant, which allows use as storage pools mines left over from the development of mineral deposits, which significantly reduces labor and material costs.

To solve the problem in pumped storage plant, including upper and lower cumulative pools interconnected by means of a pressure conduit, hydraulic units and accessories, upper and lower pools are placed in adjacent to the mine shaft completed treatment workings of the upper and lower horizons, working out which made the maintenance of overlapping strata of rocks sustainable pillars, each pool is made in the form of communicating between a complete treatment of the workings, which are separated from the operating virobot is waterproof jumper units installed in an excavation of pit-yard lower horizon, and penstock installed in the shaft. Upper storage pool can also be located on the earth's surface. For its arrangement can be used flat piles of rocks created during the development of the field. Tailings dam and the bottom of the pool perform with waterproof screen.

The proposed solution is illustrated by the drawing, which shows a schematic diagram of pumped storage hydropower plants for orientations of the upper and lower chambers in the mines.

In the drawing:

1 - shaft;

2 - the existing mine workings;

3 - waterproof jumper;

4 - completed treatment production;

5 - breakthrough between workings;

6 - barrier pillar between workings;

7 - breakthrough for air movement;

8 - penstock;

9 - camera for generating units;

10 - units;

11 - breakthrough with the shaft barrel.

Pumped storage power station includes upper and lower pools, have completed treatment workings 4 respectively on the upper and lower horizons of the mine (mine), penstock 8 placed in the shaft 1 and the units 10, installed in a special chamber 9 unloading yard Completed treatment formulation 4 are isolated from existing mine workings 2 use a waterproof jumper 3 and connect Bonami 5 in the lower part and Bonami 7 (for air flow) in the upper part, which pass through the barrier pillars 6. Breakthrough 11 conduct inclined (away from the shaft 1) to communicate the atmosphere of the openings 4 with mine atmosphere (with trunk).

Pumped storage power plant will be equipped as follows. Within the field choose mine, which is working out a powerful ore deposits with the management of mountain pressure maintaining overlapping strata of rocks on sustainable pillars. To determine mine shaft, in the vicinity of which there is a sufficient volume of goaf completed treatment openings 4 on the upper and lower horizons, having the largest height difference. Completed treatment formulation 4 is examined and, if necessary, are carried out measures to ensure long-term sustainability, namely the strengthening of weakened mezhdurebernyh pillars (not shown), insulation, using shotcrete concrete or latex parts of the mine workings breeds prone to disintegration and other Completed treatment formulation 4 report Bonami 5, 7 between a and 11 with the barrel, making maximum use of existing generation, and isolated from the existing mine workings 2 waterproof jumper 3. Penstock hang freely Department of shaft 1 and is slid through the waterproof jumper 3 completed treatment formulation 4. Hydrogr the Ghats 10 mounted on the lower horizon in a special chamber 9, the flow of water to which is provided by gravity from space completed treatment workings 4.

Pumped storage power plant works as follows (the variant with the location of the upper pool in the workings of the upper horizon).

In the hours of excess in the region of electricity used for pumping water from the completed treatment openings 4 of the lower horizon hydro unit 10 through the pressure conduit 8 in the complete treatment of generation 4 of the upper horizon. In peak electricity consumption water is discharged through the conduit 8 in the complete treatment of generation 4 of the lower horizon, and 10 units produce electricity and to make up for its deficiency in the grid.

It is run pumped storage plant using as pools completed treatment workings, located in the vicinity of the shaft, and waste management mining a pressure maintaining overlapping strata of rocks on sustainable pillars, and isolated from the existing workings waterproof jumpers, and communicated with mine atmosphere sloping Bonami, as well as placing pressure conduit in the shaft and install the units in the workings of pit-yard lower horizon, the use of space to create a ve is knego pool, employed rock dumps, make it possible technical implementation of the proposed solution at the lowest cost.

