Conductor of tightening strips and wire

FIELD: veterinary science.

SUBSTANCE: conductor comprises handle and working member with the groove. The working member is mounted at an angle to the handle. The working member has lid and grove that receives the tightening strip with chute for wire. The chute is provided throughout the length of the groove. The lid is mounted in the slides and has working face made of a rounded arrester with through opening for clamping tools.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability.

6 dwg, 1 tbl


The invention relates to veterinary surgery, namely, instruments for operations on the damaged bones of the limbs of animals. The most effective use of the guide for the osteosynthesis of long bones with oblique and spiral fractures for circular installation tightening strips and wire.

A device for holding a wire saws that contains a handle, a curved tube with a working end, a retainer in the form of a pin mounted in the cavity of the tube and oriented to the working end, and the tube contains a groove with a cover in the form of a plate mounted therein for movement opposite the lock, and the handle is made in the form of a loop in one piece with the tube and located in the same plane as the groove and the outside of the end cap is made in the form of emphasis. The device saw work end is inserted over the bone and excreted in the wound. Pressing on the stop, the cover move and capture loop saws hook handle. The Explorer is displayed. At the end of the saw is put on the second handle, and the chest is dissected. [USSR author's certificate No. 1572562, class. And 61 In 17/14, 23.06.90, BI No. 23].

Also known Explorer surgical saws, containing the handle located at an angle to the working part with a groove and a sharp edge. The conductor is fed through a small incision through the entire thickness of the soft is Kana to the bone and translational motion along the perimeter of the bone with a sharp edge to separate the soft tissue in the form of a narrow cavity. In the groove is inserted a flexible surgical saw, and is perepilivanija bone reciprocating saws, the cloth which passes freely through the slot. [USSR author's certificate No. 1232231, class. And 61 In 17/14, 23.05.86, - prototype].

Installation of the above conductors tightening strips and wire on the arm bones to strengthen them entails extensive injury of the soft tissues and periosteum during surgery. In addition, these guides do not preclude slippage of the wire with a compression strip, and do not guarantee their installation perpendicular to the long axis of the bone, as a consequence, the tightening strips, reinforced with wire, often do not perform the locking function. This leads to the divergence of bone fragments, their mobility, and the lengthening of the period of osteoreparative, the formation of hypertrophic bony calluses, poor bone healing or formation of pseudoarthrosis.

The objective of the proposed solution is to eliminate these drawbacks, reducing the time for the operation, simplification of installation tightening strips and strengthening their wire with a stable fixation of bone fragments.

This object is achieved due to the fact that h is known about the conductor, contains the handle and placed it under the corner of the working part with a groove, according to the invention, the working part has a groove for wire made in the center of the groove and along its length, in addition, the working portion is provided with a detachable cover, held in place with two runners on the working side and the corresponding two slots in the cover, and the working face of the cover is made in the form of a rounded stopper with a through hole.

The present invention is illustrated in the drawings, in which:

figure 1 - proposed guide (General view);

figure 2 - section A-a in figure 1;

figure 3 - the guide before filling wire and tightening band:

figure 4 - cover and the working part in the socket before filling the wire and tightening the band;

figure 5 - proposed guide in working position;

6 - section b-b In figure 5.

The guide contains the handle 1 and located it under the corner of the working part 2 with groove 3, the center of which throughout its length is made trough 4. The groove 4 is made with the possibility of placing him in wire 5, the top of which is provided by the premises of the tightening strip 6 by the party which made the chute 7 to the wire 5. The working part 2 is provided with a removable cover 8, held in place with two runners 9 working on part 2 and corresponding to the two grooves 10 in the cover 8. The working face of the cover is designed as a rounded stopper 11 with a through hole 12.

The device operates as follows. The oblique fracture of the bone is performed under General anesthesia surgical reposition with subsequent fixation of the bone fragments intramedullary fixator. To prevent divergence of fragments in width provides additional circular plate fixation on the perimeter of the diaphysis of the bone by cerclage - in particular, the fixing wire 5 two circular tightening strips 6. One of them lay closer to the proximal portion of the line of fracture and the other to the distal.

