Method and device for testing the device protection


The invention relates to maintenance of protection devices. The technical result consists in increasing the reliability. Valves and similar automatic mechanical protection device, usually placed still have the danger of clogging and, therefore, cannot fully to remain functional in emergency situations. In the system according to the invention are provided with data in real time, showing the efficiency of, for example, the actuator valve. If a fault is detected it can be localized using the non-Autonomous diagnostic tools. Continuously supported the ready state as the unit for activating the protection function operates independently from the control unit performance, which in an emergency bypass for the bypass line. 2 S. and 3 C.p. f-crystals, 3 ill.

The invention relates to a maintenance device protection. In particular, the invention relates to a method for checking the correct operation of protection devices that are managed by the Executive mechanism containing moving parts, mainly the so-called emergency valves off and driving.

Prior art In industry, especially in the petrochemical manufacturing industry, systems that use processing equipment, which can create a hazard if a fault occurs, containing valves and other mechanical devices designed to quickly bring the process to a safe state, if exceeded preset limits of the process parameters. Such a system typically includes valves, actuators, one-steps, opening and closing which expels excess pressure reject stream from the amount of hazardous substances in the storage tank, etc. Further, these valves are called valves off (which is the emergency valve which performs the function of closing or opening). These valves usually have the same position as other relevant mechanical protection devices, so there may be a risk of seizure, if there is no forcing shutdown. Normal protection valves off is unacceptable in known devices and methods. The biggest drawback of existing systems is that the problem, for example the mA may be inoperative. To test typically used, for example, the valves off, simulating a real emergency situation. This practice has a large risk, since the operability of the valve system off temporarily blocked, and if the device is driven in the wrong way, an emergency situation may persist for a long time.

One way valve testing off is the mechanical limit of its stroke to prevent any significant impact on the process and checking the mobility of the valve within certain limits. This procedure requires the use of, for example, a mechanical key that prevents actuation of the emergency system during the test.

Testing performed with predetermined intervals, for example twice a year, but the test only shows that the device is operational at the time of testing. Failure may develop after a short time after the test and kept until the next test. This method of testing is an unreliable way to check system health.

Diagnostic control valves using modern sensors and digital technology predstavljaet 95306546 disclosed are methods of monitoring the status of the control valves, using sensors installed in the tool actuator and control valve, and by analyzing the signals from the aforementioned sensors in the microprocessor to test the valve unit as a whole.

As described above, the monitoring valve or other mechanical device that is part of the protection system, contains certain requirements.

In the patent Norway 152314 disclosed method and device for testing the operation of protective devices. Valve emergency shut-off or control relay motor periodically experience, but without affecting the process, for example by temporarily disabling signal from the valve with a solenoid associated with the valve shut off, the valve is off shifts, for example, 10 degrees, and the position of the valve opening is controlled by a sensor or limit switch. If operation is incorrect, is driven protection. Test sequence is carried out logic circuits located outside of the device through timers and standard logic elements.

A brief statement of the substance of the invention according To the point 1 of the claims of the races of the p valve shut-off moreover, the state of readiness of the protection system is constantly maintained without deterioration. In the above-mentioned method, the protection function and the monitoring function or diagnostic tests are performed in real time, however, the protection function has a higher priority than the function of the diagnostic control. In the method according to the invention the element associated directly with the protection device to actuate the protection functions, controlled high-level protection system, which is responsible for protection, or, alternatively, by logical unit included in the device according to the invention, where the unit diagnostic control associated with the element actuation. The unit diagnostic control performs diagnostic monitoring without disturbing the process whenever the process is proceeding normally. In an emergency the unit diagnostic control is not included, so it does not impair the function of protection against damage or violation of diagnostic tests, or the current software testing. The volume and frequency of diagnostic control system can be programmed to achieve the desired level of reliability.

In accordance with one variant of Ancescao protection device, and this is fully supported by the state of readiness of the protection system.

Field unit protection system according to the invention contains a microprocessor, ensures a pre-determined steps self-test and diagnostic control. The field unit further includes a control unit that provides control of the actuating mechanism. Using the respective communication control unit connected to the high-level protection system or logical unit, the built-in field unit, and an energy source for the protective devices, such as a compressed air source. High-level protection system or built-in logic block directly performs the function of protection, bypassing the function of the diagnostic control.

In addition to the field unit protection system contains a control unit. Communication with high-level protection system via the control unit. The control unit monitors the status field unit and includes means for providing status information to the user.

A brief description of the drawings Below is a more detailed description of the invention with reference to the accompanying drawings, in which Fig.1 depicts schematically the system of the second valve mechanism in the normal mode according to the invention; Fig. 3 depicts a field unit and the actuator in an emergency situation according to the invention; the Description of the preferred variants of the embodiment of the invention, Block 1 (Fig.1) control according to the present invention is associated with the field unit 2 containing block 7 management interface 3 communication unit 19 of electronics, including a microprocessor and associated sensors, and pneumatic elements (not shown). Unit 7, the control device 24 of protection, containing the drive mechanism 8 and the valve 22. The relationship between the unit 1 and control unit 7 controls is performed on the communication line 5, as described below. Line 5 may be analog or digital, or their combination in the form of paired cable. Since field region is usually hazardous area, in this case, the system includes a barrier unit 6.

