Method for removing helminths out of human body

FIELD: medicine, medicinal parasitology.

SUBSTANCE: the present innovation deals with affecting the helminthes with curative mixture made out of eucalyptus leaf at addition of eucalyptus essential oil. Curative mixture at the quantity of 1 l at 40-42 C should be daily introduced into patient's rectum with enemas for 5-7 d at intestinal keeping for 15-20 min. Before introducing the curative mixture it is necessary to apply purifying enema. The method suggested provides removal of different types of helminthes at excluding toxic action upon human body.

EFFECT: higher efficiency of helminthic removal.

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The invention relates to medicine, in particular for medical Parasitology, and can be used for the treatment of helminthiasis.

The liberation of man from parasites, particularly helminths, is of great importance for strengthening and healing the body as a whole and cure diseases caused by helminthiasis.

At the heart of many gastrointestinal disorders (constipation, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain due to enteritis or enterocolitis), respiratory diseases (acute respiratory infections to pneumonia), neurological diseases (irrational irritation, headaches, dizziness to a nervous ticks and even epileptic seizures), chronic fatigue syndrome, allergic reactions in the form of skin rashes, and mental disorders often is the infection of worms. Toxins helminths depressing effect on the circulatory system and cause anemia, in severe cases flowing so acute that is diagnosed with blood cancer. (Kornakova E.E. Parasites of man, St. Petersburg, 2002; Muller R. Worms and human diseas. Oxon - New York, 2001).

Exposure to toxins secreted by helminths, on the nervous system leads to sleep disorders, headaches, and in severe cases, disorders of muscle tone. The cause of the disease is often very difficult to recognize, so the potential is even fatal.

Toxins of worms weaken the immune system, increasing for many diseases.

For minor infestations of worms the disease may be bussentino. But asymptomatic carrier who does not know about their infection will infect others.

Many doctors, carrying out diagnostics and treatment of diseases, do not take into account the possible presence of intestinal worm infestations, spend a long and exhausting Skopelitis treatment, not liberating the patient from suffering and do not result in a cure, and the disease is often complicated by side effects of medication.

The difficulty lies in the fact that microscopic examination of fecal helminth eggs are often not defined, which is associated with the life cycle stages of helminths and imperfection of laboratory equipment.

Known methods of expulsion of worms from the human body medicinal drugs that selectively act on one or the other species of helminths, in addition, they are very toxic and have numerous side effects and contraindications with a number of diseases (Mashkovsky PPM Drugs, 2001; Hare RG, Rachkovsky I., Karpov I.A. principles of General and medical Parasitology, 2002).

As a prototype, method closest in technical the banking entity and the achieved scientific results, we have chosen the expulsion of helminths herbs (extracts, decoctions, infusions) (Mashkovsky PPM Drugs, 2001; Kornakova E.E. Parasites of man, St. Petersburg, 2002).

As anthelminthic herbs are recommended tansy flowers, flowers, wormwood tsitvarnoy, rhizome male fern taken per os at a certain dosage. However, it is noted that antiparasitic herbs taken per os, have a pronounced toxic effects and overdose or individual intolerance can lead even to death. The use of decoctions or infusions of medicinal plants with low concentrations (to reduce toxicity) gives a positive and negative effect, as the surviving worms become aggressive and creep into the strange bodies and the impact on them becomes problematic (NAV. Parasites of man, St. Petersburg, 2002).

Flowers of tansy and wormwood tsitvarnoy used mainly against Ascaris and pinworms, tapeworms, they do not act. Extract of male fern is used mainly to influence tapeworms (Mashkovsky PPM Drugs, 2001). However, the latter is very toxic and is contraindicated in a number of diseases: diseases of the liver and p is a check gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer, acute gastrointestinal and febrile diseases, anemia, etc. besides, It is not always possible to fully expel tapeworms, which leads to the separation of the individual segments of the worm's body, leaving the head attached to the mucous membrane of the intestines that leads to further growth of the worm and the recurrence of the disease.