Refills Explorer cerclage material slide the cover 8 upwards and in the direction opposite to the handle 1, fixing the cover 8 through the hole 12 teeth or surgical hemostatic forceps, to complete the removal of the working part 2. Then stack the wire 5 along the entire length of the trough 4, which put the garter strip 6 so that its groove 7 and the groove 4 formed a channel for the wire 5. Then on the rails 9 of the working part 2 of the conductor side of the working end of the guide cover 8 slots 10 side opposite to the stopper 11, and push it until it stops, closing thus the groove 3 with the wire 5 and the tightening strip 6.

The conductor with cerclage material through the operating wound down to the bone, prepared on top of the soft tissues, and postupatel the major movement on the perimeter of the bones of the work end of the stopper 11 is separated soft tissue in the form of a narrow cavity. The opposite side of the limiter 11 prevents the promotion of the cover 8 in the direction of the handle 1 and, accordingly, the disclosure cerclage material with its offset relative to the location of the overlay on the fragments and relative to each other, in particular prevents the output wire 5 from the groove 7 of the strip 6. After removing the working end of the conductor on the other side of the bone cover 8 capture hole 12 teeth or surgical hemostatic forceps, and upwards and in the direction opposite to the handle 1, slide the cover 8 to complete its removal. After tightening the strip 6 and the wire 5 is available for circular fixation of bone fragments. At the same time to prevent premature tightening strip 6 of the groove 3 and the wire 5 from the groove 4, the working portion 2 is pressed tightly against the bone. Then circularly fix the bone fragments tightening strip 6, which is fixed by the wire 5, and the rotational movement of the handle 1 in the opposite direction from the working end (in the direction opposite to) the conductor is removed from under the bone and then out of the wound. Then you can build guide - installing the cover 8.

The wound sanitize and close according to the standard technique. Complications during surgery and in the postoperative period were observed.

In the example the value of the proposed Explorer installed:

- preventing soft tissue injuries cerclage material during installation;

- simplification of the technique of circular overlay garter strip and fixing her wire;

- prevention wire from the gutter garter stripes;

- compliance with overlay garter strip and wire perpendicular to the long axis of the bone, which prevents the divergence of fragments of bone width;

- reducing the likelihood of postoperative complications.

- reducing the complexity of a circular fixation of bone fragments;

- improving the efficiency of operations (see table).

ExplorerThe number of operated animalsThe case of displacement of the wire relative to the bandComplications after surgery

As the table shows, the application of the proposed Explorer is more effective when circular overlay garter strip and wire in comparison with the known and eliminates postoperative complications.

The proposed conductor was successfully applied in the osteosynthesis Tr is bcatid bones with oblique and spiral fractures in 14 dogs and cats on the basis of the diagnostic and treatment veterinary center eagle RAY.

Conductor tightening strips and wire containing the handle and the working part with a groove located at an angle to the handle, characterized in that the groove is made under tightening strip having a trough under the wire, with the working part has a groove for the wire is made along the length and through the center of the groove, and features a removable lid held in place with two runners on the working side and two corresponding runners grooves in the lid, and the lid has a working end in the form of a rounded stopper with a through hole for engagement by the teeth or surgical hemostatic forceps.


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EFFECT: improved efficiency and reliability.

7 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: veterinary science.

SUBSTANCE: the suggested composition contains based upon 100 ml distilled water: from 0.25 to 4.5 g sodium citrate, from 0.45 to 4.0 g dextrose, from 0.01 to 0.3 g penicillin, from 50 000 to 500 000IU streptomycin, from 0.25 to 0.45 g catalase, from 0.045 to 0.25 g yolk, from 1.5 to 15 ml glycerol and from 0.02 to 0.1 mcg canine blood serum. The innovation keeps canine sperm for prolonged period of time, maintains viability and mobility of spermatozoa and provides high spermatic fertility after defrosting.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

