Backfill fibrosolution

FIELD: mining industry.

SUBSTANCE: backfill fibrosolution consists of concrete, argil, fibers and water, as fibers solution contains synthetic filaments with diameter 0,1-0,15 mm and length 10-20 mm in amount of 10-20 kg for 1m3 of argil-cement mixture, subjected to electrification with induction of static electric charge.

EFFECT: possible backfill of extensive fractured systems with active influx of water, increased hardness of backfill material, decreased material costs of reinforcement of fractured rocks, removal of water influxes in mines.

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The invention relates to mining and can be used to enhance the breed systems with large volume voidness during the construction workings and surface structures.

Goal - the creation of solid waste systems in conditions of significant large voidness, including water-filled.

In drilled in the rock borehole pump fibrogenetic solution layers, for which the solution is fed cyclically. It is applied with cement mortar consisting of mud, cement and reagent-amendment - liquid glass. During injection of such systems to create the process of structure formation is necessary in cases of considerable size crack to add a filler (sawdust, sunflower husk, crumb rubber, polymer granules) to ensure blockage of cracks (see "Integrated method to plug in the construction of mines" Ayacko,... etc. M.: Nedra, 1984, p.94-97).

However, used fillers in the recommended proportions did not provide qualitative closing of cracks and increase their percentage would seriously worsen the physical-mechanical properties of the cement slurry. While the fillers make it difficult plugging tocotrienol systems.

Known "Method of flooded backfill of voids and large inclined is resin". As. E 21 D 11/38 SU 1350359 A1, providing the possibility of filling the water-filled cracks and voids clinicamente solution due to the cyclical nature of the discharge. The filling capacity is provided by the structured layers of solution when the pressure of the discharge and reduce the speed of the solution (to zero).

When you stop the movement clinicamente solution of liquid glass reacts with cement and clay particles, forming a colloidal system with the growth of the particles (due to forces of electrolytic interaction) with the displacement of water, which increases the physical-mechanical properties of the material layer. The process of coagulation and create a high strength is ensured in the absence of mechanical forces mixing (stop motion) and a high degree of ionization.

The presence of significant water flow in fractured rock systems makes it difficult full stop movement of the solution and the ousting of its water composition for improving the mechanical strength of the material.

The closest analogue of the invention is a tampon vibromaster, including cement, clay, fibre and water (EN 2008396, publ. 28.02.1994).

The aim of the invention is the possibility of plugging of large fractured systems with active flow of water, increasing the strength of the plugging material, the reduction of material the costs for the consolidation of fractured rocks.

This objective is achieved in that the tamping vibromaster, including cement, clay, fibre and water, as fibres synthetic fiber diameter of 0.1-0.15 mm and a length of 10-20 mm in the amount of 10-20 kg per 1 m3clinicamente mixture subjected to electrification with over static electric charge.

To ensure speed and quality of structuring a mixture of fibers have a static electric charge. Over charge is made in advance, which prevents the fusion of the fibers and provides a uniform placing them in solution.

The application of the proposed structure is as follows.

Example 1. Prepare cement-clay slurry, which contains cement - 80 kg, clay 300 kg, water - 1500 HP Before being pumped into the well at it add fiber, previously subjected to electrification in the amount of 10 kg at 1 m3clay-cement mixture. Thus prepared cement fibroaction fill voids and cracks in mines and plants. Electricavenue fibers provide rapid coagulation with the loss of 60% of the speed of rupture and having higher mechanical properties, increase the strength of the backfill material, playing the role of reinforcement. Testing samples of the specified fibrestore showed the following results:

The structure of the business viscosity 0,051 PA, dynamic shear stress 208 PA, plastic strength after 1 hour after stabilization 44 PA, the modulus of deformation within 12 hours after stabilization of 97 MPa

Example 2. Prepare cement-clay slurry, which contains cement 100 kg, clay 400 kg, water - 1500 HP Before being pumped into the well at it add fiber, previously subjected to electrification in the amount of 20 kg per 1 m3clay-cement mixture. Thus prepared cement fibroaction fill voids and cracks in mines and plants. Testing samples of the specified fibrestore showed the following results:

The structural viscosity of 0.08 PA, dynamic shear stress 488 PA, plastic strength after 1 hour after stabilization 122 PA, the modulus of deformation within 12 hours after stabilization 565 MPa. Samples of fiber-reinforced concrete, which use fiber without electrification, significantly inferior to the above properties of the samples according to the invention.

The tamping vibromaster, including cement, clay, fibre and water, characterized in that as the fibre it contains synthetic fiber diameter of 0.1-0.15 mm and a length of 10-20 mm in the amount of 10-20 kg per 1 m3clinicamente mixture subjected to electrification with over static electric charge.


