The method of protection technical means of information processing from information leakage through side channels of electromagnetic radiation and interference


The invention relates to communication technology and can be used to protect information processed by technical means from leaking through the side channels of electromagnetic radiation and interference. The technical result achieved by the proposed method is to convert the electromagnetic field surrounding the technical means of information exchange (Tsai), randomly without adding in this energy field additional masking signal, which improves the electromagnetic and environmental situation in the area Tsoi. The invention consists in that Tsoi placed near the antennas in the Fresnel zone, and converting the electromagnetic field randomly carried out by changing the resistance of the controlled loading of the antenna synchronously with the noise signal when you connect the noise generator to the input of the controlled loading of the antenna. 1 Il.

The invention relates to communication technology and can be used to protect information processed by technical means from leaking through the side channels of electromagnetic radiation and interference (pre).

Analysis of the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation technical means of the t range spurious electromagnetic radiation, by receiving and analyzing which you can get information circulating in Tsoi. The restriction of information in Tsoi prevents its unauthorized person with access to basic (wire or radio) communication channel. However, using a special radio receivers can distinguish information from stray electromagnetic radiation Tsoi, and the induced high-frequency methods of imposing radiation. Therefore, to protect confidential information from unauthorized removal use technical means and methods of protection, preventing the release of information leakage channels.

One of such remedies is a protective shielding Tsoi or premises where they are located [1], [2].

The disadvantage of this method of screening is the presence of local violations of electrokinetically screen locations lids, hatches, doors, connectors, tools, display, input and output cables and communications. In these places electromagnetic waves beyond the screen and can be intercepted by radio intelligence.

There is a method of protection from surveillance [3], in which the walls of the screening chamber is performed in a sandwich mstie local violations of electrokinetically screen protection surveillance is provided by the efficiency of this screen. In case of local disturbances electrokinetically screen in these areas occurs radiation interference which masks concealed radiation.

The disadvantage of this method consists, first, in its complexity, which limits the scope of mostly stationary objects, and secondly, is insufficient masking of signals induced on the circuit outside of the screen.

Known methods of active resistance radio razvedka, which generate noise electromagnetic waves and direct them towards the likely location of the signal monitoring means [4].

For example, in the method for protecting data in a local communication system [5] beyond the perimeter of the radio system up and during the whole time of operation of the system is continuously radiated noise signals in the entire frequency band used in the communication system. The power of these signals is selected more than the power that the worker signals may have on the perimeter of the system.

The known method has the following disadvantages.

Protection information from leaking via the pre at frequencies different from the frequencies used for radio communication.

Continuous radiation at p is agnaou the situation in the dislocation of the system and creates obstacles for the normal operation of radio-electronic means, not part of the local system.

Noise electromagnetic radiation worsen the ecological situation not only for the perimeter of the dislocation system, but within it due to the presence of masking emitters of electromagnetic fields to the rear and side lobe.

Noise electromagnetic radiation inevitably affect the quality of communication in the local system. Receivers radio stations local system must have a special channel to highlight masking noise and device for compensation of the receiver output. This fact significantly increases the complexity of the system.

From some of these shortcomings can be eliminated by using secret information for each subscriber that will allow to refuse masking radiation around the perimeter of the system. However, in this case, you may have a leak of information from TSO through the pre, and therefore will need additional noise generators to mask spurious emissions and signals of high-frequency forcing (crosstalk).

The closest in technical essence to the proposed technical solution and selected as a consequence, as the prototype is way maskirovka the boron characters not relevant to the information symbols to be processed in digital equipment, randomly choose them, modulate their high-frequency signal generator and an antenna to radiate the modulated signal, thereby forming an electromagnetic field which overlaps on field created by stray electromagnetic radiation digital equipment, masks last.

The disadvantage of this method is that the energy of the spurious electromagnetic radiation adds energy masking signal that creates a hostile electromagnetic and environmental conditions. The situation is compounded by the fact that the level of the masking signal is selected ensure that the signal-to-noise ratio less than unity for co-frequency with the highest level of radiation. For other frequencies, spurious emissions are excessive levels of masking signal that unreasonably impairs the electromagnetic and the environment.

The objective of the proposed method is ensuring that Tsoi against leakage of information through the channels of pre without compromising electromagnetic and environmental conditions.

The technical result achieved by the proposed method lies in the GII additional noise signal.

