Method for treating conjunctivo-keratitis in cattle

FIELD: veterinary ophthalmology.

SUBSTANCE: the present innovation deals with treating infectious-inflammatory ocular diseases in cattle due to complex treatment with applying antibiotic preparation and biolan, moreover, antibiotic should be introduced into parotid lymphatic center through catheter once or twice daily at the quantity of about 8-10 ml, and biolan - at the dosage of 3-10 mg into the lower conjunctival arch of an eyeball. Such a technique due to taking into account optimal conditions of intraocular liquid circulation provides synergistic effect of the preparations introduced.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of therapy.

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The invention relates to the field of veterinary medicine, namely to veterinary ophthalmology.

Known methods of treatment of conjunctivitis and keratitis in animals the implementation of retro-bulbar procaine blockade with 0.5%solution of novocaine. In the treatment flegmonoznih conjunctivitis injected novocaine with antibiotics (intravenously, intraarterially, retrobulbarno). The conjunctival SAC moisturize warm disinfectant (furacin), ethacridine lactate, potassium permanganate), antibiotics. Apply liniments and ointments with antibiotics and sulfonamides. When different types of keratitis provide persistent and prolonged use of antibiotics and sulfa drugs, and retro-bulbar procaine blockade (Abrarov V.N., Lebedev A.V. "Veterinary ophthalmology", M, Agropromizdat, 1985, p.95-160) prototype.

However, such treatment does not always produce a rapid recovery. Treatment may last from 1.5 up to 3-4 weeks.

Administration of drugs directly into the lymphatic system increases the effectiveness of therapy. There is a method of treatment of complicated cholecystitis in humans by introducing a solution of the antibiotic in pericholedochal lymph node (2).

Known aminopeptide complex Biolan, which is a set of peptides and amino acids from stabilizer the criterion cellular homeostasis radical scavenging and membrane-stabilizing action (3). Leukocyte adhesion, migration and subsequent activation are those processes that result in the release of free radicals, proteolytic enzymes and other toxic components, which cause severe capillary blood flow. Biolan prevents the formation of oxygen free radicals and protects the microcirculation at the stage of intravascular dehydration (4)contributes to the activation of the lymphatic system.

From the prior art is not known a method of treating conjunctiva-keratitis in cattle by catheterization of the lymphatic vessels coming in the regional lymph node and insertion through them solutions of the antibiotic, while injecting the solution Biolan in the lower fornix of the conjunctiva.

The purpose of the invention is improving the effectiveness of treatment and the expansion of the means of treatment conjunctivitis various etiologies.

In this regard, the task was to develop a method for the treatment of conjunctivitis, keratitis and conjunctivitis different etiology (bacterial, traumatic ulcer, and others) in cattle by endolymphatic administration of antibiotics, promoting regeneration of the cornea and surrounding tissues and restore the function of the patient's eye.

When Pato is Ogii lymphatic system in cattle lymph capillaries and vessels increased 20 times, and lymph nodes, 3-4 times, which allows without any difficulty to find and implement introduction to lymphatic channel drugs. Therefore, their detection and catheterization does not represent the complexity of the veterinary technician of ordinary skill.

Holding endolymphatic of antibiotic therapy in conjunctionwith must be local to increase the use of biologically active substances. Injection lymphotropic drug Biolan in the endolymphatic infusions can prevent complications in the form of lymphorrhea and lymphostasis. Recommended for injection drug Biolan - lower fornix of the conjunctiva of the eyeball, where the accumulation of lymph follicles.

The invention consists in carrying out endolymphatic antibiotic therapy in bacterial, traumatic, ulcerative keratitis and injection lymphotropic drug Biolan.

A method of treating conjunctivitis in cattle is carried out as follows. Previously under local anesthesia with 2%solution of novocaine in the area of the parotid salivary gland in the cranial part of conducting a skin incision from 2 to 4 cm, subcutaneous tissue, superficial dvuhlitrovy fascia and deep fascia, isolated parotid lymph center (peer) and 1-2 Nai is more large lymph vessel. On a dedicated lymphatic vessels impose a purse-string sutures, perform catheterization of the blood vessels and through the catheter administered 1-2 times a day antibiotic solution 1-3% concentration a total of 8-10 ml per one injection. Also, after local anesthesia solution dikaina 0.5% concentration in the lower conjunctival fornix of the eyeball spend once the injection of a solution of biolane at a dose of 3-10 mg per day, which before the introduction dissolved in 2-5 ml of water for injection. In the method of treatment can be used to chloramphenicol, ampicillin, gentamicin and other antibiotics.

