Method for preventing and treating some diseases of reproductive organs

FIELD: veterinary medicine.

SUBSTANCE: the present innovation deals with treating and preventing acute and chronic endometritis, vaginitis and balanoposthitis. For this purpose, it is necessary to introduce into an organ's cavity a foam-inducing preparation that contains crystalline substances, that is a foam-inducing suppository or the mixture of substances for its preparing and, also, 100.0 ml 1%-common salt solution heated up to animal body temperature, at the following ratio of suppository components or mixture for its preparing, that provides liquid of alkaline reaction at dissolving, g (weight%): potassium iodide 1.5 (6.3), potato starch 4.0 (16.8), furacillin 0.5 (2.1), metronidazole (trichopol) 1.2 (5.0), analgin 0.5 (2.1), citric acid 6.2 (26.0), sodium bicarbonate (dietary soda) 8.0 (33.7), calcium stearate 0.2 (0.9), calcium carbonate (deposited chalk) 0.5 (2.1), 20%-alcoholic solution of MGD-2 emulsifier or any other similar one 1.2 (5.0). The innovation provides prolonged complex anti-infectious, antiphlogistic, analgesic impact upon animal body, activation of protective and endocrine systems.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of prophylaxis and therapy.

3 cl, 1 dwg, 1 tbl


The present invention relates to veterinary medicine, specifically to methods and products for the prevention and treatment of acute and chronic endometritis, vaginitis, balanoposthitis and other

Known candles masterbatches foaming, furazolidone sticks and others [1, 5, 6] containing drug, foaming, instabilities substances, fillers, etc. They have the following main disadvantages: (a) contain medicinal substances acting detrimental not all groups of pathogens; b) have a long decay allocation per unit of time of the minimum dose of medicinal substance; C) as a foaming agent used most often, citric acid and sodium bicarbonate in almost equal amounts, and therefore, when interacting with moisture to form a solution or mixture of acidic, destructive acting on cells of the mucous membranes, changing their biology under the adverse effects of acidic substances inflammatory exudate; d) after insertion into the cavity of the affected organ (uterus, vagina, prepuce and others) candle or stick under the force of gravity is lowered down here in one place when interacting with moisture allocates foam containing medicines and other substances that adversely operating in high doses to patients cells, nahodyashiesya; d) do not contain painkillers, interrupting the continuous flow of pain impulses in the CNS; (e) not aktiviziruyut protective activity, buffer and other systems of the body; and (g) after the introduction of candles, sticks, etc. and their decomposition into constituent of honor in the cavity of the body remain fillers and other substances indiferente character, but his presence is irritating the nerve endings of the mucous membrane of the body.

Messages in the patent and periodical literature on the introduction of cavitary formation of reproductive organs of medicinal substances with foam we have not identified.

The purpose of the invention is the enhancement of therapeutic effectiveness by introducing into the mixture of drugs, destructive infectious and parasitic diseases, prevention of disastrous actions of drugs and other substances on the diseased cells of the body with prolonged exposure, warning revenues of pain impulses in the CNS and formations in her pain dominant activities of protective, hormonal, buffer and other systems of the body.

This objective is achieved in that in the capacity of the device for introduction into the cavity of education of medicinal substances with foam is placed a candle or a formula for its preparation and 1%common salt solution, heated to a temperature 8-39° With and into the cavity of the affected organ (uterus, vagina, prepuce and others) through the catheter device are foam medicines, painkillers and other substances produced in the capacitance device as a result of interaction of the salt solution with substances candles or mixture having the following ratio of components (table).

Table 1.
No.Component nameContent
1Potassium iodide1,56,3
2Potato starch1,04,2
4Metronidazole (trichopol)1,25,0
6Citric acid6,226,0
7Potato starch3,012,6
8Sodium bicarbonate (soda)8,033,7
9Calcium stearate0,9
10Calcium carbonate (chalk besieged)0,52,1
1120%alcoholic solution of emulsifier1,25,0
MHD-2 or other equivalent

and if the device for introduction into the cavity of education of medicinal substances with foam after the introduction into the cavity of the candles in it enter to 100.0 ml with 1%aqueous sodium chloride solution, warmed to body temperature of the animal.

