Tool for obstetrics


The invention relates to veterinary medicine, in particular to obstetrics, the tools used in the extract of the fruit of generic ways. Tool for childbirth includes hooks for engagement of the fetus and has the form of a cylindrical hollow body. The front end of the housing is divided into two equal parts by a jumper. Hooks mounted on priplacnot ring terminal, performs the function of a piston. The technical result - the reduction of injuries and ease of use. 2 Il.

The invention relates to veterinary medicine, in particular to obstetrics, the tools used in the extract of the fruit of generic ways.

For delivery of small animals (cats, dogs, nutria) use korangi, bullet forceps, surgical forceps (C. A. Karpov. Obstetrics and gynecology small Pets. Moscow, Rosagroprom-Izdat, 1990, S. 136.).

The disadvantages of these tools is the possibility of injury ancestral ways and inconvenience of use due to their non-specificity and is not universal.

Known tools for delivery of large animals: eye hooks and dbusername hook Cray-Cholera (C. I. Nienke breeding animals. Moscow, 2003, S. 124). To extract the fetus from kin ways his eye orbit impose eye hooks or hook Cray-Cholera. Use eye hooks and a hook on the Cray-Cholera impossible for delivery of small animals (cats, dogs, nutria) even while reducing their size, as for the introduction and imposition of hooks you need to enter the hand of the midwife in the birth canal.

The aim of the invention is to reduce injuries.

In Fig.1 depicts a tool for delivery in pathological childbirth in small animals (dogs, cats, nutria), General view; Fig.2), the same section.

The tool has a steel hollow body 1 has a cylindrical shape with open front and rear ends. The front end is divided by jumper 2 into two equal parts. Inside the cylinder there is a piston in the form of a rod 3, on the front end of which is flattened ring 4 for fastening the two hooks 5 directed pointed ends to each other. At the other end of the piston arm is in the form of a half ring 6.

The tool works as follows. The piston 3 is pushed furthest back. Steel body 1 is introduced into the birth canal of small animals to lock in part of the fruit under the control of the finger. The piston 3 podany. The piston 3 serves ago - hooks 5 converge and capture part of the fruit. The tool and the fruit extract of generic ways.


Tool for obstetrics, including hooks for engagement of the fetus, characterized in that, in order to reduce injuries of animals, it has the form of a cylindrical hollow body, the front end of which is divided into two equal parts by jumper hooks mounted on priplacnot ring terminal, performs the function of a piston.


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