Device for massaging the bone and boneless cuts


(57) Abstract:

The invention relates to the meat industry and can be used at the meat for salting and massaging raw meat. Device for massaging the bone and boneless cuts contains a frame with console mounted drum. The end wall of the drum is made in the form of ellipses arranged rotated relative to each other on the 90o. The centers of symmetry of the ellipse aligned with the axis of rotation of the shaft of the drum. The invention improves the quality of the finished product. 3 Il.

The invention relates to equipment for the meat industry, and in particular to devices for massaging meat raw, and can be used in the manufacture of meat products at the stage of abating, and the Ambassador.

A device for massaging the bone cuts, containing a frame and mounted on a horizontal shaft with simultaneous rotation and swinging movement in a vertical plane of the drum-shaped prisms (see USSR author's certificate 891047, class. And 22 With 9/00, 1981).

A disadvantage of this device is the complexity of its design due to the presence of the mechanism of oscillation Cam typicauy changing the angle of its lateral sides relative to the horizontal shaft and inform the cuts move in the longitudinal direction, as well as the complexity and unreliability of the mounting shaft of the drum rotation in the bearings as by mounting the Cam and the opposite.

The closest in technical essence and the achieved effect is a device for massaging the bone cuts containing the frame with bearings and fixed them in the dryer (see U.S. patent 5492499 And 22 With 9/00, 1996).

The disadvantages of this device are: the complexity of the design, the drum blades are in the process destroy the surface layers of raw meat, which reduces the quality of the finished product. Two mounting shaft substantially complicates the maintenance of this device.

Achieved with the use of the proposed device the technical result is to simplify the design, facilitate maintenance, and to improve the quality of the finished product.

For this purpose, the device containing the frame with bearings and fixed them in the drum, the latter is installed in the support console and made in the form of the deformed cylinder, end walls which are ellipses, arranged rotated relative to each other on the 90o, view of the device for massaging the bone and boneless cuts; in Fig.2 is a view along arrow a in the device of Fig.3 a, b - trajectory cuts during massaging.

Device for massaging the bone and boneless cuts includes a frame 1, a hollow drum 2, which is made in the form of a deformed cylinder, end walls it are ellipses rotated relative to each other on the 90othe shaft 3 is mounted in a bearing support 4, the hatch cover 5 for loading and unloading product, the actuator 6, the vacuum pump 7 and the remote control 8.

Device for massaging the bone and boneless cuts works as follows.

In the hollow drum 2 mounted in the loading position, place the pre-nespecially brine product, add the necessary amount of brine (up to 15% of the original mass), close tightly the cap 5 and set on the remote control 8 required processing mode (the vacuum depth, speed, cycle time), press the start button, including the drive 6 of the device, which, through a chain transmission and the shaft 3, mounted in a bearing support 4, transmits the rotation of the drum 2.

During rotation of the drum 2 product inside, rises up through Perama shell of the drum 2 relative to the horizontal axis, equal 20opromotes the movement of the product along the drum 2 from one end wall to the other. Thus, there is a complex spatial motion, the trajectory of which is shown in Fig. 3. As a result of such movement the product experiences a mechanical effect from the curvature of the surface of the drum 2, which promotes uniform distribution of the curing ingredients throughout the volume of the pieces of product. A smooth transition from one surface curvature of the drum 2 in the other, the lack of faces and angles between them helps to create a gentle environment for processing product that ensures the integrity of the surface layers of the pieces of meat during the entire cycle massaging. This greatly improves the quality of finished products.

At the end of the processing time of the product by a team of software devices, or any other impact of the signal on the stop of the drum 2 in the unloading position. Further relieve the vacuum and open the cover 5. Product by gravity under the action of gravity unloaded installed under the drum 2 capacity. After unloading the product by pressing the appropriate button on the control panel 8 of the drum 2 is rotated in the loading position is thus proposed device for massaging has a simpler design by the cantilever arrangement of the drum, allows you to easily install the trolley for loading and unloading products, which greatly simplifies the maintenance of the device and increases the quality of the finished product due to the uniform distribution of the curing ingredients and preserve the integrity of the surface layers of bone and boneless cuts, by exception, on the inner surface of the drum flat faces and corners.

Device for massaging the bone and boneless cuts, containing a frame with bearings and installed them on the shaft of the drum end walls in the form of ellipses, the centers of symmetry which is aligned with the axis of rotation of the shaft, characterized in that the drum is equipped with console, and its end walls are made so that they form ellipses are rotated relative to each other on the 90o.


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EFFECT: ensuring intensification of the process of lump meat raw material massaging and thermal treatment for production of smoked products.

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EFFECT: mechanical and organoleptic changing the form of the meat or fish product mass, based on the diffusion penetration of seasonings and spices into the product mass structure.

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