Pumped storage power plant above structure can operate at existing mines, and after the termination of their operation if certain measures to ensure further drainage and ventilation shaft. The upper pool can be located on the earth's surface on the space taken up by dumps, but the location of the upper basin in mines in the harsh climate is preferable as it eliminates the need to work stations at sub-zero temperatures.

Pumped storage power plant, including upper and lower cumulative pools interconnected by means of a pressure conduit, units and auxiliary equipment, characterized in that the upper cumulative pool is located adjacent to the mine shaft complete cleaning formulation upper horizon or on the waste dump, formed on the surface of the field development, and lower cumulative pool is located adjacent to the mine shaft finished cleaning the development of the lower horizon, each placed in the completed treatment develop a cumulative pool is made in view of the inter-connected by Bonami, passing through the barrier pillars in their upper and lower parts, treatment of mine workings, which are separated from the existing workings waterproof jumpers and connected with the atmosphere inclined from the shaft by Bonami, with units installed in an excavation of pit-yard lower horizon, and penstock installed in the shaft.


Same patents:

FIELD: hydraulic structures, particularly for automatic cleaning of water exploited from opened water pools of rubbish and filamentous alga.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises cylindrical drum with perforated shell. The cylindrical drum is linked to inlet pipe of pump and is arranged in water intake chamber so that the drum may be rotated by drive. The device also has rubbish removal means made as spring-loaded cutter. The cutter has blade cooperating with the shell. The device also has rubbish removal means and perforated flushing pipeline. The cylindrical drum with perforated shell is partly submersed in water intake chamber and arranged on inlet pipe across water flow so that the drum may rotate around the inlet pipe by means of drive operated by control unit of the device. Perforated drum shell is provided with concave non-perforated surface, which defines rubbish removal tray installed along longitudinal axis of filter. Perforated flushing pipeline arranged in the drum has jet-forming flutes, which create flushing water cone from inner side of perforated shell in front of cutter, which is located on perforated shell part not submersed in water intake chamber. Perforated flushing pipeline is hydraulically communicated with pressure pipeline by means of hydraulic line arranged in inlet pipe. The hydraulic line passes into the inlet pipe on ground surface and projects from the inlet pipeline inside cylindrical drum chamber. Washing-out perforated pipeline with jet-forming flutes is arranged on outer side of cylindrical drum. The jet-forming flutes of the washing-out pipeline create flushing stream to wash away rubbish from rubbish removal tray. Flushing and washing-out pipelines are provided with pipeline operation control sensors. Flushing pipeline sensor is linked to water level sensor, which determines water level in water intake chamber and in cylindrical drum and operates cylindrical drum drive through control unit. Washing-out pipeline sensor is connected to position sensor of cylindrical drum through the control unit. The position sensor is made as magnetically operated sealed switch installed in inlet pipe and cooperating with magnet secured to rubbish removal tray end facing inlet pipe. The inlet pipe is provided with water intake bell. Time relay is included in magnetically operated sealed switch and control unit circuit.

EFFECT: increased efficiency and reduced costs of water cleaning.

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FIELD: hydraulic and hydraulic power building, particularly to erect water-retaining structure, for instance to erect small-scale emergency mobile hydraulic power plants, which use flow kinematic energy.

SUBSTANCE: method involves assembling flexible apron in water stream channel, wherein the flexible apron comprises flexible upstream apron and flexible downstream apron; fastening apron to water stream channel bed by anchors; connecting water-discharge means provided with hydroelectric generating set installed in water-discharge means to flexible downstream apron; securing water-retaining shell along with rope system fastened to anchor supports to water-discharge means, wherein water-retaining shell is attached to anchors by flexible stay system.

EFFECT: increased reliability of protection against emergency situations, reduced costs and labor inputs for structure erection.

2 dwg

FIELD: methods or layout of installations for water supply, particularly for plants, which generate thermal energy and electric power with the use of solid fuel, prevention of natural water resource contamination with suspended solids and hazardous chemical compositions.

