Method for the treatment and prevention of diseases impact on biologically active points and zones


(57) Abstract:

The invention relates to medicine, reflexology. Impact on biologically active points and biologically active zones intravenous introduction of medicinal substances. As a medicinal substances use of Alloplant biomaterial. The Alloplant biomaterial diluted in physiological solution in the ratio of 10-100 mg of biomaterial 5-15 ml of physiological solution. The number of sessions 1-10 with intervals of 2-7 days. The method provides a prolonged effect.

The invention relates to medicine, namely to reflexology, and can be used for the treatment of patients with various diseases and disease prevention.

It is known that reflexology is an ancient method. Medicine East has accumulated vast experience in the treatment of many diseases using therapeutic effects on biologically active points (BAP) and biologically active zones (BAZ). The desire to improve the efficiency of traditional acupuncture (acupuncture) encourages to develop new ways of influencing the BAT. Developed many ways of influencing these points and zones; acupuncture, moxibustion, a combination thereof,magnetic field, the laser beam, introduction to point of various substances. The main disadvantages of these methods are the short duration of exposure and the instability of the results that makes use of a large number of sessions for the course and often repeat reflexology courses.

In addition, frequent use of acupuncture and moxibustion at a certain point often causes malnutrition and even scarring her that reduces therapeutic effect.

Acupressure massage (acupressure), and the use of needle hammers and rollers provide a weak surface effect and also require time-consuming. Fixation to the point of various items (Cuba) provides albeit long, but mild effect. Hardware methods (heroinne-, electro-, magneto-, laserontime points), in addition to the availability of special equipment also require a lot of time on the treatment of one patient.

There is a method of influence on the trigger and acupuncture points by piercing them with an injection needle with a perforated lateral surface (patent RF №2138242, IPC And 61 N 39/08, publ. 27.09.1999,). The residence time of the needle point is at least 5-10 min, the number of sessions 3-5. This way napravlyalysya points, does not provide a prolonged therapeutic effect. In addition, using a specified needle causes of traumatic tissue structures with subsequent depletion and scarring of the point.

Longer stimulation BAT and BASES allows to achieve a method of suturing subcutaneous tissue-biomaterial - methodoloy thread in the projection of the BAT and BASES (Sobieski centuries, Acupuncture in clinical practice. Kiev, Health, 1993, S. 82-89). Long resorption catgut provides long-lasting stimulation. But the flashing procedure with catgut quite traumatic, requires special conditions (operating). In addition, the catgut can lead to significant tissue reaction until rejection, allergic reactions.

Closest to the proposed method is the injection of drugs in BATH (pharmacopuncture) (Acupuncture / under the General editorship HOANG BAO TAO. M.: Medicine, 1988, S. 454-462). The method allows to combine the total effect of the drug (describing the use of ATP, vitamins, neostigmine methylsulfate) with local irritation point. But the medicines quickly elimineras from point can not have long-term stimulatory effect on her. In addition, we cannot exclude Verona and others), that significantly limits the indications for use of this method.

The proposed invention aims to improve the effectiveness of treatment due to immune stimulation, and immune disorders, enhance the regenerative capacity of cells, the activation of biochemical processes. In addition, the invention allows to reduce the invasiveness and reduce the duration of treatment,

This object is achieved by way of influence on biologically active points and biologically active zones by injecting them drugs, which unlike the prototype, as medicinal substances use of Alloplant biomaterial, diluted in physiological solution at a ratio of 10-100 mg of Alloplant biomaterial 5-15 ml of physiological solution, and injection exercise sessions in the amount of 1-10 with intervals of 2-7 days.

The Alloplant biomaterial developed in the all-Russian center of eye and plastic surgery and allowed for wide clinical use (TU No. 42-2-537-93 MOH Russia), has the following advantages compared to other used injection drugs:

- convenience, security and besbi, providing a prolonged effect;

- low antigenic properties;

prevention of scarring and stimulation of full regeneration;

- improvement of local immunity for the prevention of infectious complications.

