The method of authentication of the data carrier


The invention relates to authentication of the data carrier, in particular micromodules Board. The technical result consists in providing a high level of protection of data media. The way the media data stored encrypted form distinctive characteristic of the data carrier. Encrypted form distinctive characteristic is transmitted to the terminal, which determines the specified hallmark. Hallmark encrypted secret code and easy to be interpreted in the terminal using the public code. When comparing the decrypted distinctive characteristic and a specific terminal distinctive sign on their coincidence is established authenticity. Because the secret code is not contained on the data carrier or in the terminal, enables high precision protection. 1 Il.

The invention relates to a method of authentication of the data carrier, in particular micromodules Board, which has at least one storage device, and the specific physical identification of the data carrier embedded in encoded form in a storage device.

This method is known from EP 0112461 A1. There arachnia when checking for authenticity is compared with the value which is derived from the actual measured antenna characteristics, which also was applied to the encoding algorithm.

EP 0112461 A1 now leaves open whether the comparison and generate code on the card or in the terminal. In the first case, there arises a problem in that a fake card can always tell a positive result of the comparison, regardless of the actual result of the comparison, so that should not be a valid test for authenticity. In the second case, by measuring the terminal must be secret algorithm and a secret number that represents a security risk. In addition, the algorithm and the secret number for each card should be located in each terminal.

EP 0583709 A1 also describes a method of recognition of authenticity, which are subject to measurement of physical characteristics recorded in the memory is encoded and later mapped to again be measured after decoding. You may also find the use of asymmetric encryption method and interpretation. Of course, this raises the problem of the high cost of the storage device and the control terminal for a large number is checked for authenticity, in most cases, have a counter which represents the rate of money, and therefore encourage interest in copying and manufacture of the finished model. But also the use of such data carriers for access control systems or in the field of social insurance was such an incentive.

You can identical copy of the semiconductor integrated circuit so that all the secret number and the encoded data, such as encoded physical hallmark, contained on the copy, without having to understand the precise circuit patterns, so there is a big security risk. Its famous checks on the authenticity with the help of distinctive physical characteristic for each data carrier is different and, if possible, complex and, thus, very difficult can be made on the finished model, is the first step towards higher protection against counterfeiting, as though the scammer can make ready the sample integrated circuit, but it is hardly appropriate to map it with the correct physical hallmark.

When the known methods in each terminal must present the algorithm W is encoded measurement data and compare encrypted form, or decode read from the card encrypted form data and compare with the original data. It still carries a significant security risk, because it invites the fraudster to steal and to analyze the terminal.

Underlying the invention is the challenge, therefore, is to provide a method of checking the authenticity of the data carrier, which provides a high degree of protection and eliminates the above mentioned disadvantages.

The problem is solved by the method according to the point 1 of the claims. Primary improvements are presented in the dependent claim.

With the method in accordance with the invention, the comparison is performed in the terminal, without requiring the presence of the secret code in the terminal, as it applies asymmetric encryption. Asymmetric encryption means for encrypting uses a code that is different from the code for interpretation, and even with the knowledge of, respectively, the other cannot be computed by any of the two codes. The key interpretation, in General, may be known and, as a rule, can be derived from available to each of the data arrays, for example, from the Internet.

Public code is given in compliance banks and insurance companies. Essential for the method in accordance with the invention is that a secret known only to the system setting device code cannot be calculated from a public code. As an example of an asymmetric encryption method is called RSA algorithm encryption scheme is a public key).

If the terminal is transmitted only encrypted hallmark, it is necessary that the terminal was saved public keys of all the system setting device or, for example, can be accessed through the Internet connection that will be used by this terminal. To eliminate this drawback, in the improvement of the invention public, a special key is stored in encrypted form on the map, and encryption was applied secret, global code. This secret, the global code is known, for example, only the Central banks or other higher institutions. It is used to encrypt each public, special code. On the map, in addition, stored unencrypted, public, special code.

In the terminal then contains only belongs to a secret, global code public, global code, which expands the categories necessarily memorized. The match then shows that for encryption public key has been applied correctly classified, global code, and denotes certification, for example, the Central Bank, which, thus, is responsible for ensuring that the public, a special code is correct and can be used for interpretation of physical distinction.

As a distinctive physical characteristic when the contactless data carriers can be used antenna characteristics, such as, for example, the quality factor, or a combination of such characteristics. Other distinctive physical characteristics are given in EP 0676073 B1 and EP 0602643 A2. It offers an adjustable circuit for the impedance or cell properties EEPROM (electrically erasable programmable random-access memory = EEPROM) as a specific for the map, physical hallmark.

