Method for obtaining spermoproduction from sires

FIELD: animals science.

SUBSTANCE: the present innovation deals with intramuscular injection of sodium salt preparation cloprostenol 30-45 min before placing at the dosage of 750 mcg/animal. The method provides increased reproductive function, enhances sexual reflex, increases the volume of ejaculate, concentration, activity and quality of spermatozoa.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of breeding.

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The invention relates to agriculture, in particular animal husbandry.

A method of obtaining spasmodically from cattle producers, including your batch on a mechanical machine or fake animal (ox, ox) and getting sperm in a specially prepared artificial vagina. The capture of sperm produced according to the schedule in a special arena where leading manufacturer of bioetica [1].

However, this method does not allow to fully exploit the potential of the reproductive system of the bulls, that is, the existing stock of sperm caused by genotype.

In addition, with continued use of the known method in monotonous conditions of the arena by a substantial proportion of animals observed extinction genital reflexes, decreased quantity and quality of spasmodically.

Upon receipt of the bulls 6-7 ejaculates per week in the epididymis testis, VAS deferens and sealed the VAS deferens contains about 60 billion sperm. When you do this directly in the VAS deferens and its capsules are accumulated respectively 1.4 and 1.9 billion sperm. No significant changes in sperm are stored here up to two days. Therefore, there is always a certain amount of sperm in different stages of aging and dying. In this regard, the survival and biological value of sperm is of totidem of ampoules and low rpm. If the bull is weakly excited and makes your batch sluggish, then ejaculate the sperm to fall, mainly from the vials and VAS deferens. To stimulate the reproductive functions use of biologically active preparations.

There is a method of stimulating spermophobia the bulls by feeding upon selection of the sperm twice a week drug Govert at the rate of 2 g per animal. Drug Hofert consists of lithium carbonate and Glauber's salt in the ratio of 1:2 [2]. When injected into the animal organism, the drug stimulates the synthesis of prostaglandin, resulting in bulls increase ejaculate volume and concentration of sperm in it.

However, this method has several disadvantages. Thus, the feeding of this drug not in all animals causes an adequate response to the production of prostaglandin, and therefore to increase the reproductive capacity of the bulls. This is due to the presence of significant individual differences in live weight, age, breed, etc. that causes spontaneous synthesis of prostaglandin in the body of the bulls.

In addition, the application of this method of stimulation requires a considerable expenditure of labor and time associated with the need for accurate dosing and individual feeding small doses of the drug.

The closest technological things the spine is way more spasmodically manufacturers artificial vagina using astutely [3]. Estupinan - a synthetic analogue of prostaglandin Feffective as of the beginning of which is 17,18,19,20-tetranor-16 (m-chlorophenoxy), the preparation of domestic production. It is used to improve spermproducing the grunts manufacturers doses 225-275 mg, which is injected to the grunts for 30-50 minutes to charge. However, in ruminants, astutely not tested.

It is assumed that the injection of prostaglandins will also have a positive impact on the reproductive function of bulls as indirectly through the hypothalamic-pituitary (neurohumoral) system of the body, and by increasing cellular processes in the testes, increased contractile activity of smooth muscles of the epididymis testis, VAS deferens and vials.

The aim of our invention is to improve the efficiency of the method of obtaining sperm. This is achieved by stimulating the reproductive ability of bulls.

The method consists in using intramuscularly for 30-45 minutes before manufacture synthetic analogue of prostaglandin Fastropan, cloprostenol sodium salt [4] the dose of 750 mcg, increasing the level of LH levels have and testosterone in the blood manufacturers.

The proposed method provides improved reproductive ability of a bull, strengthens the OIC reflex, increase ejaculate volume, concentration, activity of sperm and increase the absolute value of their survivability, that is, the biological value of a bull sperm outside the body.

The method is as follows.

Cages bulls (doublet) in the course of the experiment (3 months) was carried out twice a week on a mechanical machine. In this case, before the first manufacture in the week animals were injected with for 30-45 minutes to charge intramuscularly estrofan dose of 750 mcg. 30-45 minutes after administration of astropan, bulls of the machines were transferred to the arena where he made the capture of semen from them using an artificial vagina. Second charge on the week for the animals of this group was the control, i.e. obtaining sperm was performed without injection of prostaglandin, in the usual way.

Throughout the experience supervised clinical condition of the experimental animals. Conducted an assessment of sexual activity bulls, was determined ejaculate volume, activity and absolute indicator of the vitality of the sperm, their concentration and the total number in the ejaculate.

The criterion to identify a more efficient method was the quantity and quality of the bulls of spasmodically.

Examples illustrating the invention.

Example 1. As previously astutely not used on bulls-producers, we conducted e what about the test in parallel with the proposed drug - estrofem. To select the optimal concentration of prostaglandins prototype of Astypalaia, active principle of which is 17,18,19,20-tetranor-16 (m-chlorophenoxy) and experienced astropan, active principle of which is the sodium salt of cloprostenol, experiment was carried out using groups of periods on bulls-producing 3-6 years old Simmental and Holstein breeds belonging to the Federal state unitary enterprise breeding “Belgorod”.

According to the method of zootechnical there were formed two groups of animals five animals each. We studied the effect of injection of each drug in doses of 500, 750 and 900 mcg for sexual activity and sperm production sires.

