The method of extracting oil from gas wells from oil-containing layers


The invention relates to the oil and gas industry. Provides oil and gas from one well, which eliminates the necessity of using a separate network timing, additional devices in the well, the need for their services and, ultimately, leads to lower capital and operating costs for production of hydrocarbons. The inventive method includes opening the gas and oil reservoirs perforation and lift on the Elevator column. The opening of the gas and oil reservoirs perforation is produced from one well. The number of perforations and perforation interval oil reservoir set of conditions ensure design flow rate of gas production. 4 C.p. f-crystals, 1 Il.

The invention relates to the oil and gas industry, and is intended for use in the operation of gas and gas condensate wells in the gas fields and especially in those cases where the extraction of the oily layers separate grid is not cost-effective because of its small flow rates and high capital and operating costs.

The problem is cost-effective extraction of oil from a thin (2 is that the field is a gas, while oil may be of subordinate significance. However, the optimal extraction of all components of the natural system is a challenge and is determined by the requirements of the protection of natural resources.

The implementation is provided by the energy of the produced gas from the group gazoneftyanykh of formations opened the same bore and being in close thermobaric conditions.

The known method of compressor gas during oil extraction from oil and gas fields [1].

How is that collected during field gas separation at the compressor station is compressed to the required pressure and is served in the annulus of the oil wells to the depth of placement of the gas lift valve in a tubing string. Passing through the gas lift valve, the gas is mixed with the stream of oil and reducing the weight of products, provides oil production in a given mode of operation of this well.

The disadvantage of this method is the necessity of using compressors for compressing gas-lift gas and industrial training, run a separate network timing, additional devices in the borehole (valves), the need for their maintenance, etc. is on the utilization of associated gas.

For marginal oil wells oil production separate net oil wells in this way becomes unprofitable.

There is a method of natural pressure of the gas [2], is selected as the closest analogue, implemented in the oil and gas industry, where the production of gas and oil separate grids wells. In this way part of the high-pressure gas produced from gas wells, after commercial processing on the installation of complex gas preparation (hereinafter - the unit is in oil wells for gas lift operation. The other part of the gas enters the main gas pipeline to the consumer.

This method does not require special compressor equipment and systems additional processing gas. However, it comes with all of the other disadvantages of the first method and, in particular, the drilling of additional wells.

When creating the present invention solved the technical problem of oil and gas from one well, which eliminates the necessity of using a separate network timing, additional devices in the well, the need for their services and, ultimately, leads to lower capital and operating costs on production iGO oil reservoirs perforation and gas lift oil lift column the opening of the gas and oil reservoirs produce from one well, and the number of perforations and perforation interval oil reservoir set of conditions ensure design flow rate of gas. Shoe tubing string may be disposed within the oil reservoir and in the well can be installed downhole devices, such as packers or fittings regulators.

The flow of oil from the perforated portion of the oil reservoir is of subordinate importance and is determined by the need to maintain wellhead pressure sufficient for trade processing of the product gas mixture to unit.

The invention is illustrated in the drawing, which shows one of the possible schemes of implementation of the method in which the gas reservoir 1 and the underlying oil reservoir 2 are within the same producing horizon 3, i.e. practically the same temperature and pressure conditions. The basic elements of well design and conditions of opening of the productive horizon include the production casing 4, the lifting column 5, the perforation holes in the gas reservoir 6 and the perforation holes in the oil reservoir 7.

The diameters of the operational and lifting columns, degree of dissection, perforation density and diameters of the e performance conditions of the mining the gas and condensate, as the primary commodity production wells coming on the unit.

Oil from the oil reservoir in a given amount realized by the energy extracted from the gas reservoir gas, which eliminates the need for the construction of individual oil wells.

The oil production rate at the perforation of oil and gas reservoirs from one well, for example, for the case where these layers are close thermobaric conditions, and the bottomhole pressure in the gas reservoir is specified, can be defined by the equation:

where RPL- pressure; RZB- downhole pressure; knand hnthe absolute permeability and the effective capacity of the oil reservoir; qnand qgthe flow rates of oil and gas;=(RPL+PZB)/2 is the average pressure in the drawdown zone of the well; a and b are the filter coefficients in the gas reservoir; Rtoand rcis the radius of the path of power and boreholes;1and2factors imperfections on the degree and nature of the opening in the oil reservoir;(is a function of the phase pronitsaemostei with [3].

