The way to handle and rope products and composition for him


(57) Abstract:

The invention relates to the field of light industry, and more specifically to processing and rope products used in industrial fisheries and other sectors of the economy. The technical result is improved performance and rope products. Offered as a technological product for impregnation to use composition-based paraffin. And rope products, gradually unwinding, dragged through the composition for impregnation. The depth of impregnation provide by varying the speed of pulling the product.2 S. p. f-crystals., 5 table.

The invention relates to the field of light industry, and more specifically to the processing of textile filamentary materials, rope, rope products used in industrial fisheries, transport, construction and other fields, to provide resistance to abrasion and durability.

A method of processing yarn and threads, which threads are wound with packing and put them technological drug - paraffin in the liquid phase (RF patent No. 2128740, MKI6D 02 J 3/18, D 06 3/06, D 01 H 13/00, published. 10.04.1999, BI No. 10). Paraffin, translated in the liquid enters the cone-shaped rotating tank, filled with unyielding balls, promoting uniform distribution of wax on the surface of the yarn.

The disadvantage of this method is that surface application of this method melted paraffin does not significantly improve the performance of the material. Applied in such a way and rope materials paraffin wax remains on the surface of these materials, not entering due to their dense structure, and quickly showered, because it is fragile.

The invention solves the problem of the improvement of physico-mechanical and, as a consequence, performance and rope products.

To solve this problem is proposed as a technology of the drug to apply the composition for impregnation on the basis of paraffin, having a temperature of 120±10°C. and rope products, gradually unwinding, dragged through the process the drug at a speed which provides the desired depth of impregnation.

As shown by experimental data, the best performance characteristics have and rope products, fully impregnated with the proposed structure. In case, if you don't need full propick reviewage composition. The temperature of the composition plays a significant role, because in this temperature range, the liquid phase paraffin composition is better penetrates into the structure of the processed material, providing a complete impregnation in a short time. The optimum temperature of the composition, as shown by the experiments, is 120±10°C.

Instead of speed you can change the path of the rope in the reservoir to increase or decrease it accordingly will change the residence time of the rope in the treated composition.

Known composition for impregnation of fishing and rope materials based on bitumen varnish with the inclusion of paraffin wax and white spirit (A. C. of the USSR №1028752, IPC D 06 M 13/06, publ. 15.07.1983, BI No. 26) in the following ratio, wt.h.:

Bitumen varnish BT-99 with the contents

non-volatiles 42-47% 100

Paraffin 9-11

White spirit 10-20

The disadvantages of the above composition can be attributed to the fact that bitumen is a solution of an organic solvent, and this increases the safety requirements when working. As well as the composition contains a volatile harmful to the health of the working components. Impregnated with the above composition and rope Mat is 2">

Proposed technology the product solves the problem of increasing operational characteristics and rope products, while improving safety and eliminating harmful effect on humans.

To solve this problem is proposed, the wax is to add the oxidized polyethylene wax, petrolatum and chloroparaffin, wt.%:

Paraffin 50-60

Oxidized polyethylene wax 15-20

Petrolatum 15-20

Chloroparaffin 10

To soften the wax and reducing sapping the composition was introduced petrolatum. However, its introduction more than 20% is impractical, because the experimental data showed that when the tension of the impregnated product is extruded composition to the surface.

To give a water-repellent composition and binding properties was introduced polyethylene wax, the optimal number of which, as determined experimentally, 15-20%.

Chloroparaffin in the composition is added as a plasticizer. As installed, the optimum quantity of 10%.

Impregnation dense and rope materials of this composition in the liquid phase provides deep proniknout is the use of these materials in fishing gear.

Compositions for impregnation, are presented in columns 1 and 5, did not satisfy the requirements.

Technology of preparation of the composition is as follows.

In the heated container is loaded paraffin brand P - 50 wt.%, and as it is melting loaded petrolatum P-65 - 15 wt.%. After melting the components at a temperature of, for example, in our case, 90°C is added to the oxidized polyethylene wax AA-30 - 15 wt.%. Last but not least, when the previous components go into the liquid phase, is added to chloroparaffin CP-470 - wt. 10%. The composition is prepared for 1-1,5 h with constant stirring, and then filtered to remove mechanical impurities in any way, for example by passing through the mesh filter, and poured into molds to cool naturally. After cooling the resulting briquettes prepared composition can be stored for a long time. When storing the briquettes are packaged, for example, in the paper bags.

In table.2 shows the physico-mechanical properties of polyamide rope with a diameter of 8 mm, depending on changes in the formulation of an impregnating composition.

As can be seen from the table.2, the increase in the percentage of wax in propitanie content of petroleum butter affect the sliding of the rope under tension and extrusion impregnation of the rope.

A specific example of the method.

As a material for impregnation used twisted polyamide rope with a diameter of 8 mm Unwinding from the coil the rope came into the container with the prepared composition is heated to the desired temperature, in this example up to 120C. The temperature of the composition was measured by the sensor, and decreasing included heating capacity. The rope was protectively through the heated composition with a speed of 15 m/s, while the time spent on treatment, amounted to 50 C. At this depth of saturation was 100%. Because the length of the tank with an impregnating composition remains constant, to ensure complete impregnation is necessary to change the speed of the pulling rope. As an impregnating composition capacity impregnation was added to the melt of the working part of the capacity of the feed which was used for melting and impregnating composition to a temperature of 130°C. By conducting experiments for different diameters of rope were found to be optimal data for the time of impregnation of the rope.

The following table presents data on the timing of impregnation at a temperature of 120C depending on the physical-mechanical indicators on the rope with a diameter of 8 mm

0 C.

In the impregnation of the above-described method proposed by the composition of the rope with a diameter of 8 mm compared with untreated gets improved physico-mechanical properties: reduced water absorption in 2-3 times, reduced hydrodynamic resistance of 10-15%, which will affect the fishery in fuel economy when trawling during fishing, increased abrasion resistance about 2 times, increases the service life of 1.5-2 times.

Table 4 summarizes the data on the dependence of temperature on physical and mechanical properties for example, impregnation of rope with a diameter of 8 mm for 50 sec.

At a temperature of 140°C. the paraffin begins to decompose with the release of volatile hydrocarbons.

Physical and mechanical properties of polyamide ropes with a diameter of 8 mm, impregnated proposed composition, the composition based on bitumen (prototype) and the surface covered with paraffin, are given in table 5.

From table 5 we can conclude that the low water absorption, high resistance to abrasion and almost nevybavenost impregnation occurs during the processing of a rope of the proposed method.

1. The way to handle and rope products, including Nan the systematic preparation and dragged through it with speed, providing a predetermined depth of impregnation, and the temperature of the process of the preparation is maintained at the level of (120±10)°C.

2. The composition for treatment and rope products, including paraffin, characterized in that additionally it is injected oxidized polyethylene wax, petrolatum and chloroparaffin in the following ratio, wt.%:

Paraffin 50-60

Oxidized polyethylene wax 15-20

Petrolatum 15-20

Chloroparaffin 10


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