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The invention relates to techniques and technologies of well workover, namely the separation cavity between the downhole tool and casing pipes for oil and gas wells. The technical result is increased reliability mates packer with the inner wall of the casing and the extension of the range of its application. The packer includes a housing with slots and annular teeth, the piston levers, push the rack, ball, shear nut, pokerwise element with the upper pressure element and a lower stop. What's new is that on the outer surface pokerwise element in the bottom half of the vulcanized in a checkerboard pattern pointed spikes with height, protruding from pokerwise item, up to 1 mm, 1 Il.

The invention relates to techniques and technologies for a workover rig, namely the separation cavity between the downhole tool and casing pipes for oil, water and gas wells.

Known packer type PS which consists of a casing, a cone, dice, pokerwise element, lugs and socket with clamp and lock /Budnikov EOF., Makarenko PP, Yuryev VA. Diagnosis and repair of casing in oil and gas spiritsa on the wall of the production string in the well, increase pokerwise element diameter and the compression of his height for sealing the annular space (separation) is provided by a load, the weight of the pipe string. In addition, when retrieving the packer to the surface when lifting tool die armature in contact with the production column contribute to its rapid wear the appearance of defect leakage and so on). These shortcomings do not allow extending the range of application of the known packer, as by appointment, and technological features.

The closest in technical essence and the achieved result is a packer, containing a hollow body, on the outer surface of which is placed pokerwise the element with the lower stop and the upper pressure elements inside over patrolsim item posted by the piston vylivnoi tube, connected to a rigidly mounted thereon arms through the slots on the chassis with pressure elements, which are made movable in the axial and radial directions in the form of a gear rack and engages with the annular teeth located on the outer surface of the shell over patrolsim element, the lower stop pokerwise element is fixed on the housing left restiani at the base. In the middle part of the inner surface pokerwise element vulcanized smooth sleeve with an interval between them and the sides pokerwise element on its inner surface is placed movably on the housing flanged to the outside of the liners. In addition, the movable body flanged outwards liners are placed on the ends of pokerwise element on its inner surface with overlapping each other in the axial direction of /Application for invention No. 99122381/03 from 25.10.99, the decision to grant a patent dated may 08, 2001, publ. 10.08.2001,, BIPM No. 22 (1 CH)/.

The disadvantage of this packer is that the mode of operation of the wells at high temperatures and hydraulic pressures, it does not guarantee the reliability of the axial displacements of the column, which can lead to unreliable coupling the seal with the inner wall of the production casing.

The aim of the present invention is to improve the reliability of the coupling (contact) of the packer with the inner wall of the production string and expand the range of its application.

This objective is achieved in that in a known packer unsupported, comprising a housing with slots and annular teeth, the piston levers, push the rack, ball, creeu surface pokerwise element in the bottom half of vulcanized in a checkerboard pattern pointed spikes.

The number of spines on patrolsim element is defined structurally, and the height of the spikes protruding from pokerwise item must be in the range of up to 1 mm, This size is determined based on conditions, which should ensure a free passage in the column during the descent and ascent of the packer. Pointed spikes are located in the lower half pokerwise element that does not move along the axis of compression. The location of the studs staggered increases the reliability of the pair of the packer with the inner wall of the production string. Pointed spikes are made of metal and vulcanized in patrolsim element.

The drawing shows a General view of the proposed packer in longitudinal section.

The packer consists of a casing with grooves and annular teeth 1, piston 2, the shear sleeve 3, the levers 4, gear racks 5, the upper pressure element 6, the spring 7, pokerwise element 8 with pointed studs 9, the bottom of the fence with the left thread 10, the clutch 11 and the ball 12.

The design of this packer, owing to the presence of a pair of gear wheels to make raspaculo pokerwise element 8 without the use of anchors or supports on the bottom, and the presence of pointed studs 9 - to increase the reliability of coupling (contact) with the inner stinky works as follows.

After you release the packer into the well on tubing (tubing) and orientation in a given interval of the production string create excessive hydraulic pressure in the packer piston 2, which, through the levers 4, the teeth of the housing 1 results in axial movement of the toothed rack 5 and the pressure element 6. Resulting pokerwise element 8 is compressed in height, increases in diameter and rapacuronium, cutting studs 9 in the wall of the column.

Then the calculated pressure on the piston 2 is cut off sleeve 3 and together with the ball 12 falls to the bottom, releasing the communication channel in the manifold.

After completion of the technological process, repair, or another type of work in the borehole release pokerwise element 8 from contact with the column by turning the tubing (tubing) to the right, while the lower stop 10 with the left thread provides the return pokerwise element in the axial direction down into the transport position. This point is fixed on the testimony of the device give weight tool (tubing) to the actual. The tool is extracted to the surface.

