Method for treating boundary psychic and addictive disorders

FIELD: medicine, psychotherapy.

SUBSTANCE: while analyzing patient's anamnesis and psychological peculiarities it is necessary to diagnose individual disadaptating cognitive-behavioral style by detecting peculiarities of its concepts, tendencies and associations to conduct rational psychotherapy. One should form the motivation to alternative behavior and hypnotherapy, moreover, to exclude possible resistance the procedure of hypnotizing should be suggested for a patients as exercises on creativity development. Moreover, at the first stage of hypnotherapy, a patient should be put into the stage of hypnotic trance due to tasks imitating creative self-studying and causing cognitive exhaustion and provoking the process of auto-suggestion of hypnotic phenomena. Out of them, the phenomena corresponding to the deepest stage of hypnotic trance should be induced with suggestion of support disappearance due to suggestion to imagine the light flow coming from beneath and replacing this support followed by visualization of more distanced images. At the second stage, one should perform hypnosuggestion of adaptive cognitive-behavioral style, for deepened curative impact it is useful to imitate the contact with patient's subconscious "ego" part by applying contact technique with touching patient's head with a hand and, due to earlier obtained diagnostic information. One should speak on behalf of subconsciousness on complete understanding the causes of present problems, agreement to refuse from disadaptating concepts and tendencies. Then one should finally fix adaptive cognitive-behavioral style by suggesting the patient to accept it completely. At the third stage one should perform dehypnotizing and fix curative information with patient's subconsciousness by causing amnesia of a seance. Therapy course includes 7-10 individual seances at duration of 1-2 h followed by dynamic survey. If necessary, one should fix the effect obtained due to maintenance seances. The method enables to overcome patient's latent resistance to the process of hypnotic induction to teach a patient to apply auto-hypnosis, meditation or deep relaxation.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of therapy.


The invention relates to medicine, namely to psychotherapy.

Hypnosis as a way of psychologically structured assistance in psychogenic disorders known since ancient times, but its scientific study is placed approximately in the ancient period. Modern hypnotherapy has very little experience, covering the last 20-30 years. Despite the fact that hypnotherapy can be one of the most effective forms of therapy, it now becomes increasingly clear imperfections and limitations of classical hypnosis, which is associated with the socio-psychological dynamics of human individuality. Arsenal medical-hypnotic effects of insufficient and requires further development and expansion.

Well-known classical method of hypnotherapy. It is based on direct dogmatic, non-multiple, decision-making suggestion signs of hypnotic trance, direct and unambiguous orders to the patient a complete state of submission to the hypnotherapist and phenomena of relaxation, feeling of heaviness, warmth, lightness in the body, feelings of detachment from the outside, insensitivity to external disturbances, increasing sleepiness, fixation on the voice of the doctor. In some cases, while in the somnambulistic stage inspire non-pathological hallucinations. In addition, use the form effects, in isolation or sachetana tiring visual, auditory, and tactile analyzers.

Therapeutic suggestions aimed at relieving symptoms, also have priestely nature and uniquely define the proper behavior of the patient in certain situations (Wembacher, “Hypnosis. Suggestion. Telepathy), “Thought”, 1994, p. 47-310).

However, the method has several disadvantages that limit its use: the mechanism of approach and effects, a simplified, one-sided understanding of the fundamentals of human behavior. Success in this depends entirely on how the hypnotherapist will demonstrate the force of his personality, and the patient will obey him. Therapeutic suggestion in the classical way hypnotherapy addressed to the superficial manifestations of the disease are symptomatic (pain, pseudoparalysis, irritability, sadness, anxiety, craving for alcohol and the like). It brings short-term effect, as it does not affect the fundamentals of the disease. In addition, to ensure this method requires high suggestibility and hypnoability patient, which is rare. Modern patients actively resist such enslaving type of treatment.

As the closest analogue is taken way hypnotherapy M. Erickson (“Seminar with a doctor of medicine Milton G. Erickson. - M., “the lass”, 1994, s-304), which includes extensive use of state of a light hypnotic trance. Hypnotic and therapeutic suggestion in this way are addressed to the unconscious part of the personality and boilerhouse one way or another. These hidden, encrypted impacts are inserted messages (words or phrases that have a thematic focus, included in the mask text) or stories and metaphors, the plot of which corresponds to the model hypnotizable and resolution of the patient's problem.

In the method often used the technique of ' promoting resistance and offer the worst”. In the first case, create the illusion of acceptance of the undesirable behavior of the patient, using appropriate approval (“it is good that You do not feel relaxed”, “while it is better to keep still”, “for you is the best option, and so on). In the second case, suggest the need to perform laborious tasks, impairing resistance, making it unprofitable, prompting the person to the abandonment of negative behavior (e.g., recommending to retain and strengthen muscle tension, if the patient resists relaxation).

In addition, Ericksonian psychotherapy used hidden suggestion in the form of “negative negative commands that use particle which is not”, as a rule, stimulating the desire to do the opposite (“do not be too quick to dive into a trance”), and “choice without choice” (“would You like to dive into trance quickly or slowly?”) and consistent adoption” (complex claims, the first of which the patient will certainly agree and continue “inertia” will take approval beneficial for hypnotizable).

The disadvantages of this method are: lack of humanity such manipulation, hidden from human consciousness, mainly symptomatic treatment dependence of the effect of suggestibility and hypnoability patients, longer duration of treatment, and unstable therapeutic effect.

The objective of the invention is to provide a highly efficient method for the treatment of borderline mental and addictive disorders, with more functionality and versatility to deliver in the short term more stable therapeutic effect.

The essence of the invention is that in the treatment of borderline mental and addictive disorders, including anamnesis, rational psychotherapy and gipnosuggestevna impact, characterized in that in the analysis of the history and personality of the patient diagnosed individual maladaptive of cognition the behavioral style when rational psychotherapy forms the motivation for the alternative behavior and hypnotherapy, to eliminate the possible resistance procedure hypnotizable make the patient as exercises to develop creativity needed to solve its problems, at the first stage of hypnotherapy the patient is immersed in a hypnotic state through quests, imitating the creative discriminations, causing cognitive fatigue and provoking a process of auto-suggestion hypnotic phenomena, in the second stage are hypnosuggestive adaptive cognitive-behavioral style, to deepen therapeutic effects simulate contact with the subconscious mind of the patient and using the previously obtained diagnostic information, speak on his behalf about the complete understanding of the causes of existing problems and completely refuse consent from maladaptive concepts and facilities, permanently fixed alternative behavior by instilling patient setup his full acceptance, at the third stage of the session are dehypnotizing and cause posthypnotic amnesia, after reaching positive effects are monitored and, if necessary, support sessions.

The use of the invention allows to obtain the following technical result.

The method is highly efficient is passed. He successfully used hypnotherapy to overcome the latent resistance of the patient to the process of hypnotic induction for accelerated training in self-hypnosis, meditation or deep relaxation. The result is stable. The occurrence of a positive effect in the reduction of manifestations of borderline mental disorders and dependence observed in all patients at the first session, he steadily growing and is complemented by a positive change in their lives. Strong and stable therapeutic effect was achieved in a short time - 7-10 sessions with a duration of 1-2 hours.

