Ceramic decorative electric device for roasting shashlick

FIELD: cooking devices for kitchen.

SUBSTANCE: electric device of ceramic decorative material includes roasting chamber in the form of ceramic glazed ball-shaped vessel having opening in bottom.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency of roasting.

1 cl, 1 dwg


The invention relates to appliances for fast, clean cooking in different settings, including at home, at the cottage, in the café, the restaurant, mainly for cooking kebabs, kebab, portion cuts of meat, including the use of smoke.

A device for thermo radiation processing of food products, consisting of a frame with supports, which are removable skewers and a pallet of fuel. The use of this device it is possible outdoors or indoors, equipped with exhaust ventilation. In addition, the device requires a long time to get ash and has a short working period because of its rapid cooling.

A device for frying food, including barbecue (for ignition of coal or firewood and get the burning coals without flame) with grooves in its sides, skewers, one ends of which are mounted rings for placement in the slots of the grill and a device for rotation of the skewers, which includes a motor and a toothed gear wheel which is connected with the other ends of the skewers connected to the motor voltage regulator for regulating the angular velocity of rotation of the skewers and time relay (see RF patent for the invention №1731154 And 47 J 37/04, publ. 1993).

The lack of salycic is and coal is uneven warming up outside and inside high complexity, the complexity and high cost (the use of heat resistant materials, reflectors of infrared radiation, the need to use a mechanical drive for rotating skewers), the need for large quantities of fuel, the possibility of burning the surface of the processed product, cooking in the open air or in the presence of local exhaust ventilation, environmental pollution.

A device for roasting food, consisting of a housing with heater, with a Central pole and two rigidly mounted thereon a disk having a sleeve for skewers, equipped with a mechanism for turning the skewers around its axis (see RF patent №1793897 And 47 J 37/04, publ. 1993).

The disadvantage of this system is the heterogeneity of the warm-up due to one-sided location of the heater, a large number of operations when loading and unloading the skewers, in addition, in the cooking process, heating of the skewers and spit that when retrieving them is connected with possible burns of the hands.

Known electrocasnice containing a cylindrical heating chamber, consisting of a casing, base and cover, an electrical heating element placed along the axis of the heating chamber, the actuator is located under the base, skewers, installed on the output of the s shafts with the possibility of removal. When this casing is formed of two parts, made in the form of semi-cylinders, the side faces of which are reinforced by means of a cylindrical hinge on two located on the same vertical axis pins, made on the base and the lid of the camera, and the semi-cylinders are interconnected by means of two latches, made of insulating material (see RF patent for the invention №2000732 And 47 J 37/04, publ. 1993).

The disadvantages of this design include poor stability, the inconvenience of maintenance, the presence of the drive.

A device comprising two pivotally interconnected reinforced on the outside with heat-resistant insulation of the dome-shaped part forming a working chamber and a heater installed in one of the domed parts of the device. Each part is equipped with support elements for mounting the device on a plane when it is turned upside down (see RF patent for the invention №1775111 And 47 J 37/06, publ. 1992).

The main drawback of the device when it is used as a barbecue is the heterogeneity of the food processing because of the unilateral location electric heating element.

A device representing an insulated working chamber in the form of a rectangular parallelepiped, the corners of which are h is four heater with adjustable power. Inside the working chamber is cylindrical pan from heat-resistant glass that acts as a tray when grilling, cover with actuator holders skewers (see RF patent for the invention №1771418 And 47 J 37/04, publ. 1992, prototype)

The main disadvantage of the prototype, despite its advanced technological capabilities, is uncomfortable when loading / unloading the skewers, burn hazard, the presence of the electric drive, as well as additional thermal resistance in the processing of kebabs due to the shielding effect of the walls of a glass pan.

A common shortcoming of all the variants of the device is structural complexity, mnogovershinnoe service and the presence of metal parts and parts requiring address issues of electrical safety and susceptible to corrosion at elevated temperatures and moisture.

The aim of the invention is the creation of simple construction and easy to operate, environmentally friendly, corrosion resistant devices that provide high quality food due to their uniform heat treatment and with the possibility of multi-use.

This goal is achieved by the fact that in the known device Sobieski meat products, containing working chamber, the heater, the installation position of the skewers, the working chamber is made in the form of glazed ceramic vessel spherical shape with a hole at the bottom with legs and handles, cylindrical neck, which is a ring with openings for the installation and cover for locking skewers, put the sharp end in a ceramic Cup-tray with tabs, electric heater with a specific surface of 0.5-0.7 W/cm2placed in the grooves of the two ceramic rings located around the perimeter of the working chamber, and the ratio of the height position of the upper ring to the diameter of the working chamber is in the range of 0.5-0.6 for the lower ring, this ratio is 0.2-0.3.

The proposed device is shown in the drawing.

Electrocasnice decorative ceramic contains ceramic, glazed, spherical shape of the working chamber 1 with the legs 2 and side handles 3, on the inner side of which is on the perimeter at two levels are ceramic ring 4 (top ring) and 5 (bottom ring) with grooves for fixing the wire resistive heater with the conclusions at the bottom of the camera. In the upper part of the working chamber is cylindrical neck with a ceramic ring 7 and a lid 8.

