Method for treating diseases of genital organs in farm animals

FIELD: veterinary science.

SUBSTANCE: one should apply a honey-tissue preparation that contain emulsion out of the walls of pregnant uterus and ovaries without cow's yellow bodies 6.0 ml, natural bee honey 5.0 g, isotonic sodium chloride solution 2.0 ml sodium benzoate caffeine 1.5 g to be introduced into dorsal lumbar muscles both from the right and from the left per a half of the dosage being equal to 0.03-0.04 ml/kg either once or twice at 6-7-d-long interval. The present innovation enables to improve metabolism, normalize the work of hormonal and nervous systems, normalize functions of uterine muscles at hypo- and atonias, at delayed afterbirth and restore affected ovarian functions.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of therapy.


The present invention relates to agriculture, veterinary medicine, particularly to a method for the prevention and treatment of certain diseases of the genital system of animals.

There is a method of treatment of diseases of humans and animals biogenic stimulators of tissue emulsions. They are administered under the skin, used in the form of powders, ointments, and others [1, 2].

In their composition they contain biogenic stimulants or substances resistance [1] one body, formed during the preparation of the drug.

The purpose of the invention is the increased activity of the protective adaptations of the organism biogenic stimulators of animal and vegetable origin.

This goal is achieved by the fact that as a biogenic stimulator use honey-tissue preparation containing textile emulsion of the wall of the pregnant uterus, ovaries without yellow bodies - 6.0 ml; honey bee natural - 5.0 g; solution of sodium chloride isotonic - 2.0 ml; caffeine-sodium benzoate - 1.5 g, which is injected in the dorsal muscles of the lower back once or twice with an interval of 6-7 days left and right1/2part of therapeutic dose based 0.03-0.04 ml/kg body weight of the animal.

Technology of preparation of honey and tissue preparation:

tissue emulsion uterus and ovaries without yellow bodies are prepared in the conventional the way, as follows: purified from excess tissue pregnant uterus and ovaries are placed in separate containers in the refrigerator at a temperature of plus 2-4°C. After 6-8 days, they are weighed, crushed 2-3 times in the ratio 8:2 meat grinder, grind in a mortar, mix the minced meat with double quantity of isotonic sodium chloride or distilled water. After settling at room temperature the mixture was incubated 60 min in a water bath with a temperature of 60-80°, boiled for 2-3 min, filtered through two layers of sterile gauze;

- honey bee natural mixed with isotonic sodium chloride to its natural consistency, filtered through two layers of sterile gauze;

cooled to room temperature tissue emulsion is mixed with honey solution, the resulting mass was dissolved caffeine-sodium benzoate;

- filled in 14.0 ml penicillin vials closed with rubber stoppers, running metal headbands, pasteurized three times with a daily interval in a water bath with temperature 58-59°C;

- keep medications up to six months in closed containers at a temperature of 2-4°in a dark dry place.

The mechanism of action of honey-tissue preparation:

- biogenic stimulators of tissue emulsion of the pregnant uterus and ovaries without yellow bodies activate life p is ocessi the body of the animal, improves metabolism, stimulates the activity of the hormonal and nervous systems, and normalize muscle of the uterus during Hypo - and Adonijah, at the time of arrest of the placenta, acute and chronic endometritis, contribute to the restoration of ovarian function, normalize the reproductive cycle, sexual hunt and others;

- honey bee natural (3) is to some extent a prolongator, activates, enhances, and expands the scope of the biogenic stimulators, he is a biogenic stimulator, supplies the body with additional energy by the material, its essential oil, through the stimulation of local nerve endings that contribute to the normalization of the functions of the organs, the Central nervous system of the body, reduce the activity of pain dominants;

- caffeine-sodium benzoate activates the Central nervous system, normalizes the function of the cardiovascular system, helps to restore the natural blood circulation to the cells of the organs, especially the sick, takes part in the weakening of the activity of pain dominant in the cerebral cortex.

In the experimental verification of the effectiveness of honey-tissue preparation has yielded quite promising results even where well-known drugs gave a slight improvement. Believe that honey-tissue drug will be widely used as a pathogenic tera the Oia in the prevention and treatment of many diseases of the body of the animal, including genital system.

The proposed technology can be prepared honey-tissue preparations for all kinds of animals, but using the gravid uterus and ovaries without yellow tel species.


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A method of treatment of diseases of the genital system of farm animals, including the introduction biogenic stimulators in the form of textile emulsion, characterized in that as a biogenic stimulator use honey-tissue preparation containing emulsion of the wall of the pregnant uterus and ovaries without yellow bodies cows to 6.0 ml, honey bee natural - 5.0 g solution, isotonic sodium chloride and 2.0 ml of caffeine sodium benzoate 1.5 g, which is injected in the dorsal muscles of the lower back left and right1/2part of the dose, 0.03 to 0.04 ml/kg once or twice with an interval of 6-7 days.


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EFFECT: higher efficiency of therapy.

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EFFECT: enhanced effectiveness of treatment.

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FIELD: medicine, combustiology, surgery.

SUBSTANCE: one should apply monotherapy with ecdisterone solution in olive oil at concentration of 0.001-0.01% to be introduced per 10 ml thrice daily after meals for 10-14 d. The present innovation shortens terms of therapy in [patients with the above-mentioned nosology due to more rapid epithelization of esophageal mucosa.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of therapy.

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FIELD: food processing industry, in particular production of composition from vegetable raw materials.

