The fire-extinguishing aerosol generator


The invention relates to the field of fire, namely, devices that generate aerosol flame retardants, using a pyrotechnic composition burns checkers, jet emitted into the protected volume. The fire-extinguishing aerosol generator contains placed axially in the housing through a layer of gypsum pyrotechnic checker, block cooling of the granules ablative material, which is mounted communicated with the combustion chamber, an igniter electrically connected with the remote control, and a convex cover with distributed output radial holes, between the cooling unit and output holes of the cover in the housing formed by the perforated receiver. What's new is that on the open end of the housing is fixed aluminum membrane, and the igniter is installed in the Central opperational tube of the cooling unit and is connected with the remote control device via a closed switch, and the output of the radial holes of the cover is overlapped by the band PE aluminum foil. The invention provides for increasing the functional reliability and service moistly atmoran and river vessels. 1 Il.

The invention relates to the field of fire, namely, devices that generate aerosol flame retardants when used for this purpose pyrotechnic composition burns checkers, jet emitted into the protected volume.

The level of this technology describes a device for volumetric aerosol extinguishing the patent RU 2164808 C2, And 62 With 13/22, 2001, which contains the site of initiation (ignition), a piece of pyrotechnic composition that is installed through a layer of gypsum and metal casing, the closed lid of the output holes, the heat exchanger and the receiver.

This device is provided with an additional annular reverse channel, which is formed external to the casing perforated metal shell of the heat exchanger, reinforced coaxial piece in the casing through a layer of gypsum, which ensures high functional reliability with effective cooling of the product extinguishing gas-aerosol mixture inside the device due to the convective heat and mass transfer and expanding technological possibilities of its use as a manual means of fire fighting.

These drawbacks are eliminated in the generator fire extinguishing gas-aerosol mixture, described in patent RU 2136338 C1 And 62 With 13/22, 1999 which the number of matching essential attributes and achieved technical result of the main action is selected as the closest analogue.

Known generator has placed axially in the housing through a layer of gypsum pyrotechnic checker, block cooling of the granules ablative material, which is mounted communicated with the combustion chamber, an igniter electrically connected with the remote control, and a convex cover with distributed output radial holes, between the cooling unit and the output TweakUI efficiency efficiency fire relatively greater mass aerosolgenerating checkers, housed in a smaller size of the device increased structural rigidity, and thermoresistance of the carrier layer of the body.

Metal case additionally serves as a heat accumulator for effective evaporation of the functional layer associated with the gypsum water, which is in the form of steam is actively mixed with the generated aerosol products of combustion checkers, thus decreasing their temperature and increases the inhibitory activity of the extinguishing mixture.

Distribution to cover the radial outlet port provides a dynamic uniform volume distribution of the extinguishing mixture.

To ensure optimal conditions for ignition checkers igniter is placed in the focus on its end and fastened to the Central opperational sleeve, a channel which forms a compact directional force of the flame, guaranteed to burn pyrotechnic composition across the surface of the combustion aerosolforschung charge.

Remote control of the initiation of the igniter can improve the effectiveness of fire suppression areas of large volumes of simultaneous action of the parallel connected generators, distributed mounted on flammable fate during operation in storage conditions at elevated atmospheric humidity, in particular, on ships (sea and river) because of the insensitivity of standard thermal pulse igniter damp when this pyrotechnic composition checkers.

Atmospheric moisture through the outlet cover penetrates generator and capillaries bulk ablative material of the cooling unit is fed into the combustion chamber where it condenses and is absorbed lyophilic pyrotechnic composition checkers.

As shown, easily burning polymer film packing material pieces, the surface of which remains available for the firing pulse igniter is permeable to atmospheric moisture, i.e. there is an antagonistic contradiction between proofing open for reliable ignition of the end surface of the combustion checkers.

When protecting one volume several generators for effective firefighting requires simultaneous launch them from a Central remote logging control of the vessel, blocking the line start igniter from unauthorized operation, which is not provided in the known construction.

