Device diagnostics of communication systems


The invention relates to the field of radio, namely to control the technical state of the communication systems and allows to evaluate their performance in the frequency-adaptive mode by checking the response time of the system to be simulated at its input interfering environment. The radio system consists of a diagnosed system (transmission path, the simulator path signal propagation, reception path, apparatus, computer-aided communication, controlled attenuator) and system diagnostics. In the diagnostic system additionally introduced block timer, two time counter, an adder, a comparator, and a display unit. Thanks to the introduction of new units becomes possible to increase the reliability of the assessment of the technical condition of the communication systems. This is achieved by measuring the time response (t1elements of a radio channel formed on the obstacle and the time of perestroika transmitting tract (t2) on optimal communication frequency band and comparing this total response time of the communication system based on the generated crosstalk (t1+t2with the normalized values and the generation of information on the technical condition of the communication system that is attainable is th part).


Device diagnostics of communication systems, containing the transmission path, the reception path, the apparatus computerise communication, controlled attenuator, the pseudo-random sequence generator, error detector, the error counter, a clock generator, a key, a broadband noise generator, tunable barrier filter, the control device is tunable barrier filter, the first and second adders, while the control inputs of the transmission paths and reception connected respectively to the first and second control outputs of the equipment of the automated logging of communications, information input of which is connected to the output of the reception path, the high frequency output of the transmission path connected to the input "send" controlled attenuator, the first output of a pseudorandom sequence generator connected to the low input of the transmission path, the second input of the error detector connected to the frequency output of the reception path, the second output of a pseudorandom sequence generator connected to the first input of the error detector, the output of which is connected to the second input of the error counter, the first input of which the input heneage connected to the output of the key, the inputs of which are connected to the outputs of the counter, the high-frequency input of the reception path is connected to the output of the "PFP" controlled attenuator, the second and first outputs of the broadband noise generator connected respectively to the second input of the first adder and to a third input of the tunable barrier filter, the first and second inputs which are connected respectively to the first and second outputs of the control device of tunable barrier filter, the output of the tunable barrier filter connected to the first input of the first adder, the output of which is connected to the second input of the second adder, the first control inputs of the first and second adders, controlled attenuator combined and connected to the first output pin of the switch "Adaptation", the second output contact of which is connected to the second control inputs of these devices, the input switch is connected to the control diet, characterized in that additionally introduced block timer, two timer, the third adder block comparator and a display unit, the first inputs of the first timer and second time counters in parallel connected to the third output of the control device of perestroika rmational input equipment of the automated communication, the third input of the second time counter is connected with the second control the output of the equipment of the automated communication, outputs, counters, time connected respectively to first and second inputs of the third adder, the outputs of the timer and adder connected to the first and second inputs, respectively, of the block comparator, the output of which is connected to the input of the display unit.


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FIELD: radio communications.

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EFFECT: enhanced precision of superheterodyne receiver serviceability check.

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EFFECT: enlarged functional capabilities of device.

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EFFECT: higher speed of operation.

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FIELD: radio engineering; serviceability check of communication systems.

SUBSTANCE: proposed method is characterized in that serviceability of communication systems in frequency-adaptive range is evaluated by checking system response to noise situation simulated at its input and its comparison with desired value. To this end time required for tuning to optimal frequency is measured and compared with desired value, and also number of errors is counted and compared with that admissible.

EFFECT: enhanced reliability of estimating serviceability of communication system in frequency-adaptive range.

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FIELD: systems for determining amount of available data transfer resources.

SUBSTANCE: for determining amount of resources for data transfer and/or speeds of bits transfer for network connection, with known physical length of cable, measurement of energy spectrum is performed depending on transmission frequency for different types of modems by means of power measuring device, weakening is determined for different physical lengths and thicknesses of cable wires, depending on parameter of cross interference, number of sources and correcting coefficient on bass of energetic spectrum noise level is determined, while by means of gauss transformer module on basis of efficient signal levels and appropriate noise levels amount of data transfer resource is determined for different data transfer modulations and/or modulating codes for predetermined bit transfer speed, then available data transfer resource amount is corrected by means of correcting coefficient, including average deviation of stored amounts of data transfer resources from efficiency amounts of resources of data transfer, and on basis of stored efficient recourses for data transfer with utilization of known physical length of determined network connection available data transfer resource for appropriate network connection is determined.

EFFECT: possible determining of amount of available data transfer resources for certain connection.

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FIELD: control technologies in packet telecommunication networks and data transfer networks.

SUBSTANCE: method is based on shortening down to minimal separate list (INS) of number of clients subject to control due to maximal statistical relations of data exchange inside network node in comparison to number of analogical network nodes in whole network, and also maximal productiveness of network node and during control input data packets are compared only in portion of address of incoming data packets with minimal separate list of number of clients subject to control, while received minimal separate list of number frequency clients subject to control is used for verification of each passing data packet.

EFFECT: decreased work amount of processor providing control over communication participants, while main problem is large number of relatively short data packets, which is necessary to compare to full, related to whole network, list of client inputs subject for control, and productiveness of computing devices connected thereto, which is necessary in each node for realization of this problem.

4 cl, 2 dwg

FIELD: method and device for measuring quality of signal shape.

SUBSTANCE: real signal, representing shape of signal, divided on separate channels by time and codes, is produced, for example, by means of standard communication system for high speed data transfer. Controlling-measuring equipment produces ideal signal shape, matching real signal shape. This equipment produces estimate of shifts between parameters of real signal shape and ideal signal shape, then performs estimation of different measurements of quality of signal shape using quality measurements of compensated real shape of signal. Examples of processing real signal shape and appropriate ideal signal shape by means of controlling-measuring equipment are given. Provided method and devices can be utilized with any shape of signal, separated on channels by time and codes, not depending on equipment, which produces signal shape.

EFFECT: increased precision of measurement of signals shape quality, which are separated on channels in temporal area and code area.

3 cl, 3 dwg

FIELD: communications engineering, possible use for classification of connections.

SUBSTANCE: in method and device by means of computing block one or several distance coefficients are determined, while distance coefficients show efficient length of network connection depending on distance by air. On basis of known data about network connections, distribution coefficient of weak portions is determined, showing mutual relation to each other of weaker portions of network connection. Data transfer resource is determined to determine maximal for data transfer capacity for different types of modems. On basis of efficient length of network connection, weaker portions distribution coefficient and data transfer resources by means of computing block classification is performed (of subject network connection in accordance to its maximal data transfer capacity).

EFFECT: possible quick and flexible determining of service quality parameters.

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