The purpose of the invention is improving the efficiency of the method of treating helminthiasis due to intensive exile over a wide range of different species of helminths (either round or tape), the expulsion of tapeworms together with the head, exceptions toxic effects known antiparasitic herbs.

The objective is achieved as follows. 30 grams of eucalyptus leaves to the boil in 1 liter of water and boil for 15 minutes Then soaked in a sealed container for 2-3 hours. Just before the introduction into the rectum in 1 liter nastennogo broth t=40°-42°add 15-30 drops of essential eucalyptus oil (any pharmaceutical company).

Before introduction into the rectum received therapeutic mixture to the patient put purifying 2-liter enema t=20°-22°With the purpose of cleansing the intestines and create conditions for the smooth introduction of therapeutic mixture.

Then enter 1 liter therapeutic mixture, cooked described the above. Entered using enemas therapeutic mixture detained in the gut for 15-20 minutes. Described therapeutic procedure is performed daily for 5-7 days, each time a pre-cleansing the bowels with enemas.

Examples of specific implementations of the method.

Example 1. B-s,, 42 years. For many years, was treated as an outpatient and hospital for chronic allergic reactions in the form of urticaria traditional medicamental antiallergic agents. Microscopic examination of the feces the eggs of the worms were not found.

Patient treatment by the described method. Pre-staged 2-liter cleansing enema with boiled water at t=20°-22°C. and Then for 6 days (after the preliminary cleansing enema) daily had an enema with 1 liter of broth t=40°-42°eucalyptus leaf with its subsequent infusion over 2 hours (30 grams of eucalyptus leaves in 1 liter of water) and add directly before introduction into the rectum 20 drops eucalyptus essential oil. After 1 day of treatment in the faeces of the patient macroscopically detected a large amount of mucus. After 2 days of treatment in the stool of the patient detected pinworms in large quantities and several Ascaris. Within 3-4 days of treatment in the stool of the patient detected segments of tapeworms and a large amount of mucus. the 5-day treatment took 3 head tape worms. On day 6 of treatment went 2 ball Ascaris.

Allergic reactions in the form of urticaria began to decrease, starting from the 3rd day of treatment and for 6 days completely disappeared. The patient feels healthy. Treatment is recommended to be repeated after 1 month.

Example 2. B-Noah D., 51. For 4 years it was repeatedly treated in the hospital with vegetative-vascular dystonia on hypertonic type and degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine, suffered from dizziness, headaches in the occipital part, memory loss, fatigue and irritability. Were treated with traditional disease medication and physiotherapy. He had a course of acupuncture and therapeutic massage. Health status has not improved. Moreover, appeared gastrointestinal disorders pain in the stomach, constipation, alternating with diarrhea. After repeated examination of the feces the eggs of worms were found only on the 4th time. The treatment of the proposed method within 7 days.

After 1-day treatment of any peculiarities in the stool of the patient was not. After the 2nd day of treatment was released on 8th Ascaris. After the 3rd day of treatment left 4 tape worm together with the heads (the length of the worms from 60 to 120 cm) and a large number of madhusoodana mucus. 4-5 days of treatment went 2 ball Ascaris and 1 worm length 90 with the head. On day 6 of treatment went 2 the worms head without a body. On the 7th day of treatment came out a few Ascaris.

As parasites in the process of treatment the patient's condition gradually improved. 7-th day of treatment disappeared gastrointestinal disorders, blood pressure stabilized to 140/90, disappeared headache, dizziness, memory disturbances. The patient feels well.

Example 3 B-Noy N., 36 years. For the past 4 years I suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome, memory loss, persistent headaches, and he suffered from pain in the knee joints.

Microscopically in the stool of the patient were found eggs of Ascaris and several segments of a tape worm. Ambulatory patient was treated with an infusion of tansy, prepared according to the recommendations of the Handbook Mashkovsky PPM (2001) for 6 days. In the treatment process came out a little ball of Ascaris. It was used to treat the seed tsitvarnoy wormwood, which the patient took a tablespoon mixed with honey 3 times a day for 4 days. 3-4 days of treatment left 13 Ascaris. But the patient did not feel significant improvements in health, he suffered from constant fatigue, apathy, and loss of memory.