Task to be solved by the present invention is directed, is to increase the functional reliability is p>

The required technical result is achieved by the fact that the fire-extinguishing aerosol generator containing placed axially in the housing through a layer of gypsum pyrotechnic checker, block cooling of the granules ablative material, communicating with a combustion chamber Central opperational tube which is fixed an igniter associated with the remote control, and a convex cover with distributed output radial holes, and formed in the housing above the cooling unit perforated receiver, and according to the invention by the fact that the receiver above the perforations covered aluminum membrane located above the igniter, and geometrically closed on the body contour cover, outlet openings which are closed by a band of aluminum foil, while the igniter is connected with the remote control device via a closed switch.

Install the lid with the outlets above the perforations receiver, aluminum membrane, geometrically closed contour between the mating open end of the body and a lid and band on the radial outlet hole cover of aluminum foil seal Wei high atmospheric humidity.

The choice of membrane material and the band is determined by the fact that aluminum and its alloys, having a surface natural oxide protective film and with a minimum structural thickness of their records, are water resistant, while at the official store of the generators of the fundamental indicators of destination, in particular, sensitivity to the trigger pulse.

In addition, aluminum membrane and the band are sophisticated plasticity for backlash-free Assembly in the compounds of elements of the generator, acting as a seal between the joined cap and body.

Aluminum foil membrane almost instantly burns when interacting with gaseous products of combustion of the pyrotechnic composition, increasing the total energy generated by this fire extinguisher mixture that stabilizes the transition process started burning checkers in the closed volume of the body of the extinguisher.

Closed switch remote start-up control prevents accidental actuation of the igniter generator.

The connection of the remote control device with the igniter through the closed switch prevents unauthorized starting of the latter and the s of total impulse start, and when they are offline or sequential action depending on the nature, size and location of fires in a protected area, the mode which is set by the operational team from the logging control of the ship.

Therefore, every significant topic are needed, and their combination in a stable relationship are sufficient to achieve the novelty of the quality, not the inherent characteristics in isolation, i.e. not the sum of the effects, and the effect amount.

The distinctive signs provided the fire-extinguishing aerosol generator increases functional reliability during prolonged storage in damp conditions and enhanced operational capabilities with centralized management start with cuttings management of the vessel, revere improves the fire safety of protected objects and mobility suppression occurring fires directed and controlled the action.

The invention is illustrated in the drawing, which schematically illustrates a fire-extinguishing aerosol generator.

Below is a practical example of the implementation of the generator, which does not limit the right formula, but only illustrates implementation of the invention.

The envelope is SSE arizonapayday checkers 1,6 kg Time efficient operation of the generator 40+6 C.

In the cylindrical housing 1 made with a double shell, the gap between which is a layer 2 from the fast-curing and air-curing binder, which forms a monolithic bearing block, and more specifically, flooded building gypsum - potassium sulfate.

In the bottom part of the housing 1 fortified pyrotechnic grenade 3 containing components in stoichiometric ratio, wt.%: the oxidizer is potassium nitrate 70, combustible binder - iditol 11 and cooler - dicyandiamide 19.

Through constructive gap - combustion chamber 4 in the housing 1 mounted gas-permeable unit 5 cooling, the annular volume which is filled with a bulk granulate 6 ablative material is sodium hydrogen carbonate, basic magnesium carbonate granular, with a diameter of 8 mm

Along the longitudinal axis of the block 5 has a Central cooling opperational tube 7, in the upper part of which is fixed to the igniter 8 is electrically connected with the switch 9 is placed in a closed Cabinet 10 and associated with the remote control (conventionally in the drawing not shown), in particular, on the remote logging control of the ship.

Over Ki communicates with the functional layer 2 gypsum.

Between the open end of the body 1 and the convex lid 13 is placed aluminum membrane 14 (plate thickness of 0.1-0.5 mm of aluminum alloy), fixed on the contour geometric circuit power Assembly elements. The membrane 14 is placed over the igniter 8 and overlaps the receiver 11 above the perforations 12 than isolates the internal volume of the generator from the atmosphere.

The cover 13 is distributed through the radial outlet openings 15, in the service closed circulation outside the brace 16 of aluminum foil glued to the cover 13, further blocking access to the inside of the generator.

Functions of the proposed generator as an extinguisher, as follows.

Generators should be installed in the lower part of the protected premises, to provide the most rapid and uniform filling of the volume of fire extinguishing aerosol.

