Method for improving the state of human facial skin and that of neck in cosmetology due to "volumetric relaxation" technique

FIELD: medicinal cosmetology.

SUBSTANCE: at first, one should perform target psychological tuning up for the work with a certain patient. Then, at the fist stage it is necessary to remove articular blocks, relax muscular-ligamentous apparatus of body joints with light swingings of patient's head and limbs. Moreover, one should apply long smoothing movements for limbs. The first stage should be finished with respiratory exercises. Then comes relaxing massage of jugular area and hands, plastic impact upon facial fasciae and muscles, massage of biologically active points and linear facial massage. Then one should do the complex of strengthening exercises for the neck and face. At the same time, one should concentrate patient's attention upon coming feelings in jugular and facial areas. Complex of strengthening exercises for the face and the neck should be performed every day. The present innovation enables to maintain daily tonicity of facial myofascial layer well.

EFFECT: higher efficiency.

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The invention relates to medical cosmetology and can be used to normalize the condition of the skin of the face and neck of a person, improving functions of the whole organism, improving the efficiency of cosmetic procedures.

It is known that therapeutic effects may contribute to the improvement of the human condition in General and the functioning of individual organs and systems [1]. The deep connection between the physical and mental bodies of man is confirmed by practical psychotherapy [3]. However, the output on the psychological causes bodily issues, in particular in cosmetic Cabinet, is associated with resistance of the person, often not ready for a serious introspection, as well as the complexity of the psychological problems that manifest in the characteristics of the Constitution of the entity and its age-related changes. In the known methods of improving body functions is not also significant emphasis on creating a positive attitude in the most specialist on effective procedures.

It is known that the human body is riddled with numerous deep inner relationships [4]. So muscle-fascial “armor” is a single integral structure and allows to transmit intensive impact from any part of the body, such as muscles and fascia of the face, requiring a soft gentle treatment, transli the SQL therapeutic effect remote from the impact zone. However, these relationships remain outside the sphere of application of known techniques, focused on local work.

It is known that the internal organs of the human body is reflected in the physiological functioning of the skin and in its energy relations with other parts of the body [5]. Methods that use physiological and energetic connection to improve the General condition of the body, do not focus on the specific problems of the skin of the face and neck.

The prototype of the invention can serve as a way of restoring the facial skin and neck with a device for its implementation [2]. The method also remains local to the impact on man and on the expected results. In addition, hardware exposure of humans may give adverse reactions associated with improper choice of the doses.

Traditionally practicing cosmetologist working in the world of consequences, focusing all their attention on the face and neck is a small part of the human being. So he forced symptomatic work with their clients. The results of this work are of short duration and limited in its capabilities. Meanwhile, the face of a man, like any other organ, is only part of the human being, which can be figuratively represented as “bulk” structure, which includes the physical is against the body with all its anatomical features and mental body, representing the totality of the emotional, mental, sensory sphere of human rights. “Volume” that permeated a great many links, with access to the area of the face, neck. These relationships can broadcast to surface areas of the physical body pathological deformations that occur in the deeper layers of the “volume” of a person, and they may be tense and to make painful changes. The objective of the method “volumetric relaxation” - to reveal the delicate connections in the physical and mental bodies of man, with the response on his face and neck and remove these stresses, improving conditions of functioning of the skin of the face and neck.

The method is carried out in four stages.

1. Free relaxation. Creating mood with a cosmetologist and client for the procedure, removing the client joint and muscle blocks that interfere with the successful conduct of beauty treatments, the normalization of breathing.

This step is carried out through relaxation training, breathing exercises.

Contact cosmetologist with our clients begins with psychological interaction, so the “volumetric relaxation” this work comes to the fore. First of all, this clearance space (light, color, sound, fragrance). The main principle in the choice of design beautician - create a cozy, inviting to relaxation atmosphere. the main line, quiet unobtrusive color, smooth soft lighting, specially selected music.

The beautician should be able while working with clients to change internally with their problems on a neutral mental and emotional background, to be able to relax your body, especially the hands and face. The basis of the way the internal switch is the principle of materiality of thought. Creating inner spirit, cosmetologist States his desire to work effectively, efficiently and to provide real help to people. Also creates a setting that his problems will not affect his clients.

