The shunt vibrator


The invention relates to radio and television transmitting equipment. The technical result consists in increasing Arsenal of transceiver means. The invention consists in that the electrically monolithic radial or loop the vibrator coordinated load connected to it and secure it to the bulkhead. 1 Il.

The invention relates to the field of radio and television transmitting equipment and can be used for reception and radiation of electromagnetic signals.

Known antenna device (see Sedov, S. A. Individual videosredtube. The Handbook. Kyiv. Naukova Dumka, 1990, S. 98, 102, 104) that uses a loop, fan or other vibrators, as well as their modifications. A characteristic feature of such vibrators is electric division into symmetrical halves by using a slotted section, which serves to connect the load.

It is believed that this vibrator can't work without a functional separation of the shoulders. However, theory describes the basic processes of transformation of electromagnetic energy, distributed according to the parameters of the vibrator, and where and how the PTO when this doesn't matter much.

Known Lina is ka, 1990, S. 100. The author used as a prototype), which is a classic example of traditional notions of well-known principles.

Feature of the vibrator of this type are isolated from each other symmetric beams, separated by 180orespectively fixed to the insulator, which, according to the creators, is mandatory.

The technical solution is the conversion of electromagnetic energy, the selection and transfer it to a new perspective in the performance of a diversified, combined and other systems the method is achieved by a new design solutions.

A technical solution is achieved in that classic vibrator: linear, radial or otherwise made electrically common solid - solid, and consistent load connected to it and secure it to the bulkhead.

The novelty of the device is seen in the fact that instead of separating classic vibrator on symmetric rays-half of the shunt vibrator is made of a solid (in the form of a dipole), and the PTO (or excitation) occurs due to the connection of the agreed load symmetrically with respect to the artificial zero - point located at the center of the shunt-jumper, uniting both halves shaking the e half of the vibrator, does not cause loss bypass surgery, because its calculated conductivity at the operating frequency is selected minor bearing compound complex character, little associated with wave impedances. Therefore the useful signal in the shunt side branches.

The novelty of the device is seen that the change of the geometrical sizes shunt jumper in design, configuration, changing places and ways to connect the load allows the necessary coordination and balancing.

The novelty of the device is seen in the fact that artificial "zero" point on the conductive surface of the shunt jumpers this vibrator allows you to mount this directly without insulators.

According to technical, scientific and patent documents identified a set of characteristics such as in the inventive device, which is indicative of inventive step.

Industrial applicability of the claimed technical solution is seen in the ease of fabrication, high electrical performance, on an industrial basis and competitive level.

Shunt vibrator explains graficas Neveu.

The vibrator consists of: the actual vibrator 1 made monolithic electrically in a known manner in the form of a linear, radial, loop or other vibrator, whose shoulders the United settlement shunt jumper 2, a matched load RN- 3 connected to the shunt side of the crosspiece 2, symmetrically with respect to the "zero" point "0", which allows mechanical attachment of the vibrator without insulators.

The shunt vibrator works as follows. The received electromagnetic signal is applied to the vibrator 1 having the jumper 2, is converted to EMF and is allocated on the hard-complex resistance of the jumper, which is connected in parallel coordinated load RN- 3. Due to the low conductivity of the useful signal in the shunt side branches off, getting to the consumer.


The shunt vibrator, characterized in that it is made fan or loop, electrically monolithic and consistent load connected to it and secure it to the bulkhead.


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