On the inner side of the ring 7 cut the s slots for mounting skewers 9, the sharp ends of which are immersed in a ceramic Cup-tray ledges 6, installed on the bottom of the working volume for collecting drained of fat and meat juice. At the bottom of the working chamber provided with an opening 10, which improves the convective heat transfer in the working volume and serves as a drain in the sink and barbecue.

The main purpose of the device is the grilling. To do this, the meat is marinated, cut into small pieces and placed on skewers 9 mounted in a Cup-pallet 6. The upper part of the skewer is inserted into the slots of the ring 7, which prevents cranking, and is fixed in this position by the lid 8. After the barbecue is connected to an electrical outlet.

The combination of structural features of the device, namely thermophysical properties of the ceramic body (high enthalpy, low thermal conductivity), focusing heat spherical shape, a two-level location and experimentally selected level specific surface heating power, as well as technological hole at the bottom of the camera, allows you to create a high degree of homogeneity of the temperature field in the working volume and, consequently, to realize high quality food without rotation of the skewers.

It should be noted that the time barbecue can be reduced if the load meat in prewar the positive-heated chamber and at least once to rotate the skewer in the process of frying. To do this, open the lid 8, take the skewer out of the slot on the ring 7, remove from cups-pallet 6, rotate it 180 degrees and re-insert into the slot of the ring 7 by closing the cover 8.

Design and barbecue provides barbecue with aroma by placing appropriate additives on the surfaces of the rings 4, 5 places them in touch with the walls of the chamber 1, as well as the opportunity to periodically pour the sauce the meat in the cooking process through the cover 8.

After completion of the process of preparing kebab electrocasnice off, and skewers 9 are removed from the chamber 1.

The design provides fire and electrical safety use of electrocasnice at home, and also eliminates the possibility of scalding. So, the bottom of the device almost cold by blowing air into the working chamber from the outside through technological hole in the bottom of the camera; side exterior walls have a temperature of about 60°and handle skewers about 30°C.

In addition to the direct purpose barbecue can be used as a heating device and with appropriate design, for example, in the form of a floor vases can become a decoration of any interior.

Electrocasnice ceramic decorative, including CE is I'm working chamber, heater installation location skewers, characterized in that the working chamber is in the form of glazed ceramic vessel spherical shape with a hole at the bottom with legs and handles, cylindrical neck, which is a ring with slotted holes for mounting and cover for locking skewers, put the sharp end in a ceramic Cup-tray with tabs, electric heater with a specific surface of 0.5÷0.7 W/cm2placed in the grooves of the two ceramic rings located around the perimeter of the working chamber, and the ratio of the height position of the upper ring to the diameter of the working chamber is in the range of 0.5÷0,6, for the lower ring, this ratio is 0.2÷0,3.


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SUBSTANCE: electric device of ceramic decorative material includes roasting chamber in the form of ceramic glazed ball-shaped vessel having opening in bottom.

EFFECT: enhanced efficiency of roasting.

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EFFECT: expansion of technological possibilities of the device, creation of conditions for convenient arranging in the working chamber of various aspects of foodstuff.

7 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: household goods and personal effects.

SUBSTANCE: ash pit chamber volume is increased to fuel chamber volume by dividing fuel and ash pit chambers by means of threes grates. Grids are supported by sixth row of brickwork. Brickwork protrudes inside the stove over the ash pit chamber. Hot coals from wood burnt in fuel chamber are removed and placed into the ash pit, and a chargrill-substituting device is placed into the fuel chamber. The said device is a hollow rectangular metal box with three slots at ends to rotate spitters with meat.

EFFECT: shashlik may be prepared in russian stove all year round, regardless of weather.

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SUBSTANCE: device for cooking food contains a body, a lid and a skewer and on one of the lateral sides of the body there is a vertical slit through which a skewer with two identical covers can be inserted. Innovation is in the fact that the skewer is equipped with a cylindrical net on which there are trays for self-sprinkling the product with fat in the course of cooking.

EFFECT: possibility of automatic sprinkling the cooked product with fat.

2 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: food industry.

SUBSTANCE: device uses a grid iron manufactured of thermosetting material with high specific thermal capacity and radiating capacity in infrared range. The grid iron can move relatively to the body. The grid iron is equipped with through holes geometrically coincident with ventilation channels of the body. The through holes form infrared emitters. The grid iron is manufactured of transparent refractory and is equipped discretely located diffuse reflectors of the lid infrared radiation.

EFFECT: improvement of the device for cooking shish kebab.

2 dwg

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FIELD: personal use articles.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to devices for cooking on open fire, to charcoal grills. There is no web distortion in the charcoal grill. The charcoal grill includes bottom support elements and two walls. Two of them consist of three parts connected to each other, due to which there is compensation of thermal expansion.

EFFECT: improved convenience of usage.