Device for electrotherapy

FIELD: medical equipment, applicable for treatment of various inflammatory diseases.

SUBSTANCE: the device has a noise current generator, catheter, series-connected personal computer, control unit and a filter unit, whose input is connected to the output of the noise current generator, the output is connected to the catheter, and the personal computer is provided with a dialogue software of experiment planning.

EFFECT: provided approximation of the frequency spectrum of the current acting on the man organs and tissues to the therapeutically optimal value by determination of the optimal combination of the tuning frequencies and the quantity of filters by the methods of mathematical planning of experiment with employment of a personal computer.

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The invention relates to medical equipment and can be used to treat various types of inflammatory diseases.

Known electrotherapeutic apparatus [1], containing two channels of electrical effects of low-frequency pulse current to the organs and tissues of human rights. The drawback of the device is the limited therapeutic effect due to the non-optimal therapeutic frequency of the impinging current.

A device for laser therapy [2], comprising a generator of low-frequency noise, low pass filter, the periodic signal generator, a laser emitter and providing the elements. The disadvantage of this device is the limited therapeutic effect due to the non-optimal therapeutic frequency of the impinging radiation.

The closest in technical essence is a device that implements the method of electrotherapy [3], containing low-frequency noise current generator and catheters (in two versions). The disadvantage of this device is the limited therapeutic effect due to the non-optimal therapeutic frequency of the impinging current.

The objective of the invention is an approximation of the frequency of the current, affecting the organs and tissues of man, to therapeutic value of optimality.

The solution is achieved by the device is istwo for electrotherapy containing the noise current generator and a catheter inserted sequentially connected personal computer, a control unit and a filter unit, an input connected to the generator output noise current, the output is connected to the catheter, and a personal computer equipped with a dialog scheduling software experiment.

The technical result consists in providing the possibility of approximation of the frequency spectrum of the current acting on the organs and tissues of the human, a therapeutically optimal value by determining the optimal combination of frequency settings and the number of filters methods of mathematical planning of the experiment using a personal computer.

The drawing shows a structural diagram of a device for electrotherapy.

The device comprises a generator 1 noise current, block 2 filters, catheter 3, the personal computer 4 and unit 5 of the control.

The device operates as follows. Through the controls of the generator 1 noise current, computer keyboard 4 (not shown) and the control unit 5 sets the initial parameters of the output impact, as well as the number and frequency filter settings block 2 filters, and include the current which flows through the block 2 filters and the catheter 3 biological object and conduct of the 1st session of electrotherapy. Before beginning the scrap of the 2nd (or N-th) session determined by medical methods, the results of therapeutic effects of the 1 (or N-1-th) session for example, on a two-tier system of "positive" or "negative", which is introduced into the computer via the dialog interface of the program planning of the experiment (in the form of values taken in the program, such as +1 and -1). Upon completion of the program receive guidance programs about the recommended quantity and filters settings for 2-th (N-th) session therapy, which commands received via the control unit 5 in block 2 filters, the output of which is formed a current with the required frequency range. At a subsequent session recommendations are being repeated. This means that for a given patient and organ found the optimal number and configuration of filter unit 2 filters corresponding therapeutically optimal frequency spectrum of the current impact in this disease.

The device may be made of standard modules and on the available hardware components. Constructive execution of the blocks may overlap or include the construction of the same functional purpose of the prototype and its analogues. For example, the construction of the unit 1 may coincide with the design of the subsystem blocks 1, 2 prototype, the design of the unit 3 may coincide with construction of units 3 or 8 and 11 of the prototype. Unit 4 General purpose application dialog scheduling software the experience is of amenta, for example, package STATISTICA or STATGRAPHICS. Unit 5 managing stand-alone or built into the computer, such as a module DAQPad-1200, up to 8 channels, with service software Lab VIEW [4, 5]. Unit 2 filters - set, for example, of the eight band-pass filters, switchable between input and output unit 2 by means of electronic switches controlled by the module DAQPad-1200, and with all the filters frequency response of the unit 2 may coincide with the frequency response of the amplifier 2 prototype. The execution units is determined by their functional purpose and known or obvious from the prior art used in the time and frequency ranges.