Notes: a) drying the mixture in the preparation of ethyl alcohol evaporates, its mass decreases by 1.0 g; b) instead of furatsilina in the same dose can be used furazolidone.

The device for introduction into the cavity of education of medicinal substances with foam schematically in the drawing. It has a capacity of 1 neck 2, the cover 3 with the catheter 4, ending with the end 5 with a few holes 6.

Working with the device: remove the cover 3 of the neck 2 of the container 1, enter the end 5 of the catheter 4 into the cavity of the desired organ, such as the uterus of the cow, in the case where the cervix is slightly open end 5 of the catheter is introduced in its initial part.

Into the container 1 through the throat is inu 2 make a candle or pour the contents 1-2 sachets mixture, pour in 100.0 ml of 1%aqueous common salt solution with a temperature of 38-39°With, quickly close the lid 3 of the neck 2 of the container 1. Formed by the interaction of substances candles or mixed with saline foam with drugs and other substances rises, passes through the catheter 4 and enters the uterine cavity or cervix through holes 6 end 5.

Pricing lasts up to 10 minutes, with fillers and other undissolved matter candles or mixture remain in the tank 1, its the same after the pricing is lifted above the level of the catheter 4 and provide the output of the alkaline solution from the tank I into the cavity of the patient body.

In the prevention and treatment of infectious and Trichomonas vaginitis end 5 of the catheter 4 enter the vagina, when balanoposthitis in the cavity prepucialna bag glans penis, in the absence of a device or other evidence they injected a candle and 1%common salt solution.

It was established experimentally that when interacting candle mass of 20.4 g with a 100.0 ml of 1%aqueous solution of sodium chloride is formed 1130,0, and the same mass of the mixture is 1300,0 ml foam for 8-10 minutes

Technology of preparation, preservation mixture and candle blowing includes the following basic operations:

1. Separate from the removal of remnants of grinding to the amorphous state of all crystallites is their substance mixture, sifting them through a sieve with cells to 1.0 mm

2. The preparation of the foamable mixture. It includes thorough mixing specified amounts of citric acid with potato starch, sodium bicarbonate, calcium stearate, calcium carbonate, 20%alcohol solution of emulsifier until a homogeneous uniformly onlinenow mixture. After a full day of drying a thin layer at 20-25°the mixture is sieved through a sieve with cells to 1.0 mm, the remaining lumps are crushed and poured into the mixture.

3. Preparation of a mixture of drugs. In operating the mixer to thoroughly mix the specified amount of potassium iodide with potato starch, furatsilinom, metronidazole and analginom.

4. Received according to claim 3, the mixture is stirred thoroughly with a mixture of 2.

5. The finished dry mix Packed in nests tape polyethylene, closed thermal stitch their open sides, the tape is placed in a cardboard box and store in a dry, dark place at temperatures up to 25°With up to 1.5-2 years.

In the manufacture of candles, the mixture is pressed in the molds and placed every candle in the cigarette package from a film of polyethylene, the open side of the socket close thermal seam.

When packaging and storage should take into account that the mixture and candles hygroscopic.

Pharmacodynamics of the drug's components:

- potassium iodide - white crystalline powder, odorless, soluble in water (1:0,75), hygroscopic, does not contain free iodine, does not irritate the nerve endings of the mucous membranes, not bactericidal action. After rapid absorption changes in the body with the formation of various iodine compounds, which are part of the thyroid hormones that regulate metabolism, activating activity and other protective systems of the body, bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, promotes the absorption and neutralization of oxidized products of inflammation [4, s];

- furatsilin - yellow or greenish-yellow powder, soluble in water (1:4200) [2, s], but better in isotonic (0.9%) solution of sodium chloride (1:420) [4, s], in a liquid medium destructive acts on gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria [2, C; 4, C];

- metronidazole - white or slightly greenish crystalline powder, soluble in water, has a strong detrimental effect on protozoa (Trichomonas and other), anaerobic bacteria [2, s-344];

- analgin - white or white with a faint yellowish tinge crystalline powder, easily soluble in water (1:1.5), in aqueous solution has a very pronounced analgeziruushim, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic activity [2, Vol.1, p.184];

- calcium pleci the ly (chalk besieged) - white powder, almost insoluble in water, the drug is used as a substance adsorbiruyuschee on the surfaces of hygroscopic substances, as a substance that neutralizes acidic substances inflammatory exudates [4, s];

- potato starch - white powdery, without smell and taste fine, crackling between his fingers powder, insoluble in cold water. The drug is used as a substance adsorbiruyuschee on the surfaces of hygroscopic substances, as forming substance [4, s];

sodium bicarbonate (m M) - white crystalline powder, odorless, soluble in water (1:12) with the formation of the alkaline solution by reaction with acids forms a foamy solution.

