Packing merseyside bulk materials


The invention relates to methods for transportation of bulk materials in the rolling stock in bulk. Packing Merseyside bulk materials is that before loading the gondola is placed is made of polyethylene in accordance with the internal dimensions of the open top of the package, remove the edges out and load loose material in bulk, and after loading the surface of the embankment level and the edge of the plastic packaging combined with the creation of the seam and fasten to seal it, with the seam parallel to the lateral sides of the car. The proposed invention reduces costs and protects the environment. table 1.

The invention relates to a method for packaging bulk cargoes for transportation rolling stock in bulk. Can be used for the transport of water-soluble materials at low temperatures.

According to the "Rules of transportation freezing substances on railway transportation", approved by order of Ministry of Railways of Russia from April 5, 1999, 20 C, registered in the Russian Ministry of justice on 12 may 1999, 1786, (the Collection of rules of transportation of cargoes by railway transport. KN. 1. - M.: Law firm "CONTRACT", 2001, S. 173-190) to the number of profile uniform wetting of the weight of coal and mineral oils, preventive liquids - nigrina and Severin, solutions of sodium chloride and calcium chloride, Peresypkin goods with lime and sawdust. In terms of sustainable Morozov measure for the protection of cargo from freezing in transit is a preliminary freezing of cargo by repeated pouring (prelipceanu) to achieve in the middle layer parasitaemia cargo temperature below minusoC.

Known prophylactic against piomote and freezing of bulk materials containing tar Perm oil and careinogenesis fraction of catalytic cracking (RF patent 2155201 from 26.04.1999).

There is a method of loading loose materials in open vehicles, namely, that the cavity of the transport capacity fill small fractions, then top them cover large fractions of the same material forming the protective layer (RF patent 2149133 from 03.06.1996).

The disadvantage of these activities are labor intensive and use simultaneously various means and methods. However, all these measures are only effective when the transport of water-insoluble goods. When transporting a water-soluble bulk materials such Kayemet in winter conditions at low temperatures, freezing to the walls of the gondola, rising damp material, caking, pylones, loss of cargo through structural cracks, corrosion equipment, environmental pollution.

The closest technical solution is the method of transportation of bulk cargo in soft containers (special soft Containers from polypropylene fabric for bulk solids". Technical conditions TU 2297-079-00209728-98, developed by JSC "TSNILPOLIMERKONTEYNER", registered in Unintended 14.05.98 for 200/018351). The disadvantage of this method is the need for specialized equipment for loading and unloading containers weighing 1 ton, the high cost of packaging of goods.

The purpose of this invention is the transportation of freezing substances in the winter, reducing the cost of implementation of preventive measures provided by the rules of transportation and environmental protection, the safety of railway tracks, protection rolling against corrosion in any time of the year.

We propose a method of transportation of bulk cargoes with use of polyethylene film for packaging the whole mass of cargo transported in bulk.

The method executed by the agona. There are two types of packing. In the first embodiment a polyethylene film lined the floor and walls of the gondola, the second option provides for tight packing of cargo throughout the volume. The second option before loading the package is placed in the open ends of the packages are ejected after loading the surface of the mound is levelled, the edges of the package are connected, double-bent to create a seam width of 40-60 mm and stapled to create a tight packaging. The seam is parallel to the side walls of the sides of a gondola.

To determine the strength of coupling (primerzanie) salt to metal surfaces conducted research in the laboratory. Examples of technical salt, hydrated up to 10%, was kept in metal cylinders under load 0,17 kg/cm2at low temperatures. The strength of adhesion of the material to the surface was determined by the force applied to the sample when it is dispensed from the cylinder.

As can be seen from the table, the freezing of salt to metal surfaces are completely eliminated with the use of polyethylene film.

The method is tested in conditions close to full-scale on-site, Rudoupravlenie box was sealed and mounted to the metal side of the outdoor train platform. For comparison piles of salt were laid in an open area, without packaging.

The experiment lasted for 12 days when the temperature changes from minus 17 to minus 23oC. during the first days of salt, placed in an open area, adhering practically the entire volume, along with the freezing process was caking. Salt has completely lost its flowability. All samples of salt, Packed in plastic packaging, fully preserved rheological properties.

Packing technical salt in the gondolas embankment was carried out at JSC "Silvinit". Cargo is received by the consumer without lumps, in bulk, on the sides of the frozen residue is not observed.


Packing Merseyside bulk materials, which consists in the fact that before getting into the gondola place the packing and loading of bulk material bulk, characterized in that the packing is made of polyethylene in accordance with the internal dimensions of the open top and place the packing in the semi-edge output, and after the loading surface of the embankment level and the edge of the plastic packaging combined with the creation of the seam and fasten to seal it, with the seam parallel to the


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