The essence of the method consists in the following: Tsoi and outgoing wires for the side signal can be represented as parasitic electromagnetic vibrator (emitter). Therefore, the transformation of the electromagnetic field surrounding Tsoi, can be provided by changing the parameters of the emitter, which is achieved by its interaction with an additional antenna having variable parameters and the Fresnel zone [7, S. 593], [8, S. 115], which has protected Tsai, representing the sphere of radius

R=2D2/(if DLLL/ 2),

where D is the largest dimension of the antenna,- wavelength side of electromagnetic radiation.

The limits of variation of parameters associated electromagnetic vibrators are determined by the induced EMF [9], [10], which allows to determine the radiation power mnogovershinnoe antenna, the input impedance of each of the vibrator and the mutual influence of elements of the antenna system.

Closest to the technical nature of the proposed method physical model of the radiation of two related electromagnetic vibrators, one active and the other passive and terminals of the latter are closed on some the e field in the far zone radiation is a superposition of fields, created by radiation of active and passive vibrators. The intensity of this field is defined as [10, S. 35]


where Em1and Em2the amplitude intensities of the electromagnetic fields generated respectively active and passive vibrators (- circular frequency of the radiation,


- wavelength radiation,

r is the distance from the source to a point located in the far zone radiation,

d is the distance between emitters,

- the angle of the direction of radiation,

- the phase shift between the currents in the dipoles.

Value (kd Sin+) determines the phase shift between the fields of active and passive vibrators in the observation point and is a random variable due to the randomness.

As shown in [11, S. 378], angleequal to the sum of the angles of phase shift of the voltage induced in the passive vibrator, relative to the current in the active vibrator2)


Angle1depends on the distance between the vibrators, and the angle2is determined by the length of the passive vibrator, that is, the degree of its deviation from resonance. Passive vibrator can act as a Director or reflector, and the reflector should be the nature of inductive and Director - capacitive resistance [11, S. 382]. When configured in a half-wave resonance active vibrator reflector should be slightly longer, and the Director is slightly shorter than half the wavelength.

In the proposed method, the load resistance of the antenna, which plays the role of a passive vibrator, varies in the range from 0 torandom values, and time. When the load resistance is equal to 0, passive vibrator becomes a reflector, and when the load resistance is equal tohe is broken into two parts and the antenna system consists of one active vibrator and two Directors, this will change as the shape of the pattern and the direction of its maximum.

When Promega random values, and in the direction of.

The analysis of the radiation parameters of the system of two electromagnetic vibrators, one active and the other terminals are shorted to a variable load, leads to the conclusion that when the load changes of the second vibrator randomly, by changing parameters and radiation pattern of the antenna system, in the far zone radiation is a random modulation of the intensity vector of the electromagnetic field in amplitude and phase.

The above is confirmed by the antenna patterns and vector diagram of voltages and currents in the antenna, consisting of active and passive vibrators given in [11, Fig.221 and 222].

The above model adequately reflects the process of masking undesired radiation in a narrow frequency range. If Tsoi has side radiation in several areas of the spectrum, the antenna system should consist of a variety of vibrators of different geometric dimensions, configuration, spatial location, designed for mid-frequency spectra of radiation, managed workloads, changing randomly.

Thus, if Tsoi, around which there are poroshok antenna system to change randomly, for example, using signals generated by the generators of noise, electromagnetic field surrounding Tsoi will also change randomly law that does not allow radio razvedka to extract the information.

The drawing shows an example implementation of a device that implements the proposed method.

The device contains the following nodes:

1 - technical means of information processing (Tsoi);

2 - antenna;

3 - controlled load;

4 - noise generator.

Tsai 1, containing, for example, the transceiver information 1.1 cable 1.2 power and communication line 1.3, is a source of high frequency natural electromagnetic radiation (active adult), the envelope of which may contain confidential information.

The antenna 2 is designed to convert randomly electromagnetic field surrounding Tsai 1, and is a passive Dildo.

Managed load 3 connected to the terminals of the antenna 2, is intended for random changes in a wide range of complex impedance of the antenna 2.

The noise generator 4 connected to the input of the controllable load 3, is designed to generate a random noise signal.