The gas flow rate qgand downhole pressure PZBin this equation are determined by the design mode of operation of the well, which provides the desired gas from a gas reservoir.

The method is illustrated by the example of the calculation, which means that in the oil reservoir to then=0.25 D (Darcy); hn=400 cm;()=0,424; Rto=300 m and rwith=0,1 m

Project gas production qg= 200 thousand m3/day.

Under the terms of the production and fishery products processing unit (storage conditions of high pressure at the wellhead, the stable operation of trains, vehicles trade processing of gas and so on) the oil and gas factor (the ratio of the volume of extracted oil to the volume of the produced gas) fng6070 cm3/m3. The filter coefficients a and b of the above formula for the gas reservoir are respectively a=4,95 MPa2·day/thousand m3and b=2,33·10-4(MPa·day/thousand m3)2.

The initial formation and downhole pressure and this, respectively, PPL=13,89 MPa and PZB=13,53 MPa. After a preset period of time (e.g. 10 years) they will be RPL=10,02 MPa and PSB=9,51 MPa p is carried out as follows:

1. Set the initial oil and gas factor, such as fng=45 cm3/m3where initial daily production rate of oil is qn=104,17 cm3/s

2. From equation (1) with initial data (Plast pressure and depression) is determined by the required total value of the coefficients of imperfections on the degree and nature of the opening of the oil of the reservoir in the well, i.e. this value with which you can limit the initial oil production rate until qn=104,17 cm3/s:


3. Largest1+2= 1,2 is determined by the number of perforations and the spacing of the perforations in the casing within the oil reservoir. From the graphs [4, S. 120] are defined: the value of2=0,9 (when the diameter of the hemisphere of holes equal to 0.05 m, and 10 holes 1 tap. m) and1=0,3 (when the diameter of the bit equal to 0.2 m, and the opening of a significant part of the thickness of the formation).

4. Again is determined by the flow rate of oil and gas factor over a specified period of time (10 years), subject to certain on p. 2 coefficients

qn=149 cm3/

5. Oil and gas is again determined factor, which is equal to fng=64.4 cm3/m3<70 cm3/m3.

Thus, over a long period of time, that the oil and gas factor is given technological conditions limits (up to 70 cm3/m3).

By changing the density of the perforations, etc. may change in the share1and2while keeping their sum constant.

If the total flow rate of gas and oil do not provide conditions for trade processing gas mixture to unit, where the gas is the primary commodity production, it is necessary to limit the flow of oil. This restriction is possible by increasing the coefficients of imperfections on the extent and / or nature of the autopsy1and2in the oil of the reservoir.

If thermobaric conditions jointly opened one well gas (primary) and oil deposits are different, the method of oil extraction is provided with additional downhole devices, including, for example, a production packer downhole fittings - region oil deposits of the Urengoy field", volume 1, S. 423, VNIIGAZ, M., 1990,

2. Smirnov, B. C., Gentle L. N., Kucherov, G., Kudrin A. A. "Assessment of the conditions of the natural pressure of the gas lift for oil wells Urengoy gas condensate field". VNIIGAZ, Sat. Scientific works "the Gas industry, high-performance machines", S. 72, M, 1995

3. Dontsov K. M. "the Development of oil fields", M., Nedra, 1977, S. 200.

4. Ants C. M. "the development of oil and gas wells, M., Nedra, 1973


1. The oil extraction method, including the opening of the gas and oil reservoirs perforation and gas lift oil lift column, characterized in that the opening of the gas and oil reservoirs perforation is produced from one well, and the number of perforations and perforation interval oil reservoir set of conditions ensure design flow rate of gas.

2. The oil extraction method under item 1, characterized in that the Shoe tubing string is placed within the oil reservoir.

3. The oil extraction method under item 1, characterized in that in the well installed downhole device.

4. The oil extraction method on p. 3, characterized in that the quality of the downhole devices used packers.

5. The oil extraction method on p. 3, characterized in that as the


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EFFECT: increased oil output due to improved high-permeable formation injectivity and decreased number of injection wells.

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EFFECT: increased efficiency due to surface-driven screw pump usage.

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