An appointment with the beautician different people come. Many just need to communicate, they have their problems, fears and are willing to share them. To achieve free relaxation cosmetologist must be friendly attentive listener, able to see the problem of the person and, if necessary, to direct it to the correct solution. Here, the specialist acts as a passive observer, psychologist, not connected to the problem of the person emotionally, but softly and gently helping him to adjust to unpleasant topics.

Next is the removal of the joint blocks. The client is located on the massage chair, and beautician holds relaxation of the muscular-ligamentous apparatus of the major joints of his body. P and restored natural relative position of the articular surfaces, which can accumulate strain. The task is simple: to provide the most physiologically comfortable body position. Light swaying of the head, limbs relieve tension in the joints. On the limbs use long stroking movements to enhance the relaxation effect.

Finish the first stage volumetric relaxation simple breathing exercises. People are quite familiar with breathing practices should help to feel the movement of respiratory muscles, pressing lightly on the abdomen during exhalation and removing this pressure during inhalation. When you inhale, the diaphragm, the abdominal muscles relax and the abdomen protrudes forward, chest. On the exhale, the belly gently lowered down. The inhalation is done through the nose, exhale through the mouth. All movements are smooth, soft. Breathing exercises can last from nine breathing for up to five minutes.

2. Muscle-fascial relaxation. The appearance in the method of this stage due to the need of active influence on the muscular and fascial layers without the use of manipulation, traumatic and stretching the skin. The technique of this stage includes massage of the neck and collar area and hands, special plastic effect on the muscles and fascia of the face.

Relaxation, which cosmetologist helped to achieve his client had a positive is the effects on the layer of muscle and fascia, created favorable energy background, the next task is to make the human body more profound changes, permanently preserving the skin of the face and neck healthy.

The method proposes to engage fasciale-muscular layer of the neck and face. Here lies the long-term memory about emotional States and thoughts of a person reflecting face provided itself. Facial muscles and surrounding fascia respond to any idea, show the full range of human emotions. Subtle forms of energy thoughts, energy, feelings come to the surface layers of the face and freezes there. While people have not yet found the Golden mean in the outer manifestations of the inner life, you can help them with myofascial relaxation. Method relieves tension in next to skin layers and triggers a feedback mechanism of relaxation in the mental body. Thus, relaxation is fixed in the whole volume of human beings.

Each layer of the human body is a kind of energy reservoir of all nearby. Weakening the skin loses its energy, lose it, and the deeper layers of the body. When muscle appears looseness and weakness, the energy does not accumulate in them, and therefore, the skin loses more life-giving source of strength. Therefore, direct impacts, stimulating the restoration of normal functioning under the one layer, will be good for the skin.

Myofascial layer is activated and structurally restored. Tight elastic muscle and elastic fascia not only physiologically more suitable support for the skin, but also more beautiful. They help the skin to do without unnecessary creases.

Massage neck and neck area, upper limbs during cosmetic procedures useful as a good way to relax the client and filling vitality fasciale-muscle basis of the skin. In our method, the emphasis is on relaxation, so to massage the hands should gently and slowly. The output of the energy channels in the human hand makes the study of the upper extremities necessary procedure. Massaging the hands of many people gives physical pleasure and it should be used for deep relaxation of the client.

Activation of myofascial layer on the face. The muscles of the face not covered with a thick tendon sprains - aponeurosis and are located directly under the skin, so to act in this area should carefully without large displacements. Palm beautician gently presses on the skin and subcutaneous tissue, penetrating deep into them, pushing muscle fibers, activating the superficial fascia. Soft pressing of palms activates the muscles of the anterior surface of the neck, anterior h is STI the occipito-frontalis muscle, tendon helmet, naturana muscle, muscle arrogant, temporal fascia, the fascia of the parotid gland, muscles of the parotid region.

3. Energy relaxation. Energy massage allows you to “clean and the inclusion of” energy channels, which has a beneficial effect on the life tone of the person and the condition of his face. Consists of a pressure point massage of biologically active points (BAP) and linear massage.

