The way to limit the spread of fires in linear protective forest plantations


The invention relates to the field of fire prevention. The method includes the breakdown of reforestation isolated from each other chunks of 250 - 300 m and a width equal to the width of the planting, usually 10 - 60 meters In diameter and stands cut gaps of a width of 10 meters At the end of the trees on the breaks lower the height of 2.5 to 3.0 m Creates a protective fire screens by wetting the trunks and branches of trees Nagorniy solution of the following composition: water 90, ordinary clay 9 and adhesive synthetic 1%. Sacrice afforestation and gaps between the blocks of process mechanisms with the introduction of herbicides in the soil. The difference is that afforestation dissected into isolated blocks of size 250 - 300 m, the trees on the inner ends of the blocks are cut at a height of 2.5 - 3.0 m, the trees put Nagorniy solution of water - 90, clay - 9 and synthetic glue - 1%. This allows you to increase the effectiveness of fire fighting in linear plantations. 1 Il.

The invention relates to fire prevention measures, the prevention of occurrence of forest and vegetation fires and can be used by specialized services for the conservation of forest and agricultural lands from fires, and the second gasket mineralized barrier strip, formed by the removal from the surface of the ground moss-lichen cover and subsequent shelter of frozen soil on paved strip previously unselected layer of moss and lichen. Barrage mineralized band formed by cutting in the soil drainage slots with styling taken from her layer adjacent forest combustible materials and with the subsequent closure of the edges of the drainage slits. Description of the invention to the patent of Russian Federation RU 2170119 C1 IPC And 62 With 3/02, publications 10.07.2001,

The disadvantage of this method is the limited application because it is used in frozen ground conditions; the cutting in the soil drainage slit is made during localization grassroots forest fire, crown fire to stop this way.

Closest to the invention is a method of limiting the spread of forest fires create fire barriers in all layers of the forest by spraying Nagorniy material perpendicular to the direction of fire. As Nagorniy materials use materials that harden in the air at P=15% ATA and (155)oT150o

The disadvantage of the prototype is that this method can be used to limit the spread of forest fires and their prevention through Nagorniy materials hardened with certain contacts temperature and air pressure. In addition, the time of solidification of the material should be no more than 1 o'clock This characterizes the way semiclandestine, is not efficient enough.

The aim of the invention is to increase the effectiveness of the containment and containment of fires in linear protective forest plantations: shelter, water, road, priovrazhny and other belts.

This goal is achieved by the fact that the plantation is divided into blocks of length 250...300 m and a width equal to the width of the stands, which usually equals 10. . .60 m In the transverse direction plantations cut gaps of a width of 10 meters At the end of the trees on the breaks lower the height of 2.5...3.0 m by cutting the tops and upper branches of the trunks. Create a protective fire screens by wetting trunks and branches 1 times before Bud break Nagorniy solution of the following composition: water - 90, mineral or mineral clay - 9 and 1% glue entitiesa the whole set of features, entered in the formula.

In Zabreiko afforestation and breaks promahivaetsya mineralized band, which is processed 1 time in 2 years Gerridae preventing regrowth of herbaceous vegetation.

"Proposals for the application of herbicides for weed control in the cultivation of protective forest plantations". Volgograd, 1980, 23 C. the Method is illustrated in the drawing. This allows you to limit the spread of fire in the line of protective plantations.

The effect and the technical result in the implementation of the invention is achieved by the fact that linear afforestation is divided into insulated from each other blocks of shelterbelts size 250...30010...60 m, with gaps equal to 10 m in diameter stands. At the extreme of the trees on the breaks is bezverkhnyaya trunk to create a windproof wind the crown, immediately during the first vegetation period. This will reduce the wind speed and to prevent the spread of fire. Forest firefighting pumps on the trunks and branches of trees, to apply fireproof solution of the following components: water, clay and glue artificial, which protects the canopy of stands from possible ignition for the camping overwhelming regrowth of herbaceous vegetation by herbicide, using machines for soil fertilizers and herbicides.