The method has a wide range of indications, including mental edge (neurotic, emotional, psychosomatic, personal and behavioural and addictive disorders (state food addiction - anorexia nervosa and bulimia, substance dependence, alcoholism, addiction, substance abuse, tabagism, personified psychological dependence relative to individuals), as well as bad habits, and any other related disorders psychogenic factors.

Age readings - the age of 7 years (at an earlier age, the application of the method has not been studied).

Another use of this method is psychopop the phenomenon of borderline mental and addictive disorders, psychological self-improvement, the development of mentally healthy persons adaptive abilities, immunity to stressful influences, is inevitable in the life of every person.

Contraindications to the use of this method are acute psychotic condition and dementia, acute infectious diseases, exacerbation of chronic somatic diseases, the States with the sharp pain of somatic origin.

The way available for practical psychotherapists. It is implemented in the form of sessions and home assignments that are performed by the patient, and can be used alone or in combined therapy, with good compatibility with any other types of short-term or prolonged psychotherapy, psychotherapy and psychopharmacotherapy.

The method is harmless, no side effects, economical, does not require material costs and can be used in medical and psychological institutions of any type.

The technical result is achieved due to the use of fundamentally new to hypnotherapy combined and sequential psychotherapeutic influences, eliminating the resistance of the patient and covering deep cognitive, pathogenetically significant conscious and unconscious education of the person, using techniques AK is ivali and simulation activities internal “I” of the patient. This effectively in a short time to carry out positive transformation, during which the fixation of adaptive behaviors and neutralization of maladaptive pathological stereotypes.

The method is as follows.

Initially create the basis for effective hypnotherapy, the main principles of which are: the provision of high hypnoability due to the congruency of behavioral manners hypnotherapist and used suggestive techniques to the psychological characteristics of the patient and pathogenetic approach in building therapeutic suggestions.

The ability to sufficiently help the patient with the help of hypnosis does not depend on the method itself, not from the techniques and characteristics of psychological relations in the dyad hypnotherapist - hypnotic. These relations determine the adequate response to therapeutic suggestions concerning both the depth of hypnotic trance, and the actual problems of the individual patient, i.e. affect the hypnoability and dynamics of recovery.

To solve this problem, carry out the establishment of deep empathic contact with the patient through the various manifestations of the humanist interest in helping him, similar conceptual and sensory-specific statements Rel is relatively current issues and problems demonstrate and simulate a similar manner nonverbal behavior, the various manifestations of self-competence and ability to provide valuable assistance. Here it is undesirable criticism, confrontation and creating blocks with relatives in the conflict-ridden relationship with the patient (this can be done in the future). From the results of this phase depends not only the success of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy in General, but the likelihood of the continued treatment of contacts of the patient with therapist.

Further, to ensure pathogenetic level hypnotherapy analyze history and individual psychological characteristics of the patient.

History reveals the sources maladaptive concepts and facilities, as well as Psychotrauma, which was the cause of the disease, with emphasis on their interpretation of the patient.

Psychological diagnosis includes cognitive-analytical analysis of the structure of personality and detection of pathological against non-adaptable cognitive-behavioral style, typical for this patient. For this purpose adequate clinical psychological methods, in difficult cases - hypnoanalyst. The cognitive element of this style is a specific characteristic of this patient's way of thinking, ituzaingo and presetations thinking, interpretation, presenting a topical problems, traumatic and other significant for the development of disease factors, and underlying this understanding of the concept (a system of ideas, attitudes, relationships, hierarchy of life values). The behavioral element includes deriving from these cognitive prerequisites for the installation (models, stereotypes, habitual behaviors, emotional response). The normal person uses adaptive cognitive-behavioral style, helping to overcome stress, borderline mental pathology and events dependencies arise when using maladaptive styles.

In the process of cognitive diagnostic analysis carried out identification and registration using introspection spontaneous and random thoughts that occur in a patient with memories, and reflections on topics of concern or when in stressful situations. For this purpose he is given instructions to write their thoughts on topics of concern. In addition, conduct an experiment aimed at the study of verbal and non-verbal (analog-shaped) associations of the patient associated with the words-stimuli that have a thematic relation to the structure of the disease. These associations allow to specify the direction of thinking of patie the TA. At the end of the course of treatment to control an experiment to verify the results of hypnotherapy - the emergence of positive associations in response to the presentation of stressful stimuli confirms the positive effect.

Next seek to identify underlying these thoughts and associations concepts, among which reveal the concept of the most in-depth (“depth”, “nuclear”) or less conscious, but at the same time influencing human behavior are based on the concept of surface, dependent, conscious to a greater extent. They are considered in the aspect of influence on the development of the disease, on the one hand, and in terms of availability of resources, this individual capable of recovery.

On this basis, provides rational psychotherapy and suggestive influence, explaining, convincing and inspiring the concept of the leading role of negative cognitive-behavioral stereotypes, which is an obstacle to a harmonious life, and encouraging the patient to assimilate new positive, adaptive cognitive-behavioral style, for a successful commit, which offers hypnosis.

Identify the relationship of the patient to hypnotherapy, hypnotic presence of negativity, identify the following installation resistance:

1). About asenia about the dangers of hypnosis (unknown what the outcome of this digging in the brain”, “suddenly I can't Wake up”, “I zombie”, “suddenly dependency, and so on). A fear that during the session, “when will disable consciousness”, you will lose control over their behavior or physiological functions and it will result in something bad”;

2). Life principles precluding the adoption influences another person (“I don't want in me was another person”), the propensity for leadership, a kind of “competition during the session” - “who”;

3). Negative attitude toward hypnotherapist;

4). Conscious or subconscious desire to be sick.

5). Fear to expose, to relive repressed, emotionally sharp impressions, bad memories.

In each case there is one or more of these plants, their identify, are subjected to correction or “bypass” using the proposed method of hypnotherapy.

When when the dog is alert attitude of the patient to hypnosis it is called otherwise - for example, self-hypnosis, meditation or deep relaxation. When there is a negative relationship to all of these methods touted as “creative mental exercises, exercises for the development of creativity, “creativity training” and so on, try to avoid words like trance, suggestion. The patient explained that this method activates creativity, which is mobilized to overcome disease and traumatic problems, restores the protective resources of the personality, exhausted in the course of the disease. A state of deep relaxation that occurs during the session, restores and enhances psychological capabilities, facilitates the efficient assimilation of useful medical and psychological information”.

Hypnotic suggestions of therapist during the session are masked by the instructions, “awakening the creativity of the patient, which is directed to “study occur during the session sensations and States, on creative experiments in search of his own style deep impact on yourself.”

Develop an individual plan for carrying out the suggestion with the use of hypnotic trance. Suggestibility and hypnoability not pre-checked, since the used technique allows to achieve high sensitivity of medical information to patients.

