(57) Abstract:

The boiler is designed to heat water and can be used in the heat. The boiler contains a furnace heating pipe vertically above it, smoke pipes, camera heated water around them. Smoke pipe extended down into the furnace and coaxially aligned them with the external side of the hermetically closed cavity with intermediate heat carrier inside it, representing the heat pipe. The boiler design can improve its efficiency and reliability. 1 Il.

The invention relates to a power system, can be used for the design of new boilers and reconstruction of certain types of old.

Known boilers (water heaters) type AGW have on gas low efficiency associated with insufficiently large surface radiative heat transfer and a small volume of combustion space.

For example, the heaters of the type of boiler work with Teploenergetika over 1.2 MW/m3that no charge is substantially prevents the combustion gas without hennedige. Small surface radiant heat exchange is not possible to raise boiler efficiency above 87%, even in the turbulence of the flue gases in the smoke Truba goal is achieved, if the boiler containing the combustion chamber with flame tube, located above it vertically smoke pipes, smoke pipes are extended down into the furnace, with the increase of the latest and coaxial smoke tubes, with their outer side is set hermetically closed cavity of circular cross-section with a water filler constituting the heat pipe working in gravity mode (thermosyphon).

This solution allows you to: first, it significantly change the ratio of the radiant and convective surfaces in favor of the first, second, to increase the volume of the furnace and to ensure complete combustion of fuel.

The figure schematically shows the operation of the boiler.

It consists of a burner 1, located in the lower part of the furnace 2, limited flame tube 3, the upper horizontal end where the flue pipe 4 which connects with one side of the lower part of the furnace 2 with the output gas duct 6, crossing the heating chamber 9, the pipes 5, covering the flue pipe 4, with the formation of closed cavities 10, partially filled with water and are heat pipes, the inlet 7 and outlet 8 tubes of boiler water.

Boiler operation occurs on the next silent hill is viewed in the pipe 10, through the intermediate fluid in them, then the flue gases enter the flue pipe 4 passing who dedicate part of their heat mainly by convection) boiler feed water through an intermediate heat carrier heat pipes 10 and in the upper zone of the heating chamber 9 directly to the boiler feed water and leave the boiler.

This solution allows to increase the efficiency and reliability of the boiler and to ensure environmentally acceptable emissions of flue gases. The efficiency of such boilers depending on performance can be achieved from 92 to 95%, and used as the main surface of the radiant heat transfer reliable heat pipes significantly increases the reliability of boilers in General.

The boiler containing the furnace, the heating pipe vertically above it, smoke pipes, camera heated water around them, characterized in that the flue pipe extended down into the furnace and coaxially aligned them with the external side of the hermetically closed cavity with intermediate heat carrier inside it, representing the heat pipe.


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EFFECT: enhanced efficiency.

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SUBSTANCE: heat pipe can be used for heat transmission and temperature control procedures. Heat pipe has evaporator provided with capillary-porous nozzle and capacitor. Evaporator and nozzle are connected by vapor line and condensate pipeline. Nozzle is made of electric-insulating material, for example, of ceramics. Grid-shaped electrode is mounted at the inner side of nozzle. The electrode is connected with rod electrode, which is mounted inside airtight isolator at edge part of evaporator.

EFFECT: improved heat power; prolonged length of heat pipe.

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