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The invention relates to biphenylamine General formula Iand their salts, where R1means H or F; R2means H, halogen, C1-C4-alkyl; R3means of CH3; connection I use for combating phytopathogenic fungi. 2 S. p. f-crystals.

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1. Biphenylamine General formula I

and also their salts,

in which R1means hydrogen or fluorine;

R2means hydrogen, halogen, C1-C4-alkyl;

R3means methyl.

2. Means of combating phytopathogenic fungi, containing an effective amount of at least one of the compounds of General formula I or one of its salts under item 1 and at least one usual formulations of the auxiliary agent.


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< / BR>
in which R1is phenyl, substituted cyclo(lower)alkyl, hydroxy(lower)alkyl, cyano, lower alkylenedioxy, carboxy, (lower alkoxy)carbonyl group, a lower alkanoyl, lower alkanoyloxy, lower alkoxy, phenoxy or carbamoyl, optionally substituted lower alkyl;

R2is halogen, halo(lower)alkyl, cyano, carboxy, (lower alkoxy)carbonyl group, carbamoyl, optionally substituted by alkyl;

R3is phenyl, substituted lower alkylthio, lower alkylsulfonyl, or lower alkylsulfonyl, provided that when R1is phenyl, substituted lower alkoxy, then R2represents halogen or halo(lower)alkyl,

or their pharmaceutically acceptable salts

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The invention relates to a means to control weeds, in particular to the herbicide agent containing as an active ingredient (A) nitrile 1-(3-chloro-4,5,6,7-tetrahydropyrazolo-[1,5-a]-pyridine-2-yl)-5-(methylpropylamine)-4-pyrazolecarboxylate acid, and optionally, as an active ingredient (B) a substance selected from the group comprising bentazon, molinet, Diuron, thiobencarb, butachlor, pretilachlor, timepart, fenoxaprop-ethyl, clomipram, cinmetacin, bromobutyl, chinkara, mefenacet, pyrazosulfuron-ethyl, asbroker, chinaculture, tanishlar, cumyluron, MK 243, nitroanilide, anilofos, belforest, bifenox, SN-900, MSRA, nitrofen, oxadiazon, pendimethalin, simetryn, sulcotrione (SA), trifluralin, piperophos, perimutter, ethoxysulfuron, benzylbromide, pyrazolate, paradoxien, benzefoam, cycloaliphatic, cyhalofop, NBA-061 and azimsulfuron

FIELD: organic chemistry, agriculture.

SUBSTANCE: claimed mixture from herbicides and antidotes contains (A) herbicidically active substance based on phenylsulfonylureas of formula I and salts thereof (in formula R1 is hydrogen or C1-C6-alkyl; R2 is C1-C3-alkyl; R3 is C1-C3-alkoxy; R4 is hydrogen or C1-C4-alkyl; Hal is fluorine, chlorine, bromine, or iodine); and (B) antidote of formulae II or III , wherein X is hydrogen, halogen, C1-C4-alkyl; C1-C4-alkoxy, nitro or C1-C4-haloalkyl; Z is hydroxyl, C1-C8-alkoxy, C3-C6-cycloalkoxy, C2-C8-alkenyloxy, C2-C8-alkynyloxy; R5 is C1-C2-alkandiyl chain optionally substituted with one or two C1-C4 alkyl residues or (C1-C3-alcoxy)carbonyl; W is bivalent heterocyclic residue; n = 1-5; in weight ratio herbicide/antidote of 100:1-1:100. Also disclosed is method for protection of cultural plants against phytotoxic side effect of herbicidically active substance of formula I. Claimed method includes antidote application of formulae II or III on plant, plant parts, plant seeds or seeding areas before or together with herbicidically active substance in amount of 0.005-0.5 kg/hectare in weight ratio of 100:1-1:100.

EFFECT: mixture for effective selective weed controlling in cultural plant, particularly in maize and grain cultures.

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