The essential features of the claimed method are: 1) rastlenie afforestation on insulated from each other block sizes 250...30010...60 m; 2) cutting of trunks and branches at a height of 2.5...3.0 m; 3) drawing on edge trees in the gaps between blocks negrisolo solution of the following composition: water - 90, clay mono - or mineral - 9 and adhesive synthetic thermoplastic (polyacrylic, polyamide or polyvinylacetate) - 1%; 4) plowing mineralized strips along the edges of the blocks with soil application of herbicides that suppress the regrowth of herbaceous vegetation.

The fourth characteristic of a technological solution is known, and signs 1). . .3) - new, and therefore believe that the method corresponds to the criterion "novelty" by applicable law.

Advantages of the method: 1. The breakdown of afforestation on data blocks of sizes allows you to quickly localize the fire.

2. Cutting the tops and branches at a height of 2.5...3.0 m lets you generate in the first year of pruning dense canopy of tree crowns, which reduces the wind speed at 90-95% of the original, hence prevents the spread of fire.

3. Apostrophie fire when in contact with trees, treated with this solution.

4. Using mineralized strips of soil on which herbicide action eliminates the regrowth of herbaceous vegetation, inhibited the penetration of heat into or out afforestation.

To verify compliance of the claimed invention to the requirement of inventive step, the applicants conducted an additional search of the known methods in order to identify characteristics that match the distinctive features from the nearest similar features of the claimed invention (A. D. Kruczek, G. M. Korolev. Fire risk on the cuts. J. "Forestry", 2, 1995; B. C. Furyaev, L. P. Zlobina. The dynamics of the stocks of combustible materials on mineralized bands in deciduous-pine young. J. "Forestry", 6, 1995).

The results show that the claimed invention is not necessary for the expert in the obvious way from the prior art, and technology, in particular, the claimed invention does not provide a known transformation.

Therefore, the claimed invention meets the requirement of "inventive step" by applicable law.

The way to limit the spread of fires in linear protective forest plantations is installed apart from each other with mineralized strips. At the extreme of the trees at the ends of the breaks blocks are bezverkhnyaya trunks. On the trunks and branches of trees is applied to the solution, which is glued to the bark of trees, hardens and prevents burning. Simultaneously with the outbreak of the soil mineralized bands are herbicides that prevent germination and growth of herbaceous vegetation.

With the aim of raising the level of mechanization of fire works: the uprooting, tillage and soil herbicides is carried out by the following mechanisms: brushing stumps and plant residues - concealing machine KM-IA, plowing - plow disk forest within - 1,2, introduction of herbicide - cultivator-cultivator with a device for herbicides; bezverkhnyaya and pruning large branches delimbing machine PL-30B; spraying the trees Nagorniy solution forest firefighting pumps IM-I. "System of machines for complex mechanization of agricultural production on the years 1986-1995." H. 1. Forestry and protective afforestation. M., 1988

The use of the proposed method of limiting the spread of fire provides in comparison with the known method of obtaining economic benefits in connection with the possibility of mechanization set other blocks of shelterbelts and rational negrisolo solution.

Thus, the above data confirm that the implementation of the use of the claimed invention cumulative conditions: the claimed method is used in agriculture and forestry in the protection line of protective forest plantations from fires; the possibility of carrying out the invention is achieved by means of known methods and tools; the proposed method of limitations has high efficiency and ensures the prevention of fires.

Therefore, the claimed invention meets the requirement of "industrial applicability" under the current law.


The way to limit the spread of fires in linear protective forest plantations, including the gasket barrage mineralized strips and spray Nagorniy materials, characterized in that the forest is divided into insulated from each other chunks of 250-300 m and a width equal to the width of the planting, usually 10-60 m in diameter and stands cut gaps of width 10 m, at the end of the trees on the breaks lower the height of 2.5-3.0 m, wetting the trunks and branches of low trees produce Nagorniy solution ingredients: water 90, clay


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