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The invention relates to the field of medicine and related compounds with immune stimulating and regulating metabolic processes in the body effect. The complex includes salmon oil, evening primrose oil (onager), acetate, alpha-tocopherol, Coviox T70 with a specific content components. The proposed structure allows you to more effectively prevent the risk of development of diseases of the cardiovascular system, as well as various disorders in persons with a weakened immune system. 1 C.p. f-crystals.

The invention relates to the field of medicine and related compounds with immune stimulating and regulating metabolic processes in the body by the action.

Currently, it is difficult to imagine therapy and prevention of various diseases and metabolic disorders without accounting system of immune protection. The immune system is, apparently, the complex system of the body. The function of the immune system is the recognition and removal from the body just alien - bacteria, viruses, fungi, and even its own cells and tissues, if they are under the influence of environmental factors change and become alien, for example mutant and nonspecific immunity.

Nonspecific immunity is the detection and removal of foreign bodies without regard to their specificity. Specific immunity is the recognition of the thinnest specific differences between foreign molecules called antigens. Alien antigens from outside enter the body in the composition of microbial cells, viral particles through the gut, respiratory tract and skin.

Protection of the organism against external and internal aggression immune system provides two main mechanisms for the recognition and destruction of foreign molecules and cells. This is achieved thanks to the coordinated work of various immunocytes functional purpose. Violation of these mechanisms leads to various forms of immunopathology. The most common form of this pathology and immunological failure, or, according to the international terminology, immunodeficiency States (IDS). Another form of pathology immunity, which, as a rule, can occur after exposure to adverse environmental factors such as autoimmune diseases. The main role in this disease plays a part in maintaining neuvecelle" (immunological tolerance to antigens own dasa, develop autoimmune conflicts. It is widely known disease such thyroiditis (autoimmune disease of the thyroid gland). The third form of immune pathology - impaired antitumor immunity.

Currently, when using a large number of synthetic drugs, additives in food and hygiene products, widely used drugs, alcohol, tobacco, when there is environmental degradation, often some disruption macrophages. If such violations are a long time, in our blood and lymph concentrate toxic products and unwanted waste from metabolism to such an extent that it leads to the development of chronic diseases. The prevention of such violations is one of the problems of medicine.

A serious problem this time, is associated with weakening of the immune protection is the risk of atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases. It is believed that immune cells can not repay the inflammation of the endothelium, killed, and on the place of their death occur lipid fatty strips and plaques containing cholesterol crystals. Plaques interfere with normal movement to Brezovica thrombus, which starts to grow. All this can ultimately lead to heart attack or stroke.

As a means of influence that affect the immune system, and correcting abnormalities of biochemical processes serves a large number of drugs and biologically active additives. An example may serve various herbal remedies and preparations based on animal products. A positive effect on the immune system such drugs are associated with biologically active substances in their composition. Effect on the immune system started acting differently. In particular, immunotropic action is provided by substances such as vitamins E and C, heteropolymer; heteropolysaccharides; glycopeptides, lithium, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium and others; polysaccharides; pectins; polyphenolic compounds; proteolytic enzymes; steroid saponins; triterpene glycosides; tetramethylpyrazine; flavonoids; low-molecular natural substances; essential oils.

For example, a known therapeutic composition used in the so-called "diseases induced by civilization, particularly cardiovascular disorders, including polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acid is n E (WO 9117670 A2, 28.11.1991). The composition shows the effect after applying for several months.

Also known composition to ensure the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system in the form of capsules containing fish oil SUPPLEMENTS from hydrobionts and plant extracts (EN 2129809 C1, 10.05.1999). The composition does not provide a sufficiently effective actions.

As the closest analogue to the claimed composition can be specified therapeutic and prophylactic "Akapit" (EN 2112532 C1, 10.06.1998). The drug is proposed to be used for the prevention and correction of disorders of metabolic processes. It contains eikonal - product, rich in essential polyunsaturated acids of the family "omega-3" and charges of herbs in capsule form with an oil carrier. The complexity of acquisition fees reduces their effectiveness. And, in addition, the composition does not show an effective immunoregulatory and anti-oxidant actions.

