Automatic loader tank gun


The invention relates to the field of armored vehicles, and specifically to devices providing automatic loading of the tank. The invention consists in that in the automatic loader increased pipe diameter tape and installed additional latch with the grooves on the locking end, i.e., the cassette is unified for all types of shots used in the tank, including a guided missile with an increased diameter and length. Rails with the slots of the lifting mechanism of the tapes are in the middle part of the curve, providing the necessary inclination of the cassette with a shot extended length (guided missile) to pass it from the conveyor to the line of feeding. The use of electronic storage device with position sensor cassettes, the shaft of which rotates synchronously with the rotating conveyor, allowed to increase the number of recording the types of shots loaded in the cassette, to improve the reliability of the control circuit of the automatic loader, and also reduce the weight of the electrical equipment. Installed on the remote boot ciproindication allowed to provide a visual indication of the number of cassettes with the selected type of shot (including guided missile). Offer to work automatic loader. 1 C.p. f-crystals, 5 Il.

Automatic loader tank guns relates to the field of armored vehicles, and more particularly, to devices for automatic gun loading, and can be used to create automatic mechanisms other artillery systems.

Known automatic loader is designed for loading the tank (see tank "URAL" and IE, kN.1, Voenizdat, Moscow, 1975, PP 105-153) artillery shots of all types with an Electromechanical device memory type shot, arranged in the cartridge when loading the rotating conveyor.

Known automatic loader contains the following nodes, equipped with Electromechanical actuators: - rotating conveyor (W) tape; a lifting mechanism cassettes (IPC); - dosimeter.

The electrical equipment consists of a control unit, remote boot, remote control electrically connected by wires.

On the drive gear W installed Electromechanical storage device, an output gear which is engaged with the gear of the output shaft of the gearbox.

All actuators are electrically connected with the control unit of the automatic loader.

In the process sootvetstvuushuu type loaded shot button moving the slider to the lamella-type memory cassette with this type of shot. All types of artillery rounds are recorded in the cassette corresponding latches.

The disadvantage of this design is the Electromechanical memory device having considerable dimensions, mass, friction of mechanical parts (floaters, pick-tracks, etc) with a limited number of types of shots (on the tank "URAL" - 3 type).

During multiple loading different types of shots per cartridge latching type shot floaters and collector tracks are worn, soiled with wear, which leads to failure of the automatic loader. In addition, the Electromechanical memory device has an external electrical connection to the control unit fourteen wires. Pipe diameter tape, and put the shells, it is not possible to place the shells with a larger diameter, and a lifting mechanism tapes do not allow passage of cassettes with the shell increased length of W to the line of feeding.

In the process of modernization of the tank there is a necessity to use new types of shots, for example, guided missile and, as a consequence, introduction to memorize/p> Used in tank shells increased length and large diameter (for example, guided missile) requires: - locating and fixing (for example, new types of missiles guided missile) in the cassette; - changing the window issue in the flooring W due to the increased length of the shells relative to the lengths of the shells used in the tank; - profiling (i.e., bending) of the guide mechanism of lifting tapes to ensure the passage of cassettes loaded with all types used in the tank shots (including missiles) from rotating conveyor on the line of feeding.

The aim of the present invention is to increase the power of the tank due to: - use in the tank of new types of shots (e.g., guided missile) is placed and fixed in the cassette W automatic loader; - the use of electronic storage devices.

The novelty of the proposed automatic loader is that: - increased pipe diameter tape, and put the shells and rocket, i.e., the cassette is unified for all types of shots used in the tank;
- in cartridges installed the additional latch for fixing the guided missile. At the end of the latch, on both sides, the grooves, excluding spontaneous refix is djema cassettes, ensuring the passage of a cassette loaded with a shot extended length (e.g., missile) from rotating conveyor on the line of feeding;
- applied electronic storage device, a sensor which, together with the actuator placed on the gear drive rotating conveyor. Actuator sensor provides simultaneous shaft rotation sensor and a rotating conveyor. The sensor is connected to the control unit three wire, instead of the fourteen wires, which were connected Electromechanical storage device control unit, which increases the reliability of the automatic loader. As the sensor uses a rotating transformer.