The unique properties of Alloplant biomaterial derived from cadaveric donor material in accordance with the RF Law "On transplantation of organs and tissues" No. 4181-1 from 22.11.1992,, specially processed (developed more than 80 types of Alloplant biomaterial), can be widely used in such fields of medicine as ophthalmology, dentistry, neurosurgery, gynecology, thoracic surgery, etc.

Developed biomaterial reflexotherapy (acupuncture) meets all the requirements of the task: produce it in powder or in liquid form, sealed in sterile vials, it's easy to use, while retaining all the requirements of aseptic and antiseptic in the conditions of the treatment room. Manufactured forms "Alloplant" allow introduction through an insulin needle. According to morphological studies of particles of this allograft rezorbiruetsa in tissues tissue mA in order to attract immune cells, mainly macrophages, significantly reduces infectious complications

Low antigenic properties eliminate rejection and Allergy patient, as evidenced by almost 30 years of experience in the application of biomaterials series "Alloplant". The ability to stimulate a full regeneration prevents scarring BATH with frequent exposure to it, and its ability to dissolve scar tissue can be used to activate the BAT that due to some reasons were scarring (post-burn, scars, scars after Tszyu-burns, multiple acupuncture).

Using the injection method, the point of impact reduces the time working with the patient, depending on the number of injections instead of 2-3 hours to 15-20 minutes. These forms of Alloplant biomaterial does not irritate the tissue at the injection site, which makes the procedure painless in contrast to the use of other drugs (such as aloe, vitamins, etc). A release form (in a sterile vial) allows to achieve a long shelf life (5 years) without losing its properties.

Known around the scar tissue, postoperative wounds, ulcers var is exploring and stimulating properties. However, this local interventions aimed at the recovery and healing of tissues in a specific area.

The proposed method allows us to provide total long-term (3-4 weeks) effects on the human body through the system of the BAT and BASES, aimed at stable recovery of the underlying mechanisms of neural regulation, metabolic processes, increase immunity, both humoral and cellular, thereby to provide recovery and the duration of the preservation of normal homeostasis. This new effect from the treatment and prevention of diseases is achieved through the proposed combination of essential features, ensuring the invention, the criterion of “inventive step”.

The method is as follows. The patient identifies clinically relevant BAT and BASES located along the interested ministerially relations, tendon-muscular meridians and pathologically stable motor synergies. Recipe (the set of points is determined in accordance with the methods of traditional acupuncture, pulse diagnosis, Voll, Nakatani, etc. At selected points inject insulin needle dissolved in fisrst.

The surface of the skin in the BATH and DATABASES is handled 70% medical alcohol. Injections are usually given subcutaneously, although there may be intradermal, intramuscular and even subperiosteal method of administration. After the injection, the injection site is desirable massaging lightly pressed alcohol with a cotton ball to reduce pain and locking of energy." The amount used in the recipe BAHT and DATABASES from 3-5 up to 10-30, depending on the condition of the patient and his disease. The volume of injected liquid form "Alloplant" from 0.25 to 1.5 ml, depending on the location, development of subcutaneous fat, weight and age of the patient..

Treatment exercise sessions in the amount of 1-10 with intervals of 2-7 days, depending on the disease, the patient's condition and goals of treatment or preventive direction.

Example 1. Patient C. for 12 years. Ds: OP (both eyes) progressive myopia of an average degree, retinal degeneration. Electrophysiological study (EPS) Kompaneetz revealed the deterioration of the El. sensitivity OD (right eye to 130 µa, OS (left eye) - up to 160 μa, the total field of view on Goldman OD 210, 290 OS. According to electropunctural diagnostics by R. Voll and traditional muscle-su is roweena 3 sessions of acupuncture introduction of Alloplant biomaterial: 1st session dosage 30 mg in 8 ml of saline, 2nd session - 4 days - dosage 40 mg in 10 ml saline, 3rd session after 3 days, 50 mg, dosage of 50 mg per 10 ml of saline. Used in the formulation of the following points: distal - VB 39, TR8, F3, E36; corporal - VB24, VI 8, V19, U, BA LIAO, T14; cranial and paraorbital - T20, TR20 VI VB1 El TR 23. The volume of injected mist "Alloplant" ranged from 0.5 ml to cranial and paraorbital points to 0.8-1.0 ml for corporal and distal points.