The invention is further described below in the example of execution with the help of the drawing, which shows a diagram micromodules card and the terminal read/write, and the precedence diagram method in accordance with the invention.

The diagram shows micromodule map 1, territorial scheme, as well as physical hallmark X.

Contrary to the view micromodules maps the invention is in no way limited to such implementation, and can be used in all forms of media.

In the storage device 2 includes at least the encrypted first secret, a special code Kssform Ks,s[X] a hallmark of X. As indicated represented by the dashed line increase the storage device 2, the improvement of the invention also contains a second public, special code Ks,pand the encrypted form of this second code Kg,s[Ks,p]. For encrypting the second code Ks,pwas used the third secret, the global code of Kg,s.

The vertical dashed line separate from micromodules map 1 shows the terminal 3. He has the receiving shaft 4 for micromodules card 1, and the keyboard 5 and the display 6. Terminal 3 has, in addition, the storage device 7, in which at least temporarily stored second public, special code Ks,p. Terminal 3, on the one hand, can have this code permanently stored, but can also get it for each check on the authenticity p special key, which is aligned to a specific system setting device, such as, for example, a company credit card terminal 3 all the same, perhaps, should be applicable for maps of various system setting devices would need to be memorized various second public, special codes. Instead, the improvement of the invention can be memorized fourth public, global codeg,pthat is indicated by the dashed extension of the storage device 7.

As micromodular card 1 and the terminal 3 may include other devices, such as microprocessors or the crypto processor. Transfer with micromodules card 1 to the terminal 3 can occur both contact and contactless, for example, via the inductive coupling. Terminal 3 also has a measuring device, to be able to identify the distinctive physical characteristic X micromodules card. All these details are not shown in the drawing, since they are already known from the state of the art and detail is not attached to the invention.

In the drawing under the image micromodules card 1 and the terminal 3 presents the process in accordance with the invention. Between horizontaldirection, global code. In this case, in process step d) the encoded form of the public, special code, as well as the public, a special code is transmitted from micromodules card 1 to the terminal 3, terminal 3 by using the public, global key is calculated public, a special code and compared with the transferred public, a special code in process step d). If there is no match, then an interrupt occurs in the process.

When a match is in process step a) encrypted form distinctive physical characteristic is transmitted micromodules card 1 to the terminal 3, and also the distinctive physical characteristic measured by the terminal 3. In terminal when using the passed in front of it and recognized the right of the public, special code Ks,pdetectable encrypted physical hallmark and compared with the measured values.

If a match occurs, the map in process step C) is recognized as genuine. If there is no match, an interrupt occurs in the process.

When applying the method in accordance with the invention in micromodules card 1 must be memorized only the encrypted form of the distinctive sign of X, as well as public, specily to attend micromodules map 1, and should only be known to the system specifies the device or certified item. As secret codes yet expressly agreed with the relevant public codes, it is impossible to make a map on the finished model, which has the correct coded form is required to verify the authenticity of the data.

Theft and analysis of the terminal 3 from the side of the kidnapper also not lead to the desired success, as there are also memorized only the public and, thus, also get the codes otherwise. As in the data carrier and the terminal can be kept secret, special and secret, global codes, although not necessarily, of course, it would have led to a loss in security.


The way to check on the identity of the carrier (1) data, in particular micromodules card that has at least one storage device (2), and physical hallmark (X) of the data carrier (1) in encrypted form (Ks,s[X]) pending in the storage device (2) and hallmark (X) encrypted first secret code (Ks,s) system setting device of the data carrier, and the carrier (1) additional data for the public code (Ks,p) system setting device of the data carrier and the encrypted third secret code (Kg,s) certification body shape of the second code (Kg,s [Ks,p]), contains the following stages: a) the terminal (3) reads the second code and the encrypted form (Ks,s[X], Ks,p, Kg,s [Ks,p]) of the data carrier and calculates with contained in the terminal (3) of the fourth public code (Kg,p) certification body the second code (Ks,p=Kg,p [Kg s [Ks,p]]) and compare it with a few second code (b) when match are the stages of the process)d) when the mismatch occurs, the interrupt process) terminal (3) read/write reads the encrypted distinctive sign (Ks,s[X]) from the storage device (2) media (1) data and determines the physical hallmark (X) by measuring, g) terminal (3) read/write using the second code (Ks,p) calculates the distinctive characteristic (X=Ks,p [Ks,s [X]]) and compares it with the measured hallmark (X), d) when a match is established the identity of the carrier (1) data, when mismatch occurs, the interrupt process.


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