The treatment of the proposed method over 6 days. 1-2 days of treatment any peculiarities in the stool of the patient were observed. On day 3, l is the expansion came out 2 large tangle of Ascaris, a large amount of mucus and bits of bodies tapeworms. 4-5 days of treatment continued discharge of Ascaris, and also released a tape worm length of 120 cm from the head. Also went 2 head without a body, and a large amount of mucus. On day 6 of treatment came out a few Ascaris. Already in the course of medical procedures, the patient began to feel much better, there is a “lightness” and “clarification in the head, pain in the joints is decreased.

Proposed method the expulsion of helminths were treated with 13 people suffering from various diseases. All patients in the treatment process were worms, round and tape. The main symptoms of the disease after the expulsion of parasites, usually disappeared. Adverse effects described therapeutic effects were observed.

Disorders of the gastrointestinal, biliary and urinary function were noted. Treatment was well tolerated.

In the available literature we did not find information about how to use eucalyptus leaves in the description of those or other methods of expulsion of worms from the human body. In reference Mashkovsky PPM (2001) the eucalyptus leaf, and eucalyptus essential oil, is recommended as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agents.

The eucalyptus leaf has a sharp is, tart, besides stable smell. Adding eucalyptus essential oil in a hot decoction of the leaf of the eucalyptus promotes the evaporation of volatile aromatic substances and their rapid penetration into higher-lying sections of the gastro-intestinal tract with the introduction of the treatment mixture into the rectum. Therefore the impact of the treatment solution is not limited to the rectum, as in the traditional way of setting enema with medicated solutions.

Volatile substances essential oils, due to the small size of its molecules, characteristic of rapid and deep penetration into the mucosa of the intestine, and consequently, into the blood stream and lymph flow, and therefore they quickly spread to the great length of the gastrointestinal tract. Essential volatile substances, because of its features, quickly and deeply penetrate into the body tissue of helminths, obviously, causing neuromuscular relaxation that promotes their release from the mucosa of the intestine, after which they are expelled together with the fluid during bowel movements.

The volatile essential oils of eucalyptus, as well as infusion of eucalyptus leaf during defecation after setting enema remain in the cavity of the gastrointestinal tract and continue detrimental to act on the worms. And when the next medical procedure weakened and the possibility of the but partially dead worms erupt together with the contents of the intestine. As seen from the above examples of implementation of the method, each subsequent treatment was characterized by more intense removal of worms. It is also possible that volatile eucalyptus dissolve mucus inner surface of the gastrointestinal tract, exposing suckers, hooks, heads, hearts, and heads, which are characterized by deep penetration into the mucosa. This feature of some species of helminths deeply penetrate their heads in the mucous explains the fact that other herbs taken per os, or even enter enema, act on them very weak or no effect.

A hot decoction of the leaf of eucalyptus, inserted into the rectum together with essential oil of eucalyptus, gives way in comparison with the method of the prototype of a new property and provides him sverhsummarny effect, which is expressed in a stronger effect on the worms due to the penetration of molecules of volatile substances essential oils in body tissue helminths, which is detrimental effect on them, as well as in dissolving mucus on the inner surface of the gastrointestinal tract that exposes the head worms along with their suckers and hooks and facilitates their release from the mucosa of the intestine, and PR is the emergence of volatile substances eucalyptus the blood stream and then along the gastro-intestinal tract.

Also its anti-inflammatory action of eucalyptus promotes healing of mucous in places unpin worms.

The way the expulsion of worms from the human body by exposing them to a decoction of medicinal herbs, characterized in that as a broth used a decoction of the leaves of eucalyptus, 1 l which immediately before use add 15-30 drops of essential eucalyptus oil, and this therapeutic mixture in a volume of 1 l at t=40-42°injected into the rectum with exposure in the gut 15-20 min daily for 5-7 days, while before using the treatment solution put a cleansing enema.


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