The present invention is the creation of a complex, manifesting combined immune-stimulating and normalizing metabolic processes action, warning the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, normalizing the glands of internal secrecy fat - 220-270

Oil the onager - 240-250

Acetate alpha-tocopherol - 3-7

Coviox T70 - 0,2-0,8

The complex can be placed in gelatin capsules at a dose of about 475-525 mg This form is simple and easy to use, allows you to mask the taste, ensures complete safety properties and excludes operations that can cause changes, such as compression.

Salmon oil is a clear yellow liquid. Fat contains omega-3-acid is about 18% eicosapentaenoic acid and about 12% of docosahexanoic acid, and myristic, palmitic, oleic and other fatty acids. The introduction of this fat in the composition provides improved immune response, preventing arterial-coronary disorders, anti-inflammatory arthritis. Omega-3-acid inhibit the adsorption of lipids, reduce total cholesterol and increases cholesterol high-density lipoprotein, which inhibits platelet aggregation. Fatty acids inhibit phospholipase A2, which have anti-inflammatory effect.

As can be seen from the above prior art, omega acids are often used in the compositions of therapeutic-preventive as well as in improper dosage can cause no improvement and decreased immunity. It is believed that it is preferable to use acids not in pure form and in the form of fatty fish. At the same time by heat treatment essential fatty acids are destroyed. We propose to use as the source eicosapentanoic and docosahexanoic acids salmon oil. The content and the proportion of these acids in the specified fat taken in a certain dosage that provides the desired effect without unwanted side effects. In addition, this fat, as noted above, contains a number of other acids, normalizes metabolism and the endocrine glands.

Evening primrose (Primula veris) contains glycosides, saponins, oils and vitamins and is traditionally used in diseases of the upper respiratory tract. In the proposed composition is used primrose oil (onager), containing as main active substances of linoleic and linolenic acid, and palmitic, oleic and other fatty acids, vitamins C and A, saponins. The introduction of the oil ensures the normalization of metabolism and some diuretic effect.

Acetate alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E) is a known antioxidant that prevents ical immunity, lipoic action antiplatelet effect, normalization of the formation of red blood cells, improving the healing of wounds and burns, the reduction of circulatory problems in the lower extremities, preventing the development of prostate cancer.

Coviox T70 is a viscous oil red-brown color, which includes a mixture of natural d-Tocopherols: alpha, beta, gamma and Delta. The relative content of d-alpha, d-beta, d-gamma and d-Delta-Tocopherols varies because of the different content of natural oil-based raw materials. However, their content in percentage of the total Tocopherols is: d-alpha - around 14%, d-beta about 1%, d-gamma - about 62% and d-Delta - about 23%. Appendix d-Tocopherols, in addition to the above actions, as b vitamins tocopherol improves absorbability and, accordingly, increase the bioavailability of the drug.

Example. 250 kg of salmon oil 244,75 kg oil the onager, 5 kg of acetate alpha-tocopherol and 0.25 kg Coviox T70 contribute consistently to the mixer and a spend mixing at high speed for 20 minutes the mixture is Packed in transparent gelatin capsules. Store at a temperature not exceeding 25oWith over 3 trials, are given to illustrate the invention.

Patient D:

Weight 98 kg, a/D 170/110, signs of autoimmune thyroiditis (diffuse enlargement of the gland 2 tbsp.), complaints to constant irritability, fatigue, shortness of breath. Within 3 months he took medical center. After a month I felt much better overall condition. After administration of the composition of repeated ultrasound of the thyroid gland: diffuse enlargement of the thyroid gland 1 article, the weight decreased by 2 kg, a/D 140/80.

Medical center showed high efficiency when taking in individuals with chronic allergic diseases, dystonia, after operations, as an additional tool in patients with diabetes mellitus and other metabolic disorders.

Based on these results, the composition may be recommended to stimulate the immune system in a weakened undergoing surgery or injury to persons, patients with chronic diseases, persons with a constant stress, with reduced resistance to infections, metabolic disorders, endocrine glands functions, to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases, as well as the sick whom/P> 1. Medical center with the immune system, and regulating metabolic processes in the body effect, characterized in that it contains salmon oil, evening primrose oil (onager), acetate, alpha-tocopherol, Coviox T70 with the following content of components, mg:

Salmon oil - 220 - 270

Evening primrose oil (onager) - 240 - 250

Acetate alpha-tocopherol - 3 - 7

Coviox T70 - 0,2 - 0,8

2. Medical center under item 1, characterized in that it is placed in the capsule.


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