The use of the present invention will improve the reliability of the coupling (contact) of the packer with the inner wall of the perfo the Aker unsupported, includes housing with annular grooves and teeth, the piston levers, push the rack, ball, shear nut, pokerwise element with the upper pressure element and lower stop, characterized in that on the outer surface pokerwise element in the bottom half of vulcanized in a checkerboard pattern pointed spikes with height, protruding from pokerwise item up to 1 mm


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SUBSTANCE: packer has body in form of pipe, whereon collar compactors are placed with limiting washers, saddles for locking tool dropped from surface, cover, upper and lower fixing elements, made in form of anchoring assemblies, upper conical bushing, rigidly connected to pressing bushing and movably to the body, lower conic bushing, made rigidly together with body, guide of this conic bushing made in form of plate spring, placed by one end moveably in guiding groove in lower portion of lower die with teeth, and by other end fixed rigidly on greater diameter of this conic bushing, auxiliary pipe, placed inside the body. Packer in lower portion is provided with check valve, placed inside recess of body, concurrently being also the body of valve. Oppositely to valve saddle on same axis stepped locking bushing is placed with possible sliding inside body recess with limited drive and possible overlapping of radial grooves made in body, which, in its turn, is rigidly connected to auxiliary pipe via shear pin. Between stepped locking bushing and saddle compression spring is placed. Fixing elements of collar compactors are made in form of comb with inner teeth and outer conic generators in nose portion. On the side of collar compactors these are enveloped by inner conic portion of compression bushing, in its turn rigidly connected to upper conic bushing, and on the other side combs with inner teeth are placed sliding-moveably in radial grooves of guiding bushing placed between ends of upper conic bushing and inner conic portion of compression bushing with possible engagement by inner teeth of comb to slanting walls of body groove and interaction to all elements of this assembly.

EFFECT: higher reliability.

5 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas extractive industry.

SUBSTANCE: system has upper and lower packers, each of which has body, shaft, anchor, compactors, and pipes, placed between packers. In shaft of upper packer a copier is made with fixing device of transporting and working position of anchor and a sub. The latter is mounted with possible axial displacement and rotation around the copier. Sub is placed on pipes between packers, mated to lower packer and has no capability for axial rotation and displacement relatively to their axis in operating position of lower packer. On lower packer shaft a copier is made with possible axial displacement with it for interaction with anchor and its displacement from transporting position to operation position.

EFFECT: simplified construction, broader functional capabilities.

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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: stand has imitators of casing and lifting columns with packer between them, means for heating casing column imitator, main hydraulic cylinder for axial loading and unloading of packer, pumps to create pressure. Stand is provided with additional hydraulic cylinder with hollow rod and cylinder, connected to rod of min hydraulic cylinder. Additional hydraulic cylinder is encased in the body, rigidly connected to main hydraulic cylinder and imitator of casing column. In additional hydraulic cylinder a ring-shaped piston is placed with conical skirt, interacting with keys with possible periodical supporting against the body through windows in said cylinder and below keys spring-loaded ring-shaped pusher is moveably mounted. In hollow of imitator of lifting column a floating piston is positioned, this hollow and hollow of the hollow rod are interconnected and also connected to hollow above ring-shaped piston.

EFFECT: broader functional capabilities, higher efficiency.

7 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas extractive industry.

SUBSTANCE: device includes hollow body with a row of vertical apertures, a collar, pusher bushing, placed on body with possible interaction with collar, cone, mounted on the body, cylinder, connected to cone, screw-thread dies with die holder, mounted on the body with possible extension of dies in radial direction during interaction with cone, saddle and shear screws. According to invention in die holder additional through radial apertures are made, wherein sockets are mounted with possible extension in radial direction. Inner hollow of die holder is connected to inner hollow of body by a row of radial apertures. In pusher bushing through radial apertures are made, wherein sockets are mounted with possible extension in radial direction. Pusher bushing is rigidly fixed to the body, and its inner hollow is connected to inter-tubular space below the collar.

EFFECT: higher reliability, durability and lower cost.

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FIELD: oil industry.

SUBSTANCE: device has body with radial apertures, two compacting assemblies thereon and valve assembly between them. Each compacting assembly comprises a collar, stopping branch pipe, cylinder, forming a ring-shaped hollow with the body, wherein a bushing is placed. In upper compacting assembly ring-shaped hollow is covered by plug from lower side, which is fixed in cylinder and interacts with collar, cylinder is connected to body by cams, placed in radial apertures of plug and in ring groove of body, bushing is made stepped, long step of which interacts with cams and is fixed by shear screws from displacement in ring plane, which is connected to well. In lower compacting assembly bushing is provided with holder, on the body a cone is mounted, interacting with sockets, placed in grooves of stopping branch pipe, which is fixed on the body by shear screws.

EFFECT: higher reliability.

