Method for elementary training of accurate fire from small arms

FIELD: means for training of fire from the small arms.

SUBSTANCE: sighting at the target of the trainee under the supervision of the trainer is accomplished with the aid of a training device. Used as a target is the eye of the trainer or trainer, which are located relative to each other at a distance of 40 to 60 cm and in the process of training switch the roles.

EFFECT: simplified and accelerated mastering of the elements of firing procedure.

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The invention relates to educational devices for marksmanship training small arms and can be used in the initial infantry training.

Known training devices: YAK-83, sighting machine Volkova (see gander P.A. Initial military training /Pagosa, Amerace. - Minsk: Nar. of light, 1975. - 480 C.), etc. used in the Russian armed forces for military training shooters are used in training well-aimed shot. The shooter is trained to dub a fly in the slots of sight, correct aiming in a specially installed targets.

Their disadvantage is constructive complexity, bulkiness, stationarity, which complicates the process of marksmanship training, besides their use requires a large amount of time on training, whereas training program allows for a study of this topic about 5 hours per class (platoon). In addition to marksmanship training requires the use of a set of devices.

Consider as a prototype machine for pickup weapons (ibid, s-275). Machine for aiming weapons, screen and pointer are used for training in the monotony of the aiming of firearms on short distances (10-15 m). The commander or his assistant is a great shooter, puts a gun to the pointer (the target), which is one of the trainees keeps on Chi is that (white) field of the screen. Under the arms is mounted to the machine. The centre of the black circle pointer (position) fixed point through the hole in it. This is a checkpoint. After that, the commander orders to move the pointer to the side, and one of the trainees, taking aim through the sights mounted on the machine weapon, gives instructions on where to move the pointer, so that she was again in the correct position relative to the slot of the rear sight, and front sight, i.e. the center of the pointer (the hole), must be covered or closer to the control point.

The disadvantage of the prototype is that the fire is constantly flinching. This is because the checkpoint was made with proper aiming and weapon fixed. Following learning, making mistakes in aiming, say, all the while making great ground clearance, and its point of interference was higher than the control.

This leads to the fact that the exercise of one arrow requires a minimum of 30 minutes. If we consider that in the class (platoon) traditionally 25-30 people, it becomes clear that the marksmanship training with the use of this device is difficult.

The present invention is the task of simplifying and speeding up the practice marksmanship. This is accomplished by using (see figure 1) training device, which consists of flat flies (Fig 1, a), rizalino devices (1, b) and the target (figure 1, b).

A distinctive feature of the device is that the target is in the eye of the learner or learning, which are apart from each other at a distance of 40-60 cm and switch roles in the learning process.

This ensures reliable feedback between the learner and the learning that allows for a short time to work out all of the provisions of marksmanship, and most importantly - the shooter acquires skills dub even fly up to the ideal. 10 minutes of arrows ready to marksmanship, because during this time he led the commander manages to make up to 50 uravnenii smooth flies in the slots of sight.

The training device includes three stages:

The 1st stage. The learner, using the device, and learns what a smooth front sight and the target point (2, a).

The 2nd stage. The learner with the help of the device fulfills the announcement of smooth fly to the target point and other elements of the fire (figure 2, b).

The 3rd stage. The learner internalizes the main thing is that successful shooting depends on the smooth front sight, and therefore to the target point (aiming) you need to make a fire so that the front sight was clearly visible, and the target is vague, otherwise the pupil of a pupil shrink and arrows may lose even the fly (figure 2, b).

The advantage of the proposed training device in comparison with the existing can sell the show as follows:

№p/pExisting devicesThe proposed device
1.The set of training devices, usually takes a solid amount (min40×30×25 cm) and weighs 15 min kgThe device is small (about 10 cm, weight 30 g) and fits in a breast pocket
2.Technologically complex, the only industrial productionTechnologically simple. To make you, as an industrial way and independently of the auxiliary material, for example sheet metal
3.The cost is calculated min in the hundred rublesThe cost is not more than 3 rubles
4.You can only train in the classroom, barracks, training townTraining does not require dedicated space. Practically
  in any place, including in combat
5.Training one arrow is required from one hour to one and a halfIn 10 minutes one man learns the techniques of marksmanship: learning to dub even fly to cut the sight and to develop other elements of marksmanship
6.Training platoon and class requires a large amount of time (min 30 hours), because, as a rule, use one kitIn one hour you can teach marksmanship platoon (class), because the platoon is possible to provide the required number of cheap and simple devices, based on 1 device for 2-3 people
7.To control the level of training is practically impossible because it requiresThe device is a powerful tool of control,
 many hoursallow 1 hour to verify how true 40-50 people learned the techniques of marksmanship Control can be performed at any place
8.Training without weapons cannotTraining is possible even without weapons
9.Training marksmanship is only possible using a set of training instrumentsFor marksmanship training is sufficient for the proposed device

The economic effect of the proposed invention is that the simplicity of the design does not require large investments. The use of simple, cheap and reliable instrument will improve Bogatov the guard to reduce the consumption of ammunition. The device adopted for training the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia, just Russia, a regiment of Marines of the black sea fleet of Russia and school divers of the black sea fleet of Russia.