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SUBSTANCE: one should start to apply a suture from the wound's angle, moreover, subcutaneous puncture in should be performed at the level of median line from epidermis up to the wound's bottom; then it is necessary to suture the wound's bottom, apply a needle in subcutaneous-fatty layer of wound's opposite edge along puncturing out through the thickness of derma. Then symmetrically one should puncture the derma of wound's opposite edge and subcutaneous-fatty layer. By suturing wound's bottom it is necessary to puncture out the needle in front of primary puncture in. One should tighten a knot at the level of median point in the line from epidermis up to the wound's bottom by developing a contour of symmetrical trefoil. The innovation enables to prevent the disorders of circulations in surface skin layers and provide optimal approximation of wound's edges.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

1 dwg, 1 ex

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SUBSTANCE: one should apply a suture onto a wound after surgical treatment, then one should lift cutaneous part of both loops to apply a loop-containing clip into it. Another clip should be put in from another side of the loop due to introducing it into the loop of the first clip, as well. One should, moreover, put in clip's stems into the loops of each other. Then it is necessary to separate clip's stems by increasing the degree of adaptation in wound's edges. The innovation enables to improve the results of therapy in patients after surgical treatment of wounds.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

5 dwg, 1 ex

FIELD: medicine, surgery.

SUBSTANCE: the present innovation could be applied in the course of endoscopic operations dealing with extracorporal development of a flat knot loop, spiral and a knot. The spiral should be formed out of 3 coils. One should wind one end of ligature around a flat knot loop with a coil to locate both ends at one side. Then the same end of ligature should be introduced into a coil to be tightened at simultaneous tension of another end to develop a knot. Then one should tighten two knots as a counter-tightening lock around each loop's branch successively with free end of ligature. As a result, formation of a spiral out of three knots enables to deform a flat loop that enhances friction power and makes the knot to be more compact and stronger. The innovation decreases the chance of a sliding knot for unbinding due to tissue pressure upon it from inside.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

1 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: the present innovation could be applied for covering operational wounds. One should apply intraosseous uninterrupted suture. It is necessary to make puncture out of needle supplied with ligature in every 3-9 cm to tighten it up at developing cutaneous sliding loop. For this purpose one should apply a free ligature end onto a needle holder to perform 2-3 rotations around the latter, then ligature should be captured at its coming out from the skin with the clamps of a needle holder, then one should apply the captured ligature through the loops upon a needle holder. Then ligature should be tightened up to obtain a sliding loop upon the skin. The innovation enables to deeply probe the wound at its any section, remove ligature separately at isolated section of a wound canal.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

1 cl, 3 dwg, 2 ex, 1 tbl

FIELD: medicine, surgery.

SUBSTANCE: one should dissect epidermis up to derma along pre-set lines, perform deepidermization of the stripe of 55 mm width from the side of removed skin section, dissect derma as it is along stripe's edge and then - fatty fiber, apply subcutaneous buried interrupted sutures onto deepidermized stripe of derma by the following technique: perform puncture in into deepidermized skin stripe of one of the edges of skin wound from the side of subcutaneous fiber followed by puncture out at the distance of 1 mm against the edge of dissected epidermis. At another edge of skin wound one should make puncture in with a needle into deepidermized skin stripe at the distance of 1 mm against the edge of dissected epidermis and puncture out from the side of subcutaneous fiber. Then one should apply removable intracutaneous suture. The innovation enables to increase quality of derma healing.

EFFECT: decreased risk for skin deformation.

2 dwg, 1 ex

FIELD: medicine, surgery.

SUBSTANCE: one should apply a single-row uninterrupted suture upon skin and subcutaneous fiber, fix ligature in subcutaneous fiber in one of the wound's corners, apply a subcutaneous-intracutaneous suture up to the wound's opposite corner, form a knot in subcutaneous fiber with the help of terminal ligature of aponeurosis suture. The method enables to prevent purulent complications and provide the development of valuable cicatrix.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of suturing in post-operational wound.