Hypnotherapy is preceded by a lecture on the state of trance, altered consciousness and the possibilities of hypnosis, its safety and benefits. With continued vigilance use masking terminology. The specifics of this lecture is the suggestion of the patient mnogopartijnosti individual manifestations of the hypnotic state (“state conducive to creative is simulatie”), “the lack of typical manifestations of sleep and shutdown of consciousness” during the session. The word “activation”, “stimulation”, “mobilization”, etc. it is recommended to use with caution, mainly in the preliminary interview or at the beginning of the session, because they inherently contradict relaxation and hypnotization. Next, talk about “slow learning”, “self-knowledge in a state of deep peace” and other

As part of hypnoidal dedicated to the inspiration of somatovegetative equivalents of trance, it is important in anticipating lectures to stay on psychosomatic - somatopsychic relationship, noting the high efficiency effects on the psychological level through somatovegetative channels and Vice versa - through psychological channels on the level somatovegetative (providing a healing effect on the state of internal organs and systems with the help of hypnosis). However, depending on the level of intellectual age and development of the patient describe the neurophysiological nature of the state of mental relaxation, resulting in the induction of feelings of relaxation, heaviness, warmth and weightlessness. Explain it as “Central effects of peripheral m & e and angiotelectasia, as a result of deliberate or accidental exposure to verbal and psychosensory levels as the impact of words and images”.

To explain the phenomena of hypnosis also use the provisions of the school Pavlov phase States, the rapport - “watchdog”, the word “alarm signals”, etc.

The patient is told that “you don't need to sleep as You sleep at night, and don't need to sleep, it is advisable only to explore themselves, their feelings, possibilities and listen to the advice of a doctor for a deeper self-discovery and improvement of abilities to govern themselves. Everyone feels their during the session: someone comes up with relaxation, a pleasant feeling of heaviness, warmth or ease, someone-just one of those feelings, and someone who generally feels nothing. Intuition, Your creativity will tune to the desired level of immersion that can be combined with certain feelings. Trust the wisdom of nature. No need to try and make the effort. The only thing that matters is that You decided to break free from their disease (from their problems)”. After that start the actual hypnotherapy.

At the first stage of the hypnotic session, follow the procedure of immersion in a hypnotic state. The patient is given a task (“creative exercises”), which has a wearing effect on the cognitive sphere: “dictionary”, “Neologisms”, “Telegraph”, “Free stream”, “Account”. According to the t effect, I use one of them or more.

In the “Encyclopedic dictionary” the task of the patient is an explanation of essence of accidental or the result of conscious work fall within the scope of attention words, like writing small articles in encyclopedic dictionary. For example, in the knowledge of the word tree can be “written article”: “the Tree is large and sturdy plant, separate copies of which reach large sizes - up to two dozen or more meters in height and up to several meters in diameter. Wood is widely used in agriculture and industry”.

“Neologisms” “pop-up” in the mind words are divided into two or more parts and new come together, forming a “Abracadabra”. So, “synchrotron” is converted to “transindia”.

“Telegraph” is a simple imitation of Telegraph messages, in which each vowel in perceived speech supplemented word “point”, and each consonant is a “dash” or Vice versa. For example, the “window” is converted to “point-to-dash-n-dash-on-point”.

In “Free flow” of thought speed and without thinking quickly moving from one to the other.

When using the “Account” patient believes from 1000 to 0, skipping the even or odd numbers, and the opening-closing eyes at each account.

Parallel to the growing phenomena of fatigue, the patient is told: “Your creative on the potential gradually becomes freed from interference and slowly, quietly enters the state in which you will store energy, which then, after the session to help You overcome any problem.”

Then by therapist uses the numbers from 1 to 20, accelerating the formation of stereotype immersion in the healing state. The patient is told: “Now I will count from 1 to 20, and figure 20, You will have exactly the condition that is most suitable to You today in order to feel better. Your intuition to decide what is best for You. It can be a state of good concentration or special clarity of consciousness, meditation or a light slumber, or almost sleeping, but you will always hear my every word, and every word of mine will help You.”

After that, using “creative style”, consistently inspire feelings of relaxation, heaviness, warmth, lightness and weightlessness, distributing them over a length of from 1 to 20, slowing down or speeding up the account, depending on the observed effect. This can be used variant of the generalized suggestion, which is given summarizing, compact suggestion hypnotic phenomena or granular detail listing their various stages and degrees. Perhaps a combination of both. Words and phrases that have a particularly significant value to produce the desired phenomenon is in, allocate using pauses and intonation. Below is a detailed version with elements of generalization suggestions:

“1..., 2..., 3.... Examine your ability to feel the difference between... relaxation... and tension of the body. Learn... to be free... from the tension, if you find it. Try to strengthen muscle tension, to feel as You feel more comfortable, more suitable - voltage or... relax.... If You choose the voltage, then hold it for as long as possible in the muscles of the face, neck, arms, torso, legs... If You prefer... relaxation...then try consistently... relax... the body down... Relax... muscles parietal, occipital, and temporal regions.... relax... the muscles of the forehead..., muscles, eyes, cheeks, lips, tongue...Relax... the neck muscles... Learn yourself, appreciate, how You can understand and deepen... relax...and get rid of the tension in the body..., free... Deepen... relax...relax...”

“4..., 5..., 6... With each number You farther and farther away... removed... from that I don't need You, get closer to what... desirable... to a pleasant, comfortable state, which chooses Your intuition”.

Then inspire relaxation of the arms, torso and legs, more or less in detail, focusing on the individual parts of the body could be the cost from the rate of implementation of the suggestions, moving from private suggestions to generalized describing the presence of a feeling of relaxation throughout the body, and using the creative “I” and the patient slowly to find their own style, their own versions of these sensations”.

Further instills in us a feeling of heaviness in the body (the severity of head usually subjectively unpleasant, so detailed a manner not suggested)as well as from private suggestions transferred to General: “7... 8... Try to feel... weight... your body... Your body has a certain... have the senses to experience it... Every part of the body has a certain... weight... and eyelids, and head and hands and torso, and legs... Read that... harder now...that will be... harder... then... Weight... body can recognize it as... the weight... or... the touch... the touch... the parts of the body that something... touch... be aware... contact... the head with a pillow..., contact... hands to the body and a sofa..., torso and legs with sofa (use adequate statements depending on the posture of the patient and where it is located)... Maybe..., contact... hands You regard as more prominent than the torso and legs...and maybe Vice versa... the Heaviness in his hands... may be recognized more evident than in the torso and legs... or otherwise... Maybe the feeling is good... atglen what I..., when every part of the body is filled with nice ...weight...filled with pleasant... the weight... All here individually, explore yourself, find your own style... Feeling... contact... may be different, and the feeling... gravity... may be different... Noticeable, tangible or otherwise...”.

“9... 10... With each number You closer and closer to state that... the most perfect... You today, now, here... the Most perfect...”.