When using multiple generators to protect one volume it is necessary to provide simultaneous actuation of the total triggering pulse from the remote control device.

When extinguishing fires must push off ventilation in the protected area when the generators in order to reduce the carryover astami fire from exceeding the threshold allowable temperature in the protected confined space emergency signal to the Central control room of the ship, according to which the responsible duty toggle switch 9 on the initiation of the igniter 8.

The igniter 8 in General the service address can be run from a signal fire alarm directly or manually offline, which expands the scope of its application.

The heat pulse from the igniter 8 is concentrated in opperational the tube 7 by the force of the flame ignites pyrotechnic composition checkers 3. From the combustion checkers 3 aerosol flame retardants in the form of gaseous compounds and ultra-condensed particles with developed energy surface, accumulate in the combustion chamber 4, increase the pressure, under which the through capillary pores between the granules 6 ablative material unit 5 cooling arrive at the receiver 11.

This inner metal shell body 1 is heated and convective heat evaporated associated with potassium sulfate gypsum layer 2 water, which casings the perforation 12 in the form of steam is supplied transverse jets in the receiver 11, which actively mixed, cool spray.

In the receiver 11, the accumulation of gaseous products of combustion checkers 3, the cooling at premesis is a high-energy Supplement when it is ignited and burned to increase the pressure in the receiver 11 after the exposure time since the accumulation of gas-aerosol mixture in it. Additional energy from the combustion of the aluminum membrane 14 promotes more intensive combustion of the pyrotechnic composition checkers 3 in the initial period of operation of the generator, which stabilizes the transition of gas-dynamic processes in it.

Next generated extinguishing mixture fills the volume under the cover 13, causing the increase in pressure and subsequent breakthrough of the foil band 16, overlying the outlet port 15. Extinguishing mixture inkjet high-speed radial flow through the outlet 15 will expire in the protected volume, rapidly filling it.

When injected into the area of the gas-aerosol mixture fire breaks the chain mechanism of formation of active radicals due to their recombination, and also by holding them on the surface of the aerosol, each particle of which performs the role of the capacitor energy released by the reaction of recombination of active radicals, which provides suppression fire upon reaching the desired concentration of 75-100 g/m3inhibitors of burning.

Gypsum layer 2, having a poor thermal conductivity, protects the body 1 from the heating temperature during operation does not rise above 45oC.

Due to the fact that the piece 3 has end th is nerator in General.

Tests of prototypes of the proposed generator at the landfill VNIIPO interior Ministry in the mode localization and extinguishing fires in enclosed volumes of solid and liquid combustible materials and electrical equipment under voltage up to 40 kV, confirmed compliance with the international standard YSD/CD21/SC2 and E classes a, b, C and E to Fight fires. Portable fire extinguishers. Operation and design".

The generator has demonstrated stable operation at an ambient temperature of 60oC and 98% relative humidity at 25oC, which is guaranteed for 5 years service storage.

The new generator is characterized by high structural durability and functional reliability, compact and has a wider range of uses.

In the structure of the ship fire extinguishing systems proposed generator operates satisfactorily with standard mechanical effects, which is consistent with the requirements of Russian Maritime register of Shipping: - onboard rolling to 22.5othat is pitching up to 10overtically - trim up to 30o- shocks with acceleration 5g and a frequency of 40 to 80 beats per minute, the vibration in the frequency range from 2 to 100 Hz.

Genesthai, satisfying the conditions of climate impacts according to GOST 15150-69 and mechanical loads according to GOST 23216-87.

According to comparative analysis with known analogues of the prior art, from which the proposed technical solution is not obvious to a person skilled fire safety, the generator according to the invention is not known, and given opportunities for industrial reproduction can be concluded according to the criteria of patentability.


Generator fire extinguishing aerosol containing placed axially in the housing through a layer of gypsum pyrotechnic piece, the cooling unit Yves granules ablative material, communicating with a combustion chamber Central opperational tube which is fixed an igniter associated with the remote control device, a convex cover with distributed output radial holes formed in the housing above the cooling unit perforated receiver, wherein the receiver above the perforations covered aluminum membrane located above the igniter, and geometrically closed on the body contour cover, the outlet of which is ing through a closed switch.


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