All around a person and he is filled with different kinds of energy. The method adopted is the most acceptable for the European consciousness model twelve major Yang and Yin energy channels including the major organs of the human body, which came from the Chinese qigong therapy and is widely used modern reflexology.

Understanding the nature of man, his inner integrity leads us to the recognition that quality beauty treatments is affected by the state cosmetologist, his ability to concentrate on the person with whom he works. Without personal bias, but with a sincere intention to help him.

Energy approach to the main organs of the human body expands understanding of their functions. If there is no energy in the body, then there is no life in it, and therefore all known physiological functions. When the main bodies not cope with the problems of accumulation and tra is farmacii energy from internal and external sources there is no life in the body or it is weakened by disease.

The face, the head zone, in which concentrated the attention of the beautician, the output of all Yang channels. This channel is a native male, active, active energies. Three hand channel of the large intestine, triple Energizer, small intestine, ending in the face. Three foot channel, stomach, gallbladder, urinary bladder, on the face begin its outer stroke. These channels correspond to the hollow bodies, which absorb energy in the dense bodies and coming from outside, transform it and pass on to other bodies. That is, on the face reflects the internal factory on processing and energy use. Disturbances in the functioning of these systems can lead to painful changes in the endpoints of these channels.

In the method “volumetric relaxation” cosmetologist, producing massage manipulations, has the ability to act on these points, creating Wellness pulse in the internal organs. Energy massage is performed in two stages: 1) the inclusion of energy channels - redatirovanie points; 2) three linear conduction - start the energy in the channels.

4. Myofascial practice. A series of special exercises, in order to enhance the beauty% the fools and create preconditions for the long-term improvement of the skin of the face, to consolidate the success and maintain it at home. This section can be considered as a continuation of myofascial relaxation.

To perform these exercises you need in the final part of the session. You can work sitting on a chair or standing. It is desirable to control the actions of the muscles, focusing attention on them. You need to get a feel for how active the facial muscles, as they are filled with energy. To see the inner eye of the superficial fascia of the face become elastic. To push the thought process of the transfer of this activity in the skin.

All movements are very slow to be able to control thought all body position and expected changes in muscles, fascia, and skin. The complex consists of preparatory exercises for the neck and three sets of the same exercise, varying the activity of the facial muscles.

Starting position: standing with arms lowered, the head is raised, the neck is held upright, eyes closed. To mentally imagine how relaxing the facial muscles. It is possible to enhance the effect of relaxation to mount the image warm flowing water, which washes away all the wrinkles and other troubles. The face is smoothed, is elastic and easy. Next is pulling the neck to the crown of the head, forehead, neck and go to basic exercises.

1). Turning his head to the side. Consciousness is concentrated on the face. You need to feel how tight the muscles of the face, neck and go as wrinkles along with the tension of the deep and superficial tissues. Pay attention to the lateral surface of the neck in the direction of rotation and to prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

2). Lateral tilt of the head. Consciousness is concentrated on the lateral surfaces of the neck, then on the scalp from ear to crown. Carefully monitor the person that do not have the voltage and wrinkles.

3). Head tilts back and forth. Slowly tilt the shallow head forward and down, preventing wrinkles on the front of the neck. Feel the tension in the suboccipital muscles and the tendon of the helmet on the head until naderan muscles. Slowly return to starting position. Slowly tilt the head back as far as possible, with stretched front surface of the neck and behind her muscles, fascia face. Slowly return to starting position. Mind to concentrate on the face, mentally remove all the wrinkles, then bring on the rear surface of the neck and scalp from the suboccipital regions to the forehead. The forehead does not wrinkle. When you tilt the head back consciousness rises from the anterior surface of the neck and face. You must feel, as a person filled with energy and cleaned the tons of wrinkles.

Next, produce increased pressure on the muscles. Slowly sliding face forward, keep the relaxation of the facial muscles and hold this position all of the exercise cycle. Eyes closed and imagine how increased muscle relaxation, as a person filled with energy. The face is smoothed, is elastic and lightweight, wrinkles and other problems go away. Repeat exercises 1-3.

