Suppositories with dibunol and oil extraction of propolis for treating patients for gynecological inflammatory diseases

FIELD: medicine.

SUBSTANCE: means has dibunol, 15% oil extraction of propolis, gelatin, glycerol and treated water taken in known component proportion.

EFFECT: enhanced effectiveness of treatment; prolonged regenerating and antibacterial action.

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The present invention relates to medicine, namely to the pharmacy, and concerns the development of medical suppositories containing BHT, and can be used in complex treatment of inflammatory diseases of female sexual sphere (salpingoophoritis, endometritis).

Known drug with antioxidant properties and a wide range of pharmacological activity “10% liniment dibunola” (VFS 42-326-79) under the following proportions of ingredients: BHT 10,0; vegetable oil to 100.0 /1/.

Described drug with reparative action, is the closest analogue of the present invention to the technical essence and the achieved result.

However, the known drug containing BHT and oil-based, has the following disadvantages. therapeutic effect of 10% liniment has prolonged action due to liquid consistency and is mainly used when plugging gynecological patients in the clinic or independently, that is some inconvenience in use.

The objective of the invention is to create a new dosed medications domestic production in the form of suppositories containing BHT and oil extract of propolis with regenery the existing and antibacterial action, with a uniform release, suitable for use by patients on their own, with a pronounced and prolonged action of the drug.

The technical result - the reduction of terms of complex treatment of patients with inflammatory diseases of female reproductive organs through prolonged action, as well as the convenience and hygiene applications.

This technical result is achieved by the fact that the claimed suppositories for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of female sexual sphere contain the active substance BHT, oil extract of propolis, and as suppozitornoj bases contain gelatin, glycerin and purified water in the following ratio, wt.%:

BHT 0,50

Oil extract of propolis 15%0,09

Gelatin 0,37

Glycerin 1,87

Purified water 0,75

All components included in the suppositories allowed for medical use. BHT VFS 42-457-75. Propolis is THE GOST 28886-90. Gelatin medical GF X, p 309. Glycerin FS 42-2202-84. Purified water FS 42-2619-89.

As a result of experimental studies, it was found that the tubes have a high bioavailability and a number of advantages: they have a beautiful appearance, homogeneous, elastic, which is important for vaginal medicines; therapeutic effect on bunola and propolis is manifested through 5 minutes after administration; complete dissolution in 12 minutes. Suppositories are very promising for applications in gynecology. 15% oil extract of propolis promotes better distribution dibunola. Giving the drug form of suppositories provides convenience and hygiene applications, the storage stability. Introduction in the drug of propolis extract in the amount of 3% from suppozitornoj mass in combination with BHT increases antimicrobial activity, tissue regeneration, promotes the expression of analgesic, hemostatic, immunomodulating, reparative effect of the dosage form.

Example 1. Part 1 suppository mass of 3.0 g: BHT 0.5 g 15% oil extract of propolis 0.09 g, gelatin and 0.37 g, glycerin 1,87 g, distilled water of 0.75.

In beaker pre-soaked gelatin in the calculated amount of water (60-90 minutes), melted in a water bath at a temperature of not more than 70°add the glycerin. To remove air without mixing incubated for 30 minutes at a temperature of 45° C. BHT dissolved in the oil extract of propolis and introduced, while stirring continuously with a glass rod in suppozitornyj mass. Metal suppozitornoj form is wiped with a gauze pad moistened with vaseline oil, is cooled in a refrigerator at a temperature of 3-5°during the 5-6 minutes and pour cooked suppozitornyj mass at a temperature of 38-40° C. Form and placed in the fridge for 7-10 minutes, then frozen suppositories are removed. Quality suppositories appreciate the appearance, elasticity, homogeneity.

Received suppositories correct form, homogeneous, elastic and supple.

Example 2.

Part 1 suppository mass of 3.0 g: BHT 0.5 g, 15% oil extract of propolis 0,09 g gelatin 0.5 g glycerol of 1.87 g, distilled water of 0.75.

Make suppositories in a similar way. Received suppositories are solid, ill release the active substances, difficultly soluble, storage crack.

Example 3.

Part 1 suppository mass of 3.0 g: BHT 0.5 g, 15% oil extract of propolis 0.09 g, gelatin and 0.37 g, glycerol 3.0 g, distilled water of 0.75.

Make suppositories in a similar way. Mass is very soft and poorly hardens, removing from suppozitornoj shape is difficult and it is impossible suppositories are torn.

The given examples show that the optimal from the point of view of ease of use, effectiveness of treatment is the composition described in example 1.

Clinical trials have shown that the amount of released drug at a given ratio of components in one suppositories equally in patients studied. This allows the gynecologist, in practical medicine, depending on the shape and ties and diseases to recommend patients required number of suppositories for self-treatment, what makes the claimed suppositories, promising dosage form in practical gynecology. For example, studies have been conducted on the use of suppositories in treatment of gynecological diseases of female genital sphere (salpingoophoritis, endometritis). It is possible to use suppositories sick yourself. After conducting a full-scale clinical trials and the development of methods for quality control of suppositories planned design monograph.

The source of information

1. VFS 42-326-79 “10% liniment dibunola”.

1. The treatment for gynecological inflammatory diseases containing BHT as an active ingredient and a base, characterized in that it further comprises an oil extract of propolis 15%, and as the basis contains gelatin, glycerin and purified water in the following ratio, wt.%:

BHT 0,5

Oil extract of propolis 15%0,09

Gelatin 0,37

Glycerin 1,87

Purified water 0,75

2. The tool according to claim 1, characterized in that the solvent oil extract of propolis contains vegetable oil.


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