Biologically active additive antianemic action "anti-onemin"


(57) Abstract:

The invention relates to medicine, in particular to the pharmaceutical industry, and can be used as adjuvant iron deficiency anemia. The invention consists in that the biologically active additive comprises iron sulphate, copper sulphate, ascorbic acid and citric acid, succinic acid, pollen, and oats at a certain ratio of components. The technical form of the additive may be different, for example in the form of tablets, capsules, powders, extracts, tinctures. The invention provides amplification Antianemic action, the ease of its application. 1 C.p. f-crystals, 1 table.

The invention relates to medicine, in particular to the pharmaceutical industry, which produces preparationphase and profilakticheskogo destination, and can be used as an independent auxiliary agent or as an additive to food in iron deficiency anemia.

Known drug "Glenlivet, including ferrous sulfate, copper sulfate, ascorbic acid (see, for example, "Register of medicines of Russia", M: "radar-PATIENT, 1999, the key active additive Antianemic action comprising as active components, ferrous sulfate, copper sulfate, ascorbic and citric acid (see, for example, provisional patent Kazakhstan 3969, class a 61 K 33/26, 1996).

A significant disadvantage of this drug is a mild tonic effect, due to a lack of vitamins and minerals, which leads to incomplete absorption of iron sulfate and slow manifestation of Antianemic action and, consequently, long-term treatment.

The objective of the invention is to strengthen Antianemic and restorative action of the drug due to the introduction in the composition of additional quantity of vitamins and minerals.

The invention consists in that the biologically active additive Antianemic action, comprising as active components, ferrous sulfate, copper sulfate, ascorbic and citric acid, as the active component further comprises succinic acid, pollen, and oats in the amount of each active component of 0.1-99 wt.%.

Technological form of the supplements can be tablets, capsules, powders, extracts, tinctures, etc.

The choice of form is based, for example, the characteristics of the disease and patients, and the magnitude of a single dose and conditions, providing the convenience of its application.

The optimal number of components to obtain experimentally.

The basis of drug is doonane iron (iron ferrous sulfate), which is easily absorbed and digested. Iron is an essential element, necessary for the human body. It is the major structural component of hemoglobin and remasterizada enzymes. Iron-containing biomolecules serve four basic functions:

- transport of electrons (cytochromes, relatoseroroticos);

the transport and deposition of oxygen (hemoglobin, myoglobin and other);

- participation in the formation of active centers of redox enzymes (oxidase, hydrooxide, superoxide dismutase, and others);

- transport and deposition of iron (transferrin, hemosiderin, ferritin).

Thus, iron is actively involved in hematopoiesis and oxygenation, catalyzes the redox processes and the processes of tissue respiration.

The lack of iron in the body leads to times health phenomena anemic hypoxia: shortness of breath, tachycardia, and other (as a result of dysfunction of the tissue of the respiratory enzymes).

Copper plays an important role in metabolism: it is part of a oxidase, involved in the synthesis of hemoglobin and other salesorderline, participates in the processes of tissue respiration. Copper is necessary for the conversion of iron in organically bound form for subsequent synthesis of hemoglobin. Under the influence of copper the maturation of erythrocytes. Hematometra, hemoglobin and Gelsomino-nucleic acid complexes are important in the synthesis of hemoglobin, cytochrome and cytochrome C oxidase.

Pollen contains a balanced vitamin-mineral complex that regulates the functional activity and overall health in General. An important role for the complex of essential nutrients in maintaining blood and redox processes. Along with iron and copper directly involved in hematopoiesis, pollen contains a complex of vitamins that regulate hematopoiesis and redox processes, whereby pollen increases the amount of hemoglobin and red blood cells protivnoi form is pyridoxal-5-phosphate, significantly affect hematopoiesis: stimulates erythropoiesis, leucopoiesis and biosynthesis of hemoglobin.

Riboflavin intensifies the processes of metabolism in the body. The biologically active form of Riboflavin flavinadeninnukleotid is coenzyme number of flavins enzymes type oxidoreductases. Ensure the normal flow of redox processes.

Nicotinic acid is a member of niacinnegative and phosphate, which are coenzymes of a number of enzymes, in particular codehide, which carries hydrogen to flavoprotein enzymes, and thereby regulates the redox processes in the body.

Biological properties of folic acid is determined by its acceptor properties with respect to hydrogen, which determines their participation in redox processes. Attaching hydrogen to the molecule is carried out with the participation restored NADP.N. Folic acid is essential for normal formation of blood cells, including the processes of maturation of megaloblasts and education normoblasts. Lack of folic acid inhibits the transition megaloblastic phase croa acid, by participating in the transport of oxygen, promoting the conversion of folic acid in Polenovo, stimulates hematopoiesis. Biological properties of ascorbic acid are also defined by its ability to regulate the redox processes.

Succinic acid and citric acid are metabolites of cellular metabolism. Indisputable their role in providing cells with energy and cellular respiration. Citric acid in minimum quantities contributes to the complete dissolution of iron and its absorption in the body. Succinic acid restores strength and vitality after a hard stressful situations in the cerebral circulation.