After that inspire a feeling of warmth in the body, “May be studying yourself, You will feel a different sensation, for example... warm...or both... and heaviness and warmth... Your creative I can quite understand... warmth... his body... It really... warm, and this warmth... you can even measure... you can understand... It may become more noticeable... the Feeling... the heat... you can strengthen... Warm... be aware of and strengthen... warm... in your hands... It can completely fill the brush, or You will feel it under brushes - they actually emit... warm...and it accumulates beneath them in contact with those that come in contact with hands... Warm... may be more noticeable in the fingers or between the toes... Learn features... heat... in the hands, find its characteristics - it can be different - tickling, flowing, throbbing, or whatever else... Warm... can remind experienced what I You experienced previously, for example, when you come from a cold home and hands... warm... warm... the room... Or when hands reduced in hot water... You may Have and any other memory or fantasy... heat... Heat can fill not only the hands, but totally hands...”.

“11... Dive further and further into the healing state...”

Then inspire a feeling of warmth in the back: “to Explore the features of heat transfer in the back... Back radiates... warm...and it accumulates in the zone of contact of the back with what it comes in contact... be aware... warm... delayed insulating material and is amplified, reflected back, increases in contact area... Warm... Warm... in the back may be more visible than in the hands, or Vice versa... It can also remind experiences before, when You were lying on something... warm...”.

“12... 13... 14... Each digit... distances... You from the empty vanity...frees... from what hinders feel... relaxed and well... Well... feel... relaxed and well...”. Figure 13, as experience shows, it is desirable to cover at least the previous and next numbers, as in a hypnotic trance can manifest itself superstition and fears of the patient.

Further induce a feeling of warmth in the abdominal p is lost: “To this point, you can feel your inner... warm... Warm... inside the body of a man higher than outside... you could feel can strengthen... and immerse yourself even further into the healing state... Examine your ability to feel... warm... in my stomach...and warm... in my stomach... It can be felt in the upper abdomen or in the lower, right or left, in the center or throughout the abdomen... It may be flowing, tickling, iridescent or whatever else... All individually, explore their potential, find your own style... Warm... in the abdomen can recall feeling tested previously, e.g.. heat... from the warm, warmer... or something... Warm... in the stomach... Find its features...”.

“15... 16... Dive further and further into the healing a healing state...”.

In the same style then talk about the heat in the legs and generalized warmth throughout the body, channeling of patients to provide adequate images and comparisons.

After that give us the feeling of lightness, weightlessness and alienation, is equivalent to a deep state of trance, in parallel to complete the score to 20. The occurrence of these sensations cause using visualization disappearance support (this phrase does not say in connection with the possibility of its negative interpretation), which is one of the patient - sofa, couch, chair, or other using the suggestions view of the luminous flux, the bound from below and substitute this support. Next, switch the patient's attention to bodily sensations all over discontinuance deleted images that carry a latent suggestion of lightness. At this mention appropriate definition of the desired state and use masking instructions, “stimulating creativity:

“At this stage it is useful to evaluate its ability to visually represent images... light and easy... and maybe feel nice... easy... in the body... Try to imagine and feel the bottom, instead of what You now are, you receive the... light... beautiful luminous flux covering You from the bottom of silver, Golden, blue or any other light...... It can be... easy... available to You...You may be able to present this... luminous can become more and more noticeable...and You can feel... the ease and freedom of soaring... in the rays of this light... Or maybe You... easier... to imagine anything else, that will choose Your intuition, and presenting it, You... easier... feel... the ease and freedom of soaring... Or feel anything else... Or nothing will feel... most Likely You... easy... will be able to provide a feather - feather...or cobweb, mote...or a balloon...easy transfers wind... and lifting the bottom up..., higher and higher... Or You... easier... to fantasize about the birds flying in height...where the clouds..., soaring, light birds... and submit these birds... Or to dream about the clouds ... light...light, clean...soaring in height..., free from the hustle and bustle...and to present these... light clouds... And the body easily... can be easy..., air...floating..., free... Easy to be easy be easy... Easy... Easy... can appear immediately in all the body or some part of his Body... easy..., air...floating...weightless... Maybe... a cloud..., clean, bright cloud...soaring in as a bird... a a speck of dust... Maybe... a balloon...rising higher and height... it's Easy to become easy... You can easily get... Easily become easy And... now... don't feel in the body if the body disappeared... alone..., disappeared completely...or some part of it was dissolved in this alone... Maybe... Weightless..., body... And you can think of where the hands or feet... And you can't feel anything... And enjoy this calm...this free..., easy..., this light alone...”.

To deepen the trance can be offered as visualization tuma is a: “At this stage, You... easy... it might occur that occurs many at this stage, and you can fantasize about it, about how if You surrounds, envelops the veil... fog... the Fog... shields and protects... Fog... distances from the hustle and bustle... In the fog... otherwise all - different sounds, different visible houses, trees, people... the Fog... shields and protects..., fog... if the body had dissolved... in the fog..., disappeared completely...or some part of it was dissolved in this... the fog... the fog... and alone... Fog... and alone... Maybe You will present and will feel it... or will represent and feel anything else that will help You... deeper... to immerse yourself in the healing state...even deeper...”.

To deepen the trust of the patient and the promptings of the implementation of the phenomena of hypnosis avoid using Directive “hypnotic-hypnotic” terminology instead use vague wording describing variants of the trance like state that is different from sleep, and at the same time, hidden reinforcing drowsiness, for example: “Hypnosis is not just... sleep... or not...'s... rather... the destruction of what is called... sleep... and approximation to what is called... sleep...rather... immersion in the beginning... sleep... or the depth that is most pleasant and desirable”. Inspire deep post the dream”, in which the patient will hear only the psychotherapist.

These suggestions effectively complement complex phrases, “stimulating creativity” (actually its neutralizing, depotentiation active resistance), such as: “At this stage it is possible to feel anything or to feel nothing. Examine your ability to feel anything, and to feel that you don't feel anything or feel anything, and to feel that feel.”

Concluding his account, inspire: “I called the number 20, it means that You are now in the state that best suits You now. Your creative intuition has chosen what is better. If necessary, this condition will become even more profound or otherwise, may be wavy, but always only what is best for You.”

Verification of hypnotic trance and diagnose its depth is carried out in the case, if they focus on the suggestion of the States of the deep dive. However, according to our observations and the data of other authors, the depth of hypnosis does not affect the treatment outcome. Modern hypnosis operates mainly in the state of light trance, a kind of “detachment”. When properly oriented suggestions enough to the patient, concentrating, without foreign interference listened to them.

In the second stage pass to therapeutic phase and consistently perform 3 types of therapeutic suggestions. The first type of suggestions contains information about the positive, adaptive style of thinking, adequate positive concepts, interpretations and associations related to interpersonal relationships, life in General and the actual problems of the patient, as well as individually significant images that support this information. They conduct a series, in the pauses between which maintain the depth of the trance. “Creativity” of the patient at this stage is attracted to digest this information (direct or indirect suggestions, verbal-logical and figurative material). It is important to avoid excessive stimulation of voluntary activity, which can reduce the depth of hypnotic trance or to make the patient ready to use therapeutic fragments that do not require for their perception of any activity on his part.