SUBSTANCE: system comprises sewage tank, runoff ditch, filtering dam, reagent preparation and supply station, floccule forming device, floccule distribution device, which distributes floccules over runoff ditch width, water deposit structure, sorption filter and water cleaning complex, which cleans water in winter period. Complex includes ground and sorption chambers and underground pipeline. Above components are arranged in series downstream the filtering dam and arranged below seasonal ground freezing level. Water deposit structure comprises primary and fine cleaning ground chambers. Bases of filtering dam, ground and sorption chambers and underground pipeline are on one level. Floccule forming device is made as multistage zigzag gutter.

EFFECT: increased operational efficiency and ecological safety, possibility to use ecologically clear natural materials for system construction.

2 dwg

FIELD: hydraulic building, particularly structures adapted to prevent fish passage in water intake structures and included in water intake structures.

SUBSTANCE: method involves installing louvers at different angles to supply channel flow as vertical young fish descent dynamics changes to regulate water flow to be taken. Maximal hydraulic flow resistance of supply channel is formed in flow sections of maximal young fish concentration by installing louvers at maximal angle to supply channel flow. Minimal hydraulic resistance is formed in flow sections of minimal young fish concentration by installing louvers at minimal angle to supply flow.

EFFECT: increased fish protection, improved water intake regime control with taking into consideration of biological features of object to be protected.

8 cl, 32 dwg

FIELD: hydraulic structure building and repair, particularly to construct and repair power tunnels of hydroelectric plant.

SUBSTANCE: method involves forming concrete tunnel lining; consolidating ground around concrete liner by injecting grouting mortar in rock and forming damping layer between concrete lining and grouted ground. Damping layer forming between concrete lining and ground is created after tunnel filling with water under working pressure and after concrete lining curing under water pressure for 1.5-2 years. After that water is discharged and gaps between concrete lining and grouted ground are detected. Damping layer is created by plugging space beyond the lining by injecting resilient grouting mortar in spaces between outer lining surface and ground massif. The resilient grouting mortar has modulus of elasticity equal to intermediate value between that of concrete lining material El and that of ground massif Eg.

EFFECT: increased tunnel service reliability due to reduced loads applied to lining.

FIELD: hydraulic building, particularly devices adapted to protect young fish from entering into water intake structures.

SUBSTANCE: fish protective device comprises spherical hollow screen with through orifices installed at inlet end of water intake pipe, fish deterrent means made as pipes with orifices radially secured to the screen by the first ends and communicated with distribution chamber and with working medium source. The pipes are arranged in space between through orifices. The distribution chamber is spherical and coaxially located inside the screen. Balls having diameters exceeding inner diameter of supply pipeline of distribution chamber and pipes are located in the distribution chamber. Supply pipeline is connected to pump. Outlet pipe orifices are created at pipe ends facing water current. Hydraulic jet flowing from outlet orifice of supply pipeline cooperates with balls to move the balls inside distribution chamber in random way so that the balls impinge upon distribution chamber body and create acoustic effect in wide audio range to deter young fish. Due to ball movement balls temporary close inlet pipe orifices, so that impulse hydraulic jets are formed. The jets create hydrodynamic field in front of the screen, which applies intensive action to young fish to deter the fish and bring the fish outside water intake structure influence area.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of young fish deterrence.

12 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: hydraulic building, particularly fish protective devices adapted to protect young fish against entrance in water-intake structure.

SUBSTANCE: fish protective device comprises perforated suction pipe with conical member connected thereto. Conical member has filtering surface made as concave gutters communicated along cone generators and widening towards conical member base. Conical member apex faces water flow and is connected to suction line of the pump. Conical member base faces water flow and is made as polyhedral pyramid having side faces made as gutters concave towards longitudinal device axis. Gutter surfaces are made of water-tight material.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of fish protection.

