Centrifugal dust separator


(57) Abstract:

The invention is intended for dust. Centrifugal dust separator includes two stationary concentric cylinders and conical bag. Between the cylinder walls is placed a rotating mesh reflector, made in the form of expanding down the cone, which includes a negative potential, while the outer stationary cylinder and a dust collector kasemset. The device provides high efficiency dust. 1 Il.

Known electrostatic cyclone, in which is mounted a stationary mesh electrode having the form of a cyclone and use triboelectrical to improve the effect of dust (Veselov O. A. Design of ventilation systems enterprise storage and processing of grain. - M, ear, 1974, S. 101).

The effect of dust rises, but does not reach the level of dust fabric filters.

Also known centrifugal cyclone separator(prototype) used for dry cleaning air from all kinds of dust (ibid, S. 88) and includes two stationary concentric cylinders between which rotates ozdust fine dust.

The objective of the invention is to increase the effect of dust. This task is solved in that in a centrifugal cyclone separator comprising two stationary concentric cylinders and conical bag, between the cylinder walls is placed a rotating mesh reflector, made in the form of expanding down the cone, which includes a negative potential, while the outer stationary cylinder and a dust collector kasemset.

The drawing shows the inventive cyclone separator, where:

1 - body - outer stationary cylinder,

2 - bolt

3 - conical bag,

4 - rotary shutter,

5 - insulator,

6 - inner stationary cylinder,

7 - outlet,

8 - bearing,

9 - Val

10 - insulator,

11 - bearing,

12 - cross,

13 - net reflector,

14 - cone,

15 - cross,

16 - nut,

17 - wheel,

18 - net,

19 - inlet pipe.

The inventive cyclone separator consists of a metal housing 1, an outer cylinder, to which the bottom by means of fixing bolts 2 attached conical bag 3 ending gateway shutter 4. At the top of the housing 1 through the insulator 5 to discontinuous insulator 5, continues above for attaching the pipe 7, through which the cleaned air exits the cyclone separator. Inside the cylinder 6 passes the shaft 9, which is interrupted by an insulator 10 and mounted on top of the bearing 8, and below the bearing 11, which is attached to the crossbar 12 is fixedly connected with the cylinder 6. On the outer side of the cylinder 6 on the wheels 17 rolls rotating mesh reflector 13 with cone 14 and the grid 18. The lower end of the shaft 9 is fixed on the cross-piece 15 by a nut 16. The air in the cyclone separator flows through the inlet 19.

The device operates as follows. Net reflector 13 is unwound in the direction of the incoming through the inlet 19 of the air flow with suspended particles of dust, using a turbine effect or an additional drive. At the same time on the reflector 13, its cone 14 and the grid 18 and a negative potential is applied through triboelectrically or from an auxiliary generator, and a housing 1 and a conical bag 3 are grounded. The air flow rotating in a spiral, it goes down. The inner part of the flow with suspended dust particles intersects the rotating and charged by the reflector 13. When dust particles get additional forces on the layer, and due to the charge of electricity. Thus, using the summarized effect of the centrifugal separator and the electrostatic precipitator. The cleaned air through the static pressure of the incoming air flow passes freely through the mesh reflector 13 to the inner cylinder 6 and it gradually slows down. The air with increasing concentration of dust moves to the inner surface of the housing 1 and there is also inhibited. Because of the rotating reflector 13 is made in the form of an expanding cone, most of the flow is forced to pass through. The inner part of the flow between cylinder 6 and the reflector 13, slowing movement and cleansing that comes through the cross-piece 12 into the internal cavity of the cylinder 6 and then through the pipe 7 is output to the outside. Suspended dust particles deposited in conical bag, to prevent the output air flow is additionally repel the negatively charged surface of the cone 14 and the grid 18, and then output via the rotary shutter 4.

The proposed design provides a high level of purification of the air flow from the dust particles of different sizes.

Centrifugal dust separator comprising two nepodvizhnye placed rotating mesh reflector, made in the form of expanding down the cone, which includes a negative potential, while the outer stationary cylinder and a dust collector kasemset.


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