The second type of suggestions is a “Hypnotic basic integration” (“Hypnotic “telepathy”), simulating contact with the subconscious mind of the patient. Depending on the mentality of the past this “procedure” is called the actual telepathic or session “deep hypnotic diagnosis, intuitive diagnosis,” “intuitive diagnostic contact, etc. Here, given a good knowledge of the pathogen is for disease, problems of the patient, characteristics of his personality, cognitive style, nuclear concepts, features of non-verbal sensory-figurative thinking “speak” on behalf of the deep structures of personality, simulate messages from the subconscious.

Keeping the previously achieved a depth of hypnotic trance, use the contact passes, put your hand on the head of the patient (it warned in advance that during the session for deeper contact will be touching certain areas of his head) and say they begin to “read”to understand or feel what now thinks his subconscious, conscious of what is in the depths of the psyche of the patient.

The location of the hands is chosen after the “diagnostics area better contact with the subconscious” sequential touching different parts of the patient's head, the result of which for the symbolization of contact with the deeper parts of the psyche of one of your hands put on the neck, just below the border of the hair growth. It is useful to hold your hand in front of the patient's forehead, not touching it, usually felt the warmth from his palm, which (if it is consistent with the worldview of the patient) is called, for example, “diagnostic bioenergy waves”. After some time trying to find out what feels the patient, if nothing, then the UCU to deepen the contact forehead, and also specify, what occur when this feeling - here they are inevitable, it remains only to interpret them. Keeping the fixing hand to attract the attention of the patient and avoiding parallel thoughts, used for changing the degree of pressure with the palms of the hands or of the individual fingers, micro - or macrodyne both hands or one hand. Also there could be different ways to move your hands or arms.

During a speech on behalf of the subconscious change the intonation so that the patient is different from the words of therapist from the “words of the subconscious”, adjust intonation and content of these statements. To enhance simulation “telepathic” effect, use “quotes”, repeating the statements of the patient regarding his issues and specific (preferred) images from interested psychosensory systems.

The suggestion that simulates contact with the subconscious mind, activating it and changing its contents in a positive direction, carried out as follows.

First, therapist says: “I (my intuition) hears your subconscious mind... I feel it... It wants to tell me a sincere message... I can translate it to the language of the currents, the energy of the waves on the language of the mind and aloud to repeat it... Before it was afraid to assert themselves did not want to lose their positions... But it is tired SV is her game..., this game brings no pleasure, furthermore, it brings only trouble, a growing number of problems, and the joy of life is slipping and slipping, life is filled... (here list the things that really disturb the patient, for example, “...filled with anxieties, fears, shame, pessimism...”)... And how I want to live differently - easy and good, without anxiety, without fear, without shame, without pessimism! (or other symptoms)... I understand Your subconscious mind - it wants to inform you that tired... (here in accordance with the nosology called manifestations of the disease, for example, when phobias - “wearily to scare You non-existent horror stories, tired to deceive You that they are, although they are not and cannot be”; in alcoholism - “tired to deceive you so that You will be able to control drinking and to drink a little bit and that will only be good, very good, if you drink, and that none of them don't even know...”; with depression - “... imagine all in black light, insults, derogatory words, to deprive You of not only hope for the future, but appetite and sleep...”).

Next inspire: “Now everything is very clear, still unhealthy thoughts and actions were a mistake, stupidity. A new life begins, there is a new birth... the Subconscious mind tells you that it waives its faulty before the of taleni, wrong thoughts, wrong, unreliable, criminal desires. Instead of the previous ideas: ... (call against non-adaptable nuclear concept) it takes: ... (called alternative fundamental adaptive concept)”. This can be given individually significant metaphors suggested visualization of normal behavior, simulated acceptance by the subconscious positive cognitive-behavioral models. It is important to conduct a posthypnotic suggestion that determines their application in various situations.

If any discrepancies or doubts, which can speak for the patient, hold “qualifying session, or on the basis of clinical logic convinced that the subconscious was deciphered correctly. Knowledge of the mechanisms of disease in a particular patient and prior psychotherapeutic work allow for successful correction of negative attitudes.

The third type of suggestions, following completing therapeutic phase - “Tabula rasa” - a “blank slate” - a clean, blank state of mind is a metaphor that contains explicit and implicit suggestion optimal adaptive concepts of existence, the strategies of thinking and behavior. This implies a deep empathic contact with the patient and his full trust, respect for therapist. Keeping g noticethe state, the patient offer some time to forget all your ideas, views and value judgments about ourselves and others, completely free from any options worldview and fully agree with the speech therapist, confirming their agreement with the statements: “I Absolutely agree. Completely believe You. Fully accept it. Deeply agree!”. Supplement or alternative to these statements can be affirmative non-verbal signals - responses in the form of raising the index finger of the right (leading) hand. therapist then compactly repeats the content of the first and second options suggestions and using questions and statements encourages the patient to Express his agreement with them.

In the third stage of the session having a revival of the patient. For this purpose, counting backwards from any figures, usually not more than 10 to 1. To 0 would not be considered, to avoid the “zeroing” of the session results. Direct bill creates a stereotype of immersion in a trance, reverse - stereotype Wake.

The patient is told: “Now I'm going to assume from... to 1, and in the process account, You will feel that it's better to feel. Be aware, use your intuition to choose what's best - it can be a state of cheerfulness, willingness to move, or, on the contrary condition is pleasant relaxation, retardation, or something in the middle between these two variants of the condition. It will occur immediately after the session or at some time afterwards - when it will be most beneficial for You, when your creativity will decide to create it.” The variability of the final States give to the patient in any case felt positive result and found effective in the work of the psychotherapist. The tempo account picked based on the degree of immersion in a trance. Final state inspire many times as necessary.

If there is a need, in order to optimally organize the subsequent treatment of the patient after waking up asking about what he felt during the session. All messages evaluated from the point of view of its “creative activity” during the session, including statements about the absence of any special sensations and effects, and in all cases interpret them as positive, appropriate, and beneficial for recovery. These questions, if in advance and during the session have been inculcated with mnogopartijnosti States and sensations, and during the hypnotic induction was carried out diagnostics phenomena of trance, may be of little value.

After receiving the required information, or in lieu of this procedure, impact, contributing amnesia. Well-built, psihoterapeuti the definition information, “immersed” in the subconscious, is perceived by the person as its own, and its regulatory effects on behavior turns out to be very productive, as it does not cause resistance, perceived as their own motivation, their own need. In contrast, the understanding that something said by another person, may in some cases be perceived as coercion and cause negativity. To exclude the latter directly or indirectly inspire or somehow provoke amnesia statements hypnotherapist, correcting the behavior of the patient. This use patterns of the forgetting of dreams upon awakening after natural sleep, the contents of which amazonetta when fixing attention on anything not related to them. In this regard, after removal from the trance, the patient is asked unexpected questions that can absorb his attention, and as much as possible in chronological and/or thematic terms to distance it from the “here and now”, for example: “What is the most pleasant early child the impression that you can recall?”, “What's the best thing in your life You have done?”. It is important to ask questions about pleasant not to change the positive effect of the session. Similarly, there are unexpected statements, gestures and actions after the session. In addition, sportsouth reception “quotation marks” - “frame” the content of the session, similar impacts. For these purposes the above account, which is similar or identical expressions, gestures and actions before and after the session.