12 cl, 22 dwg

FIELD: hydraulic structures, particularly devices to prevent young fish passage into water intake structures.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises fish protection barrier, which closes inlet throat of water intake structure. The fish protection barrier is made of rods installed in one transversal cross-section so that the barrier may be rotated by means of drive with uniform angular velocity about barrier axes. Device also has means to create filtering screen made as cylindrical members fixedly secured along the full rod heights. Cylindrical members are made as discs spaced equal distances one from another so that water-receiving slots are created in-between. Discs of even-numbered cylindrical member are offset relative discs of odd-numbered cylindrical member for distance equal to half of distance between the discs. Peripheral parts of discs of even-numbered and odd-numbered cylindrical members are installed in water-receiving slots. In accordance with the first embodiment the rods are vertical and cylindrical member edges extend outwards cross-section of inlet water intake channel part towards waterway. In accordance with the second embodiment axes of rod rotation are horizontal and offset towards water intake channel so that several stages are created. Fish and rubbish removal tray communicated with fish pass is located in upper part of fish protective barrier.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of young fish guiding out of zone of water intake structure influence.

10 cl, 14 dwg

FIELD: hydraulic engineering, particularly water conveyance structures of hydroelectric power plants and hydroelectric pumped storage power plants.

SUBSTANCE: water conveyance structure comprises composite reinforced concrete pipeline located at prepared base and provided with enclosing structure with covering forming cavity above prepared base. Pipeline is located inside the cavity. The water conveyance structure is provided with air heating means to heat air inside the cavity in cold period up to temperature exceeding 0°C. In the case of composite reinforced concrete pipelines usage the pipelines are located one near another and the enclosing structure covering defines cavity for all pipelines receiving. The covering may be at least partly formed of translucent material.

EFFECT: increased control reliability and structure life, reduced maintenance costs.

4 cl, 2 ex, 4 dwg

FIELD: hydraulic building, particularly to erect hydraulic structures and to built, reconstruct and repair pressure pipelines subjected to atmospheric actions.

SUBSTANCE: water pipeline comprises metal facing and reinforced concrete shell. Outer reinforced concrete shell surface is provided with roofing cover made of corrosion-resistant sheet material. Vent channels are formed between roofing cover and reinforced concrete shell. The vent channels may be provided with air intake devices having gates provided with automatic or manual drives. Removable inventory air dryers and air heaters may be arranged in vent channels.

EFFECT: increased service life and increased resistance of reinforced concrete shell subjected to repeatedly freezing and thawing due to provision of dry concrete condition during pipeline operation.

5 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: hydraulic structures, particularly fish passes in water-intake structures.

SUBSTANCE: method involves supplying water stream free of young fish in waterway; forming hydraulic screen near water-intake influence area to separate above area from main stream of water-intake structure; forming whirlpool area near water-intake shore edge. Water stream is formed upstream water-intake structure. Water for users is taken from whirlpool area formed by inner water spray boundary and shore edge. Facility includes water-intake structure arranged at shore line, water-intake pipes connected with pump, stream former and means for water stream creation in waterway. Means for water stream creation is made as channel operating in non-pressure regime and having outlet part arranged upstream water inlet. Marks formed on channel bottom and waterway bottom coincide one with another. Stream former is located downstream water intake and directed in downstream direction.

EFFECT: creating of hydraulic conditions to protect young fish from ingress in water-intake structure.

14 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: hydraulic engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydraulic works designed for preventing getting of young fish into diversion facilities. Proposed device contains fish retaining shield made in form of hollow guides arranged in tiers across water channels in depth with displacement of each upper tier towards diversion channel. It contains also perforated air duct located on bottom of water channel directly before said shield and train-and-fish trough arranged in upper part of channel in parallel with air duct and connected with outlet and device to let out young fish arranged in height of fish retaining shield. Guides of U-shaped are installed at angle to current of intake channel, their planes are perforated and open end part is pointed to bottom of water channel. Young fish let out device is made in form of perforated shields installed side guides for vertical displacement by drive in height of fish retaining shield relative to additional guides made from side of bank edges of intake channel. Perforation holes of shields and u-shaped guides do not coincide in light.

EFFECT: possibility of retaining and bringing young fish out of limits of influence of diversion facility.