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FIELD: construction.

SUBSTANCE: water-proofing sheet comprises three layers. The first layer provides mechanical strength of the sheet and is made of elastometer polyethylene of high strength and flexibility. The second layer is intermediate one, represents the connection between the first and second layers, and is made of foam plastic with closed pores. The third layer is made of a impermeable plastic material which possesses high resistance to breaking. The tensile strength, breaking elongation, and thickness of the sheet range from 24 MPa to 39 Mpa, from 550% to 900%, and 3 mm to 50 mm, respectively.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability.

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FIELD: mining industry, particularly elimination of emergency situations.

SUBSTANCE: method involves closing borehole cross-section with extendable means; arranging predetermined volume of non-combustible material above the means, wherein the volume is determined from a given relation; discharging all non-combustible material in the borehole at a time and further distributing portions of non-combustible material having volumes of not less than volume of incoming water. Non-combustible material includes clay and pourable components which are laid in layers above the means, wherein clay volume is equal to pore volume of pourable component.

EFFECT: increased reliability of borehole sealing and water burst liquidation.

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FIELD: mining industry, particularly to protect mine workings against underground water ingress.

SUBSTANCE: method involves drilling injection wells along pit shaft perimeter; widening cracks by supplying high-pressure water and injecting grouting mortar in the cracks; additionally boring vertical preparation well in pit shaft center. Cracks are widened by feeding water and then air or only water in vertical preparation well. Water and air are supplied under pressure lesser than pressure of hydraulic rock fracturing. Grouting mortar is injected in cracks by forcing thereof through injection wells immediately after finishing of feeding water or air in vertical preparation well. Cryogenic gel is used as the grouting mortar. Cryogenic gel is foamed before injecting thereof in wells and foamed cryogenic gel is forced into cracks beyond the pit shaft perimeter by supplying compressed air in vertical preparation well. After leaving pit shaft as it is for grouting mortar setting time wells are sunk for the next grouting step depth and above operations are repeated up to reaching the lower boundary of pit shaft interval, wherein injection is performed under pressure exceeding that on previous step.

EFFECT: reduced labor inputs and material consumption along with increased efficiency of water suppression.

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The invention relates to mining and can be used when attaching and maintaining the mine shaft

FIELD: hydraulic structure building, particularly to recover water-tightness of hydraulic structure composed of low-temperature ground and rock, especially in permafrost areas, to repair watertight diaphragm of ground dam built in permafrost area.

SUBSTANCE: composition contains polyvinyl alcohol taken in amount of 3-10% by weight, boric acid taken in amount of 0.2-1.0% by weight, remainder is water.

EFFECT: increased efficiency and structural stability of the composition during freezing and thawing thereof.

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FIELD: building material production in hydraulic and industrial building, particularly to erect bases for weirs, dams, as well as motor road beds and so on.

SUBSTANCE: composition comprises dewatered sandy deposits obtained during aluminous material production. The deposits include ferric oxide in amount of 30-75% by weight, aluminum oxide in amount of 10-40% by weight, silicon oxide in amount of 0.5 % by weight, titanium oxide, sodium oxide, phosphorus oxide and bound water in amount of 1-20% by weight. The deposits contain not less than 80% of particles having sizes exceeding 0.1 mm.

EFFECT: possibility of waste utilization and reduced costs of structure erection.

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FIELD: road building, particularly to form motor road and railroad bed, all-purpose areas and garden walks.

SUBSTANCE: ground consolidation composition comprises gypsum, cement, lime and mineral additive, namely smoke black. Blast-furnace slag and basalt fibers are additionally added to the composition. Gypsum is taken in amount of 35-42% by weight, cement - 9-14% by weight, blast-furnace slag - 9-14% by weight, basalt fiber - 0.1-1.0% by weight and smoke black - 17-22% by weight. Method of composition usage for road building is also disclosed.

EFFECT: increased strength and water resistance, frost resistance, possibility to perform all road building and repair operations with the use of above composition, reduced road building and repair costs and improved road paving quality.

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FIELD: building, particularly collapsible ground wetting for building base consolidation.

SUBSTANCE: method involves forming pit; creating water-tight screen and filling pit with water. Water-tight screen is formed by driving injectors in ground along building site contour and supplying high-pressure water and then water-cement or sand-cement grout by injectors. To fill pit with water water-supply injectors are driven in ground so that the water-supply injectors are uniformly distributed over zone defined by water-tight screen. High-pressure water is injected through the injectors after grout hardening.

EFFECT: reduced time of ground wetting.

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FIELD: building, particularly soft ground consolidation.