After the session maintain adequate pause and change the localization - back in the “zone interview” - a place or room in which were conversations. It is necessary to place hypnotizable remained the only place in which occurs the trance.

How cognitive-oriented hypnotherapy is carried out in the form of individual daily or every 2-3 days. If hypnotizable children and adolescents can present their parents. The duration and number of sessions an individual, on average, from 7 to 10 psychotherapeutic meetings with a duration of 1-2 hours. To assess the effectiveness of treatment using standard clinical psychological criteria and control Association experiment. Check sustainable positive adaptive concepts, attitudes and associations is a measure of the success of treatment. After that perform dynamic monitoring and, if necessary, correction of deviations from the adaptive cognitive-behavioral style, reinforcing the effect obtained by using a support session.

The method of treatment of mental and Addie is tive disorders, includes analysis of history, rational psychotherapy and gipnosuggestevna impact, characterized in that in the analysis of history, and psychological characteristics of patients diagnosed individual maladaptive cognitive-behavioral style, revealing the features of its concepts, attitudes, and associations, which conduct rational psychotherapy, forming the motivation for the alternative behavior and hypnotherapy, to eliminate the possible resistance procedure hypnotizable make the patient as exercises for the development of creativity, at the first stage hypnotherapy the patient is immersed in a state of hypnotic trance using job imitating creative discriminations, causing cognitive fatigue and provoking a process of auto-suggestion hypnotic phenomena, of these phenomena, corresponding to the deepest stage of hypnotic trance, cause with the suggestion disappearance support using suggestions representation of the light flux coming from the bottom and replacing this support, and visualization all over distanceremaining images; in the second stage are hypnosuggestive adaptive cognitive-behavioral style, to deepen therapeutic effects simulate contact with the subconscious part of the “I” of the patient, using contact the e passes with the touch of his hand to his head, and taking into account the previously received diagnostic information speak on behalf of the subconscious on a full understanding of the causes of existing problems, agree to waive maladaptive concepts and facilities, permanently fixed adaptive cognitive-behavioral style, inspiring patient setup his full acceptance; at the third stage of the session are dehypnotizing and record medical information in the subconscious mind of the patient, causing amnesia session, the treatment includes 7-10 individual sessions lasting 1-2 hours, followed by observation, if necessary, reinforcing the effect obtained by using a support session.


Same patents:

FIELD: psychotherapy.

SUBSTANCE: device comprises gaseous and/or colored insertions formed by additives, in particular potassium bicarbonate and/or rare-earth metal oxides.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency of prevention and correction of psychogenic diseases.

4 cl

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: method involves specifying disease stage, determining suggestibility degree, programming on abstinence from alcohol consumption for a 6-12 months long period the patient determines on the own free will. Treatment is administered with bipolar electric asymmetric current pulses of 3-5 mA being applied on the background of relaxing melody later on in reanimation room. Assurance in overcoming difficulties of life and becoming free of alcohol addiction is suggested on this background. Placebo is concurrently intravenously administered as drop infusion imitating coding preparation as alcohol receptor blocker. Suggestive accentuation is concentrated on possible complications caused by alcohol consumption after introducing the preparation. The aversion against alcohol is invoked by making drop infusion of medicament mixture causing fever sensation and myorelaxation. The patient swallows 2-3 gulps of alcohol and the provoked responses are associated to them with a cause-effect relation like alcohol-bad health state and fixed with intramuscular placebo injection simulating oil code preparation.

EFFECT: enhanced effectiveness of treatment; prolonged remission period.

6 cl

FIELD: medicine, psychotherapy, amending and medicinal psychology, in particular, treatment of neuroses and posttraumatic stress disturbances.

SUBSTANCE: method involves introductory stage including collection of data and analysis of anamnesis, social development and bringing-up conditions, children and parents relations, emotional response to stress of burned children; finding out trauma nature and start training lessons with child; establishing confidential relations and contact with child; providing diagnosis of psychological, physical and intellectual development of child; determining child's extent of readiness and form of participation in training, purpose of training; preparing playing zone with fire safe conditions; constructing and modeling together with child articles imitating match box and matches; measuring pulse rate; basic stage involving doing exercises using two construction-modeling articles simulating match box and matches by modeling controlled actions, namely,: taking match box from table by one hand, opening match box by other hand, withdrawing match from box and closing match box; turning match box so that its side surface is oriented upward; abruptly, with application of pressure, moving match against side surface of match box away from yourself; holding match in horizontal position for 10 s after ignition of match with gradual bringing of match holding time to 30 s; extinguishing fire; informing about function and designation of article while pointing out positive and negative features of "fire"; discussing feelings connected therewith and watching child's state by controlling his breath; creating "fairy" atmosphere of candle ignited by specialist upon receiving child's consent for switching and presence of negative stimulus-fire of candle during training; final stage involves confidence-conciliation agreement between specialist, parent and child and discussing observation of its terms; extinguishing candle fire; controlling child's pulse rate; providing similar manipulations by bringing burning match to candle fixed in holder; teaching safe blowing-in of flame at safe distance or by closing with cap; bringing burning match to piece of paper lying on tray and extinguishing flame by water; teaching more complicated actions to bring fire handling skills to automatic extent; controlling level of acquired knowledge in fire handling and approving child's actions by granting "diplomas" for successful results.

EFFECT: increased efficiency in forming stress-overcoming behavior, reduced traumatism and provision for recovering of motor function.

1 ex

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: method involves concurrently acting upon patient auditory system with acoustic signal produced by a musical composition selected on basis of patient health state and electric signals of the same musical composition acting upon patient skin. The electric signals amplitude-modulated with depth of 15-85%, act upon the patient via adhesive skin electrodes during 15-40 min. Hearing-add device is subjected to acoustic signals amplitude-modulated with depth of 15% and higher. Amplitude-modulation frequency is selected within the limits of 1.2-9.8 Hz. Modulation is carried out with frequency corresponding to patient disease frequency and action power is chosen on basis of subjective patient sensations. Device has unit for performing musical composition, the first and the second power amplifier, matching unit, adhesive electrodes and electroacoustic converter as well as electrostimulation modulator, acoustic modulator, the first and the second modulation depth regulator, the first and the second power control unit. Musical signal reproduction output unit is connected to the first inputs of electrostimulation modulator and acoustic modulator, which second inputs are connected to input of introduced controllable modulation frequency oscillator and modulation depth regulators are connected to their third inputs. Electrostimulation modulator output is connected to adhesive electrodes via the first power amplifier and matching unit. Sound modulator is connected to the electroacoustic converter via the second power amplifier. The first and the second power regulator are connected to the second inputs of the first and the second power amplifier. Unit for recording sessions is additionally introduced for replicating therapeutic sessions, its first input being connected to the electrostimulation modulator and the second one to the sound modulator output.

