Method for treating iodine-deficient nontoxic goiter

FIELD: medicine, endocrinology.

SUBSTANCE: at the background of applying microdosages of iodine and/or levothyroxine one should conduct electrophoresis with 3%-sodium thiosulfate solution. The latter should be introduced with the help of a cathode placed onto thyroid area, an anode - onto interscapular area. The area of the interlayer corresponds to 5 x 10 cm at current power being 4-8 mA, exposure time being 15-20 min. Seances should be performed either daily or every other day, about 10-12 procedures/course.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of therapy.

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The invention relates to medicine, namely to endocrinology, and can be used in the treatment of patients with non-toxic iodine deficiency goiter, caused by the addition of iodine deficiency, environmental pollutants or other toxic factors (medications).

Known surgical method for the treatment of iodine deficiency nontoxic goiter - timearticle or total thyroidectomy [1].

Disadvantages: postoperative complications (hypoparathyroidism, paresis of the recurrent nerve, the initiation or exacerbation of autoimmune process in the thyroid gland and others), postoperative hypothyroidism, the recurrence of goitre, and contraindications for surgical treatment on the General status.

The closest analogue is the treatment of iodine deficiency non-toxic goiter with iodine and/or levothyroxine [2].

Disadvantages: lack of effectiveness.

The invention is directed to solution of the problem - improving the efficiency of the method.

These objectives are achieved through the following: on the background of the patients taking non-toxic iodine deficiency goiter trace quantities of iodine and/or levothyroxine in adequate doses electrophoresis with 3% solution of sodium thiosulfate and a cathode in the region of the anterior surface of the neck (i.e. craw) daily or every other day; current 4-8 mA, a duration of 15-20 min, in the course of 10-12 treatments. Location e is Strogov: the cathode region of the thyroid gland, the indifferent electrode on the interscapular region; the area of the strip 5×10 see

The technique of electrophoresis with sodium thiosulfate at the given pathology is used for the first time.

The method is as follows: on the treatment of patients with non-toxic iodine deficiency goiter, including nodular, iodide 100 or iodide 200 and/or levothyroxine adequate individual doses electrophoresis with cathode with a 3% solution of sodium thiosulfate on the region of the thyroid gland, the area of the strip 5×10 cm, the current 4-8 mA, daily or every other day, the exposure time of 15-20 minutes, the course of 10 to 12 treatments; however, the indifferent electrode is placed on the interscapular region.

Examples of specific performance.

Example 1.

Patient C., 30 years old, a nurse. The diagnosis of multinodular non-toxic iodine deficiency goiter grade 2, autres. Complained of discomfort in the neck, the deformation of the neck. Visually and by palpation marked asymmetry of the lobes of the thyroid gland (right contuinue node), the heterogeneity of the consistency of its parenchyma, plotnovato multiple nodules in the right and left parts with a diameter up to 1.5 see an ultrasound of the thyroid gland from 12.05.02 year: the volume of the right lobe of the thyroid gland of 10.7 ml, left to 9.8 ml; isthmus 3 ml; total volume of 20.6 ml of the Echo is reduced. Heterogeneous echostructure; in both lobes are defined by mn the divine nodules without clear rims. Conclusion: iodine-deficient non-toxic Struma of II degree; nodules in both lobes. 28.04.02, the level of TSH 2.9 km mkme/ml, T31.08 ng/ml, T493,6 ng/ml, at-TPO 30 Miu/ml during the year taking levothyroxine at a dose of 50 mg/day. The dynamics of the size of the goiter and size of thyroid nodules clinically and sonography (16.05.03,) is not marked.

The course of electrophoresis from the cathode with a 3% solution of sodium thiosulfate on the region of the thyroid gland, the area of the strip 5×10 cm, the current strength 8 mA, daily, exposure time 20 min, 10 sessions. The indifferent electrode was positioned in the interscapular space. Sessions electrophoresis was well tolerated. After treatment disappeared feeling of tightness in the neck, tumor formation in the neck at external examination is not visible, not detected by palpation; ultrasonographically volume of 18.2 ml, echo is reduced, heterogeneous echostructure, but nodules disappeared. TSH level after treatment 1.5 km mkme/ml

Example 2.

