Towed vehicle


The invention relates to the category of trackless vehicles. Towed vehicle includes a frame, a body, a wheeled cart with shafts, axles with wheels and a turning circle. The turntable consists of upper and lower rings, between which is placed the rolling elements in the form of balls and the locking ring. The vertical wall of the lower ring is equipped with a number of slots of rectangular form, interacting through an air gap with mating slots located on the top ring, the latter is made of permanent magnets, which form their arcs relative to the longitudinal axis of symmetry of the trailer are increasing in the magnitude of the uniform magnetic field induction. The technical result is an increase in the resistance of movement of hitch links of a tractor train. 3 Il.

The present invention relates to the field of trackless vehicles and can be used in the construction of tractor and truck trailers.

Know towed vehicle (see the tractor Trailer tipper 2PTS-4-793. Guide for the care and operation. In/on Tracerecord, USSR, Moscow: Westergeest, 1975, page 4, figure 1), SOS is equipped with a drawbar. Turning circle (see the same guide page 5, Fig.2) consists of upper and lower rings, between which the rolling elements (balls) and the locking ring. The disadvantage of this trailer is that the process movement in composition tractor trains already at the speed of about 15 km/h occurs wobbling it, and the amplitude of these oscillations is very significant and in practice exceeds 300 mm or more. Such fluctuations can significantly affect the safe driving of a tractor train, cause the growth of dynamic loads on components and parts trailers and thereby reduce its reliability. For damping oscillations of wobbling in place of coupling of the tractor and the trailer drawbar establish different construction of the damping device (see for example the book Shchukin, M. M. Hitch cars and trucks. - M.-L.: the motor cycle", 1961, pages 131-134, Fig.76, monograph Glushchenko, A. D., slivinsky E. C. Dynamics and strength of the transport system for transporting light weight goods. Publishing house FAN, Tashkent, 1988, and others), which are generally complex in design, have low reliability, high intensity and can not always be used in the construction of trailers.

Known also towed vehicle (see 2PTS-4-793-01. TechnoCore design in General the same as the above, and so the limitations of their own kind.

Therefore, the aim of the invention is to improve the stability of motion of a towed vehicle comprising a tractor trains and reduce the impact of its relatively leading link.

This objective is achieved in that the vertical wall of the lower ring with a rectangular slots communicating through an air gap with mating slots located on the top ring, the latter is made of permanent magnets, which form their arcs relative to the longitudinal axis of symmetry of the trailer are increasing in the magnitude of the uniform magnetic induction field.

In Fig.1 shows a General view of the towed vehicle from the side; Fig.2 is a cross section of the turntable; Fig.3 is a cross section of the turntable along a-A.

Towed vehicle comprises a frame 1 which includes a body 2 and the fixed top ring 3 of the turntable 4. The top ring 3 are interconnected through the rolling elements 5 and the locking ring 6 with the lower ring 7 of the turntable 4. The lower ring 7 is rigidly fixed on the cart 8, provided with a shaft 9. The top ring 3 and the lower ring 7 provided with, respectively, W is edusim way. When driving in the composition of the tractor trains on the arrow In (in the drawing, a tractor not shown) Fig.1 for a number of reasons, caused by wear of the tires of the trailer, the position of the point of coupling of the trailer and the tractor, the fine irregularities of the road surface, the distribution of cargo in the trailer, etc. arise transverse oscillations of the trailer, called wobbling, accompanied by angular rotation of the trailer 8 by the arrow C. However, since the slots 10 is made of a magnetic, between them and the slots 11 are the strength of the magnetic interaction, which prevent the specified angular displacement on the arrows, i.e., creates a moment of resistance Mtangular rotations, the vector of which is opposite in direction to the above angular rotations of the trailer. At the same time, due to the fact that the slots 10 in the sectors of OD and OE axis OO are increasing in the magnitude of the magnetic field induction, with increasing angular rotation of the trailer the moment of resistance Mtalso increases and, consequently, hinders the movement of the top and bottom 3 and 7 rings relative to each other. Return the lower and upper rings 7 and 3 in a position where the longitudinal axis of the moving cart 8 and the longitudinal axis of the frame 1 of the trailer are the same (lie on the same longitudinal tractive effort attached to the shaft 9 from the tractor in the direction of arrow C. In each case the magnetic attraction of the slots 10 and 11 depends on the magnetic induction of the material used in the use of the slots 10, which can range from 10000 to 100000 g, and more, as well as from the geometrical dimensions of the slots 10, which, for example, in relation to a turning circle trailer 2PTS-4-793-01 may have a height of about 55 mm and a width of 8-10 mm, which will allow you to implement a circumferential force on each slot 10 from 50 to 250 N or more. Such efforts are confirmed also by the fact that at the present time, for example, Japan has established permanent magnets, 1 cm2the surface which allows you to unleash the power clutch with metallic materials up to 900 kg (see newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" from 19.07.02, page 3, article “the Japanese have something attractive”). Therefore, the oscillation of the wobbling provided.

Feasibility advantage of the proposed technical solutions in comparison with the prototype obvious, since the stability of motion of the tractor trains will improve the safety of their operation, and at the same time create conditions for reducing the dynamic loads, and hence to improve the reliability of parts of the vehicle.


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EFFECT: improved reliability and stability of running of tractor trailers.

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EFFECT: increase in dynamical stability of combination vehicle towed units.

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EFFECT: stability of movement is increased for tractor-lorry-trailer combination elements.

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EFFECT: stability of movement of trailer vehicles is increased.

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SUBSTANCE: articulated truck includes truck tractor and semitrailer equipped with pneumatic braking system and connected between each other with the help of bolster. Bolster is arranged in the form of saddle located on truck tractor and pivot rigidly fixed on support sheet of semitrailer frame step. Groove of arched shape is arranged in support sheet of semitrailer frame step, and center of its generatrix is located on longitudinal axis of symmetry of pivot. Movably in its vertical plane block is installed, being equipped with teeth that interact with response teeth available on end surface of saddle inverted to the side of front part of truck tractor. Block is spring-loaded relative to frame of semitrailer by compression spring and contacts with wedge surface of slider, which is rigidly fixed on stem of pneumatic cylinder. Pneumatic cylinder is connected to pipelines of pneumatic braking system that supply braking chambers of semitrailer wheels.

EFFECT: elimination of articulated truck links in process of braking.

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SUBSTANCE: invention relates to trackless vehicles. Heavy freighter consists of hauler and semitrailer coupled via bolster comprising pivot and weight-bearing swivel connection with lock clamps. Semitrailer frame accommodates a pair of torque hydraulic cylinders with their cavities communicating via pipelines. Output shaft of one of aforesaid cylinders is rigidly coupled with pivot arranged at semitrailer frame front to make angular turns. Other hydraulic cylinder is rigidly coupled with vertical pin fixed on rotary mobile truck arranged at semitrailer rear. Pivot section represents polygon interacting with weight-bearing swivel connection lock arranged on clamp contact surface.

EFFECT: higher maneuverability and reduced drag at curved rod sections.

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