After absorption into the blood of an animal of sodium bicarbonate is included in the composition buffer systems, neutralizes acidic substances, alleviates oxidized poisonous and harmful substances inflammatory exudate, anti-inflammatory and antiparasitic activity [4, s-343];

- salt (sodium chloride) is white cubic crystal or white crystalline powder, odorless, soluble in water (no:3), it contains minerals are easily absorbed mucous membranes, involved in the regulation of osmotic pressure, influence the activation operation is protective adaptations of the organism, improve the solubility furatsilina, increase its antimicrobial activity [2, p.106; 4, s-347].

Because it has high hygroscopicity, withdrawn from the foaming mixture and candles, but were introduced into the solution for introduction into the cavity and devices that emit foam medicinal substance;

- citric acid (mm 192,13) - crystal powder, soluble in water, the reaction with sodium bicarbonate (soda) taken in the recipe ratio forms a foamy mass alkaline (pH 7.5 to 8.0).

The interaction of citric acid and sodium bicarbonate in the water environment will be as follows:

Sodium citrate (sodium citrate) has an alkaline reaction, interacts with acidic substances inflammatory exudate and neutralizes them; when interacting with the calcium of the blood capillaries forms a salt to prevent it from clotting, promotes the flow of arterial blood into the inflamed area or body;

- calcium stearate and emulsifier MHD-2 or other equivalent are used in the product as forming substances and as substances that prevent rapid disintegration of the foam mass.

Thus, the ingredients of the product have after the ingestion of both local and General action on the Techa is their vital processes, stimulates the activity of the hormone, buffer and other systems, protective adaptations of the organism of the patient.

Conducted research on the effectiveness of therapeutic action of medicinal substances, introduced into the cavity of the patient body with foam, gave quite encouraging results.

We believe that the proposed composition of the foaming mixture, the blowing of candles and device for introduction into Prostye education medicinal substances with foam will be widely used in practice, will improve the comfort, safety, culture of performance of veterinary specialists, reduce the time of treatment of diseases of the abdominal organs such as the reproductive organs, especially in cows.


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1. Method for the prevention and treatment of inflammatory diseases of the abdominal organs of reproduction in cows, including the introduction into the cavity of the body of foam product containing crystalline material, characterized in that in the cavity of the body is injected foaming candle or mixture of substances for its preparation, as well as to 100.0 ml with 1%aqueous sodium chloride solution, warmed to body temperature of the animal, in the following ratio of components candles or mixture for its preparation, which being dissolved to obtain the liquid of alkaline reaction, g (wt.%): potassium iodide and 1.5 (6,3), potato starch - 4,0 (16,8), furacin - 0,5 (2,1), metronidazole (trichopol) -1,2 (5,0), analgin - 0,5 (2,1), citric acid and 6.2 (26,0), sodium bicarbonate (soda) to 8.0 (33,7), calcium stearate and 0.2 (0,9), calcium carbonate (chalk besieged) - 0,5 (2,1), 20%-cent alcoholic solution of emulsifier MHD-2 or other equivalent - 1,2 (5,0).

2. The method according to claim 1, characterized in that the introduction into the cavity of the body of drugs with foam using a device having a non-metallic container neck and the cap and the catheter carrying at the end of the exit port of the foam, while the capacity has a fixture for hanging.

3. The method according to claim 1, characterized in that crystallizes what their substance is crushed to the amorphous state.

4. The method according to claim 1, characterized in that the cavity of the body facing dissolved in the foam substance, and any insoluble substances remain in the tank.


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EFFECT: higher efficiency of prophylaxis and therapy.

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