Patient P., 28 years. In 1995 moved timearticle about toxic goiter, and then developed hypoparathyroidism and hypothyroidism. Relapse nontoxic goiter iodine deficiency identified in 6 months. Taking levothyroxine at a dose of 100 g/day, calcium-D3Nycomed 1 tablet a day at night. In June 2003 he complained of feeling SDA the population in the neck. In addition, complained of infertility for 5 years. Visual and palpation of the study showed the presence of coarse postoperative scar on the anterior surface of the neck, Sanogo with the underlying tissues, asymmetry and deformation of the neck. Scars is determined by the thyroid remnant, dense, heterogeneous texture, size 4×6 see ultrasound of the thyroid gland from 22.08.03 the Volume of the right lobe 11 ml; the form is incorrect, the contours are blurred; the isthmus and the left lobe is not defined. In the thyroid remnant visible two nodes with a diameter of 1.5 and 2.5, see the TSH Level in the blood remaining 9.08, mkme/ml (despite daily dose of 100 mcg eutiroks).

On the background of levothyroxine at a dose of 100 g/day appointed electrophoresis with cathode solution of 3% sodium thiosulfate, current strength 4 mA, exposure time 15 minutes, every day, in the course of 12 sessions. The procedure was well tolerated. After treatment were unpleasant sensations in the neck. Disappeared cohesion of the scar with the underlying tissues. Sonography (1.10.03 g) volume of the right lobe was 7.5 ml, nodes are not defined. TSH 17.10.03, 3.9 mkme/ml, although the dose of levothyroxine remained the same.

Example 3.

Patient S, 30 years, in February 1998 under preventive examination sonography detected iodine non-toxic Struma of 1 degree (V 21,7 ml) node in the right lobe with a diameter of 8 mm Clinically euthyroid state. Treated irregularly iodides is whether jodthyrox. By the beginning of 2003, the volume of the thyroid gland decreased to 18.0 ml, However, the nodal education with a clear outer contour in the right lobe remained unchanged. Echo node moderately reduced. The TSH level in the blood 2.9 km mkme/ml Appointed electrophoresis with 3% sodium thiosulfate solution, the current is 6 mA, exposure time of 18 min, a total of 12 sessions. The treatment was well tolerated. After a course of physiotherapy treatment of focal lesions in the thyroid gland is not found. TSH 1.44-mkme/ml without the use of thyroid hormones.

Contraindications to the proposed method are absent, except for malignant tumors.

The positive effect of the method is as follows. You know, the thyroid gland is able to Deposit copollutants, drugs and other toxic substances that violate the General and local immunity, causes autoimmune process in thyroid tissue. Not accidentally in recent years has changed the morphology of goiter: if 40 years ago in the thyroid gland was not lymphoid and plasmacytomas infiltration, b-cells, now they are defined in each of the thyroid gland [3]. Due to the content of sulfur in its composition sodium thiosulfate entered using galvanic current in the thyroid parenchyma, binds heavy metals and thereby promotes the removal of chemical pollutants from secovid the second gland. This method can be listed as one of the types of ecological rehabilitation. In addition, sodium thiosulfate is an aid donor (source) sulfhydryl groups, and the enzymes involved in the process of germanophone in the thyroid gland, especially thyroperoxidase contain SH groups. Sodium thiosulfate has anti-inflammatory action, i.e. suppresses aseptic autoimmune inflammation of the thyroid gland.

The proposed method can be used to treat patients with contraindications to medical drugs. The method does not cause addiction and side effects, available, cheap. Courses of this treatment can be repeated after three months or more.


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Treatment of iodine deficiency n is toxic goiter by taking micro-doses of iodine and/or levothyroxine, characterized in that it further conduct electrophoresis with 3%sodium thiosulfate solution with the cathode region of the thyroid gland, the anode impose on the interscapular region, the area of the strip 5×10 cm, the current 4-8 mA, daily or every other day, the exposure time of 15-20 min, the rate of 10-12 procedures.


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