SUBSTANCE: claimed composition represents mixture of 71-78 mass % of betuline, 3-10 mass % of betulinic acid and 12-26 mass % of joint products obtained from birch bark. Composition of present invention makes it possible to provide enzyme and energy regulation of innercell homeostasis and cell membrane stabilization.

EFFECT: increased human cell resistance against hostile environment.

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FIELD: functional agent, capable of elimination unhealthy nicotine action caused by smocking.

SUBSTANCE: claimed functional agent is prepared by drying of composition containing (pts w.): green tea effective ingredient powder 50-500; extract from mulberry leaves 7.5-75; apple juice 3-30; extract from liquorice roots 3-30; and extract from dried orange skin. Extract from mulberry leaves extract from liquorice roots and extract from dried orange skin are prepared by decocting in boiling water. Functional beverage is prepared by blending 0.5-5 mass % of functional agent with water. Method for functional agent production also includes providing filtrates of nuts, vegetables, fruits, concentrates roots, skin and leaves. Then powder is formed by blending of said filtrates and concentrates with green tea effective ingredient powder. Powder is filtered and dried by spray-type dried.

EFFECT: functional agent inhibiting cancerogen forming caused by smocking, having antioxidant effect, and preventing lung cancer.

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SUBSTANCE: patients preliminarily undergo endoscopic papillo-sphincterotomy, whereupon stone in common bile duct is dissolved and removed by way of supplying stone-dissolving therapeutic mixture, in particular 1:1 solution of diethyl ether in olive oil, directly to bile stone. Therapeutic mixture creates, in the lumen of bile duct, hydrostatic pressure 200 mm water head. More specifically, 120 ml of therapeutic mixture is supplied during one day at a rate of 10 drops/min, while performing 5 to 16 daily sessions of stone-dissolving therapy.

EFFECT: increased efficiency in removal of sparingly soluble stones in common bile duct.

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FIELD: pharmaceutical industry, in particular homoeopathic drug for treatment of acute respiratory virus infections.

SUBSTANCE: claimed drug includes Aconitum C3, Baptisia trinctoria C3, China C3, Allium cepa, Atropa belladonna, Bryonia alba D3, and Mercurius solubilis C6 in equal ratios. Homoeopathic drug may be made in form of granules or drops. Drug of present invention has potent antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and deintoxication action.

EFFECT: homoeopathic drug with good endurability without side effects.

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FIELD: medicine, in particular homoeopathic ointment for treatment of hemorrhoids, dermatitis and rhinitis.

SUBSTANCE: claimed ointment includes Calendula D 1, Hamamelis D 1, Aesculus D 1, and menthol as active ingredients and zinc oxide and vaseline as ointment base in specific ratio. Ointment of present invention makes it possible to improve microcirculation and cell respiration in tissues, to reduce venous engorgement, to increase immunity, to stimulate regeneration processes.

EFFECT: ointment for treatment of hemorrhoids, dermatitis and rhinitis of improved effect.

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SUBSTANCE: method comprises breaking up starting material, mixing with alcohol-water solution, infusion, and separation in the form of liquid phase. In particular, extraction of properly dried disintegrated walnuts having milky-wax ripeness with alcohol-water solution is accomplished at specified solution-to-nuts ratio and infusion proceeds at room temperature.

EFFECT: increased proportion of biologically active substances in colorants and prolonged shelf time of product.

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SUBSTANCE: invention provides method, which can be used for industrial production of extracts from medicinal and edible plants. Disintegrated raw material is mixed with extractant to form suspension, after which follow extraction, dissolution, and filtration. The two latter operations are carried out in the same apparatus constituted by two parallel densely coiled tubes, one of coils serving as production line and the other as steam conduit. Suspension is fed into production line under pressure 0.12 to 1.9 MPa at temperature 90 to 210°C.

EFFECT: created conditions for continuous production of true solutions of galenical preparations.

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FIELD: experimental medicine.

SUBSTANCE: the present innovation deals with correcting lesions of ovarian tissues caused by cytostatic preparation. Application of Baikal Scutellaria extract as a corrector of the above-mentioned lesions demonstrates improved results.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of correction.

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FIELD: thermolabile preparations for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food processing industries.

SUBSTANCE: claimed method includes crushing of dried plants, blending with solvent, disintegration of cell membranes, extraction and filtering. To disintegrate the membranes mixture of crushed raw material with solution is injected into nipple connected via diaphragm with boiler. Diaphragm provides difference between membrane disintegrating overpressure in nipple and atmospheric pressure in boiler wherein semicolloidal solution is released from denaturated cellular tissue by residual pressure and transferred into real solution under turbulent conditions at temperature preventing agglutination and coagulation of high molecular compounds.

EFFECT: effective method for production of galenicals, including high molecular compounds.

Infusion-balsam // 2252776

FIELD: pharmaceutical industry, in particular infusion-balsam production from vegetable raw materials.

SUBSTANCE: claimed infusion-balsam contains Hypericium perforatum, Rhodiola Rosea L., Origanum vulgare, Cortex Quercus, Fructus Rosae, Flores Tiliae, Fructus Anisi Vulfaris, Fructus Anethi graveolentis, Ehinaceae purpurea (herb and roots), Elytrigia repens, Fructus Crataegi, honey and water/alcohol liquid. Also are disclosed component ratios for concentrated and prophylaxis compositions.

EFFECT: infusion-balsam capable of metabolism improving, cell immunity activation, tumor metastasis inhibiting, and allergic disease alleviation.

2 cl, 6 ex