The way in which the initial marksmanship training small arms, including aiming at a target of a student under the guidance of learning through training device, characterized in that as the target use of eye training or a trainee, which are arranged relative to each other at a distance of 40-60 cm and in the learning process change roles.


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FIELD: means for training of fire from the small arms.

SUBSTANCE: sighting at the target of the trainee under the supervision of the trainer is accomplished with the aid of a training device. Used as a target is the eye of the trainer or trainer, which are located relative to each other at a distance of 40 to 60 cm and in the process of training switch the roles.

EFFECT: simplified and accelerated mastering of the elements of firing procedure.

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EFFECT: the invention allows to decrease the labor input, materials consumption at manufacture of the test site, and also to simplify its operation.

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EFFECT: provided test rig development of laser beam-controlled rockets in the conditions simulating the real flight, the material for the analysis and repeated use being preserved.

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FIELD: means for fire training, in particular, fire trainers.

SUBSTANCE: the weapon with a trigger mechanism is a combat arm, the trainer is provided with sound columns, and the weapon-with two microswitches, the first of which is rigidly fastened an its handle under the trigger, and the other-on the handle under the hammer for closing the electric circuit at a hammer cocking. Both microswitches are connected in series and connected to the computer input. The device for display of the results and the sound columns are connected to the computer output. The video camera is fastened under the barrel by means of a bracket. The target field is installed at a distance preset at conducting of real fire. The targets are made of paper and the trainer is additionally provided with a vice for fastening the weapon in the condition of adjustment fire.

EFFECT: reduced time for preparation to studies and training to target firing.

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FIELD: physics.

SUBSTANCE: invention concerns working-capacity control devices for aviation sighting and monitoring video systems, as well as for flight personnel training. The said device consists of collimator tube, bracket with prism, and light filter fixed at the exit face of collimator tube. Collimator tube includes cylindrical case with an objective lens at its exit end, and a running head attached by a slide to the entrance end face of cylindrical case with two horizontal guide rails. Ring seat of the running head has a grade rod inside, with illumination lamp in front of the rod. L-type bracket with a linear actuator is fixed at the outer side of running head. Grade rod consists of two clamping glasses and a removable slide, and is moving against the optic axis of the collimator tube.

EFFECT: higher reliability of working-capacity control of aviation sighting system video monitoring and application of working-capacity control as flight personnel training equipment.

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FIELD: weapons and ammunition.

SUBSTANCE: several pairs of film projectors are entered into a training apparatus for training the deflection shooting, first of them in each pair contains a film with the image of the target with group of several marks, and the second film projector contains a film with a target kill sign. The training apparatus also contains the relay and comparison units by the amount of film projector pairs, shooting conditions input-output block, the decoding block and the amplifier unit.

EFFECT: approximation of training conditions to real conditions.

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FIELD: training simulator.

SUBSTANCE: stand contains made at scales simulation systems of artillery range with targets usage and also control tools for these objects. Additionally it is outfitted by facilities for appearing and moving targets, light and audio simulators, fire control desk, engineering tools and target situation control desk, connected to switching boxes and switching block. At that on each engineering tool there are installed motors for shooting device control, implemented as laser emitter, by coordinates "Azimuth" and "Range", interlocked to synchro-transmitter, located inside of tool, which are electrically connected to synchro-receiver, installed on fire control desk, implemented with ability of displacement of lamp with crystalline crosshair by appropriate coordinates "Azimuth" and "Range". Facility for appearing targets is implemented in the form of closed in metal body electromagnet with lever, affecting to axes, connected to target. Facility for moving targets is implemented with ability of movement simulation of technique and infantry.

EFFECT: training improving.

3 cl, 9 dwg

FIELD: sport.

SUBSTANCE: arrangement contains device, mounted at gun muzzle or its dummy on simulator of fire training with focusing system, release mechanism with button "Shot", recording desk for training results and baffle-screen with covered on it curved line. Devise installed at muzzle is implemented in the form of ultrared light-emitting diode emitter with generator of emission modulation and related to button "Shot" of release mechanism. Baffle-screen is implemented as radiussed by turn of gun muzzle in horizontal plane and lengthwise curve of dive or pitching. Baffle-screen is installed on body by means of carriers with fastener and outfitted by ultrared radiation detector (targets), implemented with ability of light energy transduction into electrical and signal conditioning on recording desk for training results, at that baffle-screen is outfitted by module of screen of silhouette forming for air targets.

EFFECT: automation of training process of shooting by air targets.

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FIELD: weaponry.

SUBSTANCE: invention relates to aiming and firing training devices. The proposed system incorporates a gun with a barrel and trigger mechanism, a laser radiation source with power supply, a target, a blank shot adapter attached to the barrel, the said adapter front section accommodating a membrane. The adapter rear part accommodates the laser radiation source with the power supply. The target comprises several laser radiation signal receivers arranged on the equipment in compliance with impact zones and representing photo diodes. The laser radiation source represents a solid-state laser and electronic tube with a microcontroller. Every laser radiation signal receiver consists of a flexible rectangular plate housing LEDs arranged all over the plate face area with a spacing equal to the laser beam spot and on the plate rear area, the said LEDs form a beam located in the photo diode sensitivity zone. Note here that the aforesaid every laser radiation receiver incorporates an electronic unit of signal processing.

EFFECT: shooter training in conditions approximated to actual combat conditions.

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