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Device for electrotherapy, containing the generator noise current and the catheter, characterized in that it introduced sequentially connected per the national computer the control unit and the filter unit, the inlet of which is connected to the generator output noise current, the output is connected to the catheter, and a personal computer equipped with a dialog scheduling software experiment.


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EFFECT: enhanced effectiveness in relaxing long dorsal muscles and reducing pain syndrome manifestations.

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: method involves treating cervical sympathetic ganglia of a patient with spatially distributed electric current pulses field which spatial density assumes maximum in ganglia projections. Current vector position is continuously varied with frequency in bandwidth of 5-15 Hz, duration of 150-300 mcs and amplitude of 5-8 mA. Procedure duration is 15 min. The treatment is applied for 5 min on one neck side and after 5 min long pause the treatment is applied for 5 min on the other neck side. The total treatment course is 5 procedures long.

EFFECT: enhanced effectiveness in reducing arterial blood pressure; accelerated treatment course.

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: method involves prescribing drinking radon-containing mineral water distinguished by radon activity of 185-370 kBq/l in the amount of 100 ml 3 times a day. Then, radon baths are given where radon activity is of 0.75-2.25 kBq/l, temperature is 36-37°C, procedure duration is 10-15 min. Then, vacuum depression of 4-9 atm with succession frequency of 15-25 pulses per 1 min and alternating sinusoid current of 100-200 Hz, current intensity of 20-40 mA and duration of 12-15 min is applied to kidney region and injured ureter segment region in everyday mode with 10-12 procedures long treatment course.

EFFECT: increased stimulated action to functional renal pacemaker and neuromuscular apparatus; higher percent of stone excretion.

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SUBSTANCE: method involves applying gel Pantonic over mucous membrane of nasal passages and over superior cervical sympathetic nodes. Each of four fields is sequentially exposed to ultrasonic frequency current action. Action power is 1-2 kV. Action time is equal to 3-4 min.

EFFECT: improved optic nerves excitability and conductivity.

FIELD: medical equipment.

SUBSTANCE: according to the first version the electrotherapeutic device has sections of power supply, pulse generation sections, bipolar output sections and alarm function operation time control section. Power supply sections intend for generation of high voltage signals with preset generation frequency, which signals come to bipolar output sections after pulse generation frequency are adjusted. Pulse generation sections intend for application of preset direct current to other sections of device after alternative current voltage is rectified by means of bridge. Bipolar output sections are made for choose of poles due to operation of switch after signals are amplified, which signals come from outputs of pulse generation sections. Power supply section and pulse generation section are provided for any pole. Any output terminal of bipolar output sections is provided with resistor and triangular pulse generator to exclude short circuiting. According to the second version, electrotherapeutic device has power supply for full-wave rectification ac circuit voltage and for application of preset direct current to other sections of device, central processor for controlling operations of device, indication section for representation of operations to be performed, control unit for introduction of control signals, buzzer section for generation of sonic signal of buzzer at moments of beginning and finishing of operation of device and at moment of introduction of control signals, output regulating section intended for adjusting signals, and output sections which has cascades. Pulse generation section serves for application of signals with specified generation frequency to output section after pulse generation frequency is adjusted. Output signal is provided with separate transformer and independent rectifying section for any corresponding cascade to get unipolar output signals. Device has sets, any of which set has pulse generation section and output section, which are connected in parallel to perform simultaneous selection of multiplicity of poles.

EFFECT: ability of elimination of short circuit; reduced time for treatment; improved efficiency of procedure.

5 cl, 5 dwg

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: method involves talking to patient and parents for setting diagnosis. Detoxication, prohibitory and rehabilitative therapy is carried out in hospital. Basic therapy is administered with Clophellinum, Hemineurine, Tizercine, Galoperidol, Loperamide before beginning detoxication. Ultra-rapid opioid detoxication is carried out and vitamin and cardioprotector therapy is applied for 1-2 days after it is finished. Comatose atropine therapy and electric convulsion therapy are alternated every other day at the prohibitory therapy stage. Total number of procedures is equal to 5-6. Ozone therapy is applied every day at the same stage in 80 mg/l mode at a rate of 0.1 l/min. Premedication is carried out before electric convulsion therapy with 0.5 ml of 0.1% atropine sulfate solution, 2 ml of 2% Ditiline solution, 10-15 ml of 20% sodium oxybarbiturate solution. Transcrtanial electric stimulation is carried out at rehabilitation stage. Electric convulsion therapy is carried out once per two-week period during the whole period. Ozone therapy is carried out on the background of anti-depressant introduction twice per 10-14 days.