At the field unit 2 is energized preferably 24 In from high-level system 18 to protect, or, in the case of a protection system that contains the logical block from the digital communication line. The unit 1 control preferably is equipped with indicator lights that reflect the status field unit, controlled by a signal on the communication line 5 and through the output 21 of the relay corresponding to the volumes of protection in the ready state. At programmable intervals, the microprocessor contained in the unit 19 performs a diagnostic check. Because of this changes the signal in line 5, which shows a yellow light. When the diagnostic control detects a fault, it displays a red light. Signals corresponding indicator light bulbs, can flow through the output relay 21. The operation of the LEDs and output relays can be checked, for example, through the local button on the control unit.

The unit 1 control connected to the computer 23 that performs maintenance program system protection, allowing to determine the nature of the problem by analyzing data recorded by the system diagnostics. Line 5 connection also provides this link.

On the housing of the control unit tool is installed (for example, keypad and led indicator) for local control of the microprocessor included in block 19 of electronics. The task interface 3 communication consists in the separation of signals, described below, is transmitted over the communication line 5. In addition, the enclosure can be enabled logical block embedded in a field block.

Interface 3 communications Linnen line 26 to the control unit.

During normal operation test on unit 7 and control device 24 protection at certain intervals on the program in the microprocessor, located in block 19 of electronics. Tests can also be performed using the computer 23.

When there is an emergency situation, the signal is sent directly from the high-level system 18 protection along the lines of 5 and 10 in block 7 of the control described below. Alternatively, from a logical block, a built-in interface 3 communication signal may be supplied by line 10 directly to the unit 7 of the control.

In Fig. 2 shows the normal working situation and showing the main valve 7 field unit 2. Since the line 10 is under the controlling voltage 24 V, pneumatic control valve 11 remains closed and the slider 14 is pressed to the right against the action of spring 15. Thus, the operating pressure of the actuator acts freely through the connections 12 and 13 and the cylinder 8 of the actuator of the valve is depressed and the spring 9 is compressed. The microprocessor 17 in block 19 of electronics performs diagnostic monitoring through a pneumatic valve 16 controls as described below.

The microprocessor 17 receives at least the following input data: - the valve position control;
the position of the valve disable;
- pressure in the cylinder of the actuator;
commands entered via the local keypad.

The microprocessor 17 can be programmed to perform diagnostic monitoring with pre-established intervals within 15 MS once a week. In the preferred embodiment described below, it includes the so-called hissam changes of the signal in the communication line 5, which switches the display state of the test. Further, with the valve 16 decreases the control pressure within a predefined time interval to a predetermined level and to the initial level, so that will be a corresponding decrease in pressure testing mechanism within a certain time delay (sensors not shown). At reduced pressure and the return to the initial state within a certain time interval will be a corresponding change in valve position off within a certain time delay.

If the system fails, the microprocessor 17 passes through the signal changes in line 5 connection message to the unit 1 control, which is translated into an indication of the fault signal. Move the valve off during the test cycle limit, so as not to interfere with the process.

In addition to the above for the health check valve disconnect the diagnostic control includes other features that are not included in the scope of the present invention, for example an internal diagnostic check of the electronic components and removing savemem of the embodiment of the invention, all communication between the field and the equipment can occur on the same communication line 5. It preferably represents a paired cable
a) feeding the control voltage, for example 24 V, high-level system 18 protection while maintaining a state of readiness field unit 2;
b) control indicator lights and output relays of the unit 1 control by signal changes;
c) communication between the maintenance program system protection computer 23 and the block 19 of electronics, using, for example, the HART Protocol, known to specialists in this field of technology.

The above-described device enables the integration of systems in existing installations.

In contrast to those disclosed in the patent 152314 method and device the present invention provides the following advantages:
- in the field are "intelligent" components, which allow connection protection devices with field main system;
- if there is a malfunction, the protection function does not operate, but it is possible to carry out maintenance, and installation will continue to work;
- basic tone (for example, mains voltage 24 V in the above example) does not change when checked, N. the uses special signal and a separate transaction;
- may conduct a separate independent tests, as well as detailed diagnostic monitoring with multiple sensors, in the form of a self-test;
- wiring for field unit kept to a minimum; it is often sufficient existing paired cable.

The invention can be used without deviating from the General principle, in other protection devices that contain mechanical parts, not necessarily control the flow of fluid, but protecting other means.


1. The method of testing the safety devices that contain moving parts and electronics, and the protection device provided with a means to test the functionality of moving parts and electronics modules and to maintain the waiting state protection device, characterized in that conduct health checks of safety devices tool to check associated with the protection device, and also operate the movable parts of the device protection without disturbing the sequence of the method in real time so that the protection function has a higher priority than funkelektrik carried out continuously at set intervals of time or disposable.

3. Device for testing the safety devices that contain moving parts and electronics, and the protection device contains a means (19, 7) to test moving parts, characterized in that it contains a field unit (2) containing the block (19) electronics to test moving parts and the block (7) management, designed to test moving parts and management at activation of the protection function, which is connected by a line (10) communication with higher-level system (18) protection or with a built-in field block (2) logical block, designed for the implementation of security features, and is also associated with the block (19) electronics so that the protective function is activated, bypassing the block (19) electronics.

4. The device according to p. 3, characterized in that it contains the block (1) and control line (5) communication between the unit (1) control and field unit (2), line (5) communication is used to transfer signals from the block (19) electronics and signals from the device (24) protection.

5. The device according to p. 4, characterized in that the movable parts of the device protection represent a drive mechanism (8) and valve (22).


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