Below is the possible option of making the BAD.

Biologically active additive in the form of tablets obtained as follows (using auxiliary substances: sugar, starch and calcium stearate).

1. Metered ingredients: powdered sugar in the number of 39.5 kg, crushed oatmeal in the number 8,415 kg, crushed pollen in the amount of 4.2 kg, starch in the amount of 14.28 kg talc in the amount of 1.02 kg, calcium stearate in the amount of worn: 0.505 kg

2. Powdered sugar, oatmeal is through a sieve with holes of 0.5 mm Purified water is filtered through 4 layers of gauze.

3. Preparation of compositions I

On the scales in the flask weighed 1.3 kg of purified water. Determine the pH, which should be no more than 7, at pH>7 water acidified with 0.3% solution of hydrochloric acid to rn. The flask with water heated with constant stirring portions of the 1.265 kg of ferrous sulfate to dissolve the sulphate of iron. The solution temperature should not exceed 70oC. Then a solution of ferric sulfate was filtered through 4 layers of gauze. The color of the solution is dark green. In the filtered ferric sulfate solution with constant stirring and a temperature of no more than 60oWith portions add 0,63 kg of ascorbic acid. In the formation of asparate iron color of the solution changed from dark green to deep color of bottle glass with a shade of sea-green.

The product yield 3,195 kg

4. Preparation of composition II

On the scales in the flask weighed 0.7 kg purified water, add the 1.265 kg citric acid, 0,421 kg of succinic acid and heated to dissolve the acid. Then add 0,145 kg of copper sulfate with constant stirring. The solution is filtered through 4 layers of gauze and incubated for 1.6 kg of water, heated to boiling, cook the starch paste. The yield of 2 kg

6. In a mixer with the cover open load 8,415 kg of milled oat flakes, 33,5 kg powdered sugar, 4.2 kg pollen and mix thoroughly for 5 minutes. Then add the composition I in the amount of 3,195 kg, stirred for 5 minutes; 2,531 kg of composition II is stirred for 5 minutes and 1,885 kg of starch paste, stirred for 10 minutes. Ready tablet mass transfer in wet granulation. The product yield 53,726 kg

7. Wet raw mass granularit.

The output of the wet granulate 53,476 kg

8. The wet granulate is dried to a residual moisture content of 2%. The output of the dry granulated mass 50,245 kg

9. The dry granulate is forced through a sieve with holes of 1.5 mm and mixed with sifted worn: 0.505 kg of calcium stearate and 1.02 kg of talc. The yield of dry product was 50.5 kg

10. The dry granulate tabletirujut, obtaining tablets with a diameter of 120,2 mm, height 3,00,2 mm, average weight 0,60,02,

The product yield 50,25 kg

In accordance with the specified percentage of the components of the tablet with an average weight of 0.6 g contains active ingredients: ferrous sulfate 0.01 to 0.02, ilca 0.01 to 0.05, oats 0,05-0,50.

11. The obtained tablets dedust, sifting the vibrating sieve with the hole diameter 10 mm Out of the finished tablets 50 lbs.

In clinical studies, the drug according to the invention was administered to patients with relatedeffects and nutritional anemias of different age groups (from 3 to 45 years), pregnant and lactating women with a diagnosis of anemia.

Saw a rapid resolution (7-10 days) clinical symptoms: lethargy, fatigue, headache, taste perversion, shortness of breath, imperative urge to urinate, pallor of skin and mucous membranes, pathology of the skin, nails, hair. In evaluating the performance of clinical blood analysis found that in patients receiving the drug with 14 days of treatment, increased content in peripheral blood erythrocytes (3,2-3,9)1012to (4,0-5,1)1012) and hemoglobin (73-85 mg % to 100-106 mg %), the value of the color index (0,69-0,7 to 0,8-0,95), disappeared pathological forms of erythrocytes.

The table shows the average peripheral blood and signs of hypoxia when using the additives according to the invention.

In patients, we also observed a decrease in erythrocyte sedimentation rate (from 21 to 15 on average), which sagopilone pregnancy, the reduction of blood loss in childbirth.

In women treated with the additive according to the invention, in the postpartum period was noted the increase in the quantity of milk, the increase in the concentration of ferritin in the milk. Observation of the dynamics of body weight newborns showed a positive impact on their status in the early neonatal period: 10 days all the children regained their original weight. The period of adaptation of children was uneventful.

1. Biologically active additive Antianemic action, including ferrous sulfate, copper sulfate, ascorbic acid and citric acid, characterized in that it further comprises succinic acid, pollen, and oats in the following ratio, wt. %:

Ferrous sulfate - 1,67-3,33

Copper sulphate - 0,167-0,83

Ascorbic acid - 8,33-83,33

Citric acid - 0,83-2,5

Succinic acid - 0,83-1,67

Colored pollen - 1,67-8,33

Oats - 8,33-83,33

2. Biologicheskie active additive under item 1, characterized in that technologically it is carried out in the form of tablets, capsules, powders, extracts, tinctures.


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