EFFECT: enhanced effectiveness of treatment.

4 cl, 1 dwg

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: method involves giving session-lesson with sociogenesis, motives, origin and development mechanisms of drug addiction. The order of stage-by-stage disease symptoms manifestation is explained to the smallest details. Using the explained data, the students are convinced in fatal danger of drug addiction in terms of formal logic. Next to it, semantic content of premises is represented as video film that is used for introducing drug information into subconscious level by means of audiovisual means. Suggestion is carried out 2-5 times during film presentation directed to prohibition of drug consumption. Key suggestion formula composed of two words is concurrently shown on the screen. The video film being over, the students do dynamic physical exercises composed of rhythmically repeated movements coordinated with breathing. The students are induced to repeat key formula of suggestion concurrently with exercises done. The first word is said is pronounced when inhaling and the second one when exhaling.

EFFECT: enhanced effectiveness of treatment.

2 cl

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: method involves carrying out information treatment in the indirect psychotherapy framework. A session-lesson begins with sociogenesis, motives, origin and development mechanisms of drug addiction being explained. The order of stage-by-stage disease symptom manifestations is explained to the smallest details. Using the explained data, the students are convinced in fatal danger of drug addiction in terms of formal logic. Next to it, semantic content of premises is represented as video film that is used for introducing drug information into subconscious level by means of audiovisual means. Suggestive treatment is periodically carried out. It is directed to prohibition of drug consumption. After the video film being ended, acupressure lessons restricted to three biologically active points of Yin-tang, Tou-wei, Feng-chi are taught to the students. Prohibition of drug consumption is suggested. The students are assured that the self-massage treatment like this would give them confidence of their strength in complex life situations.

EFFECT: enhanced effectiveness of prophylaxis.

2 cl, 1 tbl

FIELD: medicine, reflexotherapy.

SUBSTANCE: one should affect auricular acupuncture points of predominant concha auriculae with microneedles. It is necessary to apply points AT-18, AT-55, AT-87, AT-13, AT-34, AT-82. Needles should be kept in the above-mentioned points for 10 d. Then comes impact for the same auricular points of another ear. Before each insertion of microneedles and after their removal it is necessary to conduct psychotherapeutic impact due to verbal suggestion.

EFFECT: shortened terms of therapy.

2 ex

FIELD: medicine, psychotherapy, reflexotherapy.

SUBSTANCE: one should introduce microneedles of auricular acupuncture points of predominant concha auriculae such as AT-34, AT-55, AT-76, AT-77, AT-78,AT-82 for about 7-10 d. After removal one should introduce needles into the same points of another ear for about 7-10 d. After removal needles should be introduced into predominant concha auriculae for about 7-10 d. Before each introduction of microneedles and after their each removal it is necessary to perform psychotherapeutic impact due to verbal suggestion.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of therapy.

4 ex

FIELD: medicine, psychiatry, narcology, telemedicine.

SUBSTANCE: one should perform suggestive impact upon a patient to form negative emotions at different addictions. One should project a video-sequence of negative picture on the screen. Positive emotions should be developed by demonstrating positive pictures. Moreover, one should conduct psychotherapeutic impact through the canals of audiovisual devices along with distance control for patient's state. Moreover, it is necessary to register fluctuations of omega-potential, anxiety level, initial psychophysiological characteristics. At the background of positive emotions one should form a dominant for healthy life and the program to avoid addiction. Then comes correction of behavioral stereotypes. Patient should choose motivating video-image by activating the dominant and program to avoid the addiction available. Verbal impact occurs under stereophonic conditions with binaural sound fluctuations. The method enables to prevent relapses of addictive behavior at the stage of pre-clinical manifestations of the above-mentioned disease.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of therapy.

1 cl, 3 ex, 4 tbl

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: method involves carrying out therapy in three stages. Clinical psychological examination is carried out at the first stage. Then, treatment for relieving emotional stress is applied. Emotionally saturated variable stimuli are concurrently applied. The stimuli are implicitly and substantially associated with verbal suggestion formula as a whole over vision and auditory sensory cerebral systems. Treatment duration is 60 min. Emotional stress therapy is applied at the second stage to produce negative conditional reflex against alcohol consumption on the background of bright, emotionally saturated esthetic stimuli implicitly and substantially associated as a whole with verbal suggestion formula. Conditional reflex is trained by triple 2 s long acoustic signal repetition with 4 s long pauses equal in time. 10 sessions each being 60 min long are applied twice a week. Supporting therapy is administered at the third stage. The treatment has 10 sessions each being 60 min long once per 3 weeks.

EFFECT: enhanced effectiveness in cultivating conditional alcohol aversion reflex and forming soberness dominant.

FIELD: medicine, psychiatry, psychotherapy.

SUBSTANCE: the present innovation deals with carrying out dietotherapy and psychotherapeutic impact in the course of group seances. Moreover, the main psychotherapeutic impact should be performed during two seances per 8 h each, each due to marathon technique under asthenization conditions, biorythmical misfunctioning and behavioral stereotypes. Motivation should be elaborated for patient's healthy nutrition along with self-confidence and belief into success. Program for losing body weight should be developed to visualize and concretize therapy. Diary for nutritive behavior should be written, psychological protection should be performed in case of affected dietary situation. After the main seances one should carry out psychotherapeutic impact during one seance of 3 h duration in 1 or 3 mo. During seances the results obtained should be fixed by discussing and excluding situations provoking obesity relapse. The method enables to prolong duration and stability of remission.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of therapy.

1 tbl

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: the present innovation deals with the ways to treat alcoholism, narcomania, tobacco smoking, obesity, sexual disorders, gambling-mania and others. Videopicture contains either one or two additional exposures, the 25th and 26th, correspondingly, each of them contains verbal information of either prohibiting or encouraging character and depictive information that corresponds to the character of verbal information. Moreover, at first, it is necessary to show the 25th exposure only, then - the 25th and the 26th exposures together, then again - the 25th exposure only. Duration of seance for videopicture watching should last for about 20-40 min. The method enables to perform less severe impact upon a patient.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of therapy.

1 cl

FIELD: medicine, in particular, narcology.

SUBSTANCE: method involves using computer as apparatus for displaying on monitor screen of brain colored images reflecting at least two states of brain: before coding by separating portions colored with yellow, green and blue colors and tints thereof reflecting increasing extent of brain affection, and after coding by separating big portion of bright-red color on the background of portions colored with yellow, green and blue colors and tints thereof, respectively; explaining to patient that portion of bright-red color is his dominant code resulted from treatment; before coding procedure, applying and fixing on patient's forehead electrodes simulating elimination of brain potentials; in the course of coding, exposing patient to light flashes with switched-off common illumination and to continuous acoustic signals generated by means of acoustic synthesizer; during coding procedure, exposing patient to light flashes issued from, for example, stroboscope, said light flashes being emitted at frequency of 1-3 Hz; providing immediate suggestion by means of microphone and telephone headsets electrically connected to microphone and secured on patient's head. Method allows preliminary treatment procedure to be avoided.