After the course the patient subjectively marked improvement in overall health, increased brightness in the eyes, objectively: EPE OD - electroacoustically improved to 80 µa (to normal), OS - up to 100 µa, expanded field of view OD 335, OS 410, normalized and stabilized indicators of biologically active points on R. Voll. The patient was followed for 1 year. Visual function is stable, the progression of myopia was not observed.

Example 2. Patient W. age 19. Ds: peptic ulcer disease duodenal ulcer, sore 4 years. When the height is 180 cm and has a weight of 62 kg Medication is ineffective. He complained of constant aching pain in the epigastric region, worse at night, heartburn, feeling of bitterness in the mouth, General weakness and fatigue. According to FGS: p unctures Voll diagnostic reveals an excess in the meridians E and Jgthe failure in the meridians With RP, the phenomenon of "falling arrows most of the meridians.

Conducted 4 sessions of acupuncture biomaterials introduction series "Alloplant": 1st session - 30 mg, 2 to 40 mg, 3 and 4, 50 mg, dissolved in 10.0 ml of saline. The sessions were conducted with a frequency of 4 days. According to electropunctural diagnostics by Voll, which was carried out before each session, we used point RPU, MS, TR8, Gi4, VB, 39, E36, E25, V21-27 / VB / 24, T24, NW, skaldowie zone - hepato-biliary and gastroduodenal. Depending on the localization of the points were introduced from 0.3 to 1.5 ml of Alloplant biomaterial. The recipe included 8-16 points per session.

After a course of therapy completely disappeared pain in the epigastric region and heartburn, appetite disappeared "drop arrow" Voll, FGS has epithelialization of ulcers. The patient was followed for 6 months. She feels good. Gained weight 16 kg - normalized the height-weight ratio. Introduced to the sport.

Example 3. Patient Century. 29 years. Ds: chronic viral hepatitis C. Complaints of fatigue, headaches, feeling of heaviness in the right hypochondrium, bitter taste in the true, nausea. Objective examination by a small unlogically analysis: JgG - 6, Jg M - 1,8, Jg A - 1,9, proliferative activity of lymphocytes - 0,02, phagocytic index 23, phagocytic number of 3.6. A course of acupuncture introduction of Alloplant biomaterial consisting of 3 sessions. Introduced respectively 30, 50, 50 mg of Alloplant biomaterial bred by 10.0 ml of saline. Before each session was conducted by measuring the BATH according to the method of R. Voll to identify the meridians in a state of failure or instability ("drop arrow"). General blood and urine tests and selection of the corresponding points in the recipe. Point used: RP6, MS, TR8, VB39, V18-19, Vb24-F13, VC1, VBM-20, scalp "gastroduodenal zone". We also used micro-injection (0.1 ml) in point AR 97 (liver) and the "zero" point.

After the course showed a significant improvement in health - increased efficiency, stopped headaches, decreased dyspeptic symptoms. Blood biochemistry: bilirubin 22 g/l, ALT 51, ACT-21, immunology: JgG-13,3, JgM - 1,1, LgA-1,6 lymphocyte proliferative activity of 0.15, phagocytic index 37, phagocytic number 7,1.

Example 4. Patient S 1943 R., diagnosed vegeto-vascular dystonia on hypertonic type, widespread osteochondrosis. Complaints: ut the population, the pain of a permanent nature in the occipital, cervical and lumbar-krestsovoy area.

Surveyed 40 control points of measurement (DTI) by the method of R. Voll: 11 points is determined by the “drop arrow”, a failure in the meridians VB.GI (the tendency to constipation), V (xp.cystitis).

