Detergent for skin and hair

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to application of pectin solution as detergent for skin and hair in radioactive and environmentally hazardous regions. Pectin containing in solution due to chelating action bonds to heavy metal ions to form stable compounds (micelles) having very large size and prevents transferring thereof trough transdermal barrier. Formed micells may be easily removed from human body.

EFFECT: new detergent for skin and hair useful in radioactive and environmentally hazardous regions.

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The invention relates to means for cleaning the skin and hair from pollution, in particular from ions of heavy metals and radionuclides.

Known detergent personal hygiene (patent RU 2174831 1, IPC And 61 To 7/8, 20.10.2001)that is used to clean the body, which contains a number of components that do not provide effective cleaning of the body from pollution, particularly in radioactively hazardous areas.

The closest in purpose to the proposed invention, which is selected as a prototype, there is a known decontamination shampoo (patent UA 39130 2, IPC G 21 F 9/12, bull. No. 5/2001, 15.06.2001)that is used as a cleanser for skin and hair and contains as components of lauryldimethylamine sodium, diethanolamides synthetic fatty acids, sodium alginate, and others, not excluding the transfer through the leather cover of the body of ions of heavy and radioactive metals.

Pectin extract, which is in accordance with the above description is used for a new purpose as a detergent, is obtained from pectin raw material.

Pectins are a macromolecular compound and close to hemicellulose - colloidal polysaccharides or glucooligosaccharides plants. The main part of the pectin molecules is D-galacturonic acid.

The most common raw material is La obtain a pectin extract is the juice of citrus and apples, the sugar beet pulp and pith baskets sunflower. From the extract by known methods get dry pectin in powder form. In turn, the solution of pectin can be obtained by dissolving the dry pectin, for example, in the water.

General physic-chemical properties of pectin - the ability to geleobrazovaniju in the aquatic environment and complexation with ions of polyvalent metals.

Known applications of pectin: in food, medicine and pharmaceutics, production and technological processes, in cosmetics (sources of information: Sapozhnikova EV Pectin and pectolytic enzymes, M., 1971; Karpovich, MS, Donchenko L.V., simkhovitch EG Production of pectin, chişinău, 1993).

The use of a solution of pectin (pectin extract) as a cleanser for skin and hair is based on compliance with personal hygiene and prevention of intoxications associated with the passage of salts of heavy metals and radionuclides through the skin and hair of the person when living or working in the environmental-contaminated or radioactive-hazardous areas.

Pectin, which is contained in solution by complexation binds heavy metal ions in stable macrosociety, the very large size of the micelles, resulting in the transfer through transge the normal barrier becomes impossible. The formed micelles are easily removed from the body and hair of a person.

The solution of pectin (pectin extract) with the aim of expanding the functions of detergent and more qualitative indicators can be used as a cleanser in conjunction with a variety of components in any proportions, which are used in well-known detergents.

Example. As a result of the Institute of Geochemistry, Mineralogy and ore formation of NAS of Ukraine experimental studies kompleksoobrazovateleyj ability of pectin extract and pectin shower gel, it was found that Apple pectin extract has kompleksoobrazovateleyj capacity compared to heavy metal ions. Excretion of pectin extract in the course of the experiment relative to the administered dose of isotopes of cesium (Cs137) is 32.8%, compared to the administered dose of isotopes of strontium (Sr90) account for 50.2%, compared to the administered dose isotopes of cobalt (Co60) is 36.2%.

When using Apple pectin extract as a constituent of liquid detergent (gel "Sade"), it was found that the excretion of the pectin detergent in relation to the administered dose of isotopes of cesium (Cs137) is 40.2%, attributed the Yu to the administered dose of isotopes of strontium (Sr 90) is 55.9 percent, compared to the administered dose isotopes of cobalt (Co60) is 39.2%.

On the basis of the results of the research concluded on the feasibility and advisability of the use of pectin extract as a liquid cleaning agent or as a component such as a cleanser for skin and hair of persons whose professional activity is connected with the use of radioactive elements (atomic energy) and salts of heavy metals.

The use of a solution of pectin (pectin extract) as a cleanser for skin and hair in radioactively hazardous areas.


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EFFECT: deodorant and/or antiperspirant composition of improved efficiency and stability.

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