8 dwg

FIELD: hydraulic engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydraulic works designed to protect young fish from getting into diversion facilities. Proposed device contains fish retaining shield installed in channel and made in form of perforated pipelines arranged in horizontal tiers along entire depth of channel and connected with source of working medium, perforated air duct placed on bottom of channel directly before shield and trash-and-fish trough arranged in upper part of shield parallel to perforated pipeline and air duct which is connected with fish outlet. Perforated pipelines are furnished with ejectors and fish gathering troughs. Ejectors are connected with pressure line of pump and are placed inside perforated pipelines and in communication with fish gathering troughs through perforation holes made in horizontal plane along both sides of pipelines, fish gathering troughs being rigidly fastened opposite to perforation holes. Inner space of fish gathering troughs is provided with longitudinal horizontal partitions dividing the troughs into separate fish intake parts. Surfaces of fish gathering troughs pointed to surface and to bottom of water channel are made perforated. Cross partitions found inside separate fish intake parts form fish intake channels. Initial part of fish outlet is made with fish intake pocket over entire depth of water channel. End face parts of perforated pipelines pointed to side of fish outlet communicate with inner space of pocket.

EFFECT: provision of retaining and removing of young fish over entire depth of water channel.

3 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: hydraulic engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to hydraulic works designed to protect young fish from getting into diversion facilities. Proposed device contains fish retaining shield installed in water channel in tiers in depth of water channel with displacement of each higher tier to side of water intake channel, perforated air duct made in form of guides installed across water channel before shield on bottom of water channel, and trash-and-fish trough connected with fish outlet and arranged in upper part of shield parallel to air duct. Guides are made in form of flat plates rigidly installed at angle to flow in intake channel. Each plate is provided with horizontal axle in its upper part on which additional plate is secured from side of water intake channel for turning. Lower end face end of additional plate is provided with radial baffle whose surface has perforation holes. End face part of additional plates is provided with sector stopper from side of fish outlet, horizontal axles of plates being connected with drive. Additional plates can be perforated.

EFFECT: provision of retaining and bringing young fish out of the limits of influence of diversion facility.

3 cl, 12 dwg

FIELD: hydraulic engineering; fish protective facilities.

SUBSTANCE: invention is designed to draw off young fish from zone of influence of water diversion front. Method comes to ejecting young fish into intake part of ejecting plant from section of pond with higher concentration of young fish, creating active ejecting working stream in mixing chamber by entraining volume of water containing young fish into stream created by central ejecting hydraulic jet and further conveyance of water-fish mixture along pressure conduit into fish outlet. At the last stage of conveyance young fish is transported into fish outlet under no pressure conditions by forming hydraulic jet angle to trough of fish outlet, young fish being dropped on surface of fish outlet stream. Invention provides effective conditions for drawing off young fish into fish outlet and reduces damage to young fish. If working ejecting stream is preliminarily saturated with atmospheric air, its outer borders are saturated with air in form of finest microbubbles which form boundary layer ("air cushion") at contact with which young fish do not suffer from discomfort and easily take up hydrodynamic pressure built in mixing chamber. Moreover, provision of boundary layer saturated with microbubbles of air makes it possible to considerably reduce value of friction coupling of two streams, main getting from working nozzle and ejecting, containing young fish.

EFFECT: provision of good conditions for letting out young fish into fish outlet, reduced damage of young fish.

7 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: hydraulic engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices protecting young fish and preventing their getting into diversion facility. Proposed fish protective facility includes filtering water-separating dam made in form of vertical water-separating wall arranged along water intake channel and separating inlet part of channel from water conduit, device for preliminary drawing off young fish made in form of vertical rod installed for rotation by drive arranged before water-separating wall from its end face part pointed opposite to water flow. Rod is displaced relative to water-separating wall towards water intake channel. Device for preliminary drawing off young fish is furnished with additional means to increase fish draw-off effect, said means being made in from of flat round disks rigidly secured in height of rod coaxially with rod. Disks are installed parallel to each other forming slot water intake channels. End face part of water-separating wall adjoining the rod is provided with slots located opposite to planes of arrangement of disks. Disks are installed for free passing relative to slots. Invention provides higher efficiency of drawing off young fish out limits of zone of influence of diversion facility owing to provision of disks considerably increasing area of contact with surrounding medium and creating powerful circulation flow providing diversion of young fish and trash entrained by water behind outer surface of dam.