EFFECT: increased therapeutic effect.

4 cl, 3 dwg, 1 tbl

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: method involves carrying out physiological examination with electroencephalogram recorded. Cognitive evoked potential method is additionally applied as neuropsychological examination for detecting hard and latent organic brain lesions causing central nervous system pathological disorders. An additional psychophysiological examination is carried out with vision analyzer test, visuomotor response test being applied for obtaining estimations of selection, discrimination, noise immunity and muscle endurance index, movement coordination, response to moving object and integral estimation of attention and ability for perceiving significant information, motor analyzer rapid response production estimation, estimation of nature of cardiovascular system response to given psychoemotional loading estimation. The examination is sequentially carried out as primary control when hiring personnel, as intermediate control in following a training course and emergency training. Psychological testing is of multi-purpose nature. To achieve it, a set reliable tests and methods of prognostic and substantial validity are applied, including intellect and project-building tests and standardized self-reports. When making decisions concerning professional validity based on test and examination results, risk group is selected from operation personnel.

EFFECT: enhanced effectiveness of occupational skill assessment.

FIELD: medicine, human weight correction.

SUBSTANCE: while elaborating self-realization formula a dietologist should develop weight correction mode for a patient during certain period of time without health deterioration. A psychotherapist should detect several targets for weight correction followed by psychotherapeutic seance by applying neurolinguistic programming. For this purpose, a patient should provide picturesque and detailed description of desirable function. Moreover, a psychotherapist detects positive, emotional and autonomic manifestations to form conditionally reflector relationship due to tactile contact. Under supervision of a psychotherapist due to suggestion technique a patient should imagine "a part of personality" responsible for weight correction. Then his psychotherapist has communication with mentioned "part of personality", arouses patient's attention to desirable result and fixes elaborated conditioned reflex. Then a psychotherapist illustrates communication with physical feelings that correspond to either negative or positive answer and their appearance in "a part of personality". At establishing tactile contact a psychotherapist suggests to choose new ways of behavior directed onto weight correction, obtains agreement from "a part of personality" to take care of this very function, which a psychotherapist should monitor by physiological manifestations and fix with conditioned tactile contact. A patient suggests new ways of alimentary behavior, analyze them and choose not less than 3 really achievable ones and "a part of personality" is responsible for automatic implementation of these new ways of alimentary behavior in patient's next life and at achieving positive answer from "a part of personality" sйance of psychotherapy should be finished by returning a patients into awakening state. Moreover, one should prescribe a diet at decreased caloricity of 800-900 kcal during the 1st mo, then - 1200 kcal for another month with subsequent achieving its value to correspond to normal body requirements. Psychotherapy lasts for 3-4 seances in 3-5 d at repeated maintenance therapy in a month, 1 seance. The method enables to achieve stable weight decrease during preset period of time for prolonged terms.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of weight correction.

1 cl, 1 ex

FIELD: medicine, anesthesiology, intensive therapy, surgery.

SUBSTANCE: the present innovation is suggested to correct anesthetic therapy in postoperational period. One should apply a modified visual-analog scale of pain on which patient should mark independently his (her) pain feelings by fixing them on vertical sections of the above-mentioned scale of pain every 2 h during the day, then doctor should plot an algogram of daily fluctuations of patient's pain feelings to analyze them for estimating the strength of pain feelings and adequacy of analgetic therapy conducted; and by taking into account the data obtained to conduct correction anesthetic program next day. The present innovation enables to adequately evaluate patient's pain feelings in postoperational period for subsequent performing adequate preventive analgetic therapy of pain syndrome, that, in its turn, enables to prevent pathological postoperational syndromocomplex.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of correction.

2 cl, 3 dwg, 1 ex

FIELD: medicine, cardiology.

SUBSTANCE: the present innovation includes hypolipidemic diet. Additionally, in the state of meditation one should induce the feeling of thermal disposition in intestinal area due to autosuggestion spirally starting from dextral ileal area and performing about 3-5 circles clockwise, only by narrowing the radius of movement towards navel's area, then about 3-5 circles clockwise by widening the radius of movement against initial circumference. Then one should similarly work with feelings of colic pains and cold. Moreover, autosuggestive impact should be carried out twice daily for 30-40 d, and then - once daily every other day to maintain cholesterol level at normal value. The method enables to treat hypercholesterolemia in patients despite cholesterol level.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of therapy.

1 cl, 1 tbl

FIELD: medicinal cosmetology.

SUBSTANCE: at first, one should perform target psychological tuning up for the work with a certain patient. Then, at the fist stage it is necessary to remove articular blocks, relax muscular-ligamentous apparatus of body joints with light swingings of patient's head and limbs. Moreover, one should apply long smoothing movements for limbs. The first stage should be finished with respiratory exercises. Then comes relaxing massage of jugular area and hands, plastic impact upon facial fasciae and muscles, massage of biologically active points and linear facial massage. Then one should do the complex of strengthening exercises for the neck and face. At the same time, one should concentrate patient's attention upon coming feelings in jugular and facial areas. Complex of strengthening exercises for the face and the neck should be performed every day. The present innovation enables to maintain daily tonicity of facial myofascial layer well.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

1 cl, 4 ex

FIELD: medicine, thoracic surgery, anesthesiology.

SUBSTANCE: as non-narcotic medicinal preparation one should apply heparin to be introduced intratracheally at the dosage of 300-500 IU/kg, moreover, heparin should be introduced during the first 30 min after the operation is over. The present innovation enables to create prolonged anesthetizing effect in combination with prophylaxis of postoperational thrombohemorrhagic complications due to heparin capacity to be kept in the body due to its accumulation by mast cells at blockade of their fermentative activity followed by its gradual release into the blood.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

1 cl, 1 ex, 3 tbl

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: method involves doing complex of physical training exercises on the background of medical rehabilitation treatment. First, dominant hemisphere is determined. Next, exercises are done expanding in turn over higher and higher levels of the nervous system beginning from homolateral movements of extremities. Then, heterolateral movements are done with extremities: first, without crossing median line of the body and then with shoulder girdle rotation to one side and pelvic girdle to the opposite side ending in movements crossing the median line. Then, the heterolateral movements are combined with eye movements and functional loads upon the hemispheres. Infinity sign drawing is carried out in the air with the right hand, left hand and with both hands, following the imaginary drawings with eyes and transferring center of gravity from one leg to the other one. Then, symmetrical figures are drawn simultaneously using both hands. Then, autotraining exercises are done consisting in creating and fixing in memory image of both working hemispheres.

EFFECT: enhanced effectiveness of influence exerted to both hemispheres in activating interhemispheric links and restoring injured cortical functions.

8 dwg, 2 tbl