The proposed method treated 48 patients with animals (48 eyes) with traumatic ulcers, bacterial conjunctivorhinostomy. Compared with the control group during the inflammatory process was less pronounced, epithelialization occurred in 1 day, recovered transparency, sphericity, the sensitivity of the cornea was significantly reduced pain syndrome, the treatment time averaged 3-4 days, in the control group 14-15 days.

Example 1. Cow No. 3951. Detected surface purulent conjunctivitis right eye. Clinical signs, blood vessels, vascularization of the cornea, photophobia, mucopurulent expiration of the conjunctival SAC. The cornea is opaque, matte, places the second temperature is raised, pain in the eye area.

The animal made treatment (antibiotics, sulfa drugs, corticosteroidsare). The condition has not improved on the 3rd day of treatment. There was a threat of the transition of the pathological process in healthy eyes. Animal vysokoudojnye, valuable, and therefore it was necessary to conduct a more effective treatment.

It was, therefore, carried out the treatment method proposed endolymphatic administration of antibiotics. Previously under local anesthesia with 2%solution of novocaine in the area of the parotid salivary gland in the cranial part of it, had a skin incision 3 cm, subcutaneous tissue, superficial dvuhlitrovy fascia and deep fascia, highlighted the parotid lymph centre (site), and 1 of the largest lymph vessel. This lymphatic vessel has left a purse string suture and performed the catheterization of the vessel. Through the catheter 2 times a day was administered solution of ampicillin with a total number of 9 ml per introduction. Also, after local anesthesia solution dikaina 0.5% concentration in the lower conjunctival fornix of the eyeball conducted once the injection solution of 5 mg biolane dissolved in 3 ml of water for injection.

Infusion of the antibiotic was carried out within two days. On the 3rd day the catheter was removed, the condition of the animal rapidly the ro has improved and returned to normal on the 4th day. The cornea shiny, spherical, transparent, growth of newly formed vessels not.

The way endolymphatic injection of antibiotics and injections aminopeptidase complex Biolan reduces the treatment time up to 3-4 days, while the duration of treatment in a known manner is 14-21 days.

The manifestation of therapeutic effect and restore the basic properties of the cornea occurs much faster on average in the first day. With considerable effectiveness of the treatment is quite simple.

Sources of information

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1. A method of treating conjunctivitis in cattle, including the introduction of a solution of an antibiotic, wherein the pre under local anesthesia with 2%solution of novocaine in the area of the cranial part of the parotid salivary gland spend a skin incision from 2 to 4 cm, subcutaneous tissue, superficial dvuhlitrovy f is scii and deep fascia, allocate the parotid lymph centre and 1-2 of the largest lymph vessel, they impose a purse-string sutures, perform catheterization of the blood vessels and through the catheter administered 1-2 times a day antibiotic solution a total of 8-10 ml per introduction, at the same time after local anesthesia solution dikaina of 0.5%concentration in the lower conjunctival fornix of the eyeball spend a single injection of biolane at a dose of 3-10 mg dissolved in 2-5 ml of water for injection.

2. The method according to claim 1, characterized in that as the use of antibiotics ampicillin, or chloramphenicol or gentamicin.


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SUBSTANCE: Claimed protein includes one or more N. meningitides protein fragments with known amino acid sequences, wherein said fragment contains one or more antigen determinants and has not more than 1977 amino acid from SEQ ID NO:1 and/or not more than 1531 amino acid from SEQ ID NO:2 which are described in specification with the proviso, that general protein sequence is not characterized by amino acid sequences represented in NO:1 and NO:2. Each claimed protein is encoded by nuclear acid (NA) with nucleotide sequence that defines protein amino acid sequence according to gene code. Peptides and nuclear acid of present invention are useful in drug production for treatment and prophylaxis of infections induced neisseria, as well as in production of diagnostic reagent for detection of neisseria or specific antibodies. Aldo disclosed is peptide- or NA-based pharmaceutical composition in effective amount with acceptable carrier. Said composition is useful for treatment of N. meningitides mediated infection. For prophylaxis composition is applied in vaccine form. Invention makes it possible to overcome diversity of neisseria antigen properties.

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EFFECT: higher efficiency of therapy.

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The invention relates to obstetrics, in particular to the treatment of placental insufficiency with regard to the metabolic status of women

The invention relates to biotechnology and may find application in Allergy and medicine

FIELD: veterinary science, animals science.

SUBSTANCE: additionally to antibacterial therapy one should intraperitoneally introduce a single injection of 0.5%-novocaine solution at the dosage of 1 ml/kg body weight at pre-dissolved streptomycin there at the dosage of 300000 U. The innovation suggested enables to shorten terms of sickness due to accelerated elimination of agents.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of therapy.

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