And the second gain: after the nomination of a person forward to raise the lower jaw, keeping the relaxation of the facial muscles. To hold this position in all three exercise cycle.

You can recommend this series of exercises in order to maintain the tone of the myofascial layers of the face. The exercises are easy to perform at home, at work and in public transport. Independent daily practice will form in the human mind as a beneficial habit to actively engage his body, to find internal resources to maintain health and beauty.

Thus, relaxation of restorative work involving classic cosmetology small area of the human body, defined by the surface of his face, the proposed method becomes “surround”, which significantly extends the capabilities cosmetologist for improving skin condition of the face, neck, and improve overall well-being human is. “Volume” occurs, because the work of a cosmetician include the deep layers of the physical body: muscular-fascial layer and the internal organs, is interested in participating in the improvement of the skin, lungs and large intestine. Relaxation of the physical body of a person with special massage manipulation and exercise, which also distribute cosmetic work outside of the face and neck.

The method also includes working with the mental body, which is held simultaneously and consistently with physical manipulation. This part of the work allows the beautician to create a positive psychological environment conducive to the setting up of the consciousness of the client on the successful results of cosmetic procedures. At the same time setting the beautician for a specific person, allowing him to realize the psychological blocks client in emotional and mental spheres and successfully remove their manifestation in the physical body, particularly on the face.

The method also includes point impact on biologically active points (BAP) and linear massage energy channels connected to the face and neck. Thus forming a “surround” effect on humans, implemented in the area of the face, head. Method qualitative approach to person in cosmetic practice.

Example 1. Client K., 41 years, 6 years, visited the beauty parlor. Age-related changes of the skin of the face, neck on the background of the General muscular weakness and chronic fatigue.

In the study, the client enters the atmosphere of calm, relaxing and relaxation. Cosmetologist is configured to maintain the client of this condition. On the massage table light motion of individual body parts and stroking the long lines spend removing the muscle and joint blocks and stresses. In the final part of this stage of the procedure, the client first studied breathing exercises, and in subsequent sessions have already carried out their own within five minutes.

Next cosmetologist held a gentle massage of the upper extremities and the neck collar area to position the client supine, without destroying it, thus, increasing her state of relaxation and strengthening the muscles of the shoulder girdle. After cleansing the face was held plastic effect on facial muscles and fascia, activating the entire musculo-fascial layer in this zone. This impact was performed three times with increasing degree of penetration into deep tissues.

Energy work on the face of continued sequential activation of all Yang channels of the face point and line impact. The client felt the improving tone of the facial muscles, the activation of the movement of lymph, blood in the superficial vessels and improve the circulation of energy in the individual feelings of cheerfulness, freedom from disturbing States and internal stresses.

Next cosmetologist conducted routine beauty treatments. Ended the session with a soft exit from the state of deep relaxation by performing stretching while lying on a massage table and is already sitting (standing) complex exercises, myofascial gymnastics. Client awareness of the importance of independent work with the muscles of the face and neck and performed daily exercises. Significantly increased elasticity of the muscles and skin of the face, appeared a strong desire their own efforts to support active cheerful state of the muscles of the face and neck. Changed optimistic on its General psycho-physical condition.

Example 2. Client So, 38 years old, beauty parlour comes irregularly, emotionally moving, unstable personality type. Constantly complains of headaches and pain associated with cervical osteochondrosis.

During the session “volumetric relaxation” cosmetologist focused on a more thorough study of the cervical-collar zone, performing deep rubbing the back of his neck, suboccipital areas and shoulder girdle. All these manipulations are easily implementable and effective in the position of the client lying on her back, which is very is it is important in the relaxation method, because no man, turning over on his stomach, and therefore does not violate the process of relaxation.

On stage the energy relaxation beautician did acupressure on acupuncture points and line massage along the lines of the Yang channels on the face, three approaches, each subsequent time reducing the intensity of exposure to almost contactless.

The final stage - myofascial practice was carried out persistently and regularly on three approaches in each session. Cosmetologist brought her to the realization of the idea that lasting positive change is possible with regular skin care and permanent home practice myofascial exercises. Positive results have already appeared in a few sessions. The lady began to emerge, the need for regular work.