EFFECT: provision of effective conditions for drawing off young fish out of limits of zone of influence of diversion facility.

15 cl, 16 dwg

FIELD: hydraulic engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to fish protective facilities used in diversion facilities. Proposed fish protective facility includes vertical gauze shield installed in inlet part of water intake channel at angle to its longitudinal axis, fish outlet arranged in place of mating of shield with side of channel, and device for creating whirlpool current for washing the shield containing jet guide member and made in form of chambers adjoining outer surface of shield and forming water intake holes over entire depth of water intake channel. Chambers are made cylindrical being formed by surface of shield and jet guide member and are placed in communication through water intake holes formed by edges of shield of adjacent chambers and edges of jet guide members at place of their butt joining. Each chamber is provided with independent fish outlet made in form of vertical perforated pipe arranged coaxially to chamber and communicating by independent fish duct with fish outlet. Inlet part of water intake channel is made with tangential inlet, edge of left side of channel, shield and tangential inlet are arranged in one plane.

EFFECT: improved efficiency of washing of gauze shield and drawing off young fish and trash.

24 cl, 18 dwg

FIELD: hydraulic and hydropower engineering, particularly for building water-retaining structures to provide power supply to small settlements and farms.

SUBSTANCE: method involves assembling flexible apron assembly consisted of flexible floor apron and flexible downstream apron in watercourse; securing thereof to watercourse bottom by anchors. Water outlet assembly including hydroelectric generator arranged inside it is secured to floor apron and downstream apron by rigid ties. Connected to water outlet assembly by ties are water retaining shell and rope system secured to anchor poles located on watercourse bank.

EFFECT: reduced time of structure assembling and costs for electric power generation.

2 dwg

FIELD: hydraulic structures, particularly fish-passing devices included in water intake structures.

SUBSTANCE: method is based on young fish's tendency to follow moving objects. Method involves forming water permeable screen including flexible elastic members and extending for the full stream depth; providing means for flexible members displacement and installation in working position; providing preliminary young fish concentration in previously created artificial water-plants and transferring young fish into fish-passing channel. Water permeable screen is formed of flexible elastic members on level of stream carrying young fish with maximal concentration. Screen is created in horizontal plane, wherein flexible elastic members are reciprocated from one bank to another along with directing young fish concentrated inside screen in fish-passing channel. Flexible elastic members imitate natural water flora, which is native fish habitat.

EFFECT: provision of controllable water intake during change in vertical young fish descent dynamics.

27 cl, 21 dwg

FIELD: hydraulic engineering.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to device designed to prevent young fish from getting into diversion facilities. Proposed fish protective device includes suction branch pipe lowered under water level, water permeable shield, device to bring young fish off made in from of hydraulic wash-away device with slot arranged coaxially with suction branch pipe out of the limits of suction hole, feed pipeline connected with pressure line of pump and made inside suction branch pipe coaxially with the latter, and ring conical partition made coaxially to suction branch pipe and rigidly secured on outer surface of suction branch pipe. Hydraulic wash-away device is formed by two cup-like deflectors with concave side pointed to suction hole and installed one over the other to form ring slot directed along water permeable shield. Lower deflector is provided with central outlet hole whose diameter is smaller than diameter of jet forming nozzle arranged coaxially to hydraulic wash-away device and rigidly connected with end part of feed pipeline. Ring conical partition is installed with its larger base to side of suction branch pipe, its smaller base being arranged in plane of suction hole.

EFFECT: simplified design of fish [protective device, provision of effective bringing young fish of limits of influence of suction branch pipe.

7 cl, 8 dwg