SUBSTANCE: method involves forcing injector in ground; supplying consolidating penetrative mortar in ground under pressure, which provides ground structure disintegration in soft grounds to create compacted area; repeatedly forcing injector in ground to form consolidation zones adjoining previous one to consolidate water-logged ground. The mortar comprises filler having density less than water density. Filter to remove water from area to be compacted is forced in ground before mortar injection.

EFFECT: extended field of method implementation along with increased operational reliability and efficiency.

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FIELD: improving or preserving soil or rock, particularly to reinforce railroad ground bed base.

SUBSTANCE: method involves forming drainage holes and removing accumulated water from railroad bed via the drainage holes; deepening injectors in ground from railroad bed side opposite to drainage holes or between them; forcedly water removing from railroad bed voids via drainage wells by directly injecting hardening mortar towards drainage wells through injectors.

EFFECT: increased efficiency of water removal from railroad bed and consolidation thereof.

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FIELD: building, particularly pile foundations including floating piles.

SUBSTANCE: method involves injecting hardening mortar via injectors driven in ground in area between the piles and at pile ends for depth exceeding 1-2.5 m, wherein the injectors are spaced 1.5-2.0 meters apart. The hardening mortar pressure gradually increases. The hardening mortar is injected up to creation of hydraulic fracture cavities having 1.5-2.0 m radii around each injector. Then the injection operation is preformed under constant pressure of 2-10 atm to consolidate and reinforce ground, compress the piles to multiply load-bearing capacity thereof by 1.5-2 times.

EFFECT: increased load-bearing pile capacity due to increased side friction and head resistance.

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FIELD: building, particularly to consolidate frozen ground in thawed zone under building foundation.

SUBSTANCE: method involves driving injector in ground; injecting consolidation penetrative mix under pressure, which provides ground structure in weakened ground zones and ground compaction along compacted zone perimeter; following injector driving to create compacted zones adjacent above zones. The consolidation penetrative mix is cooled salt solution comprising filler of material having lesser heat conductivity in comparison with ground to be compacted.

EFFECT: extended field of method application, increased reliability and efficiency.

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FIELD: building, particularly to prevent slope ground sliding during industrial territory development.

SUBSTANCE: method involves driving injectors into sliding ground along profiles spaced apart 1.0-2.5 m, wherein the injectors are spaced apart 1.0-2.5 m and directed transversely to sliding ground edge and are submersed for depth 0.5-1.5 m below ground sliding plane; injecting consolidating mixture under increasing pressure to create hydraulic fracturing cavities; injecting consolidating mixture under constant pressure, which 1.1-1.3 times larger than ground pressure to create compacted zones having radii of 1.5-2.5 m around the injectors so that the compacted zones are overlapped or touch each other. During injector driving in ground having coarse cut rock pieces small-diameter pilot well is drilled. The pilot well diameter may be equal to 60 mm. The injector is installed in the well and forced in ground for necessary depth. After injection operation termination injector heads are sheared and plugged.

EFFECT: increased ground physical and mechanical properties for all sliding ground thickness and increased ground stability.

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Injector // 2273696

FIELD: mining and building, particularly for rock strengthening and building structure reinforcement, namely for hardening liquid introduction.

SUBSTANCE: injector comprises supply pipeline provided with outer threads at inlet and outlet ends. The pipeline also has expandable hose and integrated check valve with longitudinal channels. The valve is closable in direction towards inlet pipeline end. The hose encloses the pipeline in air-tight manner by end parts thereof so that elongated annular space is created in-between. Transversal channels are created from one side of annular space in pipeline wall. Channel heads are closed in annular space with elastic sealing rings retained by neighboring fixing rings from both sides. Breakable disc and threaded bush with inner radial bridge are installed from end side of outlet supply pipeline end. The breakable disc is secured by means of pressure ring with cutting inner edge. The check valve comprises ball pressed against longitudinal channel head in supply pipeline, pressure spring and support ring. End of ring brought into contact with breakable disc is provided with transversal slot. Inner diameter of pressure ring is greater than inner diameter of support ring but is less than inner diameter of radial bridge in threaded bush.

EFFECT: improved injector adaptability to in-situ conditions.

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FIELD: technology for increasing recovery of hydrocarbons from foliate geological formations, which contain absorbed condensed gaseous hydrocarbons, by processing such geological formations with dehydrating compositions, containing surfactants, which cause dampening of geological formation with oil or leave aforementioned formations dampened with oil.

SUBSTANCE: methods may be used for excitation of influx of fluid substance from geological formation into well, or hydro-acid fracture, or hydraulic fracture, during maintenance or major repairs and when increasing influx from natural cracks or from geological formations never subjected to influx stimulation.

EFFECT: increased water removal efficiency, minimization of migration of low dispersion particles, increased extraction of hydrocarbons from underground formations, containing absorbed and compressed gaseous hydrocarbons.

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