Example 3. Client M, 36 years old, 2 years periodically visits the beauty salon. Manifestations of atopic dermatitis, unstable intestines, the nature of the short-tempered, but quickly calming.

From preliminary discussions revealed the underlying disease of the large intestine, the aggravation of which corallium with flashes of cosmetic problems. Noticed the link gain manifestations of atopic dermatitis with impaired nutrition and a strong painful emotions. During plastic impact at the stage of myofascial the Oh relaxation cosmetologist more carefully worked out the area of the nasolabial folds, cheeks and nose wings. On stage the energy of the impact, special attention was paid to the elaboration of the points of the large intestine. The client was recommended to abandon flour, concentrated, salty and sweet food. The activation points of the channel of the colon, diet, relaxation and calming effect “volumetric relaxation” generally yielded positive results in overcoming the manifestations of atopic dermatitis.

Example 4. Client D., 54 years old, 5 years regularly visits the beautician. Age-related changes of the skin, are burdened with chronic diseases of the circulatory system amid menopausal processes.

Once a week passed session “volumetric relaxation within three months alone has complied with all recommendations of the beautician at home, regularly performed exercise myofascial complex, stuck to the diet (oatmeal in water without salt and sugar, vegetables, fruits).

“Volumetric relaxation” qualitatively changed the course of menopause and reduce the severity of the psychological stresses of this period. On the main pathologies observed a noticeable improvement. The sagging of the skin has stopped and the lady arose a strong feeling of rejuvenation of the face and body.

The use of “volumetric relaxation” in practice beauticians in beauty salons St. Petersburg who showed the effectiveness of the method. All of the ladies that worked according to the method of “volumetric relaxation” there has been a marked improvement in the skin of the face, neck, which remained for a long time. Thanks myofascial practice is an integral part of the method, the client became active participants in the process of healing and rejuvenation. On the background of the “volumetric relaxation” increased the effectiveness of any software procedure.

Many clients noted in addition to the cosmetic effects a marked improvement in the internal organs, a positive response in the systems affected by chronic diseases. In addition, many clients have noticed a increase of vitality after treatment “volumetric relaxation and strengthening the status of optimism.

Sources taken into account when drawing up the proposal

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1. Method for improving skin condition of the face and neck of a person, including massage of the face and neck and impact on biologically active points, characterized in that that first conduct psychological adjustment to work with a specific person, then at the first stage, carry out the removal of the joint blocks, hold the muscle-skazachnogo apparatus of the joints of the body light swaying of the head and limbs, the use of limbs long stroking movements, complete the first phase of breathing exercises, then spend a relaxing massage, neck and neck area and arms, plastic impact on the muscles and fascia of the face, massage of biologically active points and linear facial massage, then perform a set of strengthening exercises for the neck and face while focusing the mind of the client to emerging feelings in the neck and face.

2. The method according to claim 1, characterized in that the complex strengthening exercises for the neck and face are conducted daily.


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EFFECT: higher efficiency of therapy.

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The invention relates to medicine, in particular to cancer, and can be used in the treatment of resectable, including locally common forms of lung cancer

The invention relates to medicine, namely to internal medicine and neurology
The invention relates to medicine, to methods of correcting the body of man

The invention relates to the field of medical equipment and can be used for massage

The invention relates to sanitary-technical equipment and can be used for vozduhoochistnogo massage the body in a bathing tub, basin and shower

Vacuum massager // 2237462
The invention relates to medicine, in particular to devices for hardware massage, and can be used for rehabilitation, physiotherapy, sports medicine, fitness

Therapeutic device // 2236211
The invention relates to the field of medicine and is intended to impact on the skin and biologically active zone of the patient's body

The invention relates to medicine, in particular to a device for holding medical, sports and hygienic massage

The invention relates to medicine, in particular for orthopedics and traumatology

The invention relates to medical equipment, namely, devices for carrying out therapeutic massage in medical institutions
The invention relates to medicine, reflexology

The invention relates to medicine, in particular to devices for massage
The invention relates to medicine, namely to orthopedics