2 cl, 4 dwg

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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: device has shaft with radial channels and return valve, upper and lower compacting elements. Inside the shaft a hollow spring-loaded moving rod is placed. It has radial apertures and recesses. Between apertures a throttle is rigidly placed. On upper portion of rod a piston is placed. Working hollow, formed between rod with piston and barrel, fixed on inner portion of shaft, is connected to above-packer space of well by radial aperture, made in barrel wall. Working hollows of upper and lower compacting elements are connected by axial channel, made in shaft and ring channel, formed between inner and outer pipes, connecting lower compacting element to the shaft. On upper portion of pipe through radial apertures are made and cylindrical recess, matching rod diameter, in which rod a plug is place. Outer diameter of upper end portion of rod equals outer diameter of lower rod portion.

EFFECT: higher reliability.

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FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: packer has body, in which electric engine, reducer with output shaft, connected to screw couple, which is connected to traction, having holding rods on lower portion with spring for transfer of axial force to central rod, having a shelf in upper portion as well as recess and cuts, and in inner portion - compacting rings and stopping nut, are positioned. Packer has shell, having conical surface on inner portion, special part with shelves, shear ring placed in grooves of said special part and holding segments, immobile bushing connected fixedly to special part. Packer has packer rubber, saddle, rigidly connected to special part, moveable flange and two cones, placed oppositely to each other, dies, moveably placed on cones, traction, jointly connected to dies, branch pipe, fixedly placed on body, moveable bushing, balls, pressed by spring and screw for connection of special part to shell, cable of rope, being a carrying cable and feeding electric engine via filament, shear washer, pressed by nut. When packer is removed, engaging assembly is utilized, which includes pusher, screwed on lower portion of screw couple screw, cut holder and cover. Through apertures are made on special part and moveable flange for connection of above-packer and below-packer well hollows.

EFFECT: lower costs and simplified maintenance.

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FIELD: oil production industry, particularly means for dividing an annular space and a tube space in flowing, gaslift, and beam wells.

SUBSTANCE: packer includes shaft with outer bored surface and bead and sealing members supported by the bead. Packer also has air cylinder forming annular cavity together with packer shaft. Cavity is connected with shaft interior through radial channels. Packer includes anchoring means. Lower anchoring means includes cone with slips and slip holder having bored inner orifice and threaded orifices. Lower anchoring means rests upon the bead and is connected to the shaft by shear screws installed in threaded orifices of slip holder. Shaft defines inner bored diameter and includes sliding bush located inside shaft. Shaft is provided with lower and upper grooves for sealing rings receiving and with outer grooves for cams and additional shear screws installation. Outer grooves are located between lower and upper ones. Slots are formed below bead on outer shaft surface for installing cams with limited radial travel. Threaded orifices are formed on outer shaft surface above inner groove thereof. Arranged into groove are additional shear screws to secure sliding bush in its initial position. The slip holder is freely installed on shaft or is spring-loaded. Support-moving bush is installed in inner bored orifice of slip holder between shear screws and cams. Support-moving bush is provided with facet formed from cam side and contacts with cams along mating facets upon shearing of shear screws. Free travel between cams and end of support-moving bush exceeds shear screw diameters to provide shearing thereof. When sliding bush is installed in fixed position cams extend above an outer shaft surface generator to provide displacement of support-moving bush and cut of shear screws. When sliding bush is located in operating position cams are located below outer shaft surface generator and move in radial direction into outer groove of sliding bush to provide free cam movement under support-moving bush and shear screws.

EFFECT: reduced number of lowering and lifting operations and breakdowns in the case or packer separation or during packer pulling out of well.

18 cl, 7 dwg

FIELD: oil and gas industry.

SUBSTANCE: device has body, made in form of branch pipe with elastic collar mounted on it, expanding assembly with cone, shear element, gear, lowered on pipes column into additional casing column and interacting with expanding assembly from above. Expanding element is positioned in upper portion of branch pipe and locked with its cone directed downwards, gear is made in form of pusher in lower portion and anchor assembly in upper portion. Pusher is made in form of hydraulic cylinder, made with possible pressure from above on expanding assembly and provided with piston and hollow rod, which is connected to piston rigidly, and to pipes column - hermetically with possible upward axial displacement. Anchor assembly is made in form of dies, mounted on hollow rod with possible radial movement outwards during movement of hollow rod upwards relatively to pipes column. Shear element holds hollow rod relatively to pipes column during lowering into well.

EFFECT: simplified construction, lower costs.

1 dwg

FIELD: mining industry.

SUBSTANCE: device has packer, mounting tool and anchor assembly. Packer expander is mounted in upper portion of body, and anchor assembly - above hydraulic chamber of mounting tool. Hydraulic chamber cylinder is mounted with possible displacement relatively to rod and hydraulically connected to inner space of device. Body of anchor assembly is provided with sockets, in which spring-loaded dies are mounted, which are activated by hydraulic effect formed in tubing pipes column, on which device is lowered into well.

EFFECT: simplified construction, higher reliability, higher efficiency.

1 dwg