EFFECT: wide range of functional applications.

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: method involves injecting membrane-associated antigen vaccine from destroyed tumor cells. Biopsy tumor cells taken from patient are used as raw vaccine material. Vaccine is produced by irradiating cell suspension with pulsating electric field having succession frequency and rectangular pulse duration equal to 35-50 Hz and 5-7 ms, respectively, specific current amplitude being equal to 300-500 mcA during 30-40 min in microelements presence. The injection is carried out by subcutaneously implanting incubator-carriers manufactured from porous titanium nickelide having vaccine deposited into the pores.

EFFECT: enhanced effectiveness of oncologic disease treatment.

3 cl

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: the present innovation deals with treating ischemic insult, especially at rehabilitation of patients at its acute phase. Along with medicinal therapy it is necessary to fulfill nervous-muscular electrostimulation (NES) of paretic extensors of fingers and wrist followed by evaluation of motor function. NES of paretic extensors of fingers and wrist should be started from the moment of establishing the fact of ischemic insult to be continued during 3-4 wk. Duration of 1 seance lasts for about 20-30 min twice daily. Impulses should be supplied every 4 sec at 2-sec-long duration. The innovation increases the quality of motor and functional reconstruction in post-insult patients due to changing the terms for the onset of NES technique towards its decreasing.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of reconstruction.

1 ex, 1 tbl

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: method involves applying fractured bone fragments reposition at the first stage and implanting metal electrodes at the second stage into the osteolysis zone. Beck wires with dielectric coating are used as the electrodes. The wires are introduced transcutaneously in parallel to femur neck axis and mounted on epiphyseal germination zone with their working ends penetrating not less than 3 mm deep. Then, flexible electrodes are subcutaneously implanted in hip joint projection zone. Electric stimulator is connected to the skin ends of the electrodes. Pulsating current of negative polarity is supplied to intraosseous electrodes, whereas the flexible electrodes receive current of negative polarity from 5 to 10 mcA, frequency of 1 Hz and voltage of 8.8 V. Total duration and cross-section of rectangular pulses is not longer than 200 mcs. Pulsating electric current acts the whole day to achieve full closure of the germination zone.

EFFECT: enhanced effectiveness of treatment; prevented adverse side effects.

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: method involves applying drug therapy under ischemic lesion focus state control with magnetic resonance tomography (MRT) being used. Bioenergetic evaluation of focus state, its size and cerebral blood circulation condition are evaluated in dynamics. Therapy without drugs is concurrently applied for observing ischemic lesion focus at the end of acute period using MRT-mode with suppressed signal from free liquid surface. The MRT observation is started at the first two days from the ischemic stroke beginning.

EFFECT: enhanced effectiveness of treatment.

2 tbl

FIELD: medicine, ophthalmology.

SUBSTANCE: the present innovation deals with treating different forms of amblyopia. It is necessary to carry out medicinal correction of neurological disorders in a patient that includes vasoactive preparations, venotonics, nootropes and metabolics. One should conduct electrophoresis of spasmolytics onto area of jugular vertebral department at current power being 0.5-1.0 mA/sq. cm per 10 min, daily. Simultaneously,, it is necessary to carry out argon-laser stimulation of retinal central area and projection of papillo-macular bundle, about 150-200 impulses/seance, radiation power being 0.05 W, radiation diameter of 1000 mc, exposure time of 0.01 sec, wave length being 498-514 nm every other day. Therapy course lasts for 10 d. The innovation enables to achieve positive dynamics in treating severe forms of amblyopia, restore visual function and obtain correction of neurological disorders.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of therapy.

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