Installation for simultaneously separate operation of two reservoirs


The invention relates to pumping units for separate operation of several reservoirs. Provides simplification of the device and improving the reliability of his work. The inventive device includes a column lift pipes, pump rod, the retainer and the shank. Pump rod is provided with an additional suction valve. It is placed on the side wall of the cylinder and divides the cylinder along the length into two parts, proportional to the capacity of the reservoirs. The facility provides the opportunity to enter the pump cylinder during the movement of the plunger up first production of low-pressure reservoir, and after passing the additional plunger valve products high-pressure reservoir. 2 Il.

The invention relates to the oil industry, in particular to a downhole pump installations.

Known pump installation for separate operation of two reservoirs containing two pump and packer, the upper pump pumps the fluid from both layers (see R. A. Maksutov, B. E. Dobroskok, Y. C. hares. Simultaneous separate operation of multireservoir oil fields. - M.: Nedra, 1974, page 84).

The disadvantage is the complexity Candlemas installation for separate operation of two reservoirs, containing packer and one pump (see page 104), which in front of the suction valve installed fittings, connected through the appropriate channels with different layers.

Disadvantages installation are the design complexity, and unreliability of regulation capacity in reservoirs.

The aim of the invention is to simplify the design and increase the reliability of its work.

This goal is achieved by the fact that in the known installation for separate simultaneous operation of two reservoirs, including the column lift pipes, pump rod, packer and liner, the pump is provided with an additional suction valve located on the side wall of the cylinder, and the point of placement of the additional valve divides the cylinder into two parts, proportional to the capacity of the reservoir.

The invention consists in that the proposed installation layers separated by a packer, and the additional suction valve located on the side of the cylinder provided with high-pressure reservoir. Therefore, when the upward movement of the plunger in the cylinder, first comes the production of low-pressure reservoir, and then, when the plunger pass valve through the low-pressure, the main suction valve, is in communication with the low pressure reservoir will be closed by differential pressure. Therefore, during the remaining stroke of the plunger in the cylinder is supplied products only high-pressure reservoir.

Usually separately exploit it different pressure layers, because in the case of joint operation of the high pressure reservoir "crush" low-pressure reservoir and in fact is the operation of a single reservoir with its flow rate.

In Fig.1 shows a pump unit for separate operation of the two layers of Fig.2 - installation design for the case when high-pressure is the lower layer.

The installation includes a column lift pipes 1, is attached to the cylinder 2 pump with the main 3 and 4 suction valves. Inside the cylinder 2 is a piston 5 with the discharge valve 6. To the lower end of the cylinder 2 is attached to the shank 7 with packer 8, installed in the production string 9 in the interval between 10 high-pressure and low-pressure 11 productive formations.

In Fig.2 additional valve 4 reported by channel 12 with the cavity of the shank 7, and the suction valve 3 - channel 13 with the annular space above the packer 8.

Setup works as follows.

When d is operating channels in the production string 9 under the action of hydrostatic pressure P1enters the cylinder chamber 2 of the pump, with additional side suction valve 4 is blocked by the plunger 5 is above or plunger and is still closed by the differential pressure. After passing through the plunger valve 4 last offer, because downhole pressure P2>R1and valve 3 under the action of the same pressure differential is closed. Upon further movement of the plunger 5 up in the cylinder chamber 2 enters the liquid only from the high-pressure reservoir 10. Upon reaching the top point of the plunger 5 changes its direction of motion, the fluid flows through the discharge valve 6 from podprumerny cavity of the cylinder in mudplugger. After the plunger 5 to the low point of the cycle is repeated.

However due to the fact that the additional intake valve 4 is placed at the point which divides the cylinder 2 in length in proportion to the set flow rates of the layers, and the diameter of the pump is selected so to ensure that these flow rates, the pump produces the sum of the given flow rates. The flow rates define the optimal results of the split test operation of each of the layers.

If more high-pressure is the lower layer, the design of the installation is slightly different (Fig.2). And the setup works exactly the same, ka is asenapine layer, each in its optimal mode without using any stutzeri device and to provide at the outlet of the pump total optimal flow rate of the two layers. Each layer operates in its mode, without affecting the other.

Perform the installation without fittings simplifies its design and provides a clear and reliable operation.


Installation for simultaneously separate operation of two reservoirs, including the column lift pipes, pump rod, the retainer and the shank, wherein the pump rod is provided with an additional suction valve located on the side wall of its cylinder and dividing the cylinder along the length into two parts, proportional to the capacity of the reservoir, while the plant provides the opportunity to enter the cylinder rod of the pump, when the movement of the plunger up, first production of low-pressure reservoir, and after passing the additional plunger valve products high-pressure reservoir.


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EFFECT: increased efficiency due to surface-driven screw pump usage.

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