As the antenna 2 can be, for example, broadband is CAD 3 can be performed optocoupler, for example, type PVG61 or PVN012, the resistance of the first may vary from 0.15 to 108Ohms, and the second from 0.05 to 107Ω [12]. The optocoupler consists of two field photosensitive 3.1; 3.2 and 3.3 led that provides galvanic isolation between the noise generator 4 and the antenna 2.

The noise generator 4 may be performed, for example, according to the scheme given in [13], in which instead of the antenna WA should include a managed load 3 of the proposed device.

The device that implements the proposed method, as follows.

Protected Tsoi 1 is placed in close proximity to the antenna 2 so that it together with the antenna was located in the zone of the Fresnel antenna 2, which is a sphere of radius R. as in his work Tsoi 1 generates a high-frequency oscillations, which can carry the information signal, it together with its cables is a kind of antenna, the radiating these fluctuations in the surrounding space.

Thus, the first factor influencing the degree of masking spurious emissions is small, about 1/10 the wavelength of the spurious signals, the distance between TSO 1 and antenna 2, which provides a relatively strong correlation of these vibrators and Righ side of electromagnetic radiation, is the fact that the change in complex impedance load 3 connected to the antenna 2, leads to the change of the impedance of the antenna 2 in the zone of the Fresnel other electromagnetic emitter, which is Tsoi 1. In the antenna system of strongly bound electromagnetic vibrators radiation resistance of the antenna system, and therefore the energy radiated by the system depend on the impedance of both vibrators.

It should be noted that, as the noise generator 4 is not electrically connected with the antenna 2, then there is no energy transfer from the antenna, and thus the coincidence of changes in the electromagnetic field surrounding Tsai 1, is provided without increasing the energy of this field is that, in comparison with the prototype, where the increase of energy takes place, improves the electromagnetic and the environment around Tsoi.

Processes similar to those discussed above, were investigated in [14], where it was shown that the electromagnetic field created by the transmitter, in mechanical contact with a variable resistance, generates a secondary electromagnetic field that interacts with the primary floor is Menno contact becomes impossible.

To test the reachability of the claimed technical result was assembled model of the device, the design of which is a plane of dielectric material (wooden table), the surface of which was located broadband dipole antenna type “butterfly” size h mm with vibrators made of copper mesh.

As the simulator Tsoi was chosen as the standard high-frequency generator G4-107. To the agreed load generator was connected emitter - conductor mgsv 0.5 length 1000 mm Generator and emitter was located on the surface of the dipole butterfly on a wooden stand, height 50 mm

As a simulator noise generator was used low-frequency signal generator G6-28.

As the measurement setup was used measuring the radio-type STV-401”, selective microvoltmeter type “Unipan-233 and broadband antenna type “HUF-Z2”. The spacing between the simulator Tsoi and the radio antenna was about 4 m

The experiment consisted of radiation by the simulator Tsoi high-frequency signals in the frequency range from 30 to 300 MHz, modulated with 1 kHz at a level of high-frequency signals at the output of the generator 100 dB/µv, and so the current measurement of high frequency signals, the radio STV-401”, measurement of the levels of the information signal (the envelope of the emitted signal and the masking signal at frequencies of 2, 3, and 4 kHz microvoltmeter “Unipan-233”.

Based on the experimental results the following conclusions.

Comparison of the levels of the high-frequency signal at the input of the receiver with and without masking masking showed that masking reduces the energy radiated by the simulator Tsoi high-frequency signals by 2-3 dB.

Registered a decrease in the energy of the information signal (envelope) for 2-3 dB in the presence of masking.

The obtained masking signals have a level equal to or above the level of the envelope of the information signal. Thus the possibility of a simple means to provide a channel leakage ratio signal/noise ratio less than one.

Thus, the above material suggests that it is possible to transform a side of the electromagnetic field surrounding Tsai, randomly without increasing the energy of this field, since the energy of the noise signal is not transmitted to the antenna, and is used only to control the load resistance of the antenna, which results in the result if the requirements but masking radiation to provide more blah is ü the claimed technical result.


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The method of protection technical means of information processing from information leakage through side channels of electromagnetic radiation and interference, which generate a noise signal using the antenna converts the random law of electromagnetic field surrounding the technical means of information processing, characterized in that the said means are placed near the antennas in the Fresnel zone, and converting the electromagnetic field randomly carried out by changing the resistance of the controlled loading of the antenna synchronously with the noise signal when you connect the noise generator to the input of the controlled loading of the antenna.


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