Within 2 weeks of 4 sessions subcutaneous injection of Alloplant biomaterial:

1) in the acupuncture points: Gi11, Gi4, E36, Vb39, VG24, lo-paragraphs interested meridians;

2) in the biologically active zone: BA Liao, trigger (trigger) zone paravertebral lines and in the cervical region, the area of the scalp and vasomotor hepatobiliary zone, also identified areas reflected pain ( zacharin-Ged) at the given pathology.

At the end of treatment the patient said burst of energy, increase efficiency, the pain has almost stopped, blood pressure stabilized at the level of 130/80-130/90 mm RT.article Control tests by R. Voll - all indicators KTI stable. With the re-examination in 7 months.: the condition is satisfactory, no complaints, back pain do not bother, blood pressure stable, indicators KTI by R. Voll stable. Held 1st session in BAT and BASES on well-established technique is a, working directly with clients, sickly ARI, ARI in the cold season (autumn, winter, spring). Conducted in 2 sessions ACU-puncture injection of Alloplant biomaterial for the prevention of these diseases. Used BAT: Yang and Yin lo-points, VC17, 12, 7, area Zakharyin-Ged (light) - cervical-collar area, the scalp area of the thoracic cavity. As a result, over a period of cold time of year, no cases of disease ARI, ARI 19 people, observed 2 cases of mild ARI, ARI. Each of the groups noted that during this period I had many contacts with patients ARI, ARI. Along with the improvement of the General condition, the improvement of health, the positive dynamics of chronic diseases identified among this group of employees of the Bank. The management of the Bank notes the beneficial effect of the preventive effect and configured to continued cooperation.

Example 6. Patient M., 53, Ds: stomach carcinoma, well-differentiated adenocarcinoma. Two weeks before the operation of the survey:

General blood analysis: AG 4,51012; Col.p 0,8; HB 110 g/l; T, 200; L 60109; E. 5%; NP 10%; na 70%; Li 15%; 1%; ESR 35 mm/h, urinalysis: weak acid, prozrachnaja-puncture injection of Alloplant biomaterial:

1 session of 30 mg: 8 ml of physiologic saline;

2 session - 5 - mg: 10 ml of physiologic saline;

3 session - 50 mg: 10 ml of physiologic saline;

used BAT: Yang and Yin lo-items:, VC 1, 17, 12, 7; RP 6, MC 3, VB39,V 18, 19, 20, E 36:

BASES: 1) the scalp gastroduodenal area, hepatobiliary area;

2) area Zaharieva Ged - liver.

Before surgery, General blood analysis: AG 4,810; Col.p 1,0, HB 130 g/l; Tr350; L 5,5109; E 1%; NP 7%; 60%; Li 25%; 1%; ESR 10 mm/h, urinalysis: sour, transparent light yellow tank weight 1010; L: 510 p/SP; Eg neg., protein OTP.

Surgery: resection of the stomach Billroth 2, metastases are detected. The postoperative period was uneventful, in the intensive care unit the patient was 3 days (instead of the intended 5-7 days). Blood volume is normal. The wound healed by first intention after 10 days after surgery. General blood and urine normal. General immunology blood tests are normal. The doctor notes the rapid recovery of body functions of a patient after a complicated surgery. Discharged the patient on day 12.

The patient was followed for 3 years. The General condition is satisfactory. General blood and urine in norm. FGS and x-rays of the stomach relapses do not celebrate. Annually the at and DATABASES in the dosage of 50 mg 10 ml

Thus, the proposed invention allows to increase the effectiveness of therapeutic and preventive effects on biologically active points and zones with simultaneous reduction in the morbidity and length of treatment.

Method for the treatment and prevention of diseases impact on biologically active points and biologically active zones by injecting them medicinal substances, characterized in that the quality of drugs use of Alloplant biomaterial, diluted in physiological solution at a ratio of 10-100 mg of Alloplant biomaterial 5-15 ml of physiological solution, and injection exercise sessions in the amount of 1-10 with intervals of 2-7 days.


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