1 dwg, 2 ex

FIELD: medicine; medical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: method involves implanting a ribbon into the body on each side of the urethra between the vaginal wall and abdominal wall. The ribbon is drawn above the pubic bone. The ribbon is introduced on both sides of the urethra to make a loop around the urethra. It is arranged on each side of the urethra between the vaginal wall and abdominal wall and stretched by pulling its ends brought outside of the abdominal wall. The ribbon is introduced pulling it inside through two holes produced in soft tissues with needle-shaped member using tubular envelope prefitted on the needle-shaped member. The tubular envelope is left in the hole when pulling the needle-shaped member from the hole in the direction reversed with respect to PIERCE direction. Ribbon is pulled into the hole in the introduced tubular envelope drawing the corresponding end. Then the tubular envelope is removed from the body in the direction of ribbon end. Surgical instrument has implantable ribbon and rod having handle on the first end with curved needle-shaped member on the second end and through hole on the free end with an ear which sizes are enough for passing from the internal surface of the vagina wall above the posterior back side of the pubic bone to the external surface of the abdominal wall. The instrument additionally has removable tubular envelope which dimensions allow the ribbon under implantation, moving through the hole. The removable tubular envelope is fittable over curved needle-shaped member as far as possible from the rod side to the prominent free end of the curved needle-shaped member projecting from the tubular envelope.

EFFECT: enhanced effectiveness of treatment; reduced instrument production costs; simplified design.

23 cl, 8 dwg

FIELD: medicine; traumatic surgery; orthopedics; neuron-surgery.

SUBSTANCE: device can also be used in rehabilitation surgery for curing nerve pipes. Extension has drive mechanism and traction unit, both disposed inside cylindrical case onto vertical axis. Case and cap have cylindrical shape. Drive mechanism is made in form of spring-loaded unit which has crown-shaped ring with beveled teeth and double-teeth pusher with single-sided beveled teeth connected by compression-torsion spring. Drive mechanism is installed of form of horizontal protrusions inside guides onto internal surface of case to provide movement of rest pins along circle onto horizontal arms of which pins it is placed. Under pressure applied to cap of case, reciprocal motion of cap transforms to interrupted rotational motion of coil in cheek of which coil the rest pins are fixed. Coil has flexible link fastened onto hub. Free end of flexible link is drawn outside through the hole in wall of case. Coil and hub compose traction unit being rigidly connected with axis of the extension. Lugs provided with holes are made in bottom of case.

EFFECT: reduced traumatism of surgical operation; better results of cure.

4 dwg

FIELD: medicine, surgery.

SUBSTANCE: one should apply a P-shaped suture, then it is necessary to form a V-shaped suture: one of the free ends of a ligature should be applied under the one that forms the top of letter P, then this ligature should be tightened and thrown over the wound as a Latin letter V. Then free ends of ligature should be tightened into the knot. The method enables to improve hemostasis and increase reliability of sutures.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

3 dwg, 1 ex

FIELD: general surgery methods and facilities.

SUBSTANCE: material for various genesis, localization, and configuration defect grafting is made from thin (up to 100 mcm in diameter) titanium nickelid wire weaved into porous-permeable structure according to knitted-fabric and textile technology or by felting. Thanks to plasticity of titanium nickelid and quasiplasticity of woven structure, effective plasticity of material is many times superior to that in nonwoven porous sheet materials and meets requirements of congruent disposition of materials in organs and tissues to be operated.

EFFECT: increased plasticity of grafting material.

7 dwg

FIELD: medical engineering.

SUBSTANCE: device has elongated body having operation end engageable with ligature loop, lateral slit for ligature to exit and movable rod, mounted in the device body, having operation end for holding the ligature. The elongated body has special purpose design to match endosurgical port or trocar lumen. The rod is spring-loaded and has nonworking end projecting from the device body as handle. The rod operation end is hook arranged in front of the lateral slit for ligature to exit and making displacement at a distance minimum equal to distance from operation body end to end face of slit for ligature to exit, oriented towards the handle.

EFFECT: improved tissue and organ engagement conditions; simplified maintenance procedure; accelerated operation process.

3 cl, 2 dwg