The invention is illustrated by drawings, where Fig.1 shows the automatic loader of Fig.2 shows a cartridge with a larger diameter and a latch with grooves on two sides for guided missile of Fig.3 shows the lifting mechanism of the cassette with the guides, made with a bend in the middle part, which provides the desired trajectory of the cartridge with a shot of Fig. 4 shows a gear with a rotating transformer (position sensor cassettes) and its drive system of Fig.5 (parts 1 and 2) shows the connection diagram of the electronic what LTE download.

Automatic loader includes rotating the conveyor 2, the cartridge 3 with the latch 4, the lifting mechanism of the cassette 5, desilter 6, rotating the conveyor 7, the electrical equipment (see Fig.5 - parts 1 and 2).

The operation of the automatic loader
Download shots in the rotating conveyor
On the console boot switch TYPE (Fig.5) set to download type O or B, or K, or Y, and the mode switch is in position "Download". When the button is clicked on. AZ on the remote boot drive 1 rotates the rotating conveyor 2 to align the nearest not loaded cassettes 3 with box of issue 9. The lifting mechanism of the cassette 5 raises the cassette 3 to the load line, and the phase of the sine wave coming from the rotating transformer (shaft which rotates synchronously with the conveyor), the Converter contains information about the rotation angle of the rotating conveyor, and inverter output in the five digit code signal is fed to the input of the memory block. Also inverter output via Sin and Cos windings of the sensor. In cells of a memory block in a three-digit binary code recorded rounds loaded in each cassette. The record is produced by the secondary button is clicked on. AZ on the ate are incremented by one.

When loading into a cassette guided missile, the last latch 4.

Codes for the types of shots:
B - 100
K - 010
O - 110
U - 001
The empty cartridge - 000
After pressing the power button. AZ on the remote control loading the lifting mechanism of the cassette down loaded the cartridge into the slot of the rotating conveyor.

The operation is repeated until the complete or partial loading of the conveyor.

The operation of the storage device based on the cyclic principle. Each cycle consists of a period of counting and pause. During the processing of sequentially scanned to memory cells corresponding to the numbers of cassettes.

Codes of rooms cassettes in box of issue (the cartridge is in position for its delivery at the loading position or disilane shot in the gun when the automatic cycle loading), on-line braking (when the "approach" of the cassette with the selected type of shot or an empty cassette to the window of delivery drive motor rotating conveyor inhibited to ensure it zastopowania), type codes, management and information set on the sight, codes of rooms tapes with dispenser unit memory codes and types of shots, read from a memory block, proceed to block comparison Kodo is", coming into the control unit and ensures the inclusion of an automatic loader. In addition, the output of the Comparer codes via the control unit pulses to count the number of shots of the type that is installed on the remote boot.

Automatic loading
On the remote control switch TYPE is set in position On, or B, or To, or U. If the cassettes loaded shots, the led HAS a TYPE should be lit.

If the signal HAS a TYPE and press the power button.AZ on the remote control selects the cassette with a specific type of shot, i.e. podvorot rotating conveyor 2 to align the cartridge 3 with box of issue, at the same time zastepowaniem rotating conveyor according to the signal from the storage device Type on-line braking of a rotating conveyor hampered by switching the windings of the electric motor drive of the rotating conveyor, the conveyor continues to rotate, and the signal Type on the dispensing line" Transporter now.

The cassette 3 is lifted by the lifting mechanism of the cassette 5 to the line of disilane shell, and then charge, while they in turn boylaud chain tosylates 6 in the firing chamber of the gun, the counter number is reduced to the empty. After zasilania charge mechanisms of the automatic loader is returned to its original position.


1. Automatic loader containing a rotating conveyor with cassettes, the lifting mechanism cassettes, desilter, control unit, remote boot, remote control, storage device, characterized in that it is equipped with a rotating transformer that is used as a position sensor cassettes, and a storage device is electronic and consists of a memory block, transducer block comparison, while rotating winding of the transformer is connected with two inputs and one output, the inputs of the block comparison of the number of types of shots connected with the outputs of the switches of the types of shots remotes loading and management the outputs of the block comparison Type on line braking", "Type on the dispensing line", "Feature type", "Number of shots" connected to inputs of the control unit, and the cartridge is made with a larger diameter shell pipe and installed additional latch with grooves on two sides at the end.

2. Machine under item 1, characterized in that the rails with the slots of the lifting mechanism of the cassette is made with a bend in


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