The experience was divided into three periods, one each month, In the first period felt doses of prostaglandins 500 mcg, the second - 750 mcg, the third - 900 mcg. Feeding, management and use of experimental bulls were the same throughout the experience. Usage mode - two doublet charge per week. Before the first manufacture in the week preparations animals were injected with the control cages).

Control sperm production was carried out on the basis of the study the following indicators: volume of ejaculate (ml), concentration (billion/ml), the activity of sperm (in points), the number of harvested spermatos (is so), absolute survival (in arbitrary units) of the frozen-octanol sperm. Control over sexual activity was carried out at the time of the manifestation and realization of the sexual reflex (in seconds).

The test results of the prototype and the proposed method in comparison with the known (without the use of drugs) are given in table. 1 and 2.

From the data given in table. 1 shows that astutely stimulates the reproductive function in cattle producers. Thus, with the use of different doses of prostaglandin implementation of the sexual reflex decreased by 5.2-13.9%and the volume of ejaculates increased by 5.9-16.1%over the activity of sperm increased by 2.8 to 10.4 percent, their concentration has increased by 3.2-11.4%, and sperm production increased by 5-26,6%, and the survival rate of sperm 11.4-28,7%. This turned out to be the most optimal dose of 500 micrograms, at which the volume of ejaculates, the activity of sperm, their concentration, the number of received sperm increased, respectively, by 16.1; 10,4; 11,4; 22.2 and 26.6% compared with the control shikami.

Table No. 1.

The effect of injection of Astypalaia on indicators of sexual activity and spasmodically bulls.
No. of gr.Dose (ml) Implementation paraflex (s)Ejaculate volume (ml)The activity of sperm (point)The concentration of sperm (billion/ml)The resulting spermatos in the ejaculate (pieces)Absolute. show. survival (srvc. unit)
 Difference (%)and 13.8+16,1+10,4+11,4+22,2+26,6
 085,6±8,1 4,1±0,77,9±0,70,85±0,02233±13,410,1±1,2
 Difference (%)-11,9+7,3+3,8+1,2+7,3+28,7
390088,0±6,13,6±0,47,3±0,50,89±0,04231±to 12.012,0±1,1
 Difference (%)-5,2+5,9+2,8+3,5+5+11,4
Table No. 2.

The effect of injection of astropan on sexual activity and quality of spermophobia bulls.
No. of gr.Dose (ml)The timing of the floor. response (s)Volume is aculeata (ml) The activity of sperm (point)The concentration of sperm (billion/ml)The resulting spermatos in the ejaculate (pieces)Abs. the screening. survival (used)
 Difference (%)-31,9+9,4+7,1+13,0+30,0+41,7
 0107,8±6,93,1±0,57,5±0,50,83#x000B1; 0,04USD 183.0±9,410,2±1,3
 Difference (%)-26,0+19,4+13,3+18,1+38,3+39,2
 Difference (%)to-7.6+12,5+2,7+7,7+11,6+20

The impact of the proposed prostaglandin - astropan on the reproductive function of the bulls was higher (table 2).

From the data of table 2 it follows that was optimal dose of 750 mcg. The bulls in this group the timing of the sexual reflex decreased by 26.0%; ejaculate volume increased by 19.4%; the activity of the sperm is of totidem and their concentration increased by 13.3% and 18.1%; the number of supermodes in one ejaculate increased by 38.3%, and the absolute survival rate of sperm increased by 39.2%.

Example 2. Comparative performance testing of the prototype of Astypalaia and the proposed method in optimal concentrations.

The most informative indicators of the magnitude of reproductive function in cattle producers are the time required for the implementation of the sexual reflex, the level of increase biological value of sperm (Sa) and the total number of active sperm in an average ejaculate (table. 3).

Table No. 3.

The effect of injection of astropan and astutely in optimal doses on indicators of sexual activity and spasmodically bulls.
№№ p/pMedicationDose (µg)The timing of the sexual reflexThe number of sperm in the ejaculateAbsolute survival (Sa)
   sec%billion%Srvc. units%
1Estrofan750 80,3±5,474,53,2±0,05152,414,5±1,2140,7
3Without medication0107,8±7,51002,1±0,0310010,3±1,3100
Difference between1-210,5-10,20,838,11,312,6

Of materials table 3 it follows that the proposed method compared to known more effective. The pair of the first group to which the implementation of the sexual reflex decreased by 10.2%, the number of active sperm in a single ejaculate increased by 38.1%, and the absolute survival of spermatozoa after freezing and thawing increased by 12% compared to the prototype.

Animals of the third (control) group who did not receive the drugs studied indicators of reproductive function were worse: by the time the realization of the purpose of the sexual reflex 25.5%, the number of active sperm in a single ejaculate - 52.4%, and the absolute survival characterizing biological integrity of the sperm - by 40.7%.

Thus, comparative tests have shown that the application of the proposed method is more actively stimulates the reproductive function in bulls-sires and gives the opportunity to increase on average 38.1-52.4% of the amount received from spermophobia (compared with the known method).

Sources of information

1. Instructions on organization and technology work stations and enterprises artificial insemination of farm animals. M, ear, 1981.

2. Dererences VI and other Way of getting spasmodically from cattle producers. A.S. No. 1724137. Bulletin No. 48, 1991

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The way to get spermophobia bulls from manufacturers, including the introduction of biologically active substances and the selection of sperm for artificial vagina, characterized in that the biologically active substances drug use cloprostenol sodium salt, which is injected intramuscularly for 